Charlie Sheen Doesn’t Want To Be Near His Daughters During Quarantine

Denise Richards revealed why Charlie Sheen takes quarantine so strict! This is how he stays in touch with daughters Sam, 16, and Lola, 14, while they are isolating separately.

The ex-spouses have daughters Sam Sheen, 16, and Lola Sheen, 14, but they are quarantining at Denise’s Malibu house along with their seven-year-old adopted sister, Eloise Joni Richards. “He really wants for himself to be more isolated to make sure that he stays healthy,” she said in an interview.

Sheen battles HIV, a diagnosis which he revealed in 2017. Also, a decade prior, the actor suffered a stroke.

Even though there was not reported any correlation between HIV and being at higher risk of contracting coronavirus, it is understandable that he does not want to take chances.

Charlie is physically apart from his children, but Denise assured the star is not distant. “[Lola and Sam] are obviously very in contact with their dad all of the time,” she said. “The girls have been doing FaceTime a lot and talking to him on the phone.” However, it is not always so easy.

Denise also makes sure that her daughters’ education continues.  “The girls are still keeping with the school. When they are in school for it during this time, they have specific times they have to be on the Zoom classes, and the teachers have been really accountable at turning in assignments on time…so I’m grateful for that because I think it would be really easy for them to procrastinate and do their stuff later,” Denise added.

“So it’s been great that the schools and the teachers are really keeping the kids still have a structured day because this is such a different time for everyone. Getting on them, making sure they’re up, doing their school — It’s the same kind of thing.”