Top 15 Countries with Highest Salaries

Our planet is a very diverse place which is of course one of the biggest reasons why it is so beautiful and special. Such diversity in species, natural wonders, and resources is arguably the most significant trait of our rich world which we are only a part of. Although we rose to be the most dominant species, we humans are far away from being perfect. It can actually be said that we make more mistakes than we do good things in terms of saving the one planet we have. Be that as it may, we have certainly come a long way from the prehistoric times.

In the modern world, the easiest way to show differences between far corners of the globe is to talk about the countries and nationalities of people. There are 196 official countries on Earth, but when other territories, colonies, and non-nations are brought in, the number jumps to 241. Some places are referred to as countries even though they are not, but that is not as important for this article. In it, we explore the one thing that is most common when talking disparities between them, the salaries.

It is a known fact that some countries are much better off in terms of economy and how advanced they are. The better a place is being regulated and the more modern their values and systems, the higher the salaries of their people. Talking about the richest countries is usually a hot topic particularly when it is being discussed among people from each of them. However, listing the top 15 countries salary-wise should not be a problem. These are well-known facts and an interesting type of information to know so let us dive deeper. It is particularly important if you plan to work abroad. If that is the case, make sure to check out

1. Switzerland

It should not really come as a surprise that Switzerland is at the top of this list in 2023. The country is among the most regulated in the world, the most aware and conscious when the important things are concerned, as well as a place many would like to move to. The average gross salary the Swiss enjoy is over US $6,490. This of course means that there are those who earn much more than this, as well as much less. It ranges from 2,800 CHF, which is the minimum salary, to 9,901 CHF, which is the highest average. Maximum salaries are even higher.

2. Lichtenstein

The small European country is often forgotten when there is a discussion of the best places to live and work. However, it truly is a gem of Western Europe for most things, including the salary. Right now, the average gross there is US $6,060. Minimum salary is 2,703 CHF and the highest average is 9,132 CHF.

3. Denmark

The popular Nordic country is known for its high standard and great quality of life. The people are happy there and it does not take much to see why. They work for an average gross salary of just over US $6,000, $6,012 to be more exact. The minimum is 20,357 DKK, and the highest average is 61,833 DKK.

4. Luxembourg

Here is another small country in Western Europe that is often overlooked. The member of the Benelux trio of states has an average of 5,648 USD. The typical range spans from just over 2,470 EUR as the minimum to the highest average of almost 8,000 EUR.

5. Iceland


Another Nordic country in the top five, Iceland is a beautiful island with a lot to be wanted. The citizens are generally really happy they live there because of the high standard, stunning nature, and great salaries. They can count on an average of US $ 5,425, with the minimum being 338,461 ISK and the highest average 1,084 million ISK.

6. United States of America

After the top five sports all being held by European nations, here comes the USA in sixth. The minimum salary in the country is calculated at $2,350 while the highest average is $9,040. This comes down to the average gross of around $5,340. While it is at the top with China in terms of economic power, the salaries do not reflect it that much.

7. Norway

We go back to Nordic Europe for the number seven spot and talk Norway’s salary. The Norwegian earn a median gross salary of $5,248, which means living in the north of the Old Continent is quite lovely. The minimum salary there is 23,700 NOK, and the highest average is over 73,300 NOK.

8. Germany

It is a bit surprising that Germany is not closer to the top, but a median gross salary of just under $5,000 at $4,998 is not bad either. An economic powerhouse and a country with a high standard, it is a dream destination for anyone looking to swap addresses. The people there earn a minimum of 2,000 EUR and the highest average of 7,000 EUR.

9. Netherlands

The second state of the Benelux trio in the top ten and the eighth and final European country in the top ten is the Netherlands. The Dutch have historically been in quite a good place in terms of money, which is still the case. They earn slightly less than the Germans on average, $4,892. The minimum is 2,145 EUR and the high average is almost 6,900 EUR.

10. Australia

To round up the top ten, we are going down under, to the other end of the globe both from Europe and North America. Aussies have had it quite well for a while as they earn an average gross salary of US $4,761. In their local currency, they earn 3,300 AUD as the minimum salary and over 10,600 AUD as the highest average.

  1. Monaco – The sovereign city state has an average salary of $4,619.
  2. Belgium – The final Benelux country gives its citizens $4,580 on average.
  3. Austria – Austrians are among the happies Europeans, with a salary of $4,416 on average.
  4. Canada – The second North American country on the list and the third non-European, $4,286.
  5. Sweden – The final Nordic state and the 13th European country in the top 15, $4,285.