6 Ways To Dispose Of An Old Business Vehicle

Owning a car is necessary for the modern man. It can help you save time, enhance your privacy, attend to emergency matters, and boost your independence and freedom.

Despite the many benefits of having a car, sometimes it can become too old and become a burden to you. When that time comes, you may consider disposing of your car. This is a process of completely getting rid of the motor vehicle. However, make sure you utilize the proper methods to dispose of your old car.

To begin, you can consider the following ways to get rid of your old car.

1. Find Cash For Cars Services

According to carwrecker, a premium marketplace site for old cars, hiring cash for car services is one of the best ways to dispose of your old car. These are companies whose primary work is to remove old cars from homes and business premises.

Working with cash for car services could be the best option when disposing of your old car. For instance, this method enables you to get quick and easy money because they’ll pay you upfront for the car before removing it from your compound.

Apart from that, working with cash for car services may enable you to save money as well. Since taking the car to the landfill or selling it to a car dealer shop will likely cost you a lot of money. Moreover, you’ll be obliged to transport the car yourself to the location.

On the other hand, you won’t incur any transport costs with cash for car services. The owners of the company will visit your place and take the car. It’s their responsibility to transport the car and pay all the associated costs.

Besides, if you decide to sell it by yourself it may take weeks or months before someone might get interested in buying it. Bear in mind that everyone has their preferred model in cars and sometimes you might not quickly get a person to buy it instantly, especially if it’s too old or worn out.

2. Take The Car To The Dumpsite

So, it’s ideal to find cashforcar services if you want to quickly dispose of your old car. Such companies can take any type of car. They’ll carry your old car regardless of its model.

Another way to get rid of your old automobile is to take it to the lake at a dumpsite. This is a location set aside where people can dispose of any solid waste like old car parts.

Typically, most people consider taking their old automobiles to dumpsites. However, you must be careful when you decide to go this way because incorrect disposal of an old automobile and its components can pollute the environment. This goes a long way in harming people and every living creature’s health.

You also need to note that improper disposal of an old car can attract fines and penalties. The government has set guidelines on how to dispose of various rubbish. You might get penalized if you fail to follow the set regulations when disposing of your old car.

3. Donate Your Old Car

Do you have an old automobile but in good condition? If yes, you can consider donating it to charitable organizations instead of taking it to a dumpsite. This involves allowing non-profit making organizations to possess your automobile for free. These institutions include hospitals, schools, orphan homes, older adult centers, and rehabilitation organizations.

Donating can be one of the most convenient approaches to getting rid of your old car. However, before donating the automobile, contact the management of your preferred charitable firm to confirm whether they may want to possess it because you may find your old automobile in the landfill a few days after donating it. This may occur, especially when the charitable organization you donated to finds your car useless.

4. Sell Your Car To Second-Hand Dealerships

Buying a brand-new automobile is very expensive. For that reason, most people prefer to buy old cars instead of new ones. That’s why there’s a high increase in dealerships buying and selling old cars today.

If you want to dispose of your old automobile quickly and earn an income, you can consider selling it to a second-hand car dealership shop. Work with the right valuer to help properly price your old automobile for you to get the returns you deserve.

5. Opt For Trade-In

Another method you can consider when disposing of your old automobile is a trade-in. You exchange your old automobile for a new or better one in this process. However, you must add some money to the seller because their cars might be of a higher value than yours.

There are many shops out there that deal with car trade-in transactions. Research to determine the right service provider to go to.

6. Consider Auto-Recycling

Recycling is perhaps one of the most environmentally friendly ways of disposing of old cars. It’s a process of molding car parts to make new items. This option is especially applicable when your automobile is in bad condition or doesn’t run anymore.

Any part of your automobile is recyclable. For instance, you can use tires to make coasters and mouse pads or recycle auto glass to make jars and bottles. In addition, other parts of the car you can consider recycling include seats and its outward body. Apart from recycling, you can even re-purpose your old automobile and use it to house some chickens.

Considerably, you can consider recycling your old car yourself. However, you may lack the right skills and tools to perform the process. If that’s the case, then you may just consider finding a car recycling service provider to do it for you.


Getting rid of an old car isn’t a straightforward task. This is especially true if you don’t have the right information and know-how to go about things to accomplish it.

As you’ve read in this article, there are many ways you can consider when it comes to disposing of your old automobile. Just make sure you select the method according to the condition of your automobile and the most convenient procedure for you.