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Off-Roading for Beginners: Things You Should Know


Believe it or not, getting behind the wheel of an off-road vehicle is an actual nightmare. Here are our tips about off-roading for beginners: things you should know.

The Principles of The Off-roading Guide

If you drive an off-road car, you need reliable and performing the heavy-duty 4×4 tires. Off-road driving can be fun, but can also be dangerous in rough terrain and less than ideal weather. That’s why we come up with the guide about off-roading for beginners: things you should know.

Figure 1. Off-Roading for Beginners: Things You Should Know

Off-road driving differs from all others. That’s why we recommend that you should learn the basic techniques of all-wheel drive or contact a school specialized in 4×4 driving, to avoid finding yourself stuck in risky situations.

Sand Driving Guide

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Driving long distances on sand can be tricky for those who are unprepared or inexperienced. If instead of doing in the right way, it is a satisfying experience that allows you to reach places with a breathtaking view.

Figure 2. Sand Driving

The secret of sand driving is maintaining a constant speed to make the tires roll on the sand surface instead of sinking. On the most beautiful sand, it is essential to find the right balance between speed and acceleration to avoid falling.

In the event of sudden acceleration, the wheel’s rapid rotation can move the sand and dig a hole. You should avoid violent or sudden movements, and extreme steering as the vehicle may become unresponsive. Conversely, you may skid like on a wet road.

We recommend that you take a good pressure gauge and reduce the tire pressure by about 0.3 bar (5psi) from time to time until you reach the sand’s optimal footprint.

Otherwise, we do not recommend reducing the pressure below 1.4 bar (20psi). By lowering the tire pressure, you increase the tire’s footprint on the sand, which is the contact area between the vehicle and the ground.

In addition, to have the best sand driving experience, you need to buy your car a set of dedicated sand tires, which you can check at  and choose some of the best tires for your trip.

Sand driving tips:

  • Maintaining a constant speed is essential on the sand
  • Use a good pressure gauge, don’t change the pressure roughly
  • Deflate the tires 0.3 bar (5psi) at a time to increase the tire’s footprint on the sand to optimal traction
  • Be gentle when speeding up, steering and braking
  • If the wheels spin, decrease the pressure on the accelerator to allow the tires to slow down and regain traction.
  • Keep a safe distance from the vehicle in front of you.

Driving on Hills and Steep Ground

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Driving uphill and on steep terrain is one of the most dangerous activities to do with an off-roading vehicle. Fascinating because it offers adventures and adrenaline rushes, but also dangerous because it exposes you to a high risk of rolling.

Figure 3. Driving on Hills and Steep Ground

Driving tips uphill and on steep terrain:

  • Drive straight to the top so that the vehicle’s weight is evenly distributed, and the tires have equal traction.
  • Use the highest gear the vehicle can handle when driving uphill. If the speed is too low, the wheels will spin, while if it is too high, you will not have enough power.
  • Always prepare an escape plan in case of failure.

What to do if you can’t complete the climb? Don’t worry if you cannot climb on the first try. It happens to everyone, from beginners to experienced drivers. However, if you don’t make it to the top, it’s essential to know how to descend safely. It doesn’t seem complicated, but it can prove to be an insidious undertaking.

Crossing Steep Roads

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According to experts, this is by far the most challenging off-road driving experience. Our first recommendation is straightforward, which is to avoid it at all costs. However, if you cross a very steep road, try to proceed as slowly as possible.

Figure 4. Crossing Steep Roads

  • Tire pressure – Ensure the tires are well inflated (pressure values ​​for driving on the road). If they are not, they risk beading from the rim
  • Engage the first with reduced gears without differential lock
  • Cross the sloping road at minimum speed. And if you feel the vehicle skid, immediately steer in the climb’s direction.

Attention: Do you remember that your off-roading vehicle has a center of gravity? Driving perpendicular to the rise significantly increases the chances of losing traction. If you lose traction, you will slide sideways, and it may tip over. So avoid driving perpendicular to a hill.

Driving on Muddy and Astounded Soils

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If you take it right, you’ll have more fun behind the wheel of your off-roading vehicle. But take it the wrong way, and you’ll find yourself muddy up to your neck.

Figure 5. Driving on Muddy and Astounded Soils

Remember, using the right mud tires is essential in this circumstance. The idea is to use the vehicle’s weight to push the wheels through the mud until they grip the solid ground below.

There is no optimal pressure because different terrains require different strains. However, remember that if the pressure is too low, the vehicle’s weight will disperse more at the expense of traction.

But if the pressure is too high, you won’t get the grip you need to get out of the mud. It is advisable not to go below 1.4 bar (20psi) and not to exceed 20 km/h of speed.

