Choosing Your Music and Event Production Company

If you’re planning for an event, a basic Google search can help you. It will provide countless results to help you find a music and event production company. You can find companies with advertisements and companies that are listed under a map. You can also find hundreds of companies on the next pages. But how do you determine the best company for your event?

Choosing a company to partner with for an event is a big decision. When it comes to investing the time and expense in organizing an event, there’s nothing more important than its success. Companies can easily say that they are reputable. But how will you be sure that their claim is true? Here are some qualities that you need to look for when choosing a music and event production company. 



It’s important to make sure that the company you’re working with has enough experience. That’s because it determines the success of your event. What events has the company coordinated? How long has the event production company been in this business?

For you to find these out, you can check out the companies’ website. And then look for the projects they’ve worked on which are similar to the one that you need planned. If the company is still relatively new, it’ll be unfair to automatically scratch it off of the list. Every company has to start somewhere. In this case, you can research the company’s experience and background.

Digital Marketing Presence

It’s important for any music and event production company to have a strong digital marketing presence. What you can do is to conduct an online audit of all the potential music and event production companies. Check their website or blog and opt in to their newsletter. Your event needs to be promoted so it’s only necessary for the company to do the same for themselves.



A music or a production event can inspire and impress the attendees. And the most memorable events are the creative ones. If your goal is to leave a lasting impression on the attendees, then you can ask the company to hand you their portfolio. Check the portfolio to see if they are creative enough with their past events. You may also check if they have case studies you can read on their websites.

Resources and Budgeting

When hiring an event production company, you’ll need to set your budget. The company will have to stay within that budget. It’s the company’s job to use all the resources in carrying out your vision.



How often does the company provide its customers with a status report? Communication is one of the biggest factors to consider when hiring an event production company. You and the company need to be in frequent communication. Also, they should be accessible whenever you need them. What you can do is to ask about their turnaround time for emails or calls.

Attention to Detail


Paying attention to even the smallest detail is the key to a successful event. Attention to detail and careful planning can prevent things from going wrong. What you can do is to ask about the safety measures in preventing unforeseen events. Also, ask about the possible ways to handle them the moment they arise.

Affiliations and Professional Certifications


It’s important for a music and event production company to have professional certifications. It’s also important for the company you’re going to work with to have connections with other companies. These give credibility to the company. That’s because these show that the company is committed and serious with the industry.

Testimonials and References From Other People


What clients say about the music and event production company will hold more weight than anything. It even holds more weight that what the company tells you about themselves. This is the best way to find out the history of the company. What you can do is to look for testimonials on their websites. You may also look for reviews on social media platforms like Facebook or Yelp. These testimonials will lead you to the best company there is.

These are all the factors you need to take into consideration when choosing a company. But what if there are two or three companies that meet your criteria? How do you find the best one? Simple. Choose the Catalyst Companies. When it comes to event production, the Catalyst Companies is your best option. Clients will keep coming back for more. They’ll be stunned by the space, sound, video, and the lights.

What can the Catalyst Companies do?

  1. Event Production – The Catalyst Companies are perfecting the systems with their experience in the live event space. The goal is to deliver an outstanding product.. They’re not only focused on providing the best value in the marketplace. This helps them deepen their relationship with the clients, forming a synergetic partnership.
  2. Event Staffing – The Catalyst Companies can help in covering all of the essential points. This means that they provide you with all the necessary people to put on a successful show. All you need to do is ask.
  3. Venue Sourcing – It may be a challenge to find a venue to hold a great event. With their large number of contacts in this industry, you’ll be able to source and even contract the perfect venue.
  4. Event Planning – The Catalyst Companies have been around for 15 years now. Their experience is unquestionable. You’ll be sure that your sales outcome and content will have a big impact towards the audience.
  5. Live Streaming Marketing – They have marketing team composed of experts. These experts will partner with you in identifying ways to deliver your content to a larger audience.
  6. Creative Content – If you’re thinking of a tangible content, all you need to do is to leave it to the Catalyst Companies. They’ll put everything together to create very powerful graphics. This will help you achieve the level of impact that you want.

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