Dennis Rodman’s Marriages and Children

Back in the late eighties and late nineties, Dennis Rodman was a big name in the world of basketball. At first, he was a member of a great generation of Detroit Bad Boys. Later, he was a part of a legendary generation of Chicago Bulls,  alongside names like Michael Jordan, Hakeem Olajuwon, Scottie Pippen, etc. He established himself as one of the best basketball players of all time. Even legendary Jordan gives him credit for his intelligence and ability.

There are a lot of terms that can be used for describing Rodman’s personality, but mainly he is known as an erratic, eccentric, and an overall interesting character. At the same time, controversies surrounding his private life are pretty close to his sportsman career. He married several times and many of them didn’t have a happy ending. Read on to find more interesting things about his private life.

How Many Marriages Does He Have Behind Him?

While he still was a basketball player, he was in relationships with several celebrities like Vivica A. Fox, whom he married later, and Madonna. Back in 1998, he married Carmen Electra in a private ceremony in Las Vegas. Their relationship was complicated from the start because she lost her sister and mater just before the ceremony. This marriage lasted for about half a year. Several years later, she stated that her marriage to Dennis Rodman was a response to her emotional pain after sister and mother died.

Many people don’t know that this was his second marriage. Before Carmen Electra, he was married to Annie Bakes. They started dating back in 1987, and they set a date for their wedding day in 1992. However, it was canceled at some point. The reason for this was a mystery for some time. Ultimately, Annie Bakes stated that she decided not to marry him after they stopped going to couple therapies together. At first, Rodman agreed to seek a couple counselor, but he declined in the end.

Between 2000 and 2003, Rodman stopped playing basketball and tried to focus on other projects in his life. During this break, he married his third wife, Michelle Moyer, in 2003. One year after, she decided to file for divorce. However, they tried to improve their relationship for almost a decade. In the end, they finally divorced back in 2008.

How Many Kids Does Rodman Have?

Dennis Rodman is a father of three children. Two of them with Michelle Moyer and one with Annie Bakes. His oldest child is Alexis, a daughter he has with Annie Bakes. She was born in 1988. Even though Rodman struggled with alcoholism during her childhood, they have a solid relationship. Moreover, a couple of years ago, she gave birth to a son Vincent. Rodman was ecstatic about becoming a grandfather.

His children with Michelle Moyer are DJ and Trinity. DJ was born in 2000 and Trinity in 2001. Back in 2018, Dennis Rodman celebrated his first month without a drink. He stated that his biggest motivation is to see his kids grow up. At the same time, he wants to help them succeed in their careers in soccer and basketball. His son DJ plays as a forward for Washington State Cougars. His daughter, Trinity is a member of the US Women’s National Team.

He addressed these problems in an interview for Page Six. He stated that he just wants to be present while his kids are growing up. Moreover, he talked about he wants to stop partying and that he needs to take a good look at his life from a healthy perspective and re-evaluate his way of living.

Rodman’s Father and His Kids


Maybe you didn’t know that Dennis Rodman’s father had 29 kids. More interestingly, he had all of these kids with 16 different women. He wasn’t in good relationship with his father for more than four decades. However, they met back in 2006 and they reconciled. Rodman stated that he tried to meet his father for a couple of years. He was pretty happy to close this chapter in his life.

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