Driving tips on mud:

  • Make sure you have a winch available in case your vehicle gets stuck
  • Before leaving, examine the road and check the depth of the dirt. If the ruts are more profound than the space under the axles, the vehicle will lock up.
  • Tackle mud in 4WD mode and low gear, gaining enough speed to prepare for sudden deceleration when you come into contact with water and mud
  • Maintain a constant speed and, if possible, stay on the shallowest points of the ground
  • If you get stuck, drive the vehicle forwards and backward, alternating between first and reverse, or spin the wheels free to clear mud from the treads and regain traction.
  • If in doubt, back off and get out of the mud before it’s too late.

How to overcome rocks and other obstacles?

This activity is crawling and must be approached with extreme calm. When trying to overcome obstacles such as rocks or logs, you must use a low gear and four-wheel-drive (Low mode).

It is letting the vehicle advance by applying the minimum pressure on the accelerator. It is impossible to climb abruptly on a rock. Therefore, it is necessary to perform some maneuvers to reach the highest point of the foundation and slowly slide over it.

Final Words

Education and common sense dictate that you always leave the path in the best condition. Observing the signs and staying on the track and any recreational areas is a good idea.

Taking the utmost care to protect the beauty and tranquillity of the area. And if the ground looks very fragile, it is okay to take another path.

That is all our advice about off-roading for beginners: things you should know. Have any questions, please comment on it below!

The Beach vs. Pool: Where’s The Best Place To Be?

This situation has probably happened to you: You went on vacation, and you saw a large number of people who spend their time at the hotel pool instead of on the beach. You don’t understand why? Well, everything has its reasons. Some people prefer a sandy beach while some are more fond of the pool. We will try to understand the reasons for both. The beach vs. pool – where’s the best place to be? Try to answer that after reading this text.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Beaches and Pools


Long sandy beaches and the sparkling sea are the dreams of every person who thinks of spending his vacation far away from the city noise. Cocktails on deck chairs, daily parties – it’s all nice, but somehow always after returning from the beach, we usually end up at one of the pools in the hotel complex. After each swim in the sea, we immediately run under the shower. We wash off the sand and salt – and only then slowly lie down on one of the deck chairs and enjoy the sun. The pool is a little different. You often find yourself in a situation where on the way to the beach -you first jump into the pool and then get carried away, that in the end, you often do not reach the beach.

Most hotel complexes have made an effort to build a large number of pools of various shapes and sizes. Not to neglect their content and interesting programs. We assume that because of such things people often forget, and do not even go to the beach – but fill their day with activities at the pool. We can use the pools day and night because you will admit – nothing is more beautiful than a night swim under the moon and various lamps around and in the pool.

What Can We Expect From Going To The Beach, And What When We Go To The Pool

Do you want to rest, drink cocktails, and go out under a parasol for a long time? You could hardly wait to replace the city streets with white sandy beaches – and swim in the warm sea. However, with most people, it usually lasts only for a few days – and then we start to look for a change and new adventures. In the beginning, it is staying next to one of the pools that organize various programs or parties – and later it is going on excursions. Most people often decide to go to an aqua park or some of the places where there is a chance to swim in the pool with dolphins, seals, etc. However, most aqua parks offer you fun in pools of various shapes and sizes where you can expect the unexpected.

Swimming Pools in Aqua Parks: A Swimming Paradise


Aqua Parks are truly a paradise for all pool lovers. The designers made an effort to make a large selection of pools with different facilities. Some parks are not even possible to visit in only one day. Although we love going to the beach and swimming in the sea – the facilities in the pools like those in the aqua parks will always attract our attention, regardless of whether we are younger or older. All the benefits of swimming in the sea, the pools have managed to replace. Today in the pools we have the opportunity to swim in the waves, surf, or water ski. We also have pools with rapids, canals, slides – and even saltwater pools. Overall, swimming pools are the main attraction of all aqua parks and they are something you should try if you haven’t already.

You Can Use The Pools All Year Round

The huge advantage of the pool over the beach and the sea – is that we can use them all year round. There are outdoor and indoor pools, so according to CapitalCountryPools – regardless of the season we can enjoy them. Beaches and the sea are reserved for summer. We often decide to spend our free time and vacations not only at sea – but also in spas. We can visit them throughout the year because nature and spa pools are great not only for health but also for relaxation and good rest. In such pools, you can be treated with healing water, but also enjoy swimming under jets, whirlpools, or a jacuzzi. All these pools have their purpose for both medicinal and relaxation purposes.

Beach Or Private Pool


We must say that both options have their advantages. There is no better feeling than lying on the sand by the sea while the waves are lapping you. Not to mention the romantic evening walks on the beach. Many great loves began thanks to these beautiful landscapes. Swimming in the sea or ocean is the most beautiful thing, and sports fans can enjoy things like surfing, diving, or exploring the underwater world.

Yet having a private pool in the house is almost a breath of luxury. Just imagine that you can enjoy the pool every day, sip your favorite drink, and throw yourself into the water whenever you want. Of course, we must point out that owning a swimming pool costs – not only the construction but also further maintenance, while you do not need to go to the sea. However, the better option depends solely on you and your preferences and desires.


