10 Common Cash Loan Scams & How to Avoid Them

Fraud is constantly happening around us, and it is becoming an increasingly common phenomenon. The reason for that is the great development of internet companies and among so many companies there is always a certain number of scammers that people should pay attention to. However, how to protect yourself from such types of fraud?It is a question that has plagued a large number of people, but we have the answer to it. Since most of the work is done over the Internet, a lot of sites are not legitimate and they are just a danger that is constantly lurking. Such an organization steals from people both money and personal data. In this way, without your knowledge, they impose loans on you, and by the time you realize this, the debt is already so great that you cannot repay it.


On the other hand, there are those who do not stop annoying people through various ways of communication such as calls, messages and more. In the end, they did exactly the same as the previous fraudsters. Don’t allow yourself to find yourself in the role of a victim of loan scam, and we will explain to you below how to avoid them.

Scammers use various tricks to entice you to fall prey to their offers and thus take away all your money, some of the most common attempts they use are:

1. Payment in advance


As much as this may seem to you exclusively as a harmless compensation that the lender can reasonably ask of you, be careful. Why do we say that? We advise you for this reason because this can only be the background of some illegal action. Isn’t it suspicious that someone there is asking for money without prior service?

You will agree with us that it is by no means logical to give someone money while asking them for a loan. If you come across something like this, 99% is a scam. Those real lenders will expose you to all the fees and the future process in advance, and generally nothing is paid in advance.

2. Offer via telephone


Did you know that it is not legal to offer loan over the phone? If this happens to you, by no means be gullible. Any type of offer must be exclusively in written form and in no other way. It must also contain all the necessary fees.

3. Wire transfer

Before any cooperation, check who you are dealing with. You need to immediately look for the address of your lender and investigate with the help of a lawyer or financial regulations who you are dealing with. This means that you need to make sure that the lender is doing the job legitimately. It is a sign of alarm if you have not done anything, and he asks you to hand over some kind of compensation. This is an alarm to do what we advised you to do.

4. Failure to check your credit rating


Every lender that does legitimate work will first check your credit status. This assessment refers to checking the possibility of cooperation, because if you are not creditworthy, you will not be a suitable candidate. On the other hand, if you have communication with someone who is not interested in your creditworthiness at all or approves your large loan – this is not good. They are probably not legal business and you have nothing to do with such a lender for your safety. The only exception may be rapid cash offers and you can click here for more info.

5. Suspicious name

The post office box address of the lender is very suspicious. Experienced scammers often use the names of other companies or use their locations to look authentic to you. Don’t fall for something like that, but check immediately with the help of companies that deal with this, and they will confirm everything you need to know.

6. Personal information

You know very well that the main target is the personal information of many fraudsters, not only when it comes to credit, but also everything else. However, this is a good reason for them to ask you for something like your personal data. Of course, you will not have your social security number, account number, etc. give it to anyone, so don’t trust a potential lender right away.
Before you take any step in cooperating with him, first check if you are dealing with the right one. Our advice is to provide such information exclusively to a credit institution for which you have all the evidence that they are operating legitimately.

7. State registration

This is another way you can detect a scammer. More precisely, before entering into a business relationship, you can always check in your state where the person is registered. Every lender must do this if they are legitimately engaged in loan intermediation. Of course, you need to take more steps to make sure you do business with the right people, but this is definitely one of them that will bring you closer to the truth.

8. Reviews

Reviews are a great thing that can say a lot about something. Look at it this way … When you want to watch a movie or go to a new restaurant, be sure to look at the reviews and mostly decide on that. On the other hand, it doesn’t hurt to watch a bad movie or make a mistake with a restaurant. However, if you do it for less important things then imagine how much you risk with important things like money or personal data. If you make a mistake, the damage is huge and sometimes irreparable. Focus on reputable lenders, and you can do it very easily – via Google or social networks. Today, at least, it is very easy.

9. Customer Service


Try to find customer service, and if it does not exist, then it is a very suspicious. It is best to bypass such companies, and don’t even settle for bots. Every respectable company in this business has this service and all the necessary answers to questions as well as other additional information.

10. Red flags

These are some more warning signs that we haven’t listed, and you may not notice because they are very small and sometimes negligible. However, open both eyes in this case and keep in mind that serious lenders will never make stupid mistakes. These are errors like spelling, punctuation, or grammar. This is simply not professional, and that raises doubts as well.


