Incentives and Proof of Work of Bitcoin Mining

Bitcoin mining is a crucial component of the blockchain network through which new BTC is produced and at the same time, this process controls the number of BTC in circulation. But, also, most Bitcoin supporters were drawn to Bitcoin mining, because they wanted to earn BTC, especially in the early years, before the network became competitive.

Today mining is still as valuable, but in order for miners to gain their rewards, they have joined mining pools and farms. If you also want to learn about mining and its incentives, we cover everything you need to know here.

Cryptocurrency should be understood as the type of digital currency that will function on the basis of cryptographic algorithms. It is independent, which means that there is no main authority or something the institution that controls it and manages or approves its transactions. It’s based hence on the idea of a blockchain and is completely decentralized.

Bitcoin Mining Process


By working as miners new BTC enters the network. The process of validating blocks of transactions is also known as proof of work and it’s extremely important because it prevents double-spending, which is a problem associated with cryptocurrencies from happening in the payment system. The double-spending problem is essentially the option to use the same cryptocurrency more than once.

So, the miners are basically running the blockchain network and they do a very important job. The compensation is a block reward, along with transaction fees, but the main incentive for the miners is the block reward.

In order to work on the blockchain network, they need a computer system that has a great GPU or they also need to invest in a special computer system for mining. In addition, miners need to be aware that this is a time-consuming process, and even though they can easily validate 1MB worth blocks of the transaction, then they need to be the first to solve a complex numeric problem in order to get the reward. Today because the competition is increasing in the network it is fairly impossible to get a reward for your work as a solo miner.

PoW, also the first consensus-building algorithm, was devised by Satoshi Nakamoto. It is a process in which computers we call miners to solve complicated mathematical problems after which they are rewarded with some share of the cryptocurrency. What happens after the calculation is complete is that a new block and the transactions that belong to it are added to the blockchain. Proof-of-work rests on the “longest chain wins” system.

Increased Demand for BTC


The demand for Bitcoin is rising due to the bull market phase of BTC where it achieved numerous records including a price of over $60,000. Mining has also remained extremely popular, but online trading sites are more accessible for anyone that can’t get into mining or finds it too expensive. One example is bitcoinstorm, which is an excellent automated exchange platform that is based on Artificial Intelligence technology.

So, in other words, the trading process is automated for the members on this site, and you can easily sign up on the site without having prior experience in this field.

Because the demand for BTC is growing, the blockchain network is getting more saturated, which results in increased collective computing power, and the network is designed to also increase the difficulty of the mining process based on the collective computing power in the blockchain network.

This adjustment happens every two weeks or after 2,016 blocks are mined. So, this is also another reason why as we said earlier, it is very difficult for solo miners to get compensated.

The Block Reward

Satoshi Nakamoto which is the inventor of the blockchain on the blockchain network and Bitcoin has set the block reward at 50 BTC. But, he also created a protocol called Bitcoin halving which halves the block reward after 210,000 blocks are added to the network. This event is important because it regulates the inflation rate and the rate at which new Bitcoins are produced.

However, it reduces the block rewards. The reward was decreasing in this order every four years. It was reduced from 50 BTC to 25 BTC in 2012, it decreased to 12.5 BTC in 2016 and in 2020 it is 6.25 BTC. The mining pools and farms that are developed as a response to these conditions are essentially a collective way of mining on the blockchain network and sharing the block rewards and the transaction fees among the members of the group.

Cloud mining


Mining requires adequate space, with good electrical installations, good ventilation/cooling system, and sound insulation. Some give up mining just because of this complication. “Cloud Mining” was created as a solution to these problems. There is an idea that a man instead of buying mining equipment practically pays the rent of someone’s existing mining equipment. In this way he participates in mining, although he does not physically have the hardware, so he does not have to worry about electricity, cooling, noise, security, and similar things that give miners headaches.

Although PoW and PoS are the most popular mining algorithms, there are some more. It’s Proof-of-Burn, an algorithm in which coins are “burned”, that is, sent to an address that is not available to anyone and, thus by no means can I spend further. This usually works by burning units of one cryptocurrency in order to another was obtained.

Final thoughts

When we talk about investing in cryptocurrencies in general, we can say their era is yet to come. Digital gold is gaining strength in the market day by day. Here we are not only talking about bitcoin, which is the most famous and valuable currency since its founding in 2008, but also about other cryptocurrencies worth mentioning – Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, and many others. For any way of investing to decide, follow the situation on the market, because it can change several times during the day.