We tried to show you the differences between the beach and the pool in some way. As you can see for yourself, there is a difference and a reason to opt for both suggestions. Still, some advantages speak in favor of the pools. Namely, you can use the pools all year round, you can own them (if you are lucky and have proper conditions for it), you can choose those with salt or freshwater –  and enjoy them even during the winter if they are covered. On the other hand, the advantage of the sea and the beach is in the nature that surrounds you. You can enjoy the sea, the lovely nature, and beautiful sandy beaches – as well as the fact that you do not have to pay for this kind of pleasure with continuous maintenance as required by the pool.

Mexico’s Most Dangerous Roads & Highways 2020

Mexico is a beautiful country that is connected and intertwined with thousands of different roads. Of course, many of them are up to standards and safe, but some of them are very dangerous and you should avoid them at all costs.

Right now, the safest method of transportation around the world is with airplanes. Most people do not believe this, but it is a simple fact and it is true. Well, airplanes are the safest method, driving motorcycles is the most dangerous one. After motorcycles, cars are the second most dangerous. This shows us just how many times exactly we put ourselves in danger almost every day. Society is based on being a part of the traffic in these modern days which makes it normal for most of us.

However, this does not mean that we should give up entirely on driving on the ground. We have to accept the responsibility of these machines that way well over a ton and the dangers of traffic. Once we finally accept this fact, this information, only then we can start progressing to a safer society. This is very important, especially if we want our children to live in a better world.

In this article, I want to focus on the dangerous roads and highways in Mexico, especially this year. Mexico is not exactly a unique case of all the countries around the world, but I do find their roads quite interesting which is the reason why I decided to pick Mexico.

Coatzacoalcos – Villahermosa

Closer to the northern border and Guatemala is a highway that stretches for about 100 miles or 166 km. That does not sound like a lot because it is not a lot, objectively. Unfortunately, for some reason, this is a place where a lot of accidents happen. Just a few years ago, more than 200 accidents were reported between the port city Coatzacoalcos and Villahermosa. Both of these cities are quite major and big which means the path connecting these two is well-made.

We are talking about a freeway and not about some random dirt road. There is no exact reason why there are so many accidents here, but I can assume that the reason is that the distance between the two cities is very short. Since the distance is so short, people are probably trying to reach the city in the quickest way possible. This usually means going over the speed limit. Most people are probably driving well over 100 mph to reach Coatzacoalcos or Villahermosa in under an hour.

Keep in mind, this is just an assumption and it may not be true. But, we cannot ignore the fact that more than 20 people have lost their lives here in just one year.


Another short route, but a very dangerous one. This one is between the city known as Santiago de Queretaro and Leon. The distance between these two is under 200 km or a hundred and 25 miles. Again, it does not seem like a lot because it is not. But, unfortunately, for some places, even 50 km is too much.

Wherever you are headed to in Mexico, you will probably end up driving down this route that connects these two cities. Because if you want to get to Mexico City which is the capital, you will have to pass right next to Queretaro.

While most of the time the path will be fine and the cement will be marked properly, you will end up on a certain part of the road that will be a bit underdeveloped. This is the place where most of the accidents happen because it has been left unmarked and it is probably still in development after a couple of decades.

The reason behind this is the fact that the entire Bajio area started advancing too fast for its own good. The connections between most cities in this area were still not made while the volume of traffic is constantly increasing. More and more vehicles are driving to this area, making it a very dangerous place to be during peak traffic.

If you ever plan on driving through here, I would recommend being extra careful when passing through the valley and you should also probably get some insurance. If you click here, you can see that getting the insurance policies for a vehicle for Mexican roads is not that complicated.

Espinazo del Diablo or The Devil’s Backbone

Just by reading the name of this world, I think you can realize that it can be both very dangerous and very scary even for the best drivers. This one is a mountain road and of course, every path for vehicles in the mountains are more dangerous than others. Sharp turns, big drop-offs, and other problems make the drive a little bit more uncomfortable. But, the Espinazo del Diablo is more than just uncomfortable.

I would not recommend going here and trying to drive through this location, so I suggest you open up Google maps or any other map application and see for yourself. Assuming as much as you can and you will be amazed by the fact of just how sharp turns on this world are. What makes things even more interesting is the fact that vehicles are often met with a lot of rain. There also is not any kind of railing on the signs which means even one slightest mistake could lead to death. Combine that with the fact that you will be 1500 m above sea level, it really is a dangerous place and probably the most dangerous road in the entire country.

Since this road goes through/over a mountain, drivers are very frequently met with all kinds of animals from the wilderness. They can jump out in front of the vehicle at any time. The risk is simply too big to go anywhere near this path. Only the bravest or the most stubborn ones are willing to drive through the spine of the devil.

Keep in mind, Mexico is still a great country and most of its roads are in pristine shape. You should not let these three examples give you an idea of how the country treats its people and its visitors.

How to Spend your Holiday in Canada?

