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The Best Day Trips from Marrakech


Marrakech is a beautiful city, offering so much for intrepid travelers to see and do. Most visitors to Morocco make a beeline for Marrakech, and it’s easy to see why. But it’s important to remember that Morocco has so much more to see that the red city.

Marrakech is ideally situated a short drive away from the coast and from the mountains, giving you plenty of opportunities to explore more of the country and enjoy a host of day trips unlike any other. There are so many Marrakech excursions to choose from, you’ll be spoilt for choice! Here are some of the best day trips that you can take from the red city:

1 – The Atlas Mountains

The Atlas Mountains are a huge mountain range that stretch from Agadir in Morocco all the way to Tunisia. The full expanse of the mountain range covers an incredible 1,200 miles. Because of the vast distance covered by the Atlas Mountains, there are many different parts of the range you can explore on a day trip from Marrakech.

Not a big fan of climbing? We have good news! You don’t have to hike up the mountain to enjoy all that it has to offer. There are plenty of quaint villages in its foothills that are the perfect destination for a day trip: enjoy meeting the local people and experiencing the real Morocco. And if you have a little longer for your Marrakech excursion, and love to keep active, why not stay overnight and try scaling the 13,000-foot mountain during your stay? It’s well worth the exertion for the breathtaking views you’ll never forget!

2 – Essaouira

For a thoroughly relaxing day trip, why not head to Essaouira? Located just two hours away from Marrakech, this coastal resort will leave you feeling like you’ve entered a whole new world. After a couple of time in the dusty desert oasis that is Marrakech, it’s likely that you’ll welcome that chance to see the bright blue sea.

Essaouira is located on the North Coast of the country, and the temperatures tend to be much cooler than in Marrakech: ideal if you need a break from the unrelenting heat of the city. Enjoy the open-air markets, the views, and the relaxed atmosphere. This day trip is the perfect break from the chaos of the city.

3 – Ouarzazate and Ait Ben Hadou


Embrace the drama of old Morocco with a day trip to explore Ouarzazate and Ait Ben Hadou. This is the perfect Marrakech excursions if you want to discover more about the history of the country. The views you’ll enjoy on your drive from Marrakech to Ouarzazate are well-worth the excursion in themselves. Historians will delight when they arrive in Ait Ben Hadou, which is a well-preserved kasbah and UNESCO World Heritage Site that is full of colour and drama.

Not a big fan of ancient history? This could still be the ideal day trip for you. Movie buffs will be excited to end their day in Ait Ben Hadou, which is where big budget hits such as Gladiator and Game of Thrones have been filmed. This is a once-in-a-lifetime day trip that you’ll never forget!

4 – Ouzoud Falls

The Ouzoud waterfalls are not easy to access independently, located high in the Atlas Mountains, but visiting this beautiful, natural wonder is one of the most popular day trips you can take from Marrakech. Your tour will take you to the cliff top overlooking the falls where you can walk along the mountain ledge and enjoy spectacular views.

The hike to reach this infamous attraction is definitely not one for the fainthearted, but the views are worth it when you arrive. After all, who doesn’t enjoy the sight and sound of a fast flowing waterfall? You can also enjoy a boat ride around the base of the falls, offering an extra dimension to the trip that’s well worth exploration.

5 – Ourika Valley

If one waterfall is not enough for you, then why not explore a day trip to the Ourika Valley, where you can explore several waterfalls in the space of a relatively short period of time. Morocco is a country of contrasts, and you’ll be enthralled by the difference between the arid deserts and the lush, verdant green of the Ourika Valley and the waterfalls it contains.

Be sure to wear sensible shoes and comfortable clothes if you choose to enjoy this day trip, because you’ll be crossing rope bridges, feeling the refreshing splash of the waterfall upon your face, and you may even have the opportunity to ride on a camel or two.


Morocco is an incredibly rich and exciting city offering so much to see and do. Why not escape from the hustle and bustle of Marrakech and dig a little deeper into the heart of this wonderful country? Whether you’re hoping to embrace ancient history or explore iconic landmarks, you’re sure to find the perfect Marrakech day trip for you.