We hope that this text has helped you see ways in which you can avoid all the pitfalls that lead to loan scam. It is important that you adopt our advice, because today fraudsters are finding new ways every day, as internet technology develops more and more.

Best Fat Burners for Belly Fat 2020

Don’t you just hate that moment when you step in front of a mirror, or you try to put on your favorite pair of jeans only to realize that they are too tight and that they don’t fit you anymore? Yes, we agree, there isn’t a realization that is more frustrating than this one.

Sometimes, it seems that no matter how hard you try, you cannot lose those last few pounds. You eat healthily, avoid junk food, and try to exercise a few times a week, but still, they won’t go away. Have you ever considered using supplements? The marketing is flooded with fat burners that will help you on this quest.

Your body might just need a little bit of help, and these products might be the answer. In this article, we are going to introduce you to some of these products, but if you want to learn more about them, understand how they work, what their pros and cons are, you should click here. Naturally, the most important thing that you have to do regardless of what product you choose is to read the instructions and the list of ingredients carefully.

Alpha Lean-7


As already mentioned, there are many products on the market right now, but it seems that none of them can come close in comparison to Alpha Lean-7, which has been on the leading position for four years in a row.

This feature comes with two major benefits. Firstly, it will suppress your appetite, which is something that we all want and need when trying to lose weight and improve our health. Secondly, it provides you with a thermogenic effect that will enable you to quickly burn that excess fat and get back in the best shape.

Instant Knockout


Instant Knockout is another product that is going to help you greatly in the process of losing weight if you combine it with fitness and a healthy diet, of course. This fat burner contains 10 natural ingredients, and it doesn’t include any artificial sweeteners and is rich in zinc and vitamin B that will boost your energy.

The key feature of this supplement is that it isn’t only going to improve your metabolism and fat burning potency, but it is also going to boost your insulin regulation and digestion, meaning that it is quite beneficial for your overall physical well-being.



PowHer is a fat burner, created especially for ladies, as you can assume from its name. Some of its most important ingredients are coffee extract that is going to boost your energy, chromium that will control the sugar levels in your blood, and therefore, eliminate the cravings, choline to improve your metabolism, and numerous other types of minerals and vitamins.

The only downside of this product might be that caffeine extract. Some people are addicted to it, and cannot function without it, while others are not so crazy about coffee in general. As you know, too much caffeine can cause some side-effects, so if you fall into the latter category, and want to avoid these, you should look for another product.

The Muscle Sculptor


If your main goal isn’t only to lose weight but also to build muscles, you should definitely explore this fat burner further. This product will provide you with a double effect, which is why so many people swear by it. Naturally, depending on your physic, you might only have a few pounds to shed, but let’s be honest – extra muscles are never a bad thing. If you are looking for a way to sculpture your body and look like a Greek god, there is no need to look further than this fat burner.

JYM Shred


Oftentimes people want to try some items that were created by professionals. We are not talking about chemists, but actual people who make a living and have built a successful career in a certain line of work. JYM Shred is designed by Jym Stoppani, a famous bodybuilder who also has a PhD in exercise physiology.

The main feature of this fat burner is that it includes six ingredients that are chosen carefully to complement each other and work as one. Besides green tea leaf extract and caffeine, this product also includes synephrine and cayenne pepper fruit extract that are highly beneficial for your metabolism.

Even though it doesn’t consist of as many ingredients as some other fat burners do, the fact is that the right combination of these is all that you need.

Cellucor Super HD


If you are looking for a powerful fat burner, meaning something that doesn’t require a high dosage, then this is definitely a product for you. Instead of taking multiple pills like you would have to if you were to choose some other product, only two of these will be enough to help you get back on the right track fitness-wise.

This fat burner includes some extra ingredients such as Alma fruit extract, Yohimbe bark extract, Huperzine A, and dandelion root extract that will not only provide you with the effect you are looking for, but they will also increase your energy levels and focus.



PhenQ is a fairly new product on the market, but the fact that it has risen to popularity quickly tells you enough about its power and effects. The great thing about this one is that not only does it help your body burn fat cells, but its formulation also prevents new ones from forming.

