What Allowed Esports to Become More Popular Than Real Sports?

Today, young people are less and less interested in traditional sports. Football and basketball are no longer as attractive as they were just a few years ago. The current generation prefers platforms like Twitch and YouTube. Here you can watch other people play games. So many sporting events are losing their popularity. And virtual competitions are gaining popularity. Many live casino and sportsbook platforms offer virtual sports betting on par with classic sports.

Several factors make esports better than real sports


Great potential for the development of the gameplay

Some may not see this as an advantage, especially if you enjoy traditional sports, said Shangri La CEO Darren Keene. You can be a fan of some sport, then you get tired of it, and you find something else, but after a while, you will return, and everything will be the same. Yes, perhaps there will be other lineups, the coach will change, and even the uniforms of the players will be new. But in essence, everything will remain unchanged. The same rules and regulations for the competition. Nothing changes from year to year, but sometimes you just want a breath of fresh air. Here you can see the clear advantage of eSports. Video game developers are constantly releasing new patches, creating new characters that can have completely unique characteristics.

For example, if you were fond of League of Legends but did not play for just six months, then returning to the game now you will see a lot of innovations. A radically updated item shop, over 10 new champions, and one of the main cards, which has been redesigned in a completely new way, will surely surprise you.

Free broadcasts and excellent graphics quality

Undoubtedly, we all have the opportunity to watch sports simply by connecting to digital television. Some events you can even watch online for free. But most of the top competitions are broadcast only on paid channels. Therefore, watching something interesting is not always so easy. For example, if you are not willing to shell out your money to watch a UFC fight, then you may not be able to connect to the broadcast. And it will not be easy for you to find pirated videos, because the companies that have bought the rights to broadcast immediately eliminate everything that interferes with their business. So you have to choose – pay or hope that you can find the record.

If you compare this with the top competitions hosted by the world’s largest esports organizations, you will see a clear advantage for the latter. Just open the Major League Gaming homepage. What do you see right away? “Links to free streams of the best games,” said Shangri La’s Darren Keane. You don’t have to do anything, everything is loaded automatically. Yes, you won’t be able to avoid watching ads, but these are small things compared to having to pay for cable or satellite TV.

No geographical restrictions or cultural prejudices

If we talk about equality and racial tolerance, then traditional sports have a lot of problems in this matter. For example, it’s not a secret that football fans are known for their racist acts and yelling. This looks very unpleasant, even if it does not concern you in any way. As a result, the behavior of participants in eSports competitions really looks much better. Here everyone is very loyal and will not humiliate anyone.

Players can make a living through prize money, sponsorships, and streaming contracts


Playing video games professionally is no longer just an after-school hobby – eSports players now have the potential to turn it into a lucrative career. As the industry expands, more and more eSports players are earning money through prize money, sponsorships, and streaming contracts. Prize money is typically awarded to those who perform well in tournaments, with first-place prizes often amounting to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Meanwhile, sponsorships from popular gaming companies can bring in even bigger payouts for professional gamers. And for those willing to share their experiences with the world, streaming contracts offer a chance to make exclusive deals with live video game networks for steady streams of income. With all these possibilities on the table, it’s easy to see why advancing in eSports could become someone’s main source of income.

The global pandemic has forced many people indoors, giving them more time to watch online gaming

The global pandemic has had a dramatic impact on our lives; with significant restrictions to movement, many of us are finding ourselves more confined than ever before. This has left us with lots of extra time at home and some of us have found ways to fill it by watching online gamers streaming their gameplay live. Thousands of people around the world tune in every day to watch their favorite players as they battle each other in strategy games, shoot each other up in first-person shooters or get creative in exciting world-building games. It’s amazing how much engagement can come out of just watching someone else play a videogame – viewers interact directly with the player and there can be an intense level of competition between different gamers. Thanks to live streaming platforms such as Twitch, gamers everywhere are able to share their gaming experiences and find communities even while the world is shut down.

The games themselves are often more exciting and fast-paced than real-life sports


When it comes to sports, many people turn to video games as a way to escape the real world. The excitement and fast-paced action of video game sports often outdo their real-life counterpart. The allure of the fantasy world and the rush of cheering crowds add to the overall exciting experience. Players get to traverse the digital space like an athlete – scoring goals, passing balls, and running around. What makes video game sports so engaging is that no matter what skill level you are at when you start playing, you can work your way up through practice, training, and competing against other players in the virtual world. So if you are looking for an exciting sports experience, look no further than your favorite gaming console.

In conclusion, eSports offer a number of advantages that traditional sports can’t match. The accessibility and affordability of eSports make them an attractive option for gamers who don’t have the resources or ability to participate in traditional sports. Additionally, the lack of physical exertion makes them more accessible to those with physical disabilities or limitations. With their growing popularity and potential for providing exciting competition, this is an area worth exploring further.