Why not enjoy a different side of this wonderful country, and create memories that you’ll never forget?

The Beautiful Island of Malta

Malta is more than a holiday destination. Its stunning beaches, balmy climate, rich history, and fascinating culture make it one of the most beautiful undiscovered gems of Europe. Home to a myriad of sights to see, places to visit and cuisine to sample, the compact island of Malta offers something for every type of traveler. Whether you want the convenience of a city break, the indulgence of a beach resort or the high energy of a party, there is a holiday to suit all expectations and budgets on this beautiful island.


Of course, there are plenty of remarkable vacation destinations around the world, but here are the reasons why Malta deserves to go to the top of your list.  

Megalithic Temples

For a journey back through time, you can’t beat the incredible Megalithic Temples of Malta. These architectural masterpieces are prehistoric monumental buildings constructed between 3600 B.C. and 700 B.C. and considered the oldest freestanding structures on Earth. Classified by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, the temples are awe-inspiring to see in real life. There are at least 20 megalithic temples on Malta and Gozo, most of which are not open to visitors. However, the six temples that make up the UNESCO World Heritage Site are open to tourists and are well worth visiting. The best-known temples are Mnajdra and Hagar Qim, both located within 500 meters of each other on the southeastern coastline. The other temples scatter across Malta and Gozo, so it is worth hiring a car if you plan to visit them all.


Historians will also love the beautiful walled city of Mdina, which has a rich history spanning more than 4,000 years. The beautiful mix of medieval and Baroque architecture and the winding, narrow streets are especially beautiful and atmospheric by night as they are lit with the soft glow of old-fashioned street lamps. Head to the Fontanella Tea Garden to sample some of the best cake in Malta and check out the jaw-dropping views from the city walls.

St. Julian’s

Located on the Maltese coast north of Valetta, St. Julian’s or San Giljan is known for its exciting nightlife and new restaurants. Popular with locals and tourists alike, the town used to be a small fishing village but has grown over the years, and now, has a population of more than 8,000. Foodies are spoiled with choices in this beautiful town, as there is a multitude of eateries, offering a variety of cuisines and atmospheres. After sampling some of the local culinary delights, take a stroll along the promenade and enjoy breathtaking views of the sea.

Blue Lagoon, Comino

Located between the islands of Malta and Gozo lies the tiny island of Comino. Only 3.5 square kilometers long, there are no cars or inhabitants on this island, except for one hotel. The star attraction of this little piece of paradise is the Blue Lagoon, a sheltered inlet of shimmering azure water and pristine white sands. Super popular with visitors on a day trip, the Blue Lagoon is a fantastic spot for hiking in the summer and the winter, and the crystal-clear waters make it ideal for scuba diving, snorkeling, and swimming.

Ramla Bay

When you want to get away from it all, Ramla Bay is the place to go. Thought of as the best beach in Malta, it is also known as the Red Sandy Beach due to the hue of the sand. There are a few cafes and food stalls located around the beach, but for the most part, the area surrounding the coastline is relatively undeveloped. The lush greenery of the valley gives way to the stunning red sands of the beach protected by sand dunes.


There is much more to the beautiful island of Malta than this short list, but you will have to go there and see it for yourself!

The Paradise Island of Koh Samui

Koh Samui is an island that lies in the Gulf of Thailand and is the second largest island of Thailand. Koh Samui is a paradise island and is widely known for its palm beaches. The majority of the island is mountains covered in dense rainforest.

Koh Samui is home to a large 12-meter tall statue of Buddha, which is part of a massive temple and is Koh Samui’s greatest tourist attraction. Surrounding the temple and statue is a small marketplace which usually sells lucky charms, figurines, souvenirs, refrigerator magnets, and some of them are food stalls.

A historical part of the island is the famous Bophut’s Fisherman’s Village. This village houses rustic-style buildings, villas, boutiques, hotels, restaurants, and more. During Friday’s, the whole village gathers together to form the Fisherman’s Village Walking Street Market, which attracts the attention of every tourist and native of the island. During this day, the whole island gets together to witness the amazing and lively atmosphere that signals the start of the weekend.

