7 Coffee Table Books That Are Also Great Conversation Starters


Nothing is more unpleasant than sitting in your living room with your partner’s guests who you have never met, and you’re not quite sure why they’re in your home. After exhausting conversational topics of the weather and plans for Christmas, the awkward silence starts to kick in and the desperate reach for anything to talk about begins. After finding myself in this position fairly often, I’ve found ways to unleash endless conversation without much effort. My solution? Get yourself a coffee table that makes a statement and any of these seven coffee table books to get the chat flowing. Check out the range of Coffee tables available from Domayne Australia.

  1. ‘The Sound of Mountains’ by Guerel Sahin

This book provides you with ‘once in a lifetime’ images of the open wilderness of the Alps taken in extreme conditions so that we can enjoy the immense beauty we may have never seen otherwise.

  1. ‘Peanut Butter Dogs’ by Greg Murray

A picture book sure to amuse people of all ages, Murray compiles images and small bios of over 140 dogs that have all been fed a bit of peanut butter. Needless to say, an amalgamation of expressions and happiness can be seen in these pup’s eyes and will quickly put you in a very cheerful mood. The Duke Coffee table is a lower set table with a rustic-chic charm that is perfect for little ones to be able to read their books from too!

  1. ‘Woodstock’ by Ernesto Assante

Possibly the most revolutionary music festival, the book ‘Woodstock’ gives you an inside view of the 1969 extravaganza with exclusive interviews and photos.

  1. ‘Wine Trails : Australia & New Zealand’ by The Lonely Planet
Source: near.st

Not only does this book feature stunning locations and tours for recommended wineries, but all of the locations are either in Australia or New Zealand! Having it as a coffee table book means it’s always a conversation starter when my partner and I come to think of holiday destinations. Keep it local with the Laren Coffee Table which is made from Australian timber and also features storage space making it a perfect multifunctional statement piece for your living room.

  1. ‘From Crook to Cook’ by Snoop Dogg

Yes, you read that correctly. Laced with incredible stories and images, this cookbook gives you all you need for a night of entertaining your guests and ensuring they are all well fed. With recipes ranging from Fried Bologna Sandwiches with Chips to Filet Mignon, there is a meal for everyone.

  1. ‘Frida Kahlo’ by Circe Henestrosa and Claire Wilcox

This book takes you deep into the life and paintings of a revolutionary artist. Introducing letters and diary entries, you are shown Kahlo’s deepest beliefs and reflections on her life and art. Match this with the Sentra Round Coffee Table with its elegance and sophistication making it a great addition to any lounge room. Featuring a round structure and strong monochrome lines this table will match a variety of home styles.

  1. ‘Ricochet’ by Denis O’Regan

Compiled by David Bowie’s official photographer, ‘Ricochet’ delves into the intimate stories and images of David Bowie in the height of his career. With pictures ranging from his most vulnerable points to his most extravagant performances, this book was approved by Bowie himself and will provide you with a fascinating read.

Not only do coffee table books make great conversation starters but they draw your guest’s eye to the table itself. Wow, your friends and family with impeccable style through your choice of the perfect coffee table for your home.