However, you should be aware that any investment, including this one, carries with it a certain amount of risk, so it is advised that you do not enter more than you dare to lose.

How to list your property on Airbnb

For hosts, Airbnb provides a brilliant opportunity to earn real cash by leasing out their spare properties to travelers who come to the city and need a comfortable space to stay in for a while. As for guests, Airbnb allows them to find proper lodging in a place of destination with all the modern comforts and amenities, yet much cheaper compared to a hotel room. Perfect win-win.


So, if you have a cozy nook to rent out, you can capitalize on the accommodation needs of globe-trotters who come to explore your hometown. You just need to list your property on Airbnb and let the international community of tourists know about your existence. This is where the challenge begins.

The matter is that you are not the only entrepreneur in your town willing to make money from a short-term vacation rental business. There are hundreds, thousands, or even millions of such opportunists in your city, each wanting to beat the rivals and lure customers. To outstand against the dense competition, your property should be well-visible in Airbnb search results. We will teach you how to do so.

Register with Airbnb


Your entrepreneurial journey to the world of big bucks starts with creating an account on Airbnb. The procedure is free and intuitive. The platform even offers a convenient calculator to let you estimate how much you are going to earn on your proposal. Embellish your listing with enough details, catchy descriptions, and bright, quality photos. Do not worry – the platform will prompt you throughout the process. Remember that barren listings with scarce information do not inspire trust as surely as the lack of the owner’s photo. Fill out your host’s profile and verify your identity (the platform will require you to provide some ID document, not publicly available), provide a clear image of yourself – guests shall know whom they are going to deal with.

Tune your listing

You will not have to calculate your rate – the platform will do it automatically based on the number of rooms, offered amenities, location, seasonality, competition, and other factors. Surely, you can set your own price per night that seems to you adequate. You can adjust your rates at any time as surely as you can block certain dates from reservations. The system will give you a handy calendar to manage your bookable/non-bookable dates.

Generously describe your amenities and accommodation


Try to portray your offering in every detail – guests want to have a clear presentation of where they are going to live. Your descriptions should encourage prospects to make a booking, so provide exhaustive information. Do you have a coffee machine? Mention it. A lovely balcony overlooking wonderful cityscapes? Let your listing reflect it! Do you provide free little bounties like candies or souvenirs for your tenants? Great, put it in your description, too. Be accurate, honest, and do not include in your listing description what is not available in your home. Frustration can lead to docked stars as guest reviews have incredible power on Airbnb. Still, if your descriptions match reality, your guests should not be disappointed.

Cater to guest needs

People arriving at your place expect to feel at home, so arrange it. Internet, kitchen appliances, serving pieces, tea/coffee/sugar, toiletries and towels, main domestic machines like a stove, a fridge, a washing machine, an iron, a hair-dryer – these are the must-haves for many travelers used to everyday comfort, but you should seriously consider going above and beyond these standard provisions.

Highlight nearby attractions and important places

Your guests want to know how they can entertain in your neighborhood. So, make sure you list all the places of interest and sights in your advertisement, including parks, shopping centers, tourist attractions, restaurants, cafes, public transportation, the remoteness from the city center, etc.

Great photos stir curiosity


Nice pictures can speak louder than a long description, so post good photos of your listing on Airbnb. Showcase your home, and do not forget to add short descriptions to them. Capture the whole property, including a couple of photos of the neighborhood and street. If you are not good at photographing, you can hire a professional directly through the Airbnb platform – it is free! A photographer will receive a portion of your commission automatically once you conclude your first deal on the platform.

What can affect your reputation on Airbnb?

Your listing will be booked if only it is visible to Airbnb’s huge audience. But your listing can drop out from ranking. Lots of factors determine the appearance of your proposal in Airbnb search results, including:

  • Overall rating – those magic five stars…
  • Response rate – the quicker you reply to inquiries, the more the Airbnb platform loves you.
  • Reject/cancellation rate – if you often decline reservations without a good reason, your listing will fall out of favor.
  • Competitive pricing – surprisingly, but cheaper offers rank higher than the pricey ones.
  • Quality photos and detailed listing descriptions – never misleading your guests is a wise move to the peak of popularity on Airbnb.
  • Positive reviews – unhappy clients can ruin your Airbnb business.

