Why Should People Choose an Automated Desk?


Are you already using an automated desk? If you work in a company office, it doesn’t depend on you whether the working environment is good for you or if you’d prefer something better. But if you work from home, it depends on you only what kind of furniture and equipment you use. The environment you create impacts directly your health, mood, and productivity. That’s why investing in the best options is investing in your health and well-being.

What can you change to feel better after a long working day and to work more productively? Let’s check in detail.

Get a Height Adjustable Desk

Every office worker knows what happens after a couple of hours of working non-stop. You get tired, and this feeling is intensified by the pains and stiffness in the back, the neck. Later, you get migraines that intensify over time and are more difficult to get rid of. It all happens because when you are working in a sitting position, your neck and back take an unnatural position. Muscles and joints get stiff, the blood circulation worsens, and it all impacts your health in the most negative way. Additionally, you don’t move when you are working on your tasks. You start gaining weight intensively, and it can lead to more serious medical conditions such as diabetes, obesity, and cardiovascular diseases.

What if you could change it? And how can you do it?

The solution is simple: getting a height-adjustable desk can help you to prevent or even solve many issues. The only thing is that you will have to get this website, the one that complies with all the requirements such as:

  • The minimum and maximum height values shall be adequate to work at the desk.
  • The noise generation level shall be compliant with the standards.
  • The lifting capacity shall be proper to manage the basic office equipment.
  • The desk shall be easy to manage.
  • Your new furniture piece shall be made from safe materials.

To make sure your new item complies with all the requirements, contact the customer support of the manufacturer you are going to purchase the item from and ask them whatever you need to know. On a company’s website, you can even build your desk online. There is a special tool that enables you to choose one desk component after another by clicking on it. The selected components are added by combining them into a desk. You can select the component type, size, colour, etc. The item price is adjusted based on the selected options so that you can follow the price changes to see whether the constructed item is within your budget.

After the main desk components are selected, you are invited to select the accessories you may need. Even if you aren’t going to buy them right away, we recommend having a look at them and putting those that you like in your shopping cart. It is the best way to choose the ones that match your desk – you can check how they look with the help of the online tool, the desk builder.

How to Adjust Your Automated Desk

Once the new item is delivered, you need to adjust its height for both a sitting and a standing position. To do it correctly, follow these rules.

  • The back and the neck shall not be crooked, it doesn’t matter whether you are working in a sitting or in a standing position.
  • The screen center shall be located at the level of your eyes to prevent the eyes from getting tired.
  • The hands shall rest on the keyboard. If needed, consider purchasing a keyboard holder. There are adjustable items or those that can be slid below the desk top and moved out when you are going to work.
  • Your elbows shall be bent under a 90-degree angle in both a sitting and a standing position.
  • The knees shall be also bent under a 90-degree angle in a sitting position. When you are standing, make sure you can shift your weight from one leg to another. It will prevent you from getting excessively tired when you are working.

For working in a standing position, consider purchasing an ergonomic carpet. This item will help you to distribute the body weight correctly and prevent your feet from getting excessively tired.

How Can Your Automated Desk Help You to Become Healthier

If you have checked the prices of automated desks, you might be wondering what you are paying for. An automated desk can help you to get rid of some unpleasant sensations when you are working and even prevent some serious medical conditions.

First of all, gaining weight and obesity. Those who work in an office know that over time, weight gain is inevitable. Even if you go to the gym, it helps to some extent only. But what if you get an opportunity to control your weight while you are working? A standing desk provides such an opportunity. You can interchange a sitting and a standing position, and if it seems not to be enough, you can do exercises directly at the desk. There are entire workout programs adapted to be done at your working place, and the desk serves as support. It helps you to stay healthy and fit even if you almost don’t interrupt your work.When you are changing from a sitting position to a standing one, you allow your muscles, joints, and bones to stretch and relax. It helps to prevent pains, stiffness, and recover blood circulation.

Bottom Line

If you haven’t bought your standing desk, do it right now. If you believe that the item is beyond your budget, consider building one, all the components can be purchased independently. This item will help to make your working place healthier and more beautiful. The first effects you will notice after a couple of days – your back and neck will be grateful for the healthy change, indeed. And in the long term, this item is irreplaceable.