Compounds such as piperine, niacin, and capsicum boost the thermogenesis power of your body, cactus extract that is rich in fibers suppresses your appetite, and chromium picolinate regulates the sugar levels, meaning that you won’t be faced with the cravings that can sometimes be impossible to deal with.

Another great thing is that this fat burner is vegan-friendly, and also that all ingredients are completely natural. Still, due to the fact that it contains a high dose of caffeine, you might want to think about purchasing some other fat burner if you are not the fact of the buzzing effect caused by caffeine.

How to Create Your Own Gaming Zone in 5 Easy Steps – 2020 Guide


Every gamer often fantasizes about owning a gaming room due to the improved gaming experience that comes with it. Gaming has been shown to have numerous benefits, including its proven educational benefits. It has been around for over half a century and will be here for a longer time. However, creating your own gaming room requires a lot, from the planning to the execution stage.

Many gamers spend a lot of time in their rooms, playing online, so it’s pretty normal and expected that they want to create a gaming zone there. Sometimes, it means that they need to buy a few things and put them in the room, so they can create a real kingdom, where they are free to play any time they want. That means they need to have a great computer, but also a lot of places where they can store the games, headphones, and other tools and equipment that are used to improve the whole gaming experience. If you have an idea of what you want, but you still don’t know where to start and what to do, this article is the right one for you. You will get a few basic ideas and you can improve them following your personal experience.

We have put together a step-by-step guide to help you create your own gaming zone.

Step 1: Prepare a Checklist

There are many things to consider while creating a gaming zone and having a checklist ready can help save you some stress. Start by making a list of the things you need to set up, the most common being the controllers, wires, CDs, and setup cable antenna. You will also want to consider a gaming TV stand, a keyboard and a mouse, one or more monitors, electricity installation, good speakers, chairs and tables, and other things according to your preference. Don’t go to the store without this checklist. As you take one product, you cross it and move to the next. It’s always better to have this list with you, than to forget something and go back to the store or mall a few times.

Step 2: The Decor of the Room

The decor is a very important part of gaming, as it also helps shape and improves your experience. For example, you will need a good gaming chair because you will be spending a lot of time sitting and you want to ensure your furniture is comfortable for you, like the ones at Autonomous. Most people try not to spend too much on furniture but remember to always prioritize your comfort even if it means spending a fair amount on a comfy chair. Also, you can harm your spine if you use a bad chair, and that will later result in chronic pain and many other disorders and health issues.

You will also need a gaming desk that meets the requirements and size of your gaming chair. If you can’t find a proper desk, you can always order a custom-made one, that will have the right design and dimensions. You could opt for the one with storage shelves or drawers to store your games, controllers, and other accessories. Installing soundproof panels on your ceilings will not only make the room appealing but will also provide real quality sound while gaming. They will also “save” your family and neighbors from the game sounds, that some people simply don’t like to hear all day.

Arrange your sound systems and speakers properly and keep wires unknotted and out of sight as much as you can. If you plan to spend long hours of gaming, you should consider getting a mini-fridge to keep some snacks and beverages. You will get hungry at some point and you won’t be able to leave the game and take something from the kitchen. That is why this mini-fridge is a great solution for that.

With proper decor for your gaming room, your gaming experience would go a notch higher.

Step 3: Fix the Lighting

Start by choosing a paint color for your walls to ensure that it creates the perfect balance with the lights. Add some artwork and decorations to the walls for a better sight. Then, buy a few ultraviolet LED tube lights to make you feel calm and comfortable while bringing out the beauty in your gaming room.

You can get LED Strip Lighting to combat the darkness in the room. Place the LED strip lighting along with your ceiling or under your desk. You could also changers the color, brightness, and strobe effect from time to time if the model you chose has that feature.

Other creative ways to fix the lighting is by plastering the walls with colorful graphic prints and posters. You can also decorate your desk with artificial plants to keep the place colorful and refreshing because those plants are important for the air you breathe for the whole day.

Step 4: Know Your Requirements

For PC gaming, it is important that you get the devices with the proper requirements to give you the best experience. Many sellers allow the customers to combine the units they need for the exceptional gaming experience, so you can prepare the configuration requirements at home, and the only shop what you need when you are at the store. The key things you would need includes:

Desktop: get a wide desktop with high definition and clarity.

