Are Engagement Rings Supposed to Be Worn All The Time

No matter if you own golden or diamond pieces in your jewelry box, it’s pretty safe to say that your engagement ring is the most valuable item that you’ll receive and wear – with the first being your wedding band. However, the design and characteristics of any engagement ring imply that it could and most likely is exposed to a wide range of dangers every day.

So, if you got engaged to your partner recently, you might be thinking about when you should put on your engagement ring. To put it as simple as possible, there are occasions when you shouldn’t carry it, so, without further ado, let’s take a closer look at the situations when it may be best to take it off:

1. When Exercising & Working Out

One of the first instances, when you shouldn’t place the band on your hand, is when you’re exercising and working out. Whether you like running around your neighborhood or if you like heading to the gym each day, bearing it is a major mistake. Why shouldn’t you? Well, for starters, you can damage it by, for instance, knocking it against one of the machines in your gym. Next, you’ll constantly be moving, which is why some of the precious stones might get loosened – which is something you’ll definitely want to avoid.

Besides all of these things, you might sweat quite a lot while exercising, which will lead to increased production of oils in your skin, all of which can weaken the metal and gem in the band. Hence, no matter where you like getting your daily dose of exercise, you must ensure that you remove the band, especially since you’ll prevent it from getting damaged, but more importantly, you could ensure that you don’t misplace it!

2. When Swimming in a Pool, Lake, River, Ocean

Now, you might categorize swimming as working out, however, some people do it simply because they enjoy it. If you’re one of those people, you must keep in mind that you must remove the band! Why? Well, for instance, if you like swimming in a pool, chlorine can easily harm the metal of the jewelry piece if it’s exposed to it for a continuous-time. Additionally, if the liquid is warm, your finger will most likely shrink, thus, the piece could slip off.

As you know, salt will rot almost everything that it comes in contact with over time, hence, if you like heading to the beach, you must leave all of your jewelry at home. If it happens that you bear it to the seaside, you must take it to get maintained as quickly as you can since it’ll lose its clarity, the metal might deteriorate faster, and the precious stone or stones might end up getting chipped because of the influence of salt.

3. When Using Cosmetics, Creams, Gels, And so on

Almost all women have a beauty regime that incorporates applying a wide range of products including lotions, creams, gels, face masks, and pastes. According to the experts from that specialize in engagement rings, such products could damage your beautiful band. This means that each time that you apply something to your nails, hair, body, some of the goods will come in contact with your jewelry piece.

Over some time, it’ll accumulate in all the crevices, which is something that’ll attract grime, oils, dirt, and small pollutants that’ll only reach the further parts of the nooks. If you allow this to happen, it won’t only cause the ore to deteriorate, it can also easily loosen all the rocks because of the stress the build-up is creating. Thus, when you’re going through your beauty regime, remove it.

4. When Maintaining Your House

When you’re cleaning, it’s highly possible that you’ll knock your hands against different surfaces, which is something that can damage your jewelry piece. However, the most critical thing that you could do to your promise ring is to expose it to the severe substances and products that you may be using. Products such as bleach will most definitely weaken the entire piece – including the precious gems – hence, even if you opt for wearing gloves, take the piece off.

5. When Baking And Cooking

One of the saddest moments for my mom was when she was cooking a large meal for my family, and she forgot to take off her engagement and wedding rings. Since that day, she has never seen them, even though we checked every single part of the kitchen – as well as food. Besides it slipping and falling into the food or an area that isn’t accessible for you, the ingredients you use could make your hands sticky and smelly. So, whenever you’re planning on cooking or baking something, put your band somewhere safe!

6. When You’re Sleeping

A lot of people claim that nothing will happen to a ring in bed, however, this isn’t entirely true. But why, nothing can happen while I’m sleeping! Wrong. Besides you snagging it against your PJs, hair, your partner, or bedding, if you like sleeping on your hands, you’ll apply weight to the band, hence, it could become deformed after a longer period of time – which is something you’ll certainly want to avoid.

Besides this, the pressure could also cause the rocks to pop out, and when they get misplaced in your bedsheets, the odds of your finding it is very slim and you could even end up vacuuming it! Thus, even though you may think that nothing will happen to it if you wear it to bed, it could, which is why you should definitely avoid it.


As you can see, there is a wide range of situations when you should opt for taking off your engagement ring. Whether you enjoy swimming in the sea or pool or if you like working out on a daily basis, taking it off all the aforementioned situations is extremely important.

By taking it off in certain situations, you won’t only make sure that your ring doesn’t get damaged, you could also make sure that it does slip off your finger, which means that you can also prevent losing it. Now that you know when you need to take it off, you can rest assured that your engagement ring remains with you for a very long time.