In fact, Airbnb applies nearly a hundred factors to determine the position of your listing in search results. Observing all these factors is quite a rocket science, and if you fear that you will not be able to handle all the requirements of the platform, you may turn to powerful Airbnb listing management software to boost your ranking and do more business on the platform. Click here to know more. Through comprehensive automation of repetitive, daily tasks, Airbnb management tools give you peace of mind that you consistently deliver an excellent guest experience while your property remains fully managed, well cared for, and highly appealing to potential clients.

Can You Use Energy Drinks For Studying

In the examination period, students stay awake during the night to get everything done. Passing the exams is really stressful and there’s never a lot of time to study.

In order to stay awake, a lot of students are drinking coffee, water or energy drinks. But are these methods efficient? Can the use of energy drinks actually improve your focus and help you get better results?

This is what we are going to explore in the article and show some of the alternatives that can keep you awake and improve your focus.

Energy Drinks Are Powerful


All energy drinks are based on the same principle – they contain sugar and large doses of caffeine and that’s what is keeping people alert during the long stretches of studying or working. They activate reward and pleasure regions of the bran which makes it quite an effective solution for those who want to pull an all-nighter.

It is actually been tested – the people who use energy drinks tend to perform better and be more focused by a small margin. That’s why this is a great way to keep you going and on liquidhelpenergy.com, you can find one of the best energy drinks for focus in case you are looking for one.

Be Careful with How Much You Drink

While energy drinks are a great way to make you feel refreshed, they lose the effects if you drink to much of it. Let’s say you have a couple of stressful days at college and you drink a few energy drinks to get the juices flowing.

After two or three, you will not be getting those sparks any longer and higher doses of sugar and caffeine can only make you feel more agitated.

This is why you need to save the energy drinks for the very last moment – when all the other sources don’t work and when you need to be awake and ready – use it then.

Furthermore, you don’t want your energy drink to become your go-to solution whenever you feel a bit sleepy. Keep those as the X-factor to get the most out of them, no matter which energy drink you use.


While energy drinks are effective and you should have at least one or two in your fridge during the exam period, there are other ways that you can improve your focus and say away.

Drink Water


One of the most important things to do while you study is to keep your body fresh and not to dehydrate. As we study, we forget to drink water and even to eat and several hours may pass without us even noticing.

Always keep a bottle of water or lemon water next to you to be the reminder to stay refreshed. Water will help you be alert and you will feel better as time passes. Of course, water cannot awake you when you are dead tired, but it will help you feeling more energized in general.

Coffee is always a Good Choice


Coffee is a beverage that is spread around worldwide and people drink it when they want to feel awake. Usually, coffee is served in the morning to get us going or during the day, but we rarely drink it in the evening.

If you plan to study for a few more hours and it’s already night time, coffee might be the thing you need to keep you at it. It is easy to make and it is quite effective with some other health benefits related to coffee as well.

Usually, students have their fill of coffee and grow tired of it and that’s why they replace it with energy drinks. These drinks are tastier as they come with different flavors and you don’t have to prepare anything. Just drink it from the can or the glass.

Don’t Forget to Eat Something


In order to study you way through the night, you need to eat regularly. The best energy you get is the one from food and nothing can replace that. When you’re hungry, you cannot focus and therefore, you cannot learn effectively.

However, you want to be careful here, because you don’t want to eat too much. If you overeat, you will feel sleepy and find it hard to focus!

Take a break


If you feel as if you’re stuck, take a break and get some fresh air – this will feel your lungs with oxygen, which is more than necessary to keep you energized. Doing a 5-10 minutes of light exercise can get your blood going!

DON’T stare at your phone during your break! This is especially true if what you are studying is on your laptop!

Taking Energy Drinks Before Exam


Having an exam is really stressful and if you haven’t slept well, you will find it hard to concentrate. But this is the moment when you need to be at your best and therefore, you can use an energy drink to make it through the exam.

In these scenarios, energy drinks will provide you with enough energy for the upcoming 2-3 hours, just the time the exam usually lasts. We’ve already said that energy drinks make you feel better and happier, which is quite important before the exam. You need to have this feeling of satisfaction in order to perform well.

Of course, the energy drink will not calm you down (that’s something you need to figure out how to do by yourself) but it has a lots of other benefits.


Should you use energy drinks to improve focus?

The quick summary is “Yes”.

The long answer is “Yes, but…”

As we’ve already said, energy drinks have a great value and they can prove quite useful whenever you need to stay away and get something done. They will improve your focus and make you feel better. On the other hand, you don’t want to drink it too often because it can lose its effectiveness over time. Soon, it may become the same as drinking water.