Keyboard: when choosing a keyboard, ensure it is stiff, non-breakable, easy to use, and can last for a long time. You could also consider one with good effect and clarity.

Mouse: get a lightweight gaming house that is ambidextrous, comfortable to use, and has a high performance.

What Makes a Gaming PC?

Some of the key things a gaming PC should have include:

  • Motherboard
  • Processor (CPU)
  • Memory (RAM)
  • Storage drive (Hard drive or SSD)
  • Graphics Card (GPU)
  • Power supply (PSU)
  • Cooling (fans, CPU cooler, etc.)

Other requirements for your gaming setup include speakers, wires, microphones, headphones, and a recorder.

Step 5: Keep it Clean

To make your equipment last longer while you have the best gaming experience, ensure you keep the room dust-free. For example, computer coolers can spread the dust all around the room, and the particles can enter your body through the nose, or stick to your food and drinks. Always cover the equipment with cloth or plastic to prevent dust particles from coming in and keep the room clean and tidy often.

When your gaming zone is untidy and messy, you won’t be able to find anything there. Also, many studies already showed that people who stay longer in dusty and messy rooms can develop breathing problems, but they are often more anxious and feel stressed on a daily base. We know how important is the game for you, but you must find time to clean the zone and make it more comfortable for you. Use only computer-friendly cleaning products, so you won’t damage your equipment.

Bottom Line

Any gamer can set up their own game zone, regardless of their budget or preference. Setting up your gaming zone might take a few months or up to a year, which could depend on a lot of factors, including your income and expenditure. That is why you need to plan this remodeling and set a budget that will allow you to choose the best computer and other things that you need for it. You can always find budget-friendly options and create a gaming zone without spending too much money. But when it comes to the chair, desk and the computer you use, you shouldn’t set for less than the best.

Valorant: Features of the Economy and Credit Usage

Play and investigate a few procurement strategies. You will also receive answers to all issues. At the starting of each game, there is a purchase time, where you can buy different items with in-game credits. They can be gotten during previous game rounds.

Buy armor


In Valorant, as in other games, you need to buy weapons, armor, as well as abilities for agents. And even though guns and abilities are essential elements, they are only useful when you are alive. And here you will not do without armor in any way. Sometimes spending on protection may seem redundant because credits are scarce, but buying them is the best solution. Without armor, 100 health points will disappear very quickly.

Armor in Valorant is divided into two types – light and heavy. The difference between them is how much defense they have. Light type of armor provides 25 units and heavy – 50 units. The price of them is respectively – 400 creds for easy and 1000 credits for heavy. They take up to 70% of the damage and are more likely to be additional health than armor.

Do not spend credits thoughtlessly

In Valorant, you should not spend all your money thoughtlessly after the first round. It is worthwhile to approach this wisely and adapt to the team’s strategy. You also always need to leave money for armor and skills. Detailed info about skills you can find at valoranttracker.org.

You should not buy weapons after each round, since if you have not died, then all your weapons will remain, you need to replenish the armor at maximum. Also, if you have a lot of money and want to help teammates, there is a unique feature in the game that lets them know about it.

You can earn creds in several ways:

  • The killings;
  • After the round;
  • Conservation;
  • Win multiple rounds in a raw;

All the ways give different amounts of creds

Share creds with the team and ask them for help.

Team victory at Valorant is mostly reached by cooperation between the team starting at the very beginning before the game rounds start. In the game store, you can choose types of abilities, armor, and weapons. But you may not always have enough creds for it. In this case, on the same menu, you have the opportunity to ask for a weapon – when you press the button, your team will see what you need to buy and will be able to help you by paying for it.

A character needs to notice such requests because after you survive during several rounds where you were able to do your best or made many kills, you will own several thousand extra creds in your account that are better be used to help the allies.


Think before spend

The abilities of your character depend on what you buy, so it’s often better to play a few games with minimal spending of creds and then afterward buy the best things.

What you need to remember considering your creds is that you should use all the money until the end of round 12. After this round, the teams start over on opposite sides, and the balance is reset.

Valorant: feature of the economy

In each round, you can see the amount of money available to the enemy team. You do not have to consider the economy of the enemy, as is customary in other shooters of our time. This way, you can navigate and choose the right game tactics. But you will not be able to see the amount of money that the enemies spent on the purchase.

