Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson among favorites to win Royal Rumble 2019

Dwayne Johnson is back in Royal Rumble, and the 2019 event in Arizona is bringing massive surprise to the fans. The question is: Who is the favorite to win World Wrestling Entertainment Royal Rumble event this January?

Great Dwayne Johnson appeared several times in Royal Rumble, and his first victory was almost two decades ago (2000 Royal Rumble in New York, NY). The Rock’s odds were changing for the past couple of weeks, and they have gone from 33/1 into 20/1 in places. Famous movie star got a quarter of all bets this month.

George Elek, Odds checker spokesman said: “With an appearance from The Rock still guaranteed to bring in publicity and ratings, combined with the swirling online rumors, means that a bet on the legend returning could still bear fruit, even in 2019.”

Based on the roster, Dwayne is not currently the person with the shortest price. Seth Rollins is current favorite, with the best-backed selection for the January and 7/4 best price. As for the rest, Kenny Omega is 16/1 in places, and his new destination has not been finalized yet.

Even though his odds were changing during the past weeks, Dwayne Johnson was well-backed. This keeps him in the line for a Royal Rumble 2019 victory.