Therefore, it is essential to combine all the different alternatives we’ve listed, to be as productive and focused as possible.

Here’s How Hiring Junk Removal Services Helps in Saving The Environment

Every home has a pile of junk accumulated in its garage or storeroom. Getting rid of such junk not only helps you create space but also makes your home look much cleaner and organized. Dumping off the junk is a good idea, but it is a process that can be daunting for one and all. Doing everything yourself can consume a lot of time and energy. But, if you hire a professional junk removal service, you not only end up saving your time and effort but also dispose of the junk in an eco-friendly manner.

Junk removal services are professional services that work towards treating waste materials using eco-friendly techniques to cause the least harm to the environment. These services have duly-trained professionals that are not only associated with the task of accumulating the junk from your space, but also treating them in the most efficient way. Different kinds of junk are segregated considering its type, quantity, impact on the environment, etc. after which it is disposed of.

You can look for the best junk removal services in your town by asking for referrals from your family or friends. You can also search for the best leads online.

Want to know how these services work? Here are the details:

Recycling the junk:


The best way in which you can save the environment is by recycling all the unwanted and used items. Recycling ensures that everything is taken care of in a healthy, clean, and green manner.

To carry out the process of recycling, the junk services first separate the junk correctly. Such separation is done according to their composition. After this, the professionals determine all the items that can be recycled. Some of the most common junk that can be recycled include furniture pieces such as stools, sofas, mattresses, metal scraps, an electronic part from household appliances, wooden pieces, etc.

Recycling is good for the environment. It maintains oxygen levels, reduces landfill waste, conserves energy, and cleans the oceans. The process includes nothing that may harm the environment. Even the smallest waste materials in your home are taken care of properly and are recycled under professional supervision.

The process of upcycling:


Whenever you consult a junk removal service to do away with the pile of junk, they not only focus on the process of recycling the junk but upcycling it as well. Upcycling means reusing any item after making some repairs, modifications, etc. Upcycling plays an integral role in preserving the environment, thereby resulting in a cleaner and greener world.

Junk removal services like AAA Rousse know the art of appraising the materials, hence not getting them wasted in the environment. Some of the best examples of how the junk is treated and upcycled include milling the wooden pieces to create windows, doors, and furniture; melting metal scraps and using them in new metallic products, transforming plastic material into other objects, etc.,

There are many advantages to upcycling unnecessary stuff. Firstly, the process of upcycling saves materials from landfills. It also reduces what goes into this landfill. As the old and damaged items are upcycled and turned into new ones, it causes minimal use of natural resources. The minimal use of natural resources clearly indicates that we are not only saving these resources for the environment but for our future generation as well. The process of upcycling also brings out the creativity and craftsmanship of the artists. The new products so created are innovative and unique in nature.

Apart from causing lesser impact to the environmental damage, the process of upcycling also supports the local and rural industries. It reduces manufacturing costs for all the big and small businesses.

Donating the unwanted:


The junk in your home may be useless and worthless to you, but not to someone who needs the same. Many items in your home can be donated for the needy to use. Don’t let things decay in your basement, garage, or storeroom. Get in touch with a junk removal service and do your part in helping someone in need.

The junk removal services often have a network of industry partners waiting for unwanted goods. These services then use all these goods for donation. Sometimes, these services and companies also organize a garage sale so that someone in need picks up the things they want. The items such as old clothes, old working appliances, old furniture, etc. are mostly donated by these services. Thus, the people in need use these products and the items are not disposed of in the environment.

Treating products with harmful chemicals:

Some junk may cause a threat to the environment. If it is left untreated and dumped, it may harm the environment in ways you cannot imagine. The junk removal services ensure to treat such products in a very responsible manner. Not a single harmful waste material is disposed of randomly in the environment. It saves the earth from land pollution, water pollution, and air pollution.

Solid chemical waste containing harmful and hazardous substances is often disposed of through the chemical waste programs in confirmation with hazardous waste disposal requirements laid down by the authorities. Similarly, liquid waste, too, is treated in the same manner, hence causing zero harm to the environment.

All the items with harmful chemicals are disposed of properly, following the instruction, rules, and regulations laid down by the official authorities. As the right method of disposal is practiced, it not only saves the environment but human health as well.