Canada is one of the most amazing countries in the entire world that is located in the northern part of North America and it is ranked second as the largest country on the entire planet. This massive piece of land is full of all kinds of natural beauties, wonders, and different cultures from every continent. This is why so many people choose to go on a trip on this beautiful land, especially during the holidays. Canada truly looked best during the winter season. The snowy mountains, the snowy series, and the entire atmosphere is just amazing during these times.

However, as I already said, Canada is a huge piece of land. Deciding where you want to spend your holiday here can be quite difficult. There are so many different options, understand if you are having a hard time picking the right one. But, I am sure that wherever you decide to go, you will have a great time.

But, to help you stop stressing, I am going to tell you about the best places you should visit in Canada, especially during the holidays.


For the people that want to experience a city rich with the Christmas spirit, I think the most obvious option is always Toronto. This huge metropolis is full of massive skyscrapers enriched with beautiful restaurants, unique decorations, and everything else that will make your holidays even better than you expected.

Personally, I find Toronto very attractive, so this might be a biased opinion, but you cannot deny the fact that it truly is a beautiful and magical place, especially during the winter. Once it starts snowing and the streets get filled with snow and the rooftops are also stacking snow, everything seems like out of a movie.

To add even more to that Christmas spirit, I am sure that you will enjoy the annual Santa Claus parade that occurs at the Nathan Phillips Square. Keep in mind, this event is held on the third Sunday of every November, so make sure you do not miss it. This is a tradition of over 100 years and it is an amazing spectacle. If you truly love the idea of Santa Claus and you believe in the Christmas spirit, I recommend being right there in front of the City Hall on November 15 in 2020.


If there is a city in Canada that is more impressive than Toronto, it has to be Ottawa and nothing else. Obviously, this is the capital city of the country and for good reason. It is filled with all kinds of historic buildings that are still in use and you can visit them at any time.

I believe that the most interesting building you can visit is Parliament Hill or more commonly referred to as The Hill. It has Gothic revival architecture which is very historically important for Canada. It was built in the 19 century, but it had to be renovated in 2002. But, after the renovations, it is always a wonderful sight even in the winter season. So, if you find yourself roaming on the streets of Ottawa, I recommend checking out the Parliament Hill.

But, I guess that you are looking for something that is more into the holiday spirit. Well, I think you will be glad to know that there are Christmas carols throughout the entire holiday season. Make sure you do not miss out on these because they can be a truly amazing and rare experience. This tradition can also be found at Parliament Hill too. Two birds, one stone.

Keep in mind, if you do want to see the Christmas carols this year, you must make sure that you have your visa ready on time. Because, if you do not, you will not be able to get into Canada and you will not be able to get to Ottawa either. Fortunately, these days, you can fill an application for an electronic visa in just a couple of minutes according to this website. Once you submit your application, you will probably get your response in just a couple of days.

Niagara Falls

If you’re not the type of person that really enjoys architecture, huge skyscrapers, and Christmas carols, I can imagine that you will be a bit bored in Ottawa and Toronto. But, worry not, because these two cities are not your only two options once you get into this country.

So, if you want to enjoy the natural beauty of this land, I recommend checking out the Niagara Falls. These three giant waterfalls are one of the most amazing things most of us have seen in our lives. Their vertical drop is more than 160 feet or 50 m. Any day at Niagara Falls is an amazing day. Even if it rains, if it snows or if it is sunny, you will have the time of your life.

But, if you want a truly exciting experience, I would recommend going to the waterfalls on August 1 this year. Here, you will be able to witness something amazing. 1 August is referred to as Canada Day in this country and Niagara Falls celebrated in the most unique fashion. All kinds of fireworks are fired, special lighting is used to make all kinds of forms and shapes on the waterfalls and you will even be able to see the Canadian Maple leaf on the falls.


If you want to return to celebrating Christmas, New Year’s Eve, and Santa Claus, I must recommend going to Vancouver. The best day to visit Vic Gruber has to be December 14 when the Carol Ships Shoreline Celebrations starts. The celebration is sometimes referred to as the Parade of Lights. You get to see all kinds of ships and boats equipped with giant some systems to play carols and music. They will also be equipped with tons of lights to light up the Panorama Park.

Wherever you decide to go, whether it is Vancouver, the Niagara Falls or Toronto, I am sure that you will have a great holiday.

What an American Needs to Know When Traveling to Canada

People often confuse Canada to be a state in the northern part of America. For those people, let us tell you, Canada is an entire country that shares its borders with America.

One of the main reasons behind these misconceptions is that Canada’s culture often resonates with that of America. Then again, Canada is a hub of tourist spots and beautiful places you need to visit. You can get to know more about the visa application process to Canada at

If you are an American and are planning to visit Canada for the first time, follow this article to know the basic things you need to know before you set out on your expedition.

1. You need a passport

Back in the day, the Americans did not need to have a passport to travel to Canada. The relations between the two countries have been amazing since the very beginning, and hence neither visa nor passport was needed. However, with some unwanted incidents in the U.S., the government changed the traveling laws.

Now, all U.S. citizens must necessarily possess a passport to travel here, and they will also have to deal with the immigrations and customs upon arriving in the country.

