Christian Guzman Net Worth 2020 – How Much is He Worth?

As one of the most popular bodybuilders around the globe, many people want to be like him, but that will require hours training in the gym. He is Christian Guzman, an amateur bodybuilder from America. He is also famous as a YouTube vlogger, a fitness entrepreneur, and the founder and CEO of Alphalete Athletics.

This guy takes fitness to another level. He owns the Alphalete Gym in Houston, Texas, and is the founder of 3D energy drinks. Let us look at his net worth as of 2020.



Christian was born on 20th of February, 1993 in Houston, Texas. He played the guitar in High school and was a member of a rock band. When they disbanded, he turned to exercising, fitness and health. He quickly became a fitness freak and took care of himself on another level. He studied at Texas Christian University from 2011 to 2013. Studies did not interest him that much, which is why he dropped out. He had a wish to grow his own fitness business.

In 2012, as an 18-year-old freshman at college, he began to upload videos with weightlifting tips and instructions on how to increase mass and strengthen the muscles of legs, thigs, and arms. In a short period of time, he gained a lot of popularity. Today, Guzman is very popular on social media with more than 860000 subscribers on YouTube and more than a million followers on Instagram. After he gained game, he started Alphalete Athletics company, which makes affordable apparel of great quality. Alphalete is pretty well known and featured at many Bodybuilding events worldwide.


His videos contain many different exercises for abs, back, biceps, triceps, forearms, etc. During his first year, he posted one video every week, and got around 3000 subscribers. He wanted more however, so he started posting more frequently. After another year, he had 20000 people on his YouTube channel, which rose to 260000 after the third year of his work.

Net Worth & Earnings

His net worth today is estimated to be around $3 million. He is only 24 years old and an even brighter future is ahead of him, when he is sure to increase his wealth as well. His company does business internationally, which is why he earns good amounts of money.


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