Another great attraction the island has to offer is the naturally generated Hin Ta and Hin Yai, which translates into the grandpa and grandma rocks. These rocks have been formed naturally and resemble the male and female genitalia, and they are a source of mirth and wonder for the island.

Most of the housing options on this island come in the form of luxury villas. These villas can range anything between $1 million and several hundred thousand dollars. Conrad Properties is a Real Estate agency in Koh Samui that sells and rents luxurious villas. They also rent and sell cheaper apartments, sell land, and offer real estate investments.

Their most expensive property comes in the form of a luxurious 4 bedroom villa located in Bophut, Koh Samui. What makes this villa so special, and so expensive, is the pool which is faced towards the sea.

If visiting Koh Samui, you cannot miss on visiting Koh Tao, which means turtle island. Koh Tao is a small island that is ranked as the best scuba diving destination in Thailand, with its beachhead spreading 21 square kilometers. The Gulf of Thailand is what makes these islands so perfect. The gulf provides the crystal clear water that will make anyone want to visit. What’s more is the types of exotic fish that live in these waters that make only half of the reasons why you would want to visit.

Koh Samui is home to numerous waterfalls, all differing in size. One of the most popular waterfalls in Koh Samui is the two Na Muang. The names of these waterfalls refer to the massive purple rocks that give them vibrant beauty. The two waterfalls are separated only by a 100-meter walk.

Koh Samui is a very spiritual place. Between the monks and the temples, hidden in the hills of one of Koh Samui’s mountains, can be found the secret Buddha Garden. The Secret Buddha Garden has a majestic collection of unusual statues, all surrounded by jungle and plants. The creator of this garden is an old farmer when in 1967 wanted to erect several statues on his family’s land to show his religious dedication.

Another popular tourist attraction is the mummy monk at Wat Khunaram. In fact, there are several mummies, which actually are mummified monks that lay on display at Wat Khunaram. The latest is the body of Luanda Pordaeng, which is 20 years old, but what’s impressive is that the signs of degradation are minimal.

Spend Your Holiday Days On Some At The Best Vacation Destinations

Traveling is a beautiful thing and one of the best investments you can make. If planning on the time, it will give you the opportunity to rest, have fun and meet new cultures. And it has never been easier – with traveling agencies offering cheap programs for destinations all around the world you can finally visit the place you have always dreamed of.

Whether it is a capital city holding a historical value, or a beautiful tropical island one thing matters – you should enjoy every second of it! Saying this, we came up with a list of the best vacation destinations out there covering more than few different yet equally attractive ones. Let’s take a look!

Paris, France


One of the most attractive destinations for tourists around the world has to be the capital of France and the so-called City of Love –Paris. Once there, you will be able to experience the historical value of it while still taking a walk and enjoying the romantic suburbs of Montmartre and Champ-Elysees. You will see the famous Tour De Eiffel and get to take a ride down the Sena river that is especially beautiful at sunset. Whether you are traveling with your family, friends or a partner it is a destination that will never go old and one you will surely enjoy!

Rome, Italy


Another capital city of Europe, Rome has been a staple of culture and civilization for a few thousands of years. Same as the rest of Italy it features amazing architecture, food and people that will be more than glad to take you for a tourist tour. Visit the Colosseum, eat some pasta and don’t forget to keep it cool and relax. As the old proverb says – all paths lead to Rome. And if you are already in Italy going ahead and visiting Tuscany (with beautiful vineyards, and medieval sighting) is an excellent choice!

Bali, Indonesia


As Bali is slowly becoming one of the most famous tourist destinations be sure to experience all the treasures of it while it is still partially untouched. You will get the chance to meet the pesky yet funny monkeys, enjoy the white sand beaches, traditional shows, and fall in love with beautiful sunsets! Visiting the Indonesian gem will be one of the best decisions you ever made!

Crete, Greece


Same as the above mentioned Bali but situated in Greece this is an island jewel. You will get to feel like a god as Crete is thought to be the birthplace of many Greek Gods as well as the European civilization. This beautiful island holds a huge historical value while still offering beautiful nature and the Mediterranean sea you will simply enjoy!