You will also be needed to explain why you visit the country, whether you are there as a tourist or a businessman. This is something everyone needs to answer.

After they find your answers to be satisfactory, you will be allowed to collect your bag, and after showing your custom forms, you are allowed to leave.

2. The U.S. Dollar is strong right now

The American Dollar has a higher value than the Canadian Dollar. 1 USD translates to 1.26 CAD, or in other words, 1 CAD translates to 0.77 USD. That means that you will get an instant discount of at least twenty percent wherever you shop from.

3. You can find extinct stores here

Canada has a hoard of stores like the Old Navy, Bombay, etc. All these brands have gone out of business and have become extinct for the rest of the world. However, these stores continue to hold their existence in this country.

Also, Winners and HomeSense is the Canadian version of the famous store Marshalls and HomeGoods.

During your trip to this country, you can buy a variety of attractive items here like beautiful Canadian paintings, delicious food, fine wine, whiskey, sculptures, and textiles. Some of the popular Canadian shoppable items include blankets in Hudson’s Bay, prints by Canadian artists in Quebec, British Columbian jade products, handmade carpets in Nova Scotia, and more.

If you are fond of wine, then Niagara is the best place to buy it from. Apart from this, you can also visit the Niagara Waterfall. Quebec is a great destination for maple syrup and maple sugar.

4. They use the metric system

While almost the rest of the world measures distances in miles, Canada measures distance in kilometers and meters. The centimeter is used for snow forecasts. Also, the temperature is measured in Celsius.

5. Paying the bill at a restaurant is different

The words used in this country are much different than the ones used in America. However, both of them have the same meaning. For example, in Canada, the check is known as the bill. So, if the cashier hands you out your “bill,” do not get confused, that’s just your regular check. Generally, the waiter brings the bill to your table, and you can pay via your credit cards. And by different, I mean better. First of all, it is the bill and not the check. Swipe your credit card, add a small tip, and then get your printed receipt with a ‘paid’ mark. The entire process is smooth with the chance of any fraudulent activities

6. The term Canada means village

The country of Canada derives its name from the word Kanata, which means the village. Whereas, in terms of area, this country is so huge that countries like France, Japan, Italy, Cambodia, Germany, Cameroon, South Korea, England, and Uruguay can coexist.

Credit for locating the country goes to the French and the British who discovered it during the 15th century. Its history tells us that the British defeated the French after seven years of war. During 1949, Canada was constituted by Quebec, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, and Labrador. All of them were recognized as British provinces.

But in 1982, the control of the British Parliament was removed from Canada, and the influence of Aboriginal, British, French culture and recent immigration customs led to the emergence of Canadian art, culture, and traditions.

7. The Apology Act

An ‘Apology Act‘ has been made in Canada. If someone hurts someone or hurts them, they can go to the courtroom and give written apologies and damages. The assumption here is that ‘free the mind, don’t live in any guilt.’

8. Customs and Traditions

Canada follows its customs with great courtesy. Clothing is worn according to the weather in Canada. Apart from this, all rules of general etiquette in Canada are followed within the scope of the law.

People here are extremely polite, and they do not even switch on their smartphones in movie theaters. They tip the barber, bellboy, taxi driver, etc. fifteen to twenty percent of their billed amounts.

9. Nightlife in Canada

Do not forget to enjoy Canadian nightlife. Dance clubs, pubs, or casinos in Canada will make your night colorful. You can enjoy the nightlife in major Canadian cities such as Toronto, Montreal, Johns, Vancouver, Ottawa St, and Halifax.

The nightlife in Canada is colorful, which is the perfect destination for all-night parties, dancing, etc. There are fun places like spectacular theaters, pub-crawling or club-hopping, etc.

Final Words:

Canada is a hub of culture and traditions. People here are super friendly and with so many tourist places to visit, you should consider visiting Canada. And once you have made your decision, know these facts about the country before travelling there.

Best WordPress Themes for Travel Blogs


Traveling is the activity the majority of people from all over the world simply adore. There is nothing quite like touring our wonderful planet and experiencing new places and traditions while meeting people vastly different from you. The popular saying goes, “If traveling were free, you would never see me again,” and it perfectly describes what it does to both the avid travelers and seasonal trip-takers.

Sadly, it is not free, so those who cannot afford frequent traveling, which is the majority of the world’s population, turn to the Internet. They do this for more reasons than one, but ultimately it all comes down to either experiencing something (or somewhere) virtually or gaining knowledge on where to travel next. For the latter, travel blogs are the absolute best thing available.

There are numerous successful travel blogs out there. If you are interested in sharing the experiences from your travels and wish to start a travel blog, you will need the right tools. By the end of this article, you will know everything there is to know about the best WordPress themes you can use for your future travel blog. Choosing the right one will bring you over the top and set you aside from the competition, resulting in more readers and maybe even a sponsorship or two.

To find out even more about the topic of travel blogging, WordPress themes, visit, the leading WordPress design agency that can help you build the best travel website you possibly can.

