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Danmachi Season 2 Begins

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We have all been waiting for the second season of Damanchi and it has now been announced that the premiere would be this summer. However, we do not have the precise date for it, just this timeframe.


The series is based on the novel written by Fujino Omori and Suzyhito Yasuda and it was made like an anime. Apart from this, the novel had been also made like an OVA and a film called Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa Machigatteiru Darou ka Movie: Orion no Ya.

The plot


It would be difficult to have an anime lover who is not at least acquainted with Danmanchi. The plot of the anime takes place in a city called Orario, and that is actually a kind of labyrinth and that actually serves as a kind of passage to Dungeon. What is Dungeon? This is a network of mazes. The mere city and the maze and the plot itself are very interesting. On top of that the plot is thrilling, and there are even the elements of horror, romance even. We need to add that the meeting between an adventurous boy and a lost god is a very interesting one. The god is left without any followers.




It has been expected that the premiere of the 2nd season may take a long time, however, the news about it being released this summer was a joyful one. The prediction is that the broadcasting may begin in July or August. However, we would need to get official information from the producers and makers of the anime. Apart from this, the 2nd part of the 3rd Season has been also announced.

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