10 Proven Digital Marketing Strategies Law Firms Should be Using in 2021


Technology has made its way into every walk of life by now. There is no profession that has not been upgraded with technology today. The same goes for the law firms.

According to CapitalSolutions, “We don’t live in a world where relying on social networks is enough to bring in the clients. Even law firms need to market themselves in a digital world through proper channels.”

Almost every person spends almost 8 hours on his or her mobile, so it is clear that digital marketing is the way to market your legal services.

Without digital marketing, there is no business. So today, we are going to look at the 10 proven digital marketing strategies that should be used by law firms in 2021.

1. Use SEO-Driven Content

SEO, or search engine optimization, is an important consideration for any lawyer who wants to attract potential clients online. By optimizing their website for relevant keywords and phrases, lawyers can appear higher on search engine results pages, making it more likely that potential clients will find them.

Additionally, SEO can help to improve the user experience on a website, making it more likely that visitors will stay on the site and convert into clients.

Search Schematic has been helping law firms by implementing the best SEO strategies that improve their website rankings on Google bringing many clients to law firms. According to them, there are a number of SEO strategies that lawyers can use to improve their website visibility and attract more clients. Some of the most important strategies like:
  • Conducting keyword research to identify relevant terms that potential clients are searching to find the law firm services online.
  • Optimizing their website content and metadata for those keywords
  • Optimizing images on the website by resizing and adding alt texts.
  • Make sure the website is mobile-friendly and fast to load.
  • Creating and correctly optimizing Google Business Profile
  • Building links to their site from other high-quality websites.
By implementing these SEO best practices, lawyers can improve their website’s visibility and attract more clients.

2. Create Unique and Exceptional Content

Being a lawyer means you are good at convincing people to make your point. You need to apply this trait to your website content as well.

Make sure to add words that add value to people’s life. Use keywords to reach your potential clients instantly. Create relevant content so that people understand everything and then hire your service.

You wouldn’t want your potential client to waste time by asking irrelevant questions if they don’t want your services. Adding a bunch of FAQs can definitely help people and save you a lot of trouble.

Most visitors read the FAQs and then make their mind if they want to hire your services or not. If you are adding blogs to your website, keep them informed as well. Besides, the experts of highlight real positive online reviews. It is proven to be a big factor in creating brand awareness. Also helps customers make informed decisions easily and quickly.

Your goal is to reach maximum people and that can only be done if you are ranked among the top searches and most people visit your website. If you don’t have time to write the content yourself, hire a professional writer to do the job but take a last look at the content before you put it on for the whole world to see.

3. Make Your Website Mobile-Friendly

If you have been sleeping in the past and didn’t know about the importance of a website, you need to wake up. You need to realize the importance of having a website and create a website for your law firm.

Once it is made with relevant content and everything is accounted for, the next step is making your website mobile-friendly. The idea is to create a functional website that can be accessed through laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

If your website is not mobile-friendly, your potential customers won’t be able to see the full layout of your website. They won’t get full information about the legal services you provide. So, make a mobile-friendly website that includes About Us, Services, Testimonials, contact information, and a portion to add Legal blogs on a daily basis.

Once you have done all that, you can upgrade it with time with current scenarios. Add a chatbot in it and if people ask about something, let it answer anytime anywhere. The idea is to always offer something so that your potential customer comes back with the intent of hiring you.

4. Keep the Blog with the Updated Information

The blogs are a great way to update the website, but you need to keep the blogs with current scenarios and updated information.

Let’s say if current scenarios point to Black Lives Matter, you should keep the blogs related to that topic. Your blogs should contain information so that people know their legal rights and fight for them.

If you belong to a specific group of people who fight for legal rights, then you and your firm should also issue statements on social media pages and on the website too. Keeping up with the trends can also get you noticed by many people.

5. Your Website Visually Attractive

Creating a visually attractive website can also give you a competitive edge. Visuals can be made on the computer and if you prefer, you can shoot a few videos, take photos, or something like that to build your network.

Also, If you want to survive in the digital world, you need to use call-to-action words or sentences that make people click on it. Every time anyone clicks on it, your website’s rating will improve.

Also, the call-to-action words usually point the visitor to explore your website further. Most people judge the quality of services through the website, so add the CTA and visuals properly.

It is not for any special thing, but it is human nature that it is drawn to nice and pretty things. You can opt for decent colors, font size, design, and other things to make the website look attractive. You don’t even have to do much. All options are available while creating a website through WordPress, Wix, or Webflow.

6.  Leave Room for Reviews

Reviews play an important role in the credibility of any business or service agency. The reputation of your firm depends on how you treat your clients.

If you give outstanding service, your client will be happy to leave a good review. If more and more people leave good reviews, new visitors will be convinced that you offer good service.

It’s a natural thing that people want reassurance. When people find reassurance, they will definitely hire you. Also, you just don’t need good reviews on your website, you will have to establish other social media accounts to have good reviews such as Yelp, Facebook, and Instagram. Once these accounts are made, make sure to interconnect them.

7. Make Sure Your Website is Fast

The internet has been at its fastest in this era and if your website takes more than a few seconds while loading then you are not going to get many clients.

The excessive use of plugins can make your website slow, so it is necessary you only choose the ones that are necessary.

According to a survey, if your website takes more than 3 seconds, the visitor will leave your website and browse another one. You can improve site speed by compressing files, shrinking images, and improving server response time.

8. Internal Website Pages

As said earlier, a successful legal website should have more than great content and visuals. Your website should have internet website pages as well.

These pages could include the about us page, services offered, contact information, and other testimonials, partners, or awards if you have any.

9. Add High-Quality Links to Your Website

Inbound and outbound links on your website give your website a boost to rank among the top rankings.

You can add high-quality links to your website. In the case of a legal website, we suggest you add references and links to authentic legal websites.

Try to avoid spam links because they can affect your ranking. In any business, links and connections are important. Consider these inbound and outbound links as your real-life connections where you are building a social circle with all those who offer a good company.

10. Submit Your Website to Local Law Directories

If you managed to get your website submitted to the local law directories such as,,, or any other, you have better chances to gain some quality backlinks.

These links work just as the inbound and outbound links, but they will be done by big legal companies or law directories. Starting from a local directory, you will have better chances of making a career.


In the modern competitive world, showing off your strengths through a digital platform is not a bad idea. Figuring out what works for your legal firm is the only way to move forward.

There are a lot of options when you go into the digital world. These 10 ways are proven to get you noticed in the digital market. However, other methods can be used if you have time and money to explore new options.

Legal firms need business as much as any other service-based business. one of the best ways to reach more people these days is to establish an online presence. Once you establish that, you are on the right path and people will come to you.