Best WordPress Travel Blog Themes

On the following list, you will find nine of the best WordPress themes to use with your future travel blog.

  1. Astra

This is a very lightweight theme for multiple purposes, not limited to travel. You can easily create your own designs from the included templates. The theme is equipped with a full-screen header background image, as well as review sections and featured tours sections. Adventurers and even travel agencies use this theme, apart from travel bloggers.

  1. Divi

This is arguably the most popular theme available, and a lot of different blogs use it. It is a great page builder and offers beautiful visuals and effects that will increase the number of people visiting your blog. There are different ready-to-use templates and layouts if you, but if customization is what you like, there are also numerous options for that too.

  1. Neve

Neve is quite a modern theme for WordPress that comes with dozens of pre-made and ready demo examples of websites. Templates of travel blogs are also there to help you with inspiration and design choices. The home page uses parallax effects and your readers will just love it. Things like this are great for a strong first impression. Furthermore, the home screen has multiple sections for your different areas of interest, like travelogues, photographs, stories, and whatever else you want. The theme is rather easy to use and very well optimized for SEO.

  1. OceanWP

In case you want something that looks and feels premium but it is still free like the rest of these themes, OceanWP is your best bet. This WordPress theme has its own plugins that are equipped with premium features. Your travel website will seem very professional and sleek thanks to this amazing theme. The home page template is just beautiful. Other features include WooCommerce support, page builder integrations, and more.

  1. Ultra

Ultra is a typical nifty all-purpose theme that has everything you need for an optimal travel blog website. It already has several ready demo websites available, and an importer that can load up the templates and let you further change it. Drag and drop builders, a fan-favorite, are also present, making everything a breeze. Like the remainder of these themes, there is no coding necessary.

  1. Zermatt


Zermatt is a beautiful theme made with traveling in mind. The home page has a transparent menu and a weather widget, which can be used in limitless ways and make gorgeous combinations. There are more widget areas all over, as well as useful sliders, galleries, and templates. This theme is great for beginners and those among you who do not want anything remotely complicated.

  1. The Traveler

As the name suggests, this WordPress theme is for traveling blogs, agencies, and websites, and hardly anything else. The homepage it has is designed to resemble a classic magazine layout with places for stories, photos, and articles. The grid can be used in various ways to make some truly professional-looking travel blog. The background image is full screen, there is an Instagram feed option, social media integration, and many custom widgets.

  1. Tropicana

The catchy name suggests that the general design of this theme is meant for tropical summer destinations, and it could be said that it really is. The stylish theme is perhaps the best choice for nomads, adventurers, and explorers who mostly visit tropical destinations. Tropicana will offer great help and attract a wide readership to your page. Plugins work seamlessly and the theme offers templates, galleries, pages, and more.

  1. Zoom

Not everyone wants or needs a theme with tons of add-ons and a home page with multiple widgets and other kinds of plugins. If you are a fan of clean interfaces and spacious open home screens, Zoom is the right theme for your blog. The theme comes with a single layout column that has a big header image. In case you want to make use of other elements and expand your content volume, you can use galleries, grid layouts, and widgets, all with the option of dragging and dropping. There is also a custom theme options panel.

Takeaways and Conclusion

There you have it fellow travelers and explorers, the absolute best WordPress themes for your future travel blog. Among these, you will surely find the right one for your wishes and dreams, the perfect theme to go with how you picture your content on a webpage. All that is left is for you to do is work hard and make your dream come true, helping thousands of people decide where to go next by reading your experiences, stories, and recommendations.

The Best Ways how to get to Aspen from Denver International Airport

Are you going to arrive at Denver International Airport (DIA) in between the days? So you should know the best ways how to get to your final stop- Aspen. There are Denver limo and shuttle services on your choice. To my mind, that’s the best solution to enjoy your trip and save your money.

Of course, there are a lot of other ways of social transportation to Aspen from Denver but you will waste a lot of time and additional money so you’d better trust my experience as a tourist.

So if you are going to enjoy your luxurious ride during transportation to Aspen from Denver- take private limo or shuttle after my advice. And you would have a great time during your journey.

Why private shuttle or limo transportation to Aspen from Denver is the best option?

There are exact several reasons why Denver private airport limo or shuttle is the best option. The most important causes are the following:

  • Time-saving

I admit that in some cases taking a common shuttle or a bus form the Denver airport would be cheaper but you would have to sacrifice time for finding the right option. If you take Denver private transportation you would come to Aspen for 3 hours approximately saving about 2-3 hours of precious leisure of your holiday. So, that’s the first reason- Time-saving.

  • Budget-saving

In case you are going to Aspen with your friends or among family members, to my mind, the Denver shuttle transportation service would be the most convenient variant. Here you ought to pay for the whole company, not for your ticket personally. That’s why private shuttle is the most budget-saving solution.

