Enrich Your Experience With Military Intelligence Field Simulations

Throughout the history of mankind, wars have occurred for a wide variety of reasons. Some were caused by pure ego, others by religious interests, but no conflict has ever had a decisively humanitarian goal.  In the past century alone, the world has witnessed two biggest wars that have ever happened: WWI and WWII; and tensions between nations seem to have lowered since then, but there are still many frightful disputes all over the globe.

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Now, although large-scale international wars are avoided at all costs, a country still has to maintain its military forces just in case. Even though it’s unlikely that armed forces will be called for active duty, countries need a way to keep them in practice. In the past few years, a remarkable type of program has become something quite popular: “Military Intelligence Field Simulations.” Such simulations allow combat veterans, Special Forces, extreme sports enthusiasts, and other adventurous souls to experience both conventional and unconventional warfare situations in an artificially created environment. It’s not far off the kind of experience you get from your favorite computer game, except it’s in real life. Many people seek out this kind of thrill because it’s much more lively than sitting in front of the TV.

Why Are Military Intelligence Field Simulations So Popular

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Well, for one reason – these sorts of simulations allow participants to experience combat situations without anyone getting hurt. Today, thanks to the joint initiatives such as CVJTF GROUP, these simulations are available under the watch of the world most famous military intelligence units, such as former specialists of Spetsnaz GRU, CIA, FSB, MOSSAD, and SAS.

Usually CVJTF simulation programs consist of two stages: Stage One, which can last up to a week and is prepared for groups of 2 to 20 participants, and Stage Two, a higher level of operations that take place, for example, in the special forces training bases, and is available to those who have successfully completed the Stage One.

The program is available to adventurers from all over the world – there are Stage One ops in Siberia, Moscow, New York, Israel, Guyana, and Alaska. Although everything is done in a controlled environment, you will experience a variety of unexpected events and twists, just like in a real combat situation. There is no predicted outcome – it’s all up to you, your actions, and the team you’ll assemble. Unlike a video game, this is your chance to actually get into something available only to the elite military professionals.

The Benefits Of Being Experiencing Military Intelligence Field Simulations

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A massive dose of adrenaline in unique settings. Apart from the fact that you will get to feel what it’s like in the middle of a critical operation, it’s a tremendous opportunity for meeting likeminded people. And who knows, maybe some of you will stay friends for the rest of your life!


Being part of such simulations will provide you with an unparalleled experience and will stay with you for a lifetime. It’s not real combat, and you will undergo a wild adventure to its fullest while meeting a bunch of extraordinary specialists. And yes, be aware of those Russian Taiga bears!

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