Essential Things to Know About Diamond Painting

Diamond art is popular among elders and kids. It’s absolutely a fun activity and everyone enjoys it thoroughly. No matter what age group you belong to, you can enjoy this. Creating a masterpiece using Diamond Painting isn’t so hard. It doesn’t require special skills as well. All you need is a good diamond art kit and a canvas. Get a desk and ample light in the room. There you go.

Make a unique design that readily catches the attention and is beautiful too. It should be colorful.


The size of a diamond painting should be set according to the wall where you’re going to hang it. If your room is spacious, go for a larger one. For congested area, a small or medium sized will be appropriate. Avoid intricate designs in small sizes as they won’t look nice.


While creating a Diamond Painting Art, you can think out of the box. Come up with some unique ideas to create something inspiring and appealing. There can be anything from birds, animals to celebrities. You can paint a famous place, a portrait, a natural view, a butterfly or even your own image. Custom paintings are great and they are different too. If you want a painting for your bedroom or living room, think of floral designs. These are attractive and enhance the beauty of the room.

According to the ilovediamondpainting the variety in designs is huge. You can choose any of the following:


Imagine a colorful parrot, pigeon or a sparrow with stretched wings on your drawing room wall. It would look great. Choose attractive colors to make sure it creates a charming effect when you complete it. A single or multiple birds can be painted. If you’re a newbie, go for only one bird. Choose your favorite one to add interest.


Floral designs are all-time favorite. They add to the beauty of the room where they are placed. Sun flowers, roses, lilies and lavenders can be painted in any style you like. Daisy is another flower but it’s suitable for a kids’ room. A bunch of flowers will look more beautiful than a single.  To make the painting realistic, choose the colors that are naturally present in the flowers. Such as red for a rose, yellow for a sunflower and purple for the lavender.


For a more dramatic effect, go for animal designs in your diamond painting. A large leopard in sitting pose or a running style will look awesome in your drawing room. A panda can be a great option for a bedroom or kids’ room. The choices are so many. You can create any one that you find easy and interesting. It should be colorful and choose natural shades to make it more realistic.

Famous places

Some people love historical monuments like castles, museums, parks, tombs and other buildings. Though it’s a complicated design, it looks so cool. If you’re the one who likes having a famous place as a painting in your home, you can make one.


You’ve been watching your favorite actor on TV for so many years. Why not have his portrait on the wall to add a decoration. Choose any of the actors or models and make a painting for that. This can be tricky as the exact image may be difficult to draw through diamonds on a canvas. But, it should be somewhat similar to the real character.

Natural view

This is another great addition to your home decor. Imagine drawing a sunset, a beach view, a park with trees and tracks, and a cloudy sky and so on. This is surely going to be a nice option and different than those typical floral patterns. You can also make a night view of the dark sky with bright stars and galaxies. A rainbow is another good addition to the art.



This idea will appeal especially to kids. They can make their most appreciated animated character and enjoy it. It can be a superhero, a comic series lead role or simply a Disney character. This will be an incredibly beautiful picture to look at. It’s going to be vibrant and colorful.

Custom image

Think of a family portrait or a selfie. You can make your own portrait as a diamond painting. It’s a great idea to have it in the house. You can also give a custom painting as a gift to your loved ones. They will love it and keep it for a long time. It’s going to be special because it reveals your talent and deep feelings for them.

Zodiac sign

Although, this form of diamond painting is not so common. It can be made if you like. Choose your zodiac sign and draw it on the canvas. You can have a cloudy sky or any other outdoor area as a background to make it more interesting.

Religious symbol

If you are a staunch believer in the religious values, you can make a symbol that is related to your religion. It can be an Islamic image, a cross, a holy book cover design and so on. It will have a great value in your eyes because it won’t be a piece of art only. It will be something beyond. It’s going to be a sacred wall painting to hang anywhere in the house. It’s good to place it in an area where you worship as it will be in harmony with that.

The final note

Diamond painting is fun for people of all ages. It’s equally enjoyed by everyone. Why not add it at home as a decor. The ideas are so many. You can create a bird, animal, a floral design, a historical place, a celebrity image, a custom picture, a religious symbol, a zodiac sign or a natural view. Whatever you create, choose colors that look real and attractive. Make simple designs. Keep the size according to the measurement of the wall where you are going to hang it. It’s a rewarding hobby for you!