Concertina wire – on the border wall between the United States and Mexico

Trump’s construction of the border wall between the United States and Mexico has always been a controversial topic. Despite all the controversy and discontent, the huge project of building walls continues. The row by row of glowing concertina wires on the border fence became the most obvious result of the construction of the border wall. Because it really reduces the entry of many Mexican illegal immigrants. Although it has had some impact on the lives of local residents, it has really prevented many illegal immigrants from entering the Mexican border. In this article, you will see some introductions to concertina wire and why it is suitable for the construction of border walls.

Concertina wire, a very effective defense barrier commonly found in battlefields, prisons, and military areas. Its most obvious feature is that it has razor-like sharp blades, which can easily cause harm to people or animals. A concertina wire manufacturer from China, mentioned that it was made of steel raw materials, not only sharp but also high strength. Not easily destroyed. And it is usually hot-dipped galvanized, which is a popular surface treatment for any metal product. This makes concertina wire more durable in a variety of natural environments where the border wall is located and hardly needs maintenance.

Concertina wire can cover any length without leaving any gap. It can be stretched, and the maximum stretching distance can be up to 25m. The diameter of the coil can also be very large, up to 1500mm. This effectively enhances the protective capability of the border fence. If concertina wire is not installed at the top of the fence, there may be some people who can climb over it. But if the sharp concertina wire is installed on the fence, few people will want to go over the fence, because no one wants to try the taste of being cut by a blade. And it’s not easy to destroy unless you use power tools, but it’s also very difficult to work.

So concertina wire is very suitable for the construction of the border wall. There is no gap to go through, it is not easy to be destroyed, durable and sharp blades. These factors make it an irreplaceable product. But such protective measures, which should have been used to deal with “enemies” or criminals, have appeared in the center of Mexico’s border cities, and indeed have had a considerable impact on the lives of local residents.

But no one can stop Trump from continuing to build the wall, because the Supreme Court allocated Trump $2.5 billion to build the wall in late last month, and perhaps a more spectacular concertina wire border can be seen along the U.S. -Mexico border in the future.