Dwayne Johnson Rumored to Portray The Thing in Fantastic Four Reboot

Dwayne Johnson, aka the Rock, is one of the most successful actors in Hollywood. Recently, a new rumor started swirling about him. In fact, it is believed that he will be joining the alleged Fantastic Four reboot. It is rumored that he will have a lead role playing The Thing.

Nothing has been confirmed yet and it isn’t known whether there will be an actual reboot of the MCU Fantastic Four. However, The Rock recently posted a video on his Instagram account talking about a meeting he had with Kevin Feige, which only added fire to these rumors. The latest rumor which was circulating is that he will be playing Ben Grimm in both human and rock form and voice The Thing.


Roger Wardell is the Marvel insider who has shared this on his Twitter account. Considering that he was right about Avengers-related rumors, we should probably take him seriously. Wardell didn’t reveal what role will Dwayne play but it’s believed that he will voice a character.

What also adds to this rumor is the fact that it will be great to see Dwayne Johnson in both universes as his Black Adam is already in the works. It would be awesome to see him as a superhero in both the MCU and DCEU.


Fantastic Four first appeared in 1961 and the team included Reed Richards as Mister Fantastic, Sue Storm as Invisible Woman, Ben Grimm as The Thing and Johnny Storm as Human Torch. It was created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. Ever since then, there have been a number of TV shows and movies based on this comic.

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