Italians in Wonder: Novak Djokovic Secretly Donates Money to Bergamo!

The Italian media praised the Serbian tennis player as one with the golden heart.

The best tennis player in the world, Novak Djokovic, has donated an unknown amount of money for the Italian city Bergamo, which has suffered the most from coronavirus. There are 61.326 infected, and 11.142 people died of COVID-19.

The Italian media are delighted with the generosity of the Serbian tennis champion. They said how the best people are the ones who are providing help in silence, without promoting themselves, and without people knowing what they did. Publicity found out about his move from other people, while he never mentioned that to anyone.

Peter Asembergs, the director of Health Institute in Bergamo, said how he was impressed with Novak, who sent help to their city, even if he already donated a great amount of money to Serbia. He stated how big and generous man Novak Djokovic is.

The donation from Novak Djokovic will help the Treviglio hospital to upgrade and modernize their room for intensive care, which is most important for patients in critical condition. The hospital is going to buy masks, ventilators, defibrillators, lamps, and other necessary equipment that will provide the medical team with more stable functioning.

Previously, a Serbian athlete helped Serbia by donating 1 million Euros.