When you decide to do your bit to save the environment, always start by spring cleaning your home with the help of junk removal services. If you are committed to saving the environment or going green, you must seek professional help in doing your bit. Apart from this, you also need to follow the proper waste disposal every day. All solid and liquid food materials should be treated differently. You must educate everyone in the family about the importance of disposing of junk responsibly. Make it your habit and help the environment and creatures around you.

5 Things to Look for When Buying Aluminium Ute Canopies

An aluminium Ute Canopy is a structure mounted on a chassis intended for storing and transporting tools, various types of equipment as well as camping gear.

What could be more useful than a Ute that comes with a good setup on the rear side? In case you are looking to buy a Ute Canopy, this article will cover the important things you should consider, also some advantages and disadvantages, plus it will provide you with a comprehensive explanation.

However, if you are in the phase of choosing Ute Canopies you should carefully consider several important things such as their price, weight, and quality. Of course, there are cheaper alternatives that are available to you, but all of these are always susceptible to damage, resulting in expensive repairs.

Which custom Canopy will best suit your vehicle?


A Ute gives you a great deal of flexibility, which means there are a variety of ways you can use the space. The number one thing you should consider is how to set it up properly so that it suits your vehicle. Many people fail to understand this correctly the first time and eventually end up changing it. Nevertheless, keep in mind that this is undoubtedly time-consuming, costly as well as frustrating.

In the process of purchasing a Ute canopy, you will notice that the options often offered are whether you need to buy a stock standard plan or you need to adjust a Ute Canopy for your vehicle. It is important to be aware of your wallet and the purpose of the Canopy when you are making a decision. Standard arrangements may have limitations particularly that their space is too large or too small for equipment that is meant to be carried. With your equipment put in a place where it would not be safe, you do not need expensive instruments to bump around in the background during the trip. A customized Canopy can be constructed to accommodate your instruments safely. This plan is also undoubtedly more space saving, which means you can easily adjust future additional accessories.

What do you need to consider when buying an aluminum Ute Canopy?


If you carry excess weight or you are improperly balanced, you may have your insurance reduced or voided, and overall your chances of getting into an accident increase. Utes tend to be poorly balanced, as there is a lot of storage space behind the rear axles, meaning you add additional leverage. Many double cab Utes have bent the chassis due to this. Before going ahead and buying a Canopy, ensure that you receive the weight put in writing, because it is actually the weight you are paying for!


There are many criminals out there, and the safety of the equipment in your Canopy is of utmost importance. Camping and four-wheel-drive equipment do not come inexpensive and they are an attractive goal for those seeking a quick gain. Some Canopies may take seconds to be broke open, and others require a lot of effort, to the point that people do not even bother to try breaking in.

Having a good quality Canopy will be discouraging enough for criminals, as they will not even think about doing it. Placing a quality lock on a Canopy, which is designed to fasten onto the lock before opening the door when forced to do so, is a perfect example of the advanced engineering involved in a well-constructed canopy. In fact, these days, people have the option of getting Canopies that do not even let you pull the lug out without unblocking the Canopy. Therefore, the only way to enter is to use a grinder to cut a hole.



A Canopy would be the easiest option to convert a Ute into a practical touring vehicle. The price can range from 2500 to 4000 US dollars. Accessories and options include air vents to put pressure on the canopy and keep dust out, window screens, roof rack systems, sliding windows, and much more. Therefore, in case you have a limited budget, you may need to be a little pickier.

While there are many options available on the market, from air lockers to electronic lockers, you can assume you will spend up to $1500 per locker after installation. With everything locked down, your four-wheel drive can handle tough terrain. Therefore, you should save some money for the protection under the vehicle.

It is important to have a dual battery system to power the refrigerator, some other accessories, as well as the basic set-ups, which includes the wiring loom, isolator, deep cycle battery, and battery tray. It may cost a minimum of $1000, but it will provide your starting battery with sufficient starting power.

Choose the professional fabricators with a good reputation

While there are some highly skilled fabricators in Australia and overseas, there are also some whose qualifications should be taken away or those who have no official qualifications. If you are searching for Canopies, you will find out that there are professional companies like Ozytoolbox.com.au that are dedicated to creating Canopies of high quality.

In the end, even the most talented fabricators do not always manage to get the best experience of their product usage. This means some things are not considered during the design and construction phase, making it frustrating when it comes time to use them. However, businesses that have been working on this for a long time have a good understanding of what will break, where the vulnerable spots are, as well as they find the best way to make the Canopies more functional.

