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Dalai Lama Net Worth 2021 – Political and Spiritual Leaders

No matter the religion you’ve surely heard of Dalai Lama. But did you know that Dalai Lama is not one person? As a matter of fact, Dalai Lama is a title that is given to a specific Buddhist Monk from Tibet, and Dalai Lamas are political and spiritual leaders. But they are not like the other political leaders from around the world, they are calm, wise and compassionate. Currently, the 14th Dalai Lama is LhamoThondup. We are going to share with you some more information about him and his net worth.

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Early life

LhamoThondup was born in Taktser, China, on July 6, 1935. He was born in a family of peasants, and he was one of the seven kids from this family. Early in his life, it was noticed that he possesses exceptional spirituality, and he was proclaimed as the Dalai Lama when he was just 2 years old. His name was changed to Tenzin Gyatso, and his spiritual education began when he was 6 years old. Before his 15th year, he learned about Buddhist philosophy, Tibetan art and culture, and other world philosophies, and when he was 15, he was given the full power of the 14th Dalai Lama.

He spent his whole life in solitude, as a hermit, and he didn’t ever get married, because he is the supreme Buddhist monk, and Buddhist monks do not get married. Since the 1960s he is living in India, because he had to escape there, from Tibet, due to the bad political situation at that time. Even he is a Buddhist monk, he is highly respected in India. People from India demanded that to confer him with Bharat Ratna, but the government from India didn’t decide what to do about that demand yet.

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Dalai Lama controls the reign of Tibet and Lhasa, as a political and spiritual leader. Tibet always had a strained relationship with China, and that’s why Dalai Lama had to flee to India. Dalai Lama tried to reconcile with China, but he was not successful. He tried that when he was living in Tibet, and even the whole time he is in India. The relationship with China is still very bitter, and it is a question whether they will ever reconcile.

Now he advocates for peace, harmony, health, international organizations, women’s rights, non-violence, science, social issues, and many other topics that are very important in today’s world. Dalai Lama retired from Central Tibetan Administration, in 2011, and now he is only a spiritual leader. Being the spiritual leader, he promotes peace and love.

Dalai Lama won many awards and honors for his unselfish contribution to world peace. He also won a Nobel Peace Prize and World Security Annual Peace Award, Lifetime achievement award, Human rights award, and many others.

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Net worth

Today he is a spiritual leader, but before that, he was a political leader, an author, and an actor. He made an appearance in some philosophy films. He wrote more than 50 books, and he was very successful and talented as an author.

His books are still very popular among his followers, and other people that are interested in Buddhism. He is a spiritual leader, but his estimated net worth is an astonishing $150 million. But he has nothing to do with that money because all of it goes to his charity.

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  1. Unfortunately, there are several pieces of misinformation in this article but the most egregious is that you are using a black and white shot of someone who is not the 14th Dalai Lama., the other appalling mistake is that he was born in Takster, China. He was born in Takster, Amdo, Eastern Tibet before the Chinese occupied Tibet.

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