5 Ergonomic Must-Haves for your Home Office to Prevent Neck & Back Pain

It doesn’t matter if you work from home or an office, as you want to arrange everything to feel comfortable. Now, certain things are adjustable so that everyone can use them, but when it comes to the home office, well, there are many things to keep in mind in order to avoid feeling overly tired and having back or neck pain. Luckily, there are ergonomic gadgets that are pretty easy to use that can do wonders for your posture and overall well-being, so let’s check them out.


It all starts from the sitting position in which we spend most of our time while at work. Now, this is what everyone talks about, as sitting in the right position to keep your posture and avoid any back or neck pain is of utmost importance. Furthermore, we often tend to slip far away in the chair as we “feel more comfortable” that way, but as the end result, by the time it’s time to go home, the back and our neck are killing us. So, as you have probably guessed, these chair add-ons are not just about feeling comfortable and relaxed, as they preserve your posture, which leads to not experiencing any pain after the shift is over.

That is why, probably the most important thing for those people who are spending a lot of time sitting in front of their desk is a good ergonomic chair, which will provide the best possible sitting position. We need to find the one that is suitable for our height and weight and perfectly fits the curves of our body, which means that ordering it online is not a great solution. A good ergonomic chair needs to provide support to our spine and the curve of our lower back, and it is preferable to have armrests.

Sitting in the wrong position does not only causes pain in our back and neck, but it can also cause many severe problems with our posture, which, in most cases, requires seeing a doctor and doing some therapy. It’s always better to be safe than sorry, and the best way to do so is to act on time. Because of that, it is crucial to prevent it in time, and buying a good chair is the first step. Yet another cheaper option is to get posture support and attach it to the regular chair, which is not the best solution, but it is much better than sitting on the kitchen chair for hours.


This one is yet another thing that may seem like it cannot cause so many problems, but the reality is pretty different. Namely, the ergo keyboard is designed in that way so that we don’t need to put our hands, wrists, and fingers in an uncomfortable position for longer periods, which means a lot for those who spend a lot of time writing or coding. Above their looks which many find weird at the beginning, when you first use it, it may seem like an entirely new concept which you may not like at first, but give a few minutes or hours, as by the end of your first working day you will realize just how better you feel after using this keyboard.


It is not enough just to buy a good chair to solve all the sitting problems, because another important thing is to keep your feet above the floor. The best solution for that is to buy a footrest which should be placed under the table and, hence the name, that you will use to rest your feet while at the office. Putting our feet on the footrest will provide us much better sitting position, and that is the main reason why we should buy the chair and the footrest together. It may look like a small and unnecessary thing, but a footrest is one of the best products to keep the pain in the back and neck away. For those who are searching for some cheaper option, some regular boxes that we all have in our house can be a great replacement, but buying an actual footrest is always a better solution. So, even if you just want to test this theory, use the box and see how good you will feel afterward, and then make a decision to get a real footrest.

Screen size and position

Reducing your screen time is always the best solution, but in most situations, you simply cannot do that, which leads us to the next problem, and that’s the screen position. Namely, the screen position is also important, yet something most people often forget about, but luckily there are many easy and simple solutions to avoid that. So, by just adding an adjustable stand or using a laptop raiser, your head will be in a natural position while working, which reduces shoulder or neck fatigue at the end of a long day. These gadgets are easy to use and provide excellent results, and here, you can check them out.


It may look unnecessary to buy a pair of glasses if your eyesight is excellent, but blue-light blocking glasses are a must if you are sitting in front of your monitor for hours. It is usually not a problem in the very beginning, but watching the monitor for a long time can cause migraines, sore eyes, and many other health issues. Okay, now some will say how this is just a waste of money, as these things never work, but just ask those who use these glasses for their honest opinion, and they will surely highlight that their eyes are not as tired as before, don’t have any headaches and are in a much better mood overall after they finish the job. That’s because the blue-light blocking glasses are blocking the blue light, which is the main cause of these problems, and we can work much longer without straining the eyes. They slightly change the color of what we see and give an orange-yellow hue to it, depending on the level of blue light that glasses block. The higher the level of blue-blocking tint is, the more yellow we will see, and it is crucial to find the perfect one before purchasing. It is always better to go with the higher level of blue-blocking tint, but some people simply cannot get used to seeing things more yellowish than they are.