Dwayne Johnson Reflects on His Cousin Roman Reigns’ Leukemia Battle

Dwayne Johnson is wrapping up the filming of his latest movie, Hobbs and Shaw, but managed to make some time to talk about his cousin and co-star in the movie Roman Reigns and his health struggle.

Reigns was cast for Hobbs and Shaw last year, after his leukemia went into the reemission and he is back living his life.
“I’m back to 100% in the ring,” Reigns said. “Life is good. I’m very blessed.”


“It was a very scary time for him and his family,” Johnson, added. “[For] his wife and his kids and all of us, and for him to come back strong [is great.]”

WWE star and actor, Reigns said that he is having lots of fun on the set, filming the movie in Hawaii. Johnston and Reigns also share a passion for football and have a friendly rivalry going on. Asked who is a better player, Reigns was quick to respond:
“I love you bro, but [it’s] me!” he said, raising his hand.

Johnston took the opportunity to showcase his truck from the movie he is very proud off. He also talked about hiring his family members for his films.

“When we had the opportunity to showcase my Samoan culture, I thought, ‘Well let me go get my real blood,’” he explained. “And, I went out and got Roman Reigns, but he had to earn the part. He sent his audition tape in like everybody else. And once he sent it in, I went, ‘Okay good, he doesn’t suck! I think he has potential.’”
“We cast him and he pops in the movie,” Johnson added. “It’s a very personal movie to me for many, many reasons but the idea that I could bring in my own family and go back to Samoa … it’s crazy.”