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Effortless and Stylish 8 Ways To Tie a Cashmere Scarf

Despite what you might think, a cashmere scarf is not just for protection during the cold winter; the accessory works to add a touch of style and charm to the whole look as well (when worn correctly, of course). And here we show you in a simple guide, ways to master eight different ways to tie a scarf, to look effortlessly stylish.

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For best results, Ovcio recommends you use a 100% cashmere scarf – the fabric is soft and luxurious to touch, and suitable to match with other fabrics in the whole ensemble.

Eight Different Ways To Tie Your Cashmere Scarf


The easiest and versatile way to wear a 100% cashmere scarf, handy for the on-the-go rush, wrap it around your shoulders and you’re ready to go. The style adds an effortless look in the simplest way. Plus this can look really cool if you have an owl scarf – check this out!


For an added detail, we highly recommend that you use cashmere scarves that either have details such as fringes, patterned fabric to add definition to the whole look.


A varied version of a cashmere wrap, wrap with a twist.

  • Aligned the cashmere wrap with one side slightly longer than the other
  • Twist once lightly on the shorter side.
  • Wrap the part on the opposite end, letting the fabric drape beautifully on the shoulder.

One of the popular and quick styles that you can use to add to the whole look.

  • Place the cashmere scarf on one side slightly longer on one side.
  • Loop the longer end, wrapping at the neck and let the flow at the first side you take the end

For versatility, you can adjust the cashmere scarf so it drops at a different length, and use the shorter side to loop, or perhaps let the loop hang loosely at the neck for a relaxed fit.

A relaxed and stylish look.

  • Wrap the Ovcio cashmere scarf around your shoulder with one side shorter than the other (preferably hangs at the chest).
  • Take the longer side and wrap across the neck and the shoulder, tucking the ends in.
  • Adjust the cashmere fabric so it opens both at the back and the front, and drapes beautifully at both shoulders, as well as keeping it loose at the neck area, for a stylish touch.


One of the most popular styles, the French twist indeed looks stylish and yet, it’s simple to do.

  • Simply fold the 100% cashmere scarf in half, lengthwise. Wrap the scarf around the neck, with the loop end on one side.
  • Take the first loose end and run through the loop and go back under.
  • Twist the loop to secure the first loose end in place, and with the leftover loop at the end of the cashmere scarf, run through the second loose end.
  • Pull both loose ends to create a snug fit, or just leave it be (and adjust a bit along the way) for a relaxed and chic style.


A variation for this style, except that the style uses the corner to create a diagonal effect at the front.

  • Simply place the cashmere scarf with one side slightly longer than the other, and use the longer end to loop around the neck.
  • Take the other end and loop once around the neck, and adjust until the end of the scarf falls and draped stylishly at the front.


A beginner version of a French twist, a style that you can master in one try.

  • Fold the cashmere scarf in half, lengthwise and draw the loose end into the loop, adjusting the whole fabric so it drops and drapes beautifully.

Alternatively, you can fold the cashmere scarf into lengthwise with one end longer than the other, and follow the same loop step for a variety of style.

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