3 Treatments That Will Get You Those Dreamy Curves and Contours

If you’ve always wanted to have those gorgeous curves that are so trendy today, there are several treatments you can try at your local cosmetic clinic that will get you the results you’re looking for. Nothing is going to be your natural body structure in shape, however, this shouldn’t limit your appearance. Thanks to modern medicine and cosmetic technology you can fine-tune how you look to match your self-image.

With treatments like CoolSculpting, Cooltone, and Sculptra injections, cosmetic practitioners are able to contour and enhance body curvature to bring out the most beautiful features. Each of these treatments has something special it offers to the industry and is worth learning more about. But for more in-depth information, it is always recommended to do your research on official websites and other trusted sources. You can always visit your local practitioner’s website and see what they have to say about these treatments or you can visit MiracleFace MedSpa, which has all kinds of information on these treatments and plenty more.


There is Sculptra, the injection-based curve enhancement treatment that is one of the best ways to get beautiful curves.You can read details about Sculptra injections here. There are other kinds of curve enhancements out there that you can try, but Sculptra presents a set of advantages that other treatments tend to lack.

First, it only involves injections, which makes it a minimally invasive procedure. This means that other than a few bruises which may or may not pop up around the area of injection, there are very few scars and marks going left over after the procedure. There’s also the advantage of a faster procedure, as well as fewer side effects.

But what really makes Sculptra truly special is its ability to add volume and roundness to the buttocks, without making it look artificial. This is because the compound, even after being dissolved in the body, boosts collagen formation in the treated area, which further adds extra volume.

With that extra collagen, the buttocks is significantly more curvy in all the right ways, but without that dreaded artificial look that some posteriors tend to have. Sculptra brings out some truly gorgeous curves and contours making it an invaluable treatment for anyone who is naturally built slim but is looking to get some extra thickness in certain areas.


If you’ve heard of fat freezing chances are you’ve also heard about CoolSculpting. Many people have a hard time believing the first time they hear about this treatment and how it works, but everything you heard is most likely true.

It’s hard to imagine freezing away fat, considering how most of the time we associate fat reduction with burning. When you exercise, you burn away the fat. Or how about Kybella; a treatment during which a compound is injected into various parts of the body to burn away the excess fat. We know about burning away fat, but what about freezing it? How would that work?

The answer lies in a process called “apoptosis”. This is a naturally encoded process found in every cell which basically causes cell suicide. If this sounds a bit blunt or inappropriate, then consider the fact that apoptosis is widely referred to as “cell suicide” by professionals as well. It’s a fitting name for what happens because, during apoptosis, fat cells shrivel up and get taken out by the body itself. They get absorbed and when they do that clump of fat has one less cell in it. If this happens over a longer period of time, you can imagine that the layer of fat will significantly be reduced.

This is what CoolSculpting aims to achieve. Through a non-invasive treatment where special applicators are placed onto various parts of the body, the cells are stimulated into going through all apoptosis by constant exposure to cold temperatures. The metallic pads on the applicators produce temperatures of 12° Fahrenheit or -11° Celsius. This is the cold temperature that is required to stimulate fat cells into apoptosis, but it is not enough to damage other parts of your body.

With enough exposure to this cold, the fat cells are forced to go into apoptosis, and over the coming months will slowly die out one by one. While it may take up to 6 months for the final results to become visible, nevertheless CoolSculpting is very effective. You can find before and after photos of other patients and how they dealt with the extra fat linings around their body. Popular treatment areas are the stomach, waist, hips, thighs, and any other area with a bit of extra fat.


While the two treatments have a similar name, CoolTone is way different from CoolSculpting. First of all, they treat entirely different areas of the body. CoolSculpting, as we mentioned previously, focuses on the fat, whereas CoolTone focuses on the muscles. CoolSculpting aims to sculpt the body and bring out the contours hidden under layers of fat; CoolTone strengthens and chisels the muscles, making them more visible and bulkier.

And unlike CoolSculpting, CoolTone does not use the cold. Instead, it uses magnetic technology to cause constant contractions in the muscles. Contractions are how we normally train the muscles. When you do an exercise, you contract the muscles repeatedly which causes them to strengthen over time. CoolTone speeds up this process a lot by using magnetic muscle stimulation technology. This causes the muscles to contract at very high speeds, so think of it as exercising, but significantly faster.

As a result of the treatment, the muscles get strong, but more importantly, they become more visible and toned. A problem that many people end up facing, is that their bodies are simply not built in a way that shows off the muscles. They may be in perfect shape and in their strongest form, but because of the way their body is naturally built, their muscles are not as visible. CoolTone fixes this problem by toning the muscles making them significantly more apparent than they wouldn’t be had the patient trained through the traditional means.