4 Things To Check Before You Decide To Chip Tune Your Car

Car tuning is very popular among people who prefer adding some changes to their cars. You can choose to add technical and visual upgrades, which will improve the performance and make your vehicle more attractive. This hobby is popular for a very long time, and the great thing is that you can choose from a wide selection of parts. When it comes to visual upgrades, you should focus on adding things that will appear balanced and improve the look. The common mistake is that beginners go too far by adding parts that might result in having your car appear over tuned.

The situation with technical upgrades is even more important. It is crucial to learn more about the parts you want to install and make sure that your car will maintain a good balance, handling, braking, and other safety features. The great thing is that there is a huge selection of parts you can find on this market today, but it can also be a problem if you buy them from unreliable stores or used parts in questionable condition.

In recent years, the common choice for many drivers is to add chip tuning. This is an affordable solution that can significantly improve performances. For example, if you are driving BMW E39 from 2002, which is a very popular model for tuning, the chip tuning that you can get at will add over 30 horse powers. It is important to learn more about your car and different specs before you decide to chip-tune it. Here are the most important things to check.

1. Electronic Installations

One of the first things to check before you decide to install a chip is related to electronics in your car. Messing up with this part and starting the car after chipping can lead to serious issues. Therefore, be sure to check if there are no disclosed wires around the engine, or twisted wires as well. Also, the chassis grounds must be covered with metal and cleaned from dirt and grease. Moreover, the battery cable should be bigger than the one that is providing power to avoid issues with charging. The alternator must be in good condition as well.

2. Fueling System

In most cases, the systems installed for improved performances will improve the intake of the fuel to increase the power of the engine. However, various devices have to be installed properly besides the chip if you want to get the most out of tuning. Before you install a new tank, it is crucial to make sure that it is clean, and that there is no grease, water, or dirt inside. The main risk is that it could lead to failures of filters and pumps. Also, if you are interested in adding an external pump, make sure that you have all of the required filters.

Moreover, the pressure of fuel is important as well, and it should be around 45 psi. Therefore, a great option is to have a special monitoring system for pressure before adding a chip. Also, it is a good idea to install a sensor after tuning, so you can check this value more often.

3. Mechanics

The engine must be in good condition before you decide to apply chip tuning. Therefore, check the cylinders and their compression, and apply oil if the compression is under 20 psi. Also, the cooling system has to be full. Besides that, check out the condition of the valves, belts, and chains. On the other hand, the common mistake people make is that they don’t pay too much attention to the clutch and torque system. Since your car will have more power, the clutch must be in a good condition so it won’t fail when you step on a pedal.

4. Turbocharger

Those drivers who want to make the most out of their tuning will often decide to combine chipping and high-quality turbochargers. It is necessary to test the turbocharging abilities before adding a chip. Also, we recommend you always visit highly skilled experts who can provide you with the right advice related to the selection of the right upgrades and changes before you install the chip.

Benefits and Downsides

The main advantage of installing a chip is to increase the performance of your car. It will provide an improved burst of fuel and air intake. Besides getting more horsepower, it will improve the fuel-efficiency as well. That makes this option so popular among people who are not interested in other methods of tuning and don’t care so much about speed and power.

On the other side, the only downside is in case that you want to sell your vehicle, and keep the chip for some other car. You will have to spend money on the service since the process of getting it out is complicated as well as the installation.

The Bottom Line

The most important thing before getting a chip is to make clear expectations and learn more about this system and what it can provide to your car. Many things can be edited before the installation, and all of them can affect the performances. Therefore, you have to know what do you want to achieve with this model of tuning. Moreover, we suggest you never try saving money on some parts that are crucial for safety and performance.

The best way to avoid issues is to visit only reliable and well-known experts in this field who can always suggest to you what would be the best option to make the most out of tuning. The key feature is to get more power and lower fuel consumption, but you will achieve that only with proper parts that must be installed before the chip. Another common mistake is that people might want to go too far with tuning. Everything has to be installed in a good balance so the car will have more power, along with proper handling, the accuracy of the clutch, a good braking system, and more.