Chris Evans Revealed he and his Family Might Have Contracted COVID-19 but he didn’t Self-Isolate


Chris Evans said that he ‘thinks’ he and his family had contracted COVID-19 last month after they experienced a ‘really weird cold.’

When he spoke on his Virgin Radio Breakfast Show on Tuesday, he also admitted that he did not self-isolate since none of his symptoms fell in line with the NHS-advised dry cough and high temperature that would need quarantining.

The broadcaster (54), who has sons Noah (10), Eli, (8), and 18-month-old twins Walt and Boo with his golfer wife Natasha Shishmania (40), said: ‘I think I’ve had it [coronavirus]. I’m not saying I’m qualified to say this, though.

‘So many of us had this really weird cold two or three weeks ago and if four out of five most prominent people on the telly talking about coronavirus, if they can get it – they’re only mild symptoms, a bit of a sniffle and dry cough…’

He explained his reasons for not going to quarantine: ‘I didn’t get the fever or the dry cough, that’s why I didn’t self-isolate. Noah had the fever, and he self-isolated before we all had to for 14 days.

‘But by that time, Tash had this cough, and almost everybody you saw on telly reporting on the coronavirus looked red-faced and runny-eyed – I think lots of us have had it!’