  • Baggage

I guess that you are traveling to Aspen to go skiing, first of all, that’s why you have to take your baggage. It would be quiet difficult to carry all those bags with personal necessities and clothes all the way. In order to get rid of that, you could place them in reserved space in limo or shuttle. So you will enjoy your journey in the full volume being free from your baggage.
  • Free stops on your wish

You will observe fascinating views of nature during your trip from transportation to Aspen from Denver – such sceneries of the American nature as rivers, lakes, green fields, and the mysterious Rocky Mountains of the Colorado state will take your breath away. I suppose that you will only take all these advantages of the journey in case you choose Denver private shuttle or limo services.

  • Other extra services

Denver private airport transportation gives you also a wide range of the following other extra services:

  • Wi-Fi available and free
  • Luxury music systems
  • Free beverages and snacks
  • Special seats for children

All these extra services just add some joy for your trip from Transportation to Aspen from Denver.

  • Marvelous client service during transportation to Aspen from Denver shuttle, limo and van

There is a special transportation team that is always ready to fulfill your wishes and arrangements during your journey to Aspen from Denver. The main priority is the quality, comfort, and satisfaction of each client that’s why you’d better take Denver private airport limo, van or shuttle to get to Aspen totally satisfied.

For all these reasons and much more, you should consider using a private airport shuttle service the next time your travels take you into Denver International Airport and traveling to Aspen.

  • Sightseeing stops on your way during transportation to Aspen from Denver

Before going for a trip you should be aware that there will be sightseeing stops on your way to Aspen from Denver airport. There are so many beautiful places in Colorado that you’d better visit all of them during your journey.

While planning your journey from DIA to Aspen, you should consider that there is also some very worthy stopping point along the road. These could be fun to stretch the legs and also to something a little out of the ordinary. There is so much beauty in Colorado, it would be a shame to miss some of these wonderful stops along the way to Aspen.

Here is some information about the most important and beautiful stops during your journey from Denver airport:

  • Idaho Springs and Georgetown

The two main sightseeing stops on your way towards Aspen would be Idaho Springs and Georgetown, somewhere near the Cooper Mountain.

Idaho Springs is a fascinating town where you eat local dishes and purchase handmade goods walking in this American old mining town.

Not far from that stop you will come to Georgetown which you could cross for half an hour! There you will have the possibility to visit its local museum where you will find out a lot of information about ornaments, decorating and mining history.

  • Frisco and Lily Pad Lake

Then near the Lake Dillon, you will enter the Frisco town, where you could swim and even do such activities as canoeing and kayaking during warm spring and summer days.

Heading further west on I-70 is Lily Pad Lake. Located at an elevation of 1.5 miles, this lake is home to some of the most scenic beauty of Colorado. From here, as you move towards the junction with Highway 91; you can choose to take one of two routes to get to Aspen:

1. Transportation to Aspen from Denver via Glenwood Canyon


In case you have just 30 spare minutes you must see the wonderful scenery of the Glenwood Canyon. I swear you will never forget it. You must have heard something about Glenwood Springs and you should use this wonderful opportunity. Of course, you will find other fascinating places to visit during your journey here.

  • Amazing scenery of the Vail Pass
  • Dinner in the town of Vail
  • A fast walk across the famous town of Edwards
  • Epic view of Glenwood Canyon
  • Hanging lake (Spectacular Beauty year-round)
  • Go for a hot water dip at Glenwood Springs

2. Transportation to Aspen from Denver through the Independence Pass

In case you decide to reach Aspen through the Independence Pass, it would be the fastest road to reach the desired final destination. And of course, there will interesting places to visit along your way:

  • The Town of Leadville (it is especially magical during autumn)
  • Twin lakes
  • Independence pass

In this way you will be happy to see Mount Elbert and Mount Massive which are the two highest mountain peaks of the Colorado state.

The Best Private Airport limo and shuttle from Denver airport to Aspen

If you decide to go to Aspen directly from the Denver airport you should use InterMountain Express Limo Aspen service

You will be able to use the best private limo transportation to Aspen from Denver. All clients vote for this company due to the excellent transportation services and luxurious conditions for traveling. I advise you to take Cadillac Escalade especially if you are traveling with friends or family because there is enough space for 6 persons. And my personal advice for you is to take a Luxury Van if there would be up to 14 passengers.

All drivers of InterMountain Express Aspen service will deliver you to Aspen safe and sound as they are skilled professionals whom you could trust absolutely. This company thinks about its clients that’s why you’d better take private limo and shuttle from Denver airport to have a marvelous journey across Colorado observing the Beauty of the American Nature and its little towns.

10 Most Popular Destinations For Travel Bloggers

You don’t have to think hard about where to spend an unforgettable vacation with your family, partner, or friends. There are many options for fantastic and often very affordable holidays in Europe and around the world. Travel bloggers claim that with a little planning you can be on your way to some unforgettable beach or some other destination that perfectly suits your taste but also your budget. It all depends on which destination and type of travel you prefer. Therefore, we present to you the 10 most popular destinations that have attracted the attention of travel bloggers. Maybe one of these places will become your next destination.