The advantages of an aluminium Ute Canopy compared to fiberglass or steel Ute Canopy are some features such as the lightweight of the material aluminium, also the fuel usage and carrying capacity are less affected than with a heavier Canopy, as well as the fact that it is very stable with high wear resistance.

Remember that adding a Canopy to your Ute will affect the GVM (net vehicle mass) maintenance, steering, and towing capacity. Regardless of the fact that an aluminum Ute Canopy is very lightweight, there is still an additional load on your vehicle. In other words, think about how this will have an impact along with the things you are able to place in your Ute, including people, animals, accessories, equipment, as well as the weight you can tow. If you are going to put something on your Canopy, make sure it has an assessed and recommended roof rack.

Why every Investor Should Own Some Gold in their Portfolio

A modern and dynamic economy presents plenty of investment opportunities. Some opt for stocks, bonds, and ETFs. Others choose more unique assets like real estate or cryptocurrencies.

However, just about every investor would be more than happy to add physical gold bullion to their portfolio. The shiny yellow metal has long been desired for its value and stability, leading people from all walks of life to research how to invest in gold.

Gold might not be as exciting as an asset like virtual currencies, but bullion remains a smart and savvy investment choice for many reasons. Keep reading to learn more about why it is a smart move for any investor to add gold to their portfolio.

Gold Remains An Effective Asset To Protect In Times Of Economic Turbulence


Gold has traditionally served as an effective inflation hedge. The price of the precious metal often rises in years with high inflation – as the stock market plunges. Since gold is usually priced in fiat currency units (which lose purchasing power to inflation), the precious metal jumps in price as the cost of living does the same. Many people often flock to gold in times of economic insecurity and concern. The metal’s almost tripled between 1998 and 2008 and nearly doubled once again from 2008-2012.

Fiat currencies today like the U.S. Dollar struggled under the weight of America’s large deficit, budget, and increases in the money supply. These elements look to only continue to raise the value of gold in the coming years. This is the basic knowledge you need to have before you decide to invest in gold while more details about different ways to invest can be found on Goldcoin.com.

Supply and Demand Concerns


The vast majority of gold transactions since the 1990s are carried out by central banks that sell gold from their vaults. However, gold-selling by these financial authorities has decreased sharply in the last few years. The supply of bullion has also been in a steady decline over the last two decades.

Much of the world’s gold is mined in South Africa, a nation plagued with political instability and issues with electrical infrastructure. Both factors inhibit the ability of mining companies to work. COVID-19 has also taken a toll on gold mines as workers have been forced to stop mining at certain points in time, creating a gold supply crunch.

While gold mining opportunities have started to emerge in nations like Sudan, Mali, and Burkina Faso, these countries also have complicated geopolitical situations that can make work difficult. It usually takes five to ten years to bring a new gold mine into production. Overall, the supply of gold bullion has remained somewhat static and could even start to decline if buying habits begin to pick up – increasing the price of the precious metal.

At the same time, gold demand is starting to rise as emerging market economies begin to desire precious metals. Gold demand in China, a rapidly rising economic superpower, is driven by cultural aspects where gold bars are seen as a traditional way to save money. In India, gold demand continues to rise as the metal is used in a wide range of jewelry, especially during October, a traditional wedding month.

Volatility Remains Lower Than Other Commodities

While high compared to other precious metals like silver, the spot price of gold maintains lower volatility than many assume. Many commodities often move in a manner opposite of the stock market, but outside factors like the weather and instability can quickly alter the price of oil, diamonds, and even real estate.

In contrast, the demand for gold remains relatively constant. The jewelry industry, which accounts for 50% of global gold use, is a sector of the economy where the activity is always occurring. The spot price of silver remains more volatile than gold due to differences in the market size and the heavy industrial uses of the metal. In general, the activity of gold mines takes a longer time to respond to fluctuations in the spot price of gold. Gold’s lower volatility makes the metal a smart commodity for investment purposes, as buyers do not have to worry about external factors altering their investment.

Stocks Vs Gold


Even if you are a stock trader, there’s one good reason why you should consider gold as well. These two “currencies” have never seen eye to eye. In other words, when stocks were dominating the market and when they were stable and increasing, the value of gold dropped and vice versa. The moment stocks drop and lose value and the world faces an economic crisis, people turn to gold.

