How to Create an Effective Factory Relocation Plan and Timeline

Changing your working location is one of the most complicated things if not taken seriously. Having an increased period of downtime can surely affect your annual profit. For that reason, taking your time in planning everything before you begin is essential for effective factory relocation.

The preparations should begin as soon as you get the idea. It means preparing the new facility and looking for moving firms that can provide the most reliable service. Besides that, looking for the most appropriate relocation period is essential to decrease and manage the downtime properly.

To come up with an effective plan and timeline for your factory relocation, you need to explore the options and be properly informed. For that reason, we have prepared this article with a couple of tips that should help with managing your move efficiently.

Begin with preparations early

For a process complicated like this one, early preparations are essential for its perfect completion. You will need to begin as soon as you get the opportunity to move your factory to a new location. This is especially important to minimize the days without production, or work simultaneously while the moving process is ongoing.

If you begin early, you will have time to create a plan and predict all the problems you might be having. This will help you with finding solutions before the moving even begins. In addition, you should be able to approximately calculate the time you will need to settle the new location.

Keep in mind to talk with everyone involved in your business, and inform them about the move. This should affect the investors and the clients that are working with you.

Take time to sort the documentation

Keeping your documents tidy when the moving process begins is essential to keep the legal integrity at a high level. Check if you have everything, and prepare the papers you have been missing.

This should be a good time to create a backup mechanism with both physical and digital copies to ensure your safety. Organize everything appropriately, and seal the boxes so nothing gets lost. If you can fit all the documents in your vehicle, it is best to transport them by yourself. However, a trusted moving firm can ensure their safety, and keep you stress-free.

Look for the best moving firm

This is the most important aspect of the moving process. Finding the best moving firm you can get is having half of the work done. However, many companies offer moving services so you will have to research.

Of course, you need to consider time efficiency, capabilities, costs and more. Fortunately, there are companies that offer all of these things at once. Just make sure to talk about the costs.

Check out for more details regarding such services.

Prepare the new facility

While things are being packed at your previous place, you should be simultaneously preparing the new facility. Open up the floor plan, talk with an engineer, and find the best position for every piece of machinery. Sharing the map with the moving company will significantly speed up the process, without losing time to think on the spot.

In addition, make sure you have finished everything with the suppliers so you can have power, water, and internet at the new facility. This is a key process for a quick adjustment to the new place, and a quicker start with working.

Check the condition of your machinery

It is important to check the conditions of all the machinery you possess before you pack them up. This will help you in minimizing the expenses since you may have broken equipment that you will need to replace anyways. Instead of doing unnecessary moves, just don’t bring those pieces to your new place.

Create a list of all the items you possess

To prevent anything from being lost in transportation, you should make a detailed list of everything that will be moved. While things are being packed and prepared, write them on the list and check everything multiple times.

When things arrive at the new place, you will have a clear record of all the items that should’ve been shipped so you don’t lose anything.

Come up with a moving schedule

Having a complete schedule is essential in factory moving processes. When there is a specific time frame for every step, you will surely finish the job on time, and begin working sooner. For that reason, you should put in the time to create the most precise schedule that you can.

In case you want to continue your production while the moving process is ongoing, you can transport the machines that are not needed first. This is a strategy used by many firms and is has been proven as an efficient one.

Explain everyone’s job in detail

With a large team, many things can go bad without proper instructions. For that reason, you will need to explain everyone’s job in detail, to be sure that the moving process will be done most efficiently.

To control the groups better, you can set up teams with one person as a coordinator. That way, everyone will work well, keeping up with the schedule you have prepared.

Make sure your machinery is safe during the move

The machinery that is used in the factories is one of the most expensive objects. For that reason, you will need to be extremely careful when preparing them for the move. The use of extra padding, and loading them on the truck properly should ensure safe transit.

You should talk with the moving firm about whether they have insurance over the items they are transporting. That way, if something breaks during the move, the company will cover its costs.

Test everything when it arrives

To ensure safe transport and an effective factory relocation process, you should test everything when it arrives. If something has broken down, you should quickly repair it. That is why putting a few spare days in the schedule is important. You can fix broken equipment, and adjust yourself nicely in the new location.