9 Tips For Driving Abroad For The First Time When You Get There

The ability to drive a car opens up a limitless number of possibilities for us. It’s a convenience when commuting, grocery shopping, or taking kids to school. In addition to the conveniences of everyday life, having a driver’s license also allows us to travel abroad, whether you are going to travel in your car or decide to rent a car at the destination when you get there.

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Driving in your home country and driving abroad can be very different. That is why we have compiled for you the top recommendations on what to think about before driving abroad.

Driving rules

When you travel abroad, you will enter another country with different driving rules than your home country. You may notice that the signs on the roads may differ and much more. For these reasons, if you do not want to be stopped by the traffic police, you should, first of all, familiarize yourself with local regulations. This will help you avoid unpleasant incidents and fines. You will also feel more confident while driving.

Local driving style

In addition to the official driving rules, it does not hurt to know how local drivers behave on the roads, because, having been in different countries, you may have noticed that somewhere drivers behave respectfully towards other drivers and pedestrians, and somewheres there is complete confusion.

Germany and Egypt are excellent examples. If the Germans clearly follow the rules of the road and also behave respectfully towards others, then the Egyptians violate traffic rules as often as they can, and therefore accidents there do not surprise anyone, except perhaps tourists.

Choose the right vehicle

Depending on which places you are going to visit, try to choose the right car. For driving around the city, you should not choose large pickups or SUVs, as it will be difficult for you to find parking spaces and the dimensions of such a car take some getting used to. All you need is a mini car that you can easily drive, perform maneuvers on the road, and also park. The SUV is perfect for trips out of town, especially if you want to go on an off-road trip.


No one has been using paper maps for a long time, and therefore you should arm yourself with navigation applications in advance. If you are traveling by car, then install a couple of applications that will work both online and offline. If you plan to rent a car, then check with the car rental company if the car will have built-in GPS technology.


Before leaving on your planned route, be sure to check the weather conditions for the next few hours. It is best to do this even the day before so that you can adjust your plans, since traveling in rainy weather in a country you do not know is not the best idea. Also, if the weather is bad, use the navigation app to check your route so you don’t get stuck on the road due to road closures. In bad weather, it is better to stay in a hotel room or visit the sights nearby.

Plan your itinerary wisely

Upon arrival in a new country, we want to have time to see everything that the destination has to offer us. Some travelers try to fit too many stops at sights, museums, and other tourist spots into one day. However, the new city means that you need time to get used to at least the fact that there are different rules.

In the first few days of your holiday, try to give yourself time to get used to the traffic of the city. You do not know how long it will take you to get to your destination, how long it will take to find a parking space, whether there will be traffic jams, and so on. For these simple reasons, plan your itinerary wisely to allow enough time for sightseeing rather than rushing to visit everything you want. Also, if you’re going out of town and have a long road trip ahead of you, make sure you’re prepared for it. This means packing all the essentials that you might need if there are no shops nearby to buy something, as well as a good rest the night before.


In most countries, be prepared to pay for a parking space. There may also be problems finding free parking spaces. You should check in advance the issue of parking in the places where you will be staying. Otherwise, choose travel hours when parking spaces are either not yet occupied or are already free.

Park only in designated areas. In many countries, parking in the wrong place can result in a hefty fine.

Buying fuel

When traveling abroad in your car, it is worth considering that fuel prices can vary significantly. At different gas stations within the same city, prices may also differ. Check out the fuel cost information at different gas stations so that you can save some money on fuel if you have a busy schedule and plan to visit a lot of places. In addition, do not forget that if you are going to rent a car, then you need to return it with a full tank of fuel.


Last but not least. Don’t forget to take breaks. Many drivers on vacation forget that they need to rest. Many try to schedule visits to a huge number of places and attractions that sometimes it does not fit in 24 hours. Remember that your safety is paramount. If you feel tired, then it is better to stop for a rest.


If you do not prepare for driving abroad, then this can become a living hell for you. Our tips will help you prepare for road trips anywhere in the world.