Having a bit of gold in your pocket makes you prepared for the turbulent years to come! IBy combining gold with stocks, you can create a portfolio that reduces volatility and risk as well. Therefore, you will be sure that you cannot lose it all since these two things contrast each other. In fact, you might lose on one end and you will win on the other, and be balanced out. Now, it is your skills that you should use to oversee when to switch from one to the other for maximum gain.


All investors should take the time to add gold bullion to their portfolio. The metal maintains its value well, is highly desired, easy to buy, sell and trade, and serves as a stable and effective hedge against inflation and economic downturn. Buyers often have a wide range of bars, coins, and rounds to choose from, either from an online retailer or an in-person dealer.

As we have already said, gold has attracted our attention from the earliest times. There’s something about it – the yellowish glow, the ease of handling, the ability to melt it under the flames and turn it into coins…We’ve valued all of these things throughout the years, and we will continue to do so in the future. The value of gold never seems to dwindle.

Is a Maid Worth the Money or Should You Clean a House Yourself?

Cleaning is absolutely essential and should be in your daily routine. But with life getting in the way, such as a 9 to 5 job, family duties, studies, and the hardest job of all, being a mother, sometimes we don’t have enough time to clean our home. To have a clean home, one must find the time. It is an absolutely tedious job and requires extra effort. Proper cleaning is exhausting. Vacuuming, mopping, wiping, and organizing every corner of your home is needed or else dust will start to collect in places where dust and dirt hides- in small spaces. You wouldn’t want to clean over and over again and just exhaust yourself, right? But we only have 24 hours in a day, how can we sneak a little cleaning with all our other priorities getting in the way?

Simple problems require simple solutions. We shouldn’t stress ourselves out from thinking about when we need to clean and how much surface we need to clear up. Luckily, there are cleaning services that provide the best quality services! Why stress out over our cleaning duties when we can hire someone to take care of it in the first place? The best part about this is that you can focus on your other priorities without thinking about anything else! They’ll take care of all of the fuss for you. Though this sounds incredibly efficient for your life, you might already be computing your added expenses. We’re sure you might be asking yourself: “Is a maid or cleaning service worth the expense?” In this article, we will break down a few reasons why or why not a maid is worth the money. Read on if you are reluctant to hire a maid service.


Deciding whether or not it is worth it to hire a maid service shouldn’t be complex. There are certain things that you should take note of, such as what company may be the best to hire. “Modern Maids” is one we highly recommend. They are the most recommended site to book a cleaning service as it is absolutely easy. All you need to do is select the number of bedrooms and bathrooms that need to be cleaned and schedule a house cleaning service in what seems to be 60 seconds! It is so convenient because you can hire someone in a click of a button! Not only that, they offer different services that cater to your needs. Services such as that offer deep cleaning in areas of your home such as your bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, and any common areas of your household. They guarantee to remove any unpleasant smells, stained doors, stained floors, hidden dirt, rusty doors and windows, and many more.

If you are still hesitant to hire a cleaning service, here are a few things to consider before hiring a cleaning service:

  • Is it within your budget?

Us cleaning companies charge $50-$90 on average, depending on which maid service you prefer hiring. If you cannot bear an extra few dollars on a cleaning service, it may be best to clean your home on your own. But considering the amount of time and energy you will save, we think it is pretty clear that hiring a maid service is absolutely worth the extra few dollars, especially when you are busy with work or have too many kids to handle.

  • Can you trust someone else to go inside your home?

We understand that hiring a maid service, although very efficient, can also be quite sketchy. Essentially, random strangers will enter your home. It all depends on you if you are willing to allow these people to touch your items. On the other hand, most cleaning services guarantee quality service and trustworthy maids that will help in making your home clean and tidy.

  • Are you comfortable with other people’s cleaning styles?

Cleaning a home is different for everyone, and each person has a specific preference. You should ask yourself; “Am I comfortable with allowing other people to clean the way they want to?” If so, then hiring a cleaning service is something that should be up in your alley.


The Pros and Cons of Hiring a Cleaning Service


  • Consistent and Efficient – Maid services guarantee consistent cleaning services, which means, once you get your house cleaned, they will clean how they cleaned the last time. Not only that, you can schedule a cleaning service at whichever time you prefer. If you want a consistent schedule per week, they are happy to come by your house if needed.
  • Cleaning Experts – Cleaning is a tedious job. Hiring maid services, you are guaranteed a professional cleaner equal to an electrician or a roofer. They know how to get rid of the dirt that you don’t know how to get rid of! It is definitely worth the extra expense.
  • More Time – Not cleaning your own home means you have more time to finish other priorities or cater to other people’s needs.


