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Essential Mods for Your New Motorcycle

Your motorcycle is really an extension of yourself. You can’t enjoy it to the full unless it looks and sounds just the way you want. That is where mods come in, and there are plenty of great bike mods that will help you transform your machine into the ride you’ve always dreamed of.

The air filter

The air filter is what helps your engine breathe. The more clean air it gets, the better it will run. Aftermarket filters make a huge difference with motorcycles, helping them run faster and cleaner than they do off the line.

Of course, an aftermarket filter cost more than stock, but it’s definitely worth it over time. Performance filters provide so much more engine protection, the difference can be measured in tens of thousands of miles.

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The windshield

When it comes to how much you enjoy your bike, your windshield can make a lot of difference. Nearly any basic bike will have have a windscreen, but is it doing what you want it to do for you? Does it provide the protection or tinting that you really need?

It’s not unheard of for stock windshields to be so bad that they whip the air current straight into your face as you ride. If you’re tired of fighting with ride turbulence or want to see more clearly, try updating your windshield.


There are a couple of types of sliders, but whatever type you choose the idea is the same: a slider is meant to protect you during a slide. Swingarm sliders protect your arm when you have to lay it down really close to the road, and they have an auxiliary benefit, too.

If you have trouble lifting your bike, you’ll appreciate the way swingarm sliders let you lift the bike with ease. You can definitely lift your bike without them, but it’s easier and more stable with the sliders.

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Your tires are as important as your bike itself. If you’ve just bought a new bike, you might even be wondering why you should ever consider new tires, given that the ones you currently have are brand new. The thing is that your motorcycle manufacturer doesn’t put their interest into the tires.

Manufacturers are concerned with the transmission, the powertrain, and the frame. The tires are fairly generic because it’s impossible to know what type of tire a client really needs. It all depends on what terrain you plan to ride on, so make sure your tires match your plans.

Better fenders

The fenders on a lot of motorcycles are pretty ugly. Stock fenders tend to be too bulky and can totally destroy the sleek look of a fine new bike. Manufacturers know that you’re likely to replace the fender, so they don’t put much thought into them.

The only important thing to remember here is that local laws may vary. Be sure to find out what the laws are in your city before you buy so you can be sure of getting a fender kit that allows you to stay in compliance.

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Turn signals

The turn signal on your bike might be one of the most crucial safety features you have, but it’s also one of those items manufacturers tend to ignore. They tend to churn out ugly turn signals that stick out and threaten your fairings in the event of an accident.

Aftermarket flush turn signals are more discreet when they’re off, but more noticeable when they’re on. They have a lower profile than stock signals, but they won’t hurt your bike in an accident and will enhance your safety by making you more visible.

There are lots of aftermarket mods you can make to your bike, and most of them will enhance your ride, your confidence, and your look on the bike. Just be sure to research regulations in your area to ensure you’re always in compliance with the law.