Valorant also has an economic system similar to other games. Players buy weapons before the round – the most powerful guns are much more expensive than pistols. By the way, if you missed and accidentally purchased the wrong weapon that you wanted, then you will be allowed to return it at the same cost and buy a new one. Of course, according to the reward-based model, some actions will bring you more to your spending amount than others. But now we have a better idea of how this will turn out. During the gameplay, there are the features that you will get and therefore, will have a possibility to spend them in the shopping menu: kills = 200 creds, survival in the round = 3000 creds.

The lost round will give you 1900 – 2900 creds. Moreover, losing in the first round provides the smallest creds reward (1900 creds), while the highest amount of creds for losing is only 100 creds less than the money for winning. Valorant will provide players with only 200 creds for one killing. In essence, this is what you need to focus on in your general tactics to support the team’s pocket.


How to choose the best options for buying

Another vital piece of information relates to the choice of the agent, in which, when you select one character, you are stuck with him for the duration of the match. First of all, you will have the possibility to acquire one weapon, one armor, and up to four abilities for one game round. It is good that you can monitor the economic status of your teammates on the left side of the purchase menu.

Besides, your allies will be able to ask for a gun or armor if they lack resources. Valorant provides a variety of agent skills, which also need to be acquired in each game round, as opposed to earning them during the game or directly for rewards for killing/target. It is essential for players because this gives a new dimension to the economics that teams must consider when deciding upon the strategy on how to survive the game round.

There are no such significant requirements for economics in Valorant. Purchased agent’s abilities after death are not lost, ultimates allow you to turn the game around even during the “eco” period, and this is not all exciting aspects. This means that it will be challenging for you and your team to leave your opponent without money for several game rounds. Probably, this caused a decrease in the number of rounds in comparison with other systems. Valorant requires only 13 points to win.

Totalbiscuit Net Worth 2020 – John Bain, a YouTube celebrity


John Peter Bain is a famous commentator on various games and YouTube celebrity, known as Totalbiscuit. He also has other nicknames, The Cynical Brit and TotalHalibut. What is Totalbiscuit’s Net Worth?

John Brain’s Biography

source: mysanantonio.com

John Brain is a famous YouTube celebrity, video gaming commentator on the same network and other online channels. He was born on 8th of July 1984 in Spennymoor, Britain. Brain has a law degree from the De Montfort University in England.

John Brain was into e-sports and video games since his early life. When he was only 13 years old, he became one of the founders of the “Live 365”, today one of the most successful domains for online radio stations. During the time at the University, Brain was the host of the music show on the University’s radio station called Demon FM. In 2005 John Brain was invited to attend and cover the annual BlizzCon event. This is where he met his future wife and YouTube companion Genna Bain. After the couple got married, they moved to America.

In April 2014 he officially announced that he had been diagnosed with something doctors suspecting might be a colon cancer. Soon after that, Brain started with chemotherapy and radiation, since the medical tests showed that he actually does have a colon cancer. Besides the treatments and chemotherapy, cancer severely spread and affected his liver. In 2017 Brain said that he still has cancer, now in stage 4, but without metastasizing.

Totalbiscuit’s Career

source: thesun.co

John Brain, aka Totalbiscuit, was into e-sports, games, and radio since he was a child. He is one of the founders of the popular Live365. During his time at the De Montfort University, he hosted a music show, dedicated to metal music. Brian became a part of the World of Warcraft Radio station in 2005, where he was hosting a “Blue Plz”. His work on this radio station was recognized and he was invited to attend and cover the BlizzCon event in 2005.

During the recession in 2010, John Brain lost his job as a financial director and he started his own channel on YouTube. The channel was dedicated to gaming and got huge popularity very fast. Brain was also a commentator on The Game Station by StarCraft 2, and worked with great Mike Lamond, aka HuskyStarcraft. Besides his YouTube channel, Brain also had his site Cynicalbrit.com. With Brooke Thorne and Jesse Cox, Brian hosted Co-Optional Podcast on Twitch.tv.

John Brain awards and achievements

Totalbiscuit’s work and talent were recognized by the sites such as the Eurogamer and the Technorati. Will Porter, a Eurogamer personality, called Brain a “champion of indie gaming”. Brian got into the Games Media Brit List in 2014 and won The Game Award the same year.