Travels That Will Change Your View Of The World

If you are a fan of unusual experiences and interesting activities, the most famous tourist destinations will not be enough to satisfy your desire. If you want to create memories that you will remember for a lifetime and experience unique ways to enjoy, you should choose a slightly different place, say, world-famous travel bloggers. In these ten destinations, you will feel like nowhere else, and the photos you take on them will explode on your social media profiles.

10 Most Popular Destinations For Travel Bloggers

1. Bora Bora, French Polynesia


Bora Bora is an island of 30.5 square kilometers and is located in the Pacific Ocean. It is one of the leading tourist destinations known for its luxury apartments on the water. Many come here for their honeymoon, and everyone is talking about the coral reef that is located near it and the unique lagoon. If you visit this island, you can watch whales and dolphins, go diving or cruising, or visit the canyons of World War II.

2. Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon, the largest city in Portugal and its capital, was the ninth most visited destination in southern Europe in 2017, with 3.3 million visitors. This city, located on the hills around the Tahoe River, is very picturesque and is known for its world-class museums and historical monuments and castles. If you visit it, be sure to visit the Lisbon Oceanarium.

3. Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam, also called the Northern Venice, is one of the most visited destinations in Europe. More than five million visitors pass through it every year. With its academies, universities, research institutes, theaters, and over 40 museums – Amsterdam is the cultural center of the Netherlands. During the visit, you can also ride through its canals, which are almost 100 kilometers long – and this city is compared to Venice because of its 90 islands, which are connected by 1,200 pictorial bridges. Amsterdam is also known for its festivals and rich nightlife.

4. Queenstown, New Zealand


If you, like travel blogger Bashar Ibrahim, are fans of the Lord of the Rings by the famous director Peter Jackson – then New Zealand will be a real treat when it comes to distant destinations. This place offers you very picturesque locations where many movies have been made. You can read more about all this and get a better impression when travel bloggers share their experiences with you. Exploring New Zealand means enjoying the enchanting landscapes – and experiencing this country from north to south. Rowing, hiking, diving, here you have countless adventurous activities – and the one you should try is the adrenaline jump, bungee jump which is a must in this island country.

Queenstown is the most visited location in New Zealand and also a place that is especially popular for jumping from the Kawarau Bridge from a height of 131 meters. If adrenaline drives you – bungee jumping is just one of the activities you must try in Queenstown. You will experience the complete experience of this place if you take a ride on the Skyline Gondola, which offers a view of the most beautiful landscapes.

5. Rome, Italy

Rome, the heart of Italy, a city on seven hills, where, as is well known, all roads lead – has always been a challenge for tourists from all over the world. The modern life of the city intertwines history and architecture that is over three thousand years old. Therefore, it is unique, unrepeatable, and does not look like any other capital in the world. The history of the city was created by emperors, popes, kings, and consuls – and it was shaped by architects and great artists. Rome enchants with magnificent ancient monuments, famous castles, squares, pillars, facades, and fountains – and you can be sure that you will enjoy it as many travel bloggers did before.

6. Cappadocia, Turkey

Cappadocia is a historic place in Anatolia, Turkey. Here you can learn a lot about Turkish culture and the history of the Ottoman Empire. The most important destinations and cities in this region are the monastery of Zelve, the valley of Ihler, Gorman, and Urgup. Cappadocia is known for its fairy-tale chimneys, geological formations that were formed during erosion, and which ancient cultures used to make traps and underground cities.

7. Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia

Denpasar is a city where you can find a combination of traditional beauty and modern lifestyle. It is best known for its sandy beaches. Sanur beach is perfect for sunbathing as it has waterier waters than those surrounding Serangan and which are good for surfing. Also, there is the best diving center on the planet, Atlantis International, and there are museums worth visiting.

8. Aspen, Colorado, USA

Aspen is a remote region in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. This is one of the favorite destinations of American tourists, which enables many activities in nature. There are four ski resorts in it, and this became one of the favorite places of celebrities during the 20th century.

9. Dublin, Ireland

Dublin is a city located on the hills around the River Liffey near the Dublin Mountains. One of the biggest attractions in the city is the Guinness beer factory, in whose bar you can try the drinks that are made in it – and there is also one of the most famous bars in this country, the Temple Bar. This city has a very lively nightlife and is known as the youngest city in Europe with 50 percent of the population under the age of 25.

10. Saint Lucia

This island country is one of the most beautiful Caribbean islands. It is most visited from January to April, during the dry season, and is popular because of its magnificent beaches and landscapes and tropical climate. Some of the attractions include the Piton Mountains, botanical gardens, sulfur springs, Pigeon Island National Park, and rainforests.


If you choose one of these destinations, try to capture your experiences in photos like a true blogger. Followers on social networks always like to see something different from the standard landscapes in brochures. Photos or video evidence is that someone has experienced what they are talking about. World statistics show that when planning a trip, travelers turn to online travel reviews and holiday videos and videos posted on social networks. So let’s go on an adventure, share our experiences, and experience life.

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