Marrakech, Morocco


If someone has asked me what would be the best city to go and feel the mix of different countries and vibes I would certainly say Marrakech. This beautiful Morrocan city will take a special place in your heart, and you will be able to experience French, Arab and Spanish influence along the way. Beautiful buildings and even better-spiced food will make your stay a day or two longer than you have initially planned!

Phuket, Thailand


The island covered with Buddhist temples, beautiful white sand beaches, and water sports options has to be one of the best destinations to spend your vacation days on. Once again the blue lagoons and beautiful sunset that you will be able to experience every day are just a few reasons why you should visit this gemstone. And taking a swim in the Andaman Sea is a must all day long!



Jamaica is so special that whatever place you visit on the island you are sure to go back with beautiful memories feeling like you are born again. The people there are so nice and relaxed you will have no place for stress, and simply lying on the beach will seem like the most beautiful experience ever. Along with that, you have a variety of nice bars and clubs that you can visit and enjoy the positive reggae vibes that Jamaica has to offer. With forests and unique wildlife everywhere around it is excellent if you are a fun of hiking as well!

Hurghada, Egypt


Last, but certainly not least is the beautiful place of Hurghada situated in the civilization’s cradle – Egypt. The turquoise water and beautiful beaches are just what you need when on vacation, and you will be able to scuba dive and enjoy the coral reefs everywhere around. Exploring the old town of El Dahar will be a fun thing to do in a day, and the politeness of Hurghada people is something you will be amazed about!


There are hundreds of beautiful vacation destinations out there, and we only listed a few life-changing ones. It is your choice where and when will you go, but remember to travel and experience life throughout!

5 Ways to Get Around Barcelona Easily

Barcelona, apart from being lively and artistic, is also a very large city. While going around its ancient Gothic quarter and marina would be best done by foot, getting to or from these points to different places of the city may be a bit of a challenge to your legs. It is advisable, by all means, to get a set of wheels to traverse the city in its entirety. Here are five great ways to get around the city of Barcelona.

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1. Two Wheels or Three

Two wheelers are the most efficient way to get around this lovely city. Start with a bicycle if you wish, and if you don’t like the effort involved in pedaling across eternity, upgrade to a scooter. Scooter rental agencies in Barcelona are common and provide affordable rates for your requirements. With the ability to hire by the hour, you will have the liberty of paying for only that period of time during which you wish to use it. Two-wheeler rentals are comparatively cheaper and more economic in comparison to other options. You need to produce valid permits to get your vehicle.

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2. The Metro Is Quick and Affordable

The metro runs through Barcelona, connecting the different regions of the city very well. You need to decide where you wish to go and just buy a ticket. Metro passes are available on sale, which could save you the trouble of queueing up at the counters before your journey. The metro in Barcelona consists of twelve lines and one hundred sixty stops, so you won’t be too far away from a station. You could even pair your journey with the bus and metro system.

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3. The Buses of Barcelona

The tram bus is quick and cheap. If you wish to get to certain places, like the beach, for example, it would be a very good idea to use the tram bus, instead of the metro. Before you embark upon your journey, read up on the possible places you will be visiting and try to figure out the best way to get there. You could also book a seat onboard Barcelona’s tourist buses, which run through the city, saving time and taking you to the city’s main attractions. This is a fairly reasonable choice.

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4. Taxis Are Cheap Here

In Iberia, it is cheaper to rent a cab than anywhere else in Europe. Barcelona cab drivers are as friendly as they are honest and will hardly try to rip you off. It helps if you know how to speak a little bit of Spanish or Catalan, as it would ease communication. Taxis also offer the opportunity to get from Point A to B without an intermediate stop. If the yellow cabs don’t impress, you could book an app cab.

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5. Rent A Car

The usual car rental companies operate in Barcelona, so it will hardly be a problem getting one for the duration of your visit. Car rentals will ask you for relevant permits before you can take the vehicle, so get your papers in place. With a car at your disposal, you can go and buy interesting gifts for your friends in the morning, while coming back to the beach to laze under the sun by noon. It also saves the trouble of having to wait forever for the bus or rely on public transport.

