Tips for choosing the right cleaning solution for your pool

When summers come along, the first thing that most people want to do is dive into their swimming pool and have tons of fun in the cool, gentle water. After all, pools are one of the best ways to cool yourself off while having the most fun with your friends and family. They serve as excellent ways of entertainment…until they get dirty.

According to, one of the leading manufacturers for pool cleaners, choosing the right cleaning solution for your pool is extremely important as it dictates how clean your pools are going to be after you use them. The problem is that these solutions come in a variety of different types that have tons of unique features of their own.

Most buyers often get confused after taking a look at the different types of pool cleaners out there and get stuck with which one they should buy for their own pool. If you too are a buyer who is looking to purchase the perfect cleaning solution for your pool but doesn’t know what to look for, then don’t worry because we have you covered.

In this article we will be listing several tips Keyrenter Richmond PM says will help you for choosing the perfect cleaning solution for your pool so that you don’t go wrong with your purchase. Read the article till the end so that you don’t miss out on crucial details.

Understand your budget and look for a cleaner that is affordable to you


Different types of cleaners come at different prices. A fully automated robotic cleaner is much more expensive that its suction counterpart, which are generally the cheapest cleaners out there. It is necessary that you understand how much budget you can afford for a pool cleaner and find one that sits comfortably in your budget’s range.

However, it is also equally essential to understand that the more you pay for a cleaner the better features you get. The most top-of-the-line cleaners come with several amazing features such as fully automatic scheduled cleaning, easy plug&run installation and coverage for almost every type of pool out there.

Regardless, if budget is a constraint, we recommend you to opt for more affordable options that may not have as many features as top-end machines but can still serve you adequately well. There is nothing wrong in spending a few bucks less to get a machine that gets your job done in a similar way as top end cleaning solutions do.

Check whether you need automatic or semi-automatic cleaning solutions


Cleaners can be classified into two major types – automatic cleaners and semi automatic cleaners. An automatic cleaner has a timer or scheduling system on-board that cleans your pools regularly on fixed intervals of time. Automatic cleaners are the best option when you don’t have time to manually set a cleaner to start and stop every day but they also cost considerably more than their other counterparts.

A semi-automatic cleaner on the other hand only requires you to start and supervise the cleaner doing its job for cleaning your pool. The problem is that if you forget about them, they can keep on cleaning your pool and put immense amounts of water pressure on your filters and filtration system which can cause them to break apart. It can lead to the cleaners dying out early because of excessively used parts.

While this type of cleaning solution is much more affordable than automatic, they also require more attention and care. In the end, it all comes down to how much time you can take out of your schedule to let a cleaner run its course while cleaning your pool.

Examine the size of the debris that gets collected after use

One of the best ways to determine which cleaning solution can suit your pool the most is by checking the size of your debris and external matter you have in your pool. If the debris is very minuscule and small in nature such as leaves, dirt particles, fine sand, etc., you can do just fine with a cheaper cleaner that is designed to suck in and hold lots of miniscule debris matter in its bags.

That being said, if your pool constantly gets contaminated with much larger debris materials such as large amounts of ecological waste, stones or sand, then you need a cleaner that has the capacity and features to accommodate this size of debris. Only robotic and pressure cleaners have the capacity features to do that.

What’s more is that while most pressure cleaners are only equipped with size and general features that allow them to clean large amounts of debris, robotic cleaners have special sensors and features that allow them to pick up even the most minute amount of dirt or fine debris particles such as sand.

Depending on your use, we strongly recommend that you get a cleaner that meets the exact requirements of the debris you generate in the pool.

See if the cleaners need extra pumps

There are quite a few cleaners out there that actually need extra pumps to clean your pool properly and this is a cost factor that many buyers tend to forget when purchasing a cleaner. If you already have spare pumps in your pool for these cleaning solutions, then you won’t face any problem but in case you don’t, you will need to spend some extra money to purchase them.

Pressure cleaners in particular heavily rely on pumps and need one dedicated booster pump to travel across the water and one standard pool pump to clean the pool. Suction cleaners too need pool pumps to clean your pool and are heavily reliant on them to the point where pool pumps are known to break apart if these cleaners are left running for long amounts of time.

However, the newer line of cleaning solutions such as the robotic cleaners don’t need the pool pump to clean the pool and can thus save almost 90% of your energy requirements for pool cleaning.


Choosing the perfect type of cleaning solution for your pool is not an easy task and we hope this article gave you enough tips to make the right choice. If the article was insightful for you, please consider following our website for regular updates as it will help us out immensely.