  • An added expense – Listen, hiring someone to do something will cost you a little bit more rather than cleaning on your own. But think about it this way: what you pay, you also benefit from. So it is definitely a win-win situation.
  • No Privacy – Hiring someone to touch your things is a little sketchy especially when you have a big house.
  • Wrong cleaning products – Like cleaning, cleaning products are also a preference. If you are someone who prioritizes the environment, you may be into sustainable products. Before hiring a cleaning service, make sure that their number one priority is catering to your own needs. Otherwise, hiring a maid service would be a waste of money and time.
  • Contracting airborne diseases – During these trying times, it is scary to invite other people to our homes. You never know if the maids that they hire are tested weekly. Before hiring a cleaning service, make sure that they guarantee and follow safety protocols. It is hard to invite someone you have no guarantee is safe or not. You wouldn’t want to catch any viruses that will be bad for your health.

Totalbiscuit Net Worth 2021 – John Bain, a YouTube celebrity


John Peter Bain is a famous commentator on various games and YouTube celebrity, known as Totalbiscuit. He also has other nicknames, The Cynical Brit and TotalHalibut. What is Totalbiscuit’s Net Worth?

John Brain’s Biography

source: mysanantonio.com

John Brain is a famous YouTube celebrity, video gaming commentator on the same network and other online channels. He was born on 8th of July 1984 in Spennymoor, Britain. Brain has a law degree from the De Montfort University in England.

John Brain was into e-sports and video games since his early life. When he was only 13 years old, he became one of the founders of the “Live 365”, today one of the most successful domains for online radio stations. During the time at the University, Brain was the host of the music show on the University’s radio station called Demon FM. In 2005 John Brain was invited to attend and cover the annual BlizzCon event. This is where he met his future wife and YouTube companion Genna Bain. After the couple got married, they moved to America.

In April 2014 he officially announced that he had been diagnosed with something doctors suspecting might be a colon cancer. Soon after that, Brain started with chemotherapy and radiation, since the medical tests showed that he actually does have a colon cancer. Besides the treatments and chemotherapy, cancer severely spread and affected his liver. In 2017 Brain said that he still has cancer, now in stage 4, but without metastasizing.

Totalbiscuit’s Career

source: thesun.co

John Brain, aka Totalbiscuit, was into e-sports, games, and radio since he was a child. He is one of the founders of the popular Live365. During his time at the De Montfort University, he hosted a music show, dedicated to metal music. Brian became a part of the World of Warcraft Radio station in 2005, where he was hosting a “Blue Plz”. His work on this radio station was recognized and he was invited to attend and cover the BlizzCon event in 2005.

During the recession in 2010, John Brain lost his job as a financial director and he started his own channel on YouTube. The channel was dedicated to gaming and got huge popularity very fast. Brain was also a commentator on The Game Station by StarCraft 2, and worked with great Mike Lamond, aka HuskyStarcraft. Besides his YouTube channel, Brain also had his site Cynicalbrit.com. With Brooke Thorne and Jesse Cox, Brian hosted Co-Optional Podcast on Twitch.tv.

John Brain awards and achievements

Totalbiscuit’s work and talent were recognized by the sites such as the Eurogamer and the Technorati. Will Porter, a Eurogamer personality, called Brain a “champion of indie gaming”. Brian got into the Games Media Brit List in 2014 and won The Game Award the same year.

John Brain’s Net Worth

source: pinterest.com

John Peter Brain started his career with 13 as one of the founders of the Live 365. He was a successful host of the World of Warcraft Radio station, professional e-sports caster and commentator. Brain owns his personal website and YouTube channel. His videos on YouTube gained him more than 400.000 followers. John Brain’s estimated net worth is around $2 million.

Totalbiscuit’s YouTube channel has gained him over two million subscribers, and his fame is on the rise even now. He managed to become the top curator of the platform on a digital distribution called Steam. Bain had a follower number of 400,000 that surpassed that of the next three together. This British commentator and professional e-Sports caster have a net worth of $2 million.

Totalbiscuit or John Bain, moved to America after he got married to Genna Bain. His fanatic acclaim as YouTube gaming commentator and critic is noteworthy. Bain confirmed in 2018 that his cancer was back and he would be trying to be a subject for a clinical trial on the same. He currently hosts the Co-Optional Podcast with Brooke Thorne and Jesse Cox that airs on Twitch.tv.

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