From the heights of the Sagrada Familia to the culturally rich streets of this beautiful city, Barcelona stuns its citizens and visitors alike. With so much to offer and so many activities to do, Barcelona happens to be one of the top destinations in the world and according to e-architect, you can cover its most popular feats with walking tours – of course, when moving around the city, use one of the methods above. After all, in a continent that is known for its art and its passion to preserve the most beautiful qualities of mankind, it is no surprise that this is a perfect fit. The pride of the Catalan people and a must visit for those who appreciate life, Barcelona must be experienced to be truly understood. Get your wheels and explore the uniqueness of the Iberian jewel.

Mystery of Oak Island – What Secrets does the Island Hold?


The Oak Island mystery is a set to stories about hidden and buried treasures, artifacts and unexplained objects on Oak Island in Nova Scotia, one of Canadian Provinces. There have been many different attempts since the 19th century to find and retrieve treasure and artifacts.
Although there are many different theories and possible connections to various time periods and artifacts, no significant discoveries have been made yet.

Earliest Information (1790s–1856)

A very limited amount of verified information is familiar about the early treasure hunting activities on Oak Island.
Only decades after them did the publishers pay attention to all the activity and rumors surrounding the island, so they decided to investigate. The earliest recorded story of a treasure score is that of a settler called Daniel McGinnis.

It first appeared in print in 1856, with the excavation information on the Onslow and Truro Company appeared in the early 1860s. Everything before this should therefore be considered as legends, stories, myths and mouth stories at best, going back to the late eighteenth-century.
The first of these involve a dying sailor from the crew of famous Captain Kidd (1701). It is allegedly stated that a treasure worth approximately £2 million is buried somewhere on the island.

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The First Excavations (1861-1898)

The “The Oak Island Association” company made a big attempt at digging out treasure. They drilled from the side to avoid the flooded shaft. During the excavation, collapsed, and it was said that the treasure fell into a void. Speculations of booby-traps also occurred. The new shaft became flooded as well. The first of the six deaths happened when a pump engine boiler burst, killing a man. The project was abandoned when money ran dry in 1864.

Two years later, an unknown group came with steam pumps and boring equipment. The pumps were useless and unable to keep the water out of the side shaft. Boring samples were acquired however. One of these samples had a small piece of sheepskin parchment with two letters, “vi” or “wi”, written in India ink, on it. The second a death occurred on March 26, the following year when Maynard Kaiser fell to his death.The following year, the group poured red paint into the flooded pit. This revealed three exit holes present on the island.

Further Attempts (1909-1939)

Captain Henry L. Bowdoin came to Oak Island in August of 1909. He represented the Old Gold Salvage Group, and one of their members was none other than Franklin Delano Roosevelt. The area received the intriguing nickname the “money pit”. Around 113 feet (34 m) were cleared out, with divers investigate the area.None of the borings revealed interesting details anywhere.
Bowdoin examined Smith’s Cove as well, and reported the discoveries of drain tunnels and a ringbolt in a rock. Again, nothing of value or interest came out. Bowdoin later examined the “stone cipher” in Halifax, and found it a basalt rock with no symbols. This group finally left the island in November, however Roosevelt always kept up with the news and developments from the island, until his death.

In 1928, one of the New York newspapers published a story on Oak Island. William Chappell was intrigued, and went on to excavate the pit in 1931, southwest of what he thought to be the 1897 shaft. At 127 feet, or 39 m, a many artifacts were found, including a fluke anchor, an axe, and a pick. Al of these were from previous excavations, but the owners were impossible to trace.

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Gilbert Hedden was an operator of a steel fabricating company. He was also interested in the 1928 article, and was fascinated by the problems in engineering at the excavation site. He took six trips to Oak Island, and also collected books and articles on it. He went so far and travelled to England in order to consult with Harold T. Wilkins, who wrote Captain Kidd and His Skeleton Island. Hedden began to dig during the summer of 1935. After this he purchased the southeastern end of the island. His excavations were unfortunately, like all the rest, unsuccessful.

