Contact Lenses Made Your Life So Much Better – How to Take Care of it?

Contact lenses are comfortable to wear but there are also high chances of getting eye infection if the lenses are not cleaned and maintained properly as directed. The lens care varies for the type of lens. The disposable extended-wear needs minimal care whereas the conventional soft lenses need utmost care. It is always wise to choose a good contact lens brand.

Also, make sure to follow the directions suggested by your eye care specialists and use the solutions prescribed for your lens. Nowadays, a colored contact lens is becoming a part of fashion. You can visit Bella Contacts Online for getting great options for a colored contact lens.

This article will help you with basic contact lens wear guidelines and tips to keep your eyes healthy and safe. If you are looking for other alternatives to aid your vision, visit this website

Cleaning Tips
  1. A certain type of contact lens needs specific care, so use only the disinfecting solution that was prescribed by the specialist. Use the enzymatic cleaner and eye drops that were recommended by your doctor. Make sure to use good multi-purpose lens solution like Renu contact lens solution.
  2. Avoid using the tap water, saliva or distilled water to clean your lens, because the microorganisms in the water could cause serious eye infections or hurt your vision.
  3. Always rub the lens gently by placing it on the palm and use your index finger to rub. Slight rubbing your contact lens helps in cleaning the surface buildup.
  4. Make sure to clean your lens case every time with sterile solution and should replace them every three months.

Lens Care Tips

  1. Make sure to wash your hands and dry it with a linen-free towel before you handle the contacts. Use only mild soaps for cleaning your hands and never use lotions, oils or perfumes before you wear the lens. The residues of those products can stick on your lens and could irritate your eyes.
  2. Every time you use your contact lens, make sure to clean and disinfect it with a new solution. Avoid using the old solution.
  3. Never pour the solution into another bottle as the solution would no longer be sterile.
  4. If you wish to wear eye makeup, do it before wearing the contact lens and remove them before removing the makeup.
  5. Contacts tend to warp over time, and the cornea can change shape. Ensure that the contacts fit perfectly and prescribed one is a suitable one for you.
  6. Avoid wearing the contact lens if they have not been used for more than 30 days without re-disinfecting.
  7. If the contact lens has not been used for a long time, verify the instructions and directions to check if the lens should be re-disinfected before using

Eye Care Tips

  1. The contacts should be used only for the prescribed duration
  2. If your contact lens is not the extended-wear type, then avoid sleeping with the contacts in. When you sleep your eyelids will be closed, and the tears will not bring sufficient level of oxygen which in turn could hurt your eyes.
  3. If you have a problem with vision like sudden vision loss, blurred vision, eye pain or irritation, swelling or unusual redness, visit your doctor right away.
  4. Avoid swimming while you are wearing contact lens, as you could get an eye infection.
  5. In case you insert your contact lens inside out, don’t panic it won’t hurt your eyes. You can avoid this by placing the contacts on the tip of your index finger. Now, look at the lens from the side. if the lens cup seems like it flares out at the top and has a lip, then the contacts are inside out, and if it appears in U shape, then it’s right side out.

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