Destiny 2, What You Need to Know and What Sites to Study for a Better Understanding of the Project

Destiny 2 is a cult MMO in the shooter genre, in the history of which the continuation of the Destiny and Halo projects is laid. The player chooses his class and stands shoulder to shoulder with other representatives of humanity in the fight against alien invaders, exploring his native land and other planets, mastering the mechanics of subclasses, farm raids and PVP content.

To understand all the nuances of the project and pump your character correctly, getting into the meta and the overall demand on the server, you need to study auxiliary sites. This will help the player to properly understand and unlock all the mechanics of Destiny 2 without having to upgrade the character in the future.

What sites and services will help a newcomer to Destiny 2

  • Skycoach
  • Destiny 2 fandom
  • Bungie Forums


Professional site that allows all beginners in most MMO RPG projects to interact with professional players in order to learn how to play better, better, be able to farm key resources and brilliance, understand the class and subclass system, learn to fight in PVP and understand the basics of PVE and raids.

Buying glitter

Glitter is needed as the main currency to buy most of the equipment and weapons from other players, special ammo to enhance the combat potential of the character and update the contract system in order to receive a constant opportunity to gain experience and continuously develop your hero.

You can buy glitter in any quantity from professional Skycoach players with a guarantee of anonymity and compliance with all security measures to save the client from potential attention from the game administration.


By paying for the coach service, you get the opportunity to interact with a professional Skycoach player who will contact you by voice and teach you understanding of the game meta, general mechanics, farming methods, rules of conduct in PVP and PVE, and the ability to win raids.


You can transfer your account to a professional Skycoach player, who will ensure that the character is upgraded to the desired level. The service guarantees anonymity and uses VPN to mask the service from the attention of the game administration. After the transaction is completed, it is recommended to change the password.

Raid carry

You can get the best equipment and weapons that are obtained in mythical raids by paying for the guaranteed passage service from professional Skycoach players. You will get all the experience and rewards without having to form a group, or join a ready-made one with a success chance.

Skycoach, on the other hand, is guaranteed to pass the raid at the expense of a trained group.

Destiny 2 fandom

A fandom is a site with a large database of information about all the main mechanics, quests, events and NPCs that can only be found in Destiny 2.

The site will help you if you are going to take another quest and do not understand its scope and relevance.

Find the right NPC, read the quest system that is associated with it, to understand the time required to complete, the total reward and the number of actions that need to be completed to complete all tasks.

One of the advantages of Fandom is that you will find information about mandatory quests and be able to quickly complete them by understanding all the actions that are required for the task to be completed quickly and with minimal resources.

Read about weapons and equipment to understand their general characteristics, bonuses and understand whether it is worth paying for this lot with glitters and how it can strengthen your character.

Read the history of the classes and their main specialization and subclass system to understand the potential path of development and understand which character you want to develop based on your character traits and personal likes.

Keep in mind the upcoming Lightfall update, which will bring a new Stand subclass. If you prepare for the update in advance, then you can immediately go to study the new planet Neptune and apply variations of the Warlock and Titan Stand, which the new subclass will be most useful and relevant for, turning them into full-fledged damage dealers.

Bungie Forums

The forum is an excellent source of information that is collected, filtered and distributed by the players themselves, based on personal experience and considerations.

Players will discuss all the most important events, difficult raids, new weapons, the seasonal PVP system and other key events for the life of the servers.

Use the forums for recruiting and searching – in the topics you can find friends and like-minded people who will go with you to strikes and raids, help in PVP Trial of Osiris and other events, increasing your teamwork skill and forming you into a full-fledged group and guild.

Create your own themes to get to grips with the intricacies of playing your character.

Learn from other players the most useful chips and ways to develop a titan if you play for this class.

You can choose a lightning subclass to be able to deal damage with lightning magic while holding the defense with a shield – this will increase the effectiveness of the class, allowing you to turn a full-fledged tank into a good damage dealer.

The Lightfall update will add a new Stand subclass that will allow you to use steel-fisted blades and deal increased melee damage with a bleed effect, though you will have to sacrifice the defensive class type and play exclusively as a PVP combat attack class.

Search the forums for allies who will help you achieve 7 victories in a row in the Trial of Osiris. This is a 3-player PvP mode where the season’s best reward in the form of weapons of legendary quality is given to players who managed to achieve 7 victories in a row. It will not be easy to get that many rounds, but it is quite possible with good allies.

Matches are fast, so even in the event of a series of defeats, you will have a good chance of getting the desired reward.

Do not forget that 3 and 5 victories are also rewarded, and you can get epic equipment as well. Such equipment will be of particular benefit to characters who have just joined the project.