Dump Truck Tip-Overs - Causes And Accident Statistics
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Dump Truck Tip-Overs – Causes And Accident Statistics


Dump trucks are one of the trucks seen on most roads. They are often used at construction sites to transport materials such as gravel, demolition waste, dirt, and even coals. They are also known as dumper trailers or dump lorries.

“Dump trucks are instrumental in construction sites, although there are risks associated with their use,” says accident lawyer John Yannone. These trucks can be involved in all types of accidents, including tip-overs. Accidents like this can lead to injuries, loss of lives, and property damage.

Dump Truck Accident Statistics

Over the past 15 years, many dump truck accidents have been recorded. A number of those accidents resulted from tip-over. Accidents of this nature typically result in severe injuries and, most times, the victims’ death. The number of deaths recorded in 2018 due to dump truck accidents was 383, while 5,829 people were severely injured.

Most dump truck accident victims were workers on foot, making up 41 percent of deaths recorded in dump truck accidents. Some of these accidents are preventable, and the number can be significantly reduced if operators adhere to established operational guidelines.

Causes of Dump Truck Tip-Overs

Causes of Dump Truck Tip-Overs
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Many factors can contribute to the occurrence of dump truck accidents. Most of these factors play out due to the layout of the worksite or the type of dump truck used.

However, many tip-over happen when the box is in a raised position. In this position, if the end-dump unit is not stable, a tip-over may become inevitable.

Factors that can lead to dump truck tip-over include:

#1. An Uneven Worksite

Causes of Dump Truck Tip-Overs - An Uneven Worksite
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An uneven worksite is one of the common reasons for dump truck tip-over. While dumping, the weight of the load carried by the truck is likely to shift. Where this shift occurs on a dangerous worksite, tip-overs become inevitable.

Sometimes, the truck in question may not have an articulating dump bed. So, once the bed overturns, a tip-over is the next thing to be expected.

#2. Uneven Loading of Materials

Sometimes, the materials on a dump truck are not evenly distributed. Where a large proportion of the material is on the upper portion of the truck, it will not balance once it is raised for offload. The lack of balance can invariably lead to a tip-over.

#3. Lack of Flow during Dumping

Lack of Flow during Dumping causes tip-overs
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Materials flow differently during dumping. With time and experience, dump truck operators will understand how different materials flow. So many things can go wrong during dumping.

Sometimes, the tailgate may not open as expected. The materials may not start flowing from the top portion at other times. When this happens, the weight of the material may flow to one side, making a tip-over unavoidable.

Cold weather can cause the materials not to flow as expected. When materials freeze, it becomes impossible for them to flow as expected. Therefore, it is ideal not to leave out materials loaded on the truck outside during winter.

#4. A Soft Work Surface

Dump truck tip-overs do not only occur on an uneven work site. If the surface of the dumpsite is soft, the truck’s wheels may settle unevenly on the surface. This unevenness may lead to an overturn of the truck.

#5. Poor Dump Truck Maintenance

A dump truck needs constant maintenance to function optimally. This maintenance will make it possible to detect defective parts on time and replace it before it causes severe damage. Mechanical faults on a dump truck can affect the stability of the truck.

Once a truck is unstable, it can easily tip over. Therefore, operators should intermittently inspect suspension systems, tailgates, and lift cylinders to ensure that they are in good working condition.

#6. High Winds

High winds do not usually favor trucks, and the longer the trailer, the more the impact high wind will have on its balance. The pressure on the dump truck from the winds makes a tipping accident likely.

How to Prevent Dump Truck Tip-Over

How to Prevent Dump Truck Tip-Over
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Many tip-overs can be prevented if proper measures are implemented. One can start by trying to control some of the factors that expose the truck to tip-over risks by doing the following:

  • Check out the stability of the dump truck in relation to the job at hand. Some dump trucks are best suited for specific tasks and terrain. It is, therefore, ideal to consider this before choosing a vehicle to do the job.
  • Stay within the acceptable weight limit. Loading dump trucks with materials whose weight is beyond the recommended weight limit increase the chances of a tip-over occurring. Apart from the damage this could do to the truck, accidents like this can lead to severe injuries and loss of lives.
  • Check the dumpsite surface to ensure it is even before dumping the materials.
  • Soft surfaces always pose accident hazards, so try to avoid them as much as possible. Where it is impossible to avoid totally, find a spot that would likely not shift due to the weight of the load on it
  • Ensure that the tailgate is unlocked before you start dumping. This will help to ensure that the flow of the material is not hindered, which can cause the weight to shift to the upper side of the board, thereby leading to tip-over.
  • Ensure that you do not dump the materials close to other vehicles. This will help ensure that people will not be injured if any form of accident occurs.
  • Ensure that the dump truck is properly maintained. Doing so will help to ensure that all the parts are functioning properly.


It is the responsibility of employers to ensure that individuals working with them are safe, which is why they must adhere to recommended safety standards. However, individuals injured due to a dump truck accident might be entitled to a workers’ compensation and should speak with an experienced attorney about whether they should file for one. Read more about safety precautions for dump trucks.

A workers’ compensation claim will pay benefits to the injured to cover their medical expenses and any other losses they may have sustained.

Some dump truck accidents result from the truck manufacturer’s negligence. When it is discovered that the truck was defective, leading to accidents, the injured can file a claim to recover losses incurred from the truck manufacturers.

Read more about what you should do if you ever get into a truck accident.