Advantages of Creating Automation Applications on the Platform

Currently, every company strives to automate its production and minimize the human factor. It is possible to control the entire process and automate certain repetitive actions via some special solutions and programming codes. However, each businessman can try the low-code platform to create an ideal version of automation independently.

Application development features

ProcessMIX is a software development platform with low-code writing. The creation process is carried out by applying a special function – namely, dragging graphic elements. So, it is available to any user with certain programming knowledge.

Such platforms have been relevant for a long time. They help people easily move to a new level of work, allowing them to create applications in any direction, regardless of what area their business operates in. Thus, users have a unique opportunity to make their own add-ons.

The company offers convenient conditions for each client. Here you can quickly create solutions and various server tasks of any complexity using an intuitive visual editor. Also, on the platform, there is an opportunity to:

  • create;
  • store;
  • change different models.

This program turns out to be a kind of business that guarantees the full automation of production. Here you can find and use different predictive models, including anomaly detection models, association rules, cluster models, neural networks, and vector machines. It is also possible to extract, convert and download data from external sources.

Advantages of using the platform

One of the pros is debugging functionality. You can easily check the data received from different sources. This opportunity helps to correct the data processing. It is always possible to create business flows by using common designations. You can control the execution of the process by collecting data, analyzing real indicators, and optimizing business flows in order to increase effectiveness.

Also, the huge number of tasks that are used in business processes can be fully automated in workflows. This platform is an opportunity to create a set of instructions in order to automate certain actions. While robots can take over all routine processes, the owner has more time to carry out any work. At the same time, the platform is constantly evolving, adding new technological nuances and monitoring updates in its field.

This powerful tool is very useful for business efficiency. This is a unique way for each person to create and use applications that are most profitable for their sphere. Experienced specialists will be able to help you, responding to every crucial question. Besides, it’s available to order a demo version that will help you evaluate all the possibilities and, in the future, get a unique application that fully corresponds to your business needs.

Finally, the platform is the best solution for those who want to try their hand at programming and creating the most convenient automation system for their projects.

The main directions of the platform’s capabilities


The platform enables each person to provide customers with simple, effective tools. At the same time, complex tasks can be solved with its help, too. While routine issues are automatized, the company is focused only on business results – and it’s an ideal solution for various types of business.

The main task of the platform is to provide everyone with various tools that are needed for the creation of a reliable business application. Clients can experience many useful features, such as:

  • visual development;
  • data model;
  • integration;
  • decision tables;
  • table of indicators;
  • data control;
  • debugging and testing deployment.

Initially, you will receive a number of processes & tools to be able to create your own solutions, as well as solve server tasks of any complexity and optimize repetitive processes. Clients can create predictive models that will show what you can expect from certain actions. You can make cluster models, neural networks, and a set of rules.

The main thing that this platform gives you is the ability to apply convenient and diverse tools for your project`s purposes. The essential task of the business is to constantly develop, so it’s impossible to succeed without modern technical solutions which are provided by this platform.

Currently, the network is constantly developing, and innovative technologies are emerging. In order to apply them properly, clients should understand how to control the process. And if most parts of the processes are fully robotic, the customer can practically eliminate any difficult moments. The platform is a great opportunity to achieve new results in the development of your business approximately in any sphere.

Basic recommendations for working with the system

To use the platform, you need to follow several recommendations to avoid problems while creating the necessary application. This is a great chance to achieve high results in a short time. The site presents plenty of videos that allow you to understand how to create a simple stream, and the whole process is described step by step. You can watch a video to know how to use the iterator – it is a special tool that allows you to work with loops. The client can see all the suggestions that help you use it in a stream.

A separate category is an ability to process arrays, you can consider a step-by-step guide to know how to handle it, too. You can create a special connector – it is a special internal system component that can provide code-free reconnection with external databases.

It allows customers to create new connections for use in the stream. As an example, we offer a guide on how to return an object from the database after its identification. A special video will also allow you to understand how to work with system components without a code connection to any external systems. Creating a connector helps the user to get new connections in order to use them in threads.

If you use the video step by step, all the details are clear, and the creation process is simple. You can get phones step by step, the country code. You can complete a whole project and calculate and output a net salary. This is an opportunity to get maximum efficiency from creating a project, it is a chance to make the program useful for business. It will make all calculations simple, accessible, and accurate, eliminating any errors.

Thus, you can understand how to use these programs in order to achieve high results and create everything you need to work effectively. These are the most widely offered programs that allow you to perfectly automate banking and financial enterprises. First of all, here you can find solutions such as:

  • customer adaptation;
  • credit decision-making;
  • monitoring;
  • collection and recovery;
  • retention and cross-selling;
  • anti-money laundering;

Each of these programs has its own characteristics and requires a special approach. In any case, automation will help in this case to make the work as profitable as possible. Automated applications make their work much easier; you ensure that your employees have more time to perform other tasks. Automation allows us to monitor each process and eliminate inaccuracies. This is an ideal option in order to make the operation of the system clear, effective, and affordable.

Automation of customer acquisition — features


If you consider such an option as automating the customer acquisition process, you will be able to use powerful special strategies that will help attract potential customers during the verification. You will be able to keep the interest and attention of consumers. This is a difficult task that is not available to everyone, but at the same time, if you use a special automated system, then you will be able to subdue this process completely based on artificial intelligence. The decision-making will be provided using a comprehensive approach that will be based on data from many suppliers.

You exclude human intervention because you get a more reliable program. All risks will be checked here, fraud is excluded, and you can count on different levels of risk for customers. This way, you will provide a high level of customer service. This is an opportunity to meet the needs of customers, to adapt, and to purchase banking products. Loans and credit lines may be involved here, so it is suitable only for individuals for small and medium-sized business customers.

This is an ideal option for lenders, for microfinance organizations, and thus you will get the ability to:

  • effectively select clients;
  • use embargo sanctions;
  • check for terrorist financing;
  • perform screening;
  • risk assessment system;
  • profiling of new and existing clients.

The remote operation is based on browser data and mobile devices. This is a unique opportunity that allows you to discover new solutions and systematize indicators of any complexity. Here you will get an unlimited number of tables, version indicators, and model support. This is the ability to import any models of different standards. You get model matrices with several estimated indicators. All this makes it possible to get the perfect application that will work for you and allow you to achieve high results.