From the ‘60s to the ‘90s (1959-1990s)

Robert Restall came to the island with his 18-year-old son, as well as with his work partner Karle Graeserin 1959, before which he had signed a contract with one of the owners of property. In 1965, they attempted to seal a storm drain in Smith’s Cove, or so they believed, and dug a shaft 27 feet down. On August 17, hydrogen sulfide fumes overcame Restall who passed out. His son then went to try and save him, but he too lost consciousness. Graeser and two other people, Cyril Hiltz and Andy DeMont, went next to save the two. Finally, a visitor Edward White lowered himself using a rope on a rope, but only managed to rescue DeMont. Sadly, Restall and his son, as well as Graeser and Hiltz all died that day.

During this year, Robert Dunfield leased some parts of the island. He dug 134 feet (41 m) deep and 100 feet (30 m) wide with a 70-ton clam bucket crane. The transportation of this enormous crane required the construction of a causeway, which still exists today. It stretches from the western end of the island, all the way to Crandall’s Point on the mainland. It is two hundred meters long.His lease on the island ended in August of 1966.

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Next attempt came in January 1967, when Daniel C. Blankenship, Robert Dunfield, David Tobias, and Fred Nolan formed a syndicate meant to explore Oak Island. After two years, Blankenship and Tobias established Triton Alliance and purchased the majority of the island.Former landowners like Mel Chappell became shareholders in Triton. In 1971, the company excavated a 235 feet (72 m) shaft, known as Borehole 10-X. It was attached to bedrock by a steel caisson.

Reportedly, they lowered cameras into a cave, that recorded chests, human remains, wooden cribbing and tools. These images were unclear however, ant nothing was confirmed. The shaft collapsed, after which the excavation was abandoned one more time. It was revisited and dug to 181 feet (55 m) all the way to bed rock, which was followed by the lack of funds, and the breaking of partnership finally stopped it.

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In 1983, Triton Alliance took Frederick Nolan to court and sued him over the ownership of seven lots on the island. Two years later, his ownership was confirmed, however he had to pay damages for interfering with the tourism business of Triton Alliance. Triton lost on appeal in 1989, when Nolan’s damages were lowered.

In the 1990s, the overall exploration stalled due to legal battles between the Triton partners, and the lack of funding got in the way as well.A part of the island became available for sale in 2005 for US$7 million. Oak Island Tourism Society hoped for the government of Canada to buy it, but instead a group of American drillers ended up as the owners.

Oak Island Tours (2005 – Present Day)

In April of 2006, brothers Rick and Marty Lagina from Michigan purchased 50% of Oak Island Tours from David Tobias. Blankenship owns the rest of the company. Center Road Developments, Allan Kostrzewa and Brian Urbach, who are members of the Michigan group, bought Lot 25 from David Tobias for $230,000 a year before Tobias sold his share. The Michigan group and Blankenship resumed operations on the mysterious island, hoping to find buried treasure and solve the centuries old mystery.

In July of 2010, Blankenship and the rest of the stakeholders got the license from Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources and Department of Tourism, Culture and Heritage, meaning they can resume their activities until December 31, 2010.After this date passed, they repealed the license and replaced it with the Oak Island Treasure Act.It is power from January 1, 2011, and allows treasure hunting to continue on the island under the terms and the license issued by the Minister of Natural Resources. Lagina brothers have a reality TV show that documents their discoveries and operations on the island. It started airing on the History channel in 2014, and is now in its sixth season.

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The earliest theory is that the money pit holds a pirate treasure buried by Captain Kidd. He allegedly conspired with Henry Avery, and the island was their bank. The second pirate theory involves Edward “Blackbeard” Teach, who buried his treasures “where none but Satan and myself can find it.”

Another theory tells that the pit was made by Spanish sailors and holds treasure from a wrecked galleon, or maybe even by the British troops during the American Revolution. Some say that the British marines dug the pit because they need a place to store the loot from their invasion of Cuba. The value of this is treasure was reportedly around £1,000,000 pounds, which is about $180,000,000 in today’s economy, adjusted for inflation and currency rates. John Godwin wrote that the size and complexity of the pit show that is was the French Army engineers who hid the treasury of the Fortress of Louisburg, which fell to the British during the famous Seven Years’ War.

