Exterior Design Trends in 2021

2019 is in full swing, which means it’s the perfect time to give more thought to a few little upgrades for your home. In the backyard, all the usual culprits still apply, from the garden to that perfect outdoor sofa, but there’s no need to commit to a full overhaul. Changing it up could be as simple as buying a few new plants and getting your hands dirty, or investing in a new set of outdoor furniture.


The garden is a great place to start, and not just for those with a green thumb. With a bit of research as to which plants are best suited to your environment, revitalizing your garden can be surprisingly simple.  Native plants are the best option for those wanting a fuss-free backyard, as they generally won’t require much care and attention. You may also want to invest in some flowering plants, as color in the garden is likely to become a popular trend this year. Finally, if you’re not afraid of a bigger investment, think about planting some larger trees, as these will provide your backyard with priceless shade and cool the air around your home.

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Mix it up

For those who love a bit of variety in their lives, this trend is right on the money. In 2021 you’re likely to see backyards styled with a mixture of materials, from brick to stone, wood to siding, and maybe even some glass. You’ll be amazed at how well some of these materials blend together, particularly if you know where to use them for maximum impact. Try adding a garden path made from stone, or a tidy wooden fence. If you’re the type that enjoys a DIY project, you can even try your hand at making a patio.  One thing’s guaranteed: your eyes will never get bored.

Opt for dark bold colours or a classic colour scheme

This may not work for those who live in a hot, dry climate, but dark, bold colors should be on the radar of every self-appointed trendsetter. If you can’t see yourself painting the house navy, you could always choose a new set of outdoor chairs in a deep grey, or take some inspiration from the Hampton’s and opt for a classic style of white with black trim.

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Keep cool

Swimming pools are more than a passing trend, and they can significantly alter the look (and value) of your property. If you’re thinking about giving your pool an upgrade, think about installing pool-side additions like an open-air spa. This will help keep the pool area in use even during the colder months. Some modern pools are beginning to incorporate extras like slides for the kids, but if you’re considering something like this, you’ll need to take a few extra safety measures. A sturdy pool fence is a great place to start – to add a more modern touch, you can opt to replace the traditional metal fencing with a modern glass one. Don’t forget to make sure the surrounding yard is kept clean and clear of anything that could be used by children to climb into the pool area. If you’re building from scratch, make sure to check the regulation height for a pool fence in your area before you start the work.

Shack up in the shed

This year, homeowners may be getting more use out of their rusty sheds than ever before, as the humble backyard storage space takes on new roles. The shed will no longer be a single-use tool space; in fact, in a surprising turn of events, it may become an area of choice for social gatherings. Depending on available space, a shed could cater perfectly for all of your man cave or “she shed” needs, and if you can fit a bed inside it, you might even find you don’t need the house. Just think of the mortgage or rental savings you could make.

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Bring the indoors out

Consistency between rooms is often key to great home design, and that includes the backyard. Blending internal and external color schemes has been a consistent trend over the past few years, and it isn’t going anywhere in 2021. If you’re planning on sprucing up your outdoor area with new furniture, aim for weather-resistant pieces to make sure your purchases last through the seasons, and if you can, coordinate the colors with what you already have in your home.

These are but a mere few trends we see coming in 2021. Whether you have a large budget at your disposal or you’re still dusting off your credit cards after the Christmas period, there’s an outdoor update that will suit you and your garden.