John Brain’s Net Worth

source: pinterest.com

John Peter Brain started his career with 13 as one of the founders of the Live 365. He was a successful host of the World of Warcraft Radio station, professional e-sports caster and commentator. Brain owns his personal website and YouTube channel. His videos on YouTube gained him more than 400.000 followers. John Brain’s estimated net worth is around $2 million.

Totalbiscuit’s YouTube channel has gained him over two million subscribers, and his fame is on the rise even now. He managed to become the top curator of the platform on a digital distribution called Steam. Bain had a follower number of 400,000 that surpassed that of the next three together. This British commentator and professional e-Sports caster have a net worth of $2 million.

Totalbiscuit or John Bain, moved to America after he got married to Genna Bain. His fanatic acclaim as YouTube gaming commentator and critic is noteworthy. Bain confirmed in 2018 that his cancer was back and he would be trying to be a subject for a clinical trial on the same. He currently hosts the Co-Optional Podcast with Brooke Thorne and Jesse Cox that airs on Twitch.tv.

A 16-Year-Old Girl Died from Coronavirus in Paris

A sixteen-year-old girl Julie Alliot passed away from respiratory problems in a Paris hospital.

Her heartbroken sister Manon warns us that “no one is invincible.”

She added: “We must stop believing that his virus only affects the elderly.

“Julie just had a slight cough last week. It got worse last weekend with mucus, and on Monday, we went to see a general practitioner.


“It was there that she was diagnosed with respiratory distress. She had no particular illnesses before this.”

Manon released a photo of her sister because she wanted to warn others about the risk of coronavirus to young people as well.

Julie lived with her family in Longjumeau, which is south of Paris, and was studying at high school.

After she rushed to her local doctor on Tuesday, she was transferred to the Necker Hospital in the French capital.

Manon continued: “Her lungs failed. The doctors did everything they could, but it was impossible to wake her up.”


Manon and her mother came to the hospital after Julie died.

She said: “It was violent. We had time to see her, but we quickly had to think about the future.”

“It’s unbearable,” Julie’s mother, Sabine said.

“She just had a mild cough that she tried to cure with syrup, herbs, inhalations.

“On Saturday, Julie began to be short of breath. She was having a hard time catching her breath. Then come the coughing fits.”

Because of that, the family took her to a GP, who called the emergency services.

“They arrived in full overalls, masks, and gloves,” her mother said. “This was another dimension.”

The girl was rushed to the hospital and placed in intensive care where she said: “my heart hurts.”

After that, she tested positive for coronavirus and needed a tube in her windpipe for breathing.


By then, Sabine and Manon returned home to Paris on the doctors’ advice. Later they received a frantic phone call telling them to come and say goodbye.

Tragically, they didn’t arrive on time, and Julie was dead when they came.

Sabine said: “Her skin was still warm.”

Her sister described Julie as “bright, and much loved” and “loved to dance, sing, and make people laugh.”

Emily Ratajkowski wants to go Blond!

Emily Ratajkowski has been posting hot throwback pictures on her Instagram account while self-isolating at her home.

She kept it going by posting a provocative picture of herself posing topless. The model used her hands to cover her chest while looking straight into the camera. Her brown hair was slightly curled, and she let it fall on her shoulders. When it comes to her makeup, Emily prefers the natural look with the glowy skin.


However, the bombshell got creative and posted the same pict+ture on her Instagram story, but with one change. Her hair was colored blond, which is an edit made by one of her fans. She wrote, “One day.” That can mean that she liked the way it looks and is going to do this when she feels ready for such a significant change. We are loving her look either way!


William Levy – Is this Cuban the Hottest Actor in the World?

William Levy is a former model and actor. He was born in Cojimar, Cuba. Levy grew up in a non-religious household with a single mother, Barbara, and siblings Jonathan and Barbara. When he was 20 years old, they immigrated to Miami, Florida. After he graduated high school, Levy studied business administration at St. Thomas University for two years. Then he went to Los Angeles to study acting. He continued acting studies in Miami and Mexico City.


When it comes to his career, he worked as a model for the Next Models agency. Since he has a gorgeous face and a smoking hot body, this was not difficult for him. William took part in two reality shows broadcast by Telemundo.


William was voted the “Sexiest Man Alive” in 2012 by People en Español in 2012. We can clearly see why.

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