Marie Antoinette’s jewels

Marie Antoinette’s jewels are widely missing, except for some in museum collections. They are also thought to be on the island. On October 5, 1789, a mob of angry Parisian women workers encouraged by revolutionaries marched to the Palace of Versailles. Marie Antoinette told her maid to run with the jewels. She went to London and then Nova Scotia with the jewels and other treasures and important documents. Through royal connections, and in collaboration with the French Navy,they build the Oak Island pit. The first possible evidence for this theory appeared in 2017, when a 500-year-old brooch with a large garnet was discovered.

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Bacon-Shakespeare Connection

Penn Leary wrote in his 1953 book, The Oak Island Enigma: A History and Inquiry Into the Origin of the Money Pit wrote that the pit was used for hiding manuscripts that indicates that Francis Bacon was the author of Shakespeare’s works, as well as the leader of the Rosicrucian’s. “The Second Cryptographic Shakespeare” from 1990 identified ciphers in Shakespeare’s works that point to the authorship of Bacon.

Masonic and Rosicrucian’s Connections

In Oak Island Secrets, Mark Finnan wrote how many Masonic markings are present on Oak Island, and that the pit replicates some aspects of a Masonic initiation rite, complete with a hidden vault containing treasure. Joe Nickell draws parallels between Oak Island, the “Secret Vault” allegory in York Rite Freemasonry, and the Chase Vault on Barbados, while Steven Sora speculates that the money pit is the work of the exiled Knights Templar. It may also contain the Holy Grail, or the Ark of the Covenant.

One more theory suggests how Rosicrucian’s and Francis Bacon had plans to make the island the home of their legendary vault that hides ancient manuscripts and artifacts. Researchers and cryptographers such believe they have found codes hidden in Shakespeare’s works and other 16th and 17th century art and documents, as well as rock formations on the island. Daniel Ronnstam believes that the stone found at 90 feet or 27 m contains a dual cipher, created by non-other than Francis Bacon.

Img source:

Other Theories

Joy Steele, an author, thinks that the pit is a tar kiln from when “Oak Island served as a tar-making location as part of the British naval stores industry”.A marine biologist, Barry Fell, tried to translate the symbols on the stone in late 1970s. He said that they resembled Coptic alphabet and read, “To escape contagion of plague and winter hardships, he is to pray for an end or mitigation the Arif: The people will perish in misery if they forget the Lord, alas.” Fell’s theory is that the Coptic migrants sailed from North Africa to the island and made the pit themselves.

15 Tanks and Trucks That Went Diving

Although there are some vehicles that are designed to go underwater besides their ability to drive on public roads (haven’t you watched James Bond?), usually cars don’t mix well with water. And yet that hasn’t prevented these tanks and trucks from diving to the bottom. Check out 15 cool photos of rides found under the water.

Img source:

15. Red Sea Tank

Tanks can conquer various different terrains, but the bottom of the ocean is too much for them. This tank is located near a popular diving site close to Aqaba in the Red Sea.

Img source:

14. Welsh Wonders

A vintage army truck sunk in Dayhouse Quarry in Wales. The quarry was abandoned at the turn of the century but at least divers have something to explore here.

Img source:

13. Scuba Diving Tanks

Usually when you go scuba diving, you expect to see wildlife, bright colors and creatures you can only dream of. Instead, off the coast of County Donegal in Ireland, military vehicles are located under the water. Hold your breath because you will see some WWII rides.

Img source:

12. Submerged Snaps

Some vehicles are not as lucky as the other ones and this Land Rover finished submerged. It took years of decaying before fantastic photos are taken.

Img source:

11. Brakes or Accelerator Pedal?

How many times has a boating trip gone wrong? Too many times, I am afraid. The owner of this Ford pickup must have mistaken his truck for a kayak.

Img source:

10. Mistakes Happen

Floods can be a nasty business and sometimes you cannot do much except watching your vehicle getting drowned. In this case though, the driver attempted to pull out his boat and his car ended up soaked.

Img source:

9. Exploring Wrecks

Sometimes divers go deep to explore boat wreckage. That could be interesting since lots of fish can find a hideout. Rarely do the divers explore submerged trucks but the one on the photo was a part of the Zenobia wreck off the coast of Cyprus.


Img source:

8. The Truk Lagoