Novak Djokovic Donated $1 Million to his Country to Fight Coronavirus


Novak Djokovic and his wife Jelena donated $1 million to Serbia to fight Coronavirus. All of that money will be used for buying additional respirators. A lot of popular sportsmen from all around the world are donating money for the fight against the deadly virus. Now, the highest-ranking tennis player has done the same. The best sportsman of Serbia talked to his fans through a live stream from his home in Marbella, where he is located, of course in isolation.

He stated that he would like to thank the medicinal staff that works day and night. He appreciates them being bold enough to fight to save human lives from this global pandemic. He reminded that the situation is serious and that the situation is changing every day. He also reminded people that they need to follow all of the restriction measures which will help the further spreading of this deadly virus. This was the reason he and his family decided to donate additional money to help the fight.

Moreover, he thanked the government of his country that were at disposal to answer all of the essential question related to the pandemic. He stated that his donation is going to be used for acquiring additional respirators and medical equipment. He reminded the public that respirators are the most essential equipment in this fight. He said that his cousin, who has some ties to the manufacturers in China, was available to get in touch and obtain several of them.

After Novak, his wife Jelena released a statement. She said that the reason they haven’t released a statement earlier is that all of the information was dubious and uncertain. They had a hard time to learn about what was needed to know. Furthermore, she said that some countries are ordering tens of thousands of respirators per day and that she is uncertain if the end of this is near the end.

Djokovic and his wife asked for devices that were known to the doctors in Serbia, and that they needed to find a way to import all of those in a time when all of the countries are closed. Thankfully, the government was at their disposal and they’ve managed to obtain them. Moreover, they’ve opened an additional bank account in their foundation and invited people to help more. However, they are realistic and are not expecting much since people already have enough on their hands full already.

They’ve opened the door to this possibility and its just a matter of time before this becomes much more massive. Masks and gloves are short-them products, but they are essential to find and place into the pharmacies. The Djokovic family announced that they are going to use all of their resources to find all the essential products that are needed for the fight against the pandemic.