Chloe Ferry Looks Unrecognizable After Losing Weight

Geordie Shore star Chloe Ferry revealed that she was ‘overwhelmed’ on  after she discoveed shemanaged to drop to a size eight dress size.

The 24-year-old TV personality has dropped over two stone in weight after she submitted herself to a drastic health and lifestyle change in attemp to shape up.


All of her hard work seems to pay off as she prepared for the weekend by trying on a beautiful dress that she could not fit in before. After she got dressed, she realized it looked perfect on her.

She addressed her Instagram followers saying: ‘I don’t know if you guys remember, I think about four or five weeks ago I showed you that dress I ordered but I couldn’t fit into it, so I think today is the day that I’m going to try it on – I hope it fits.’


She then showed off the outfit, a thigh-skimming white minidress.

Chloe posed in front of a full length mirror, and admitted the form-fitting dress was still a bit uncomfortable. However, she was still delighted that she was able to wear it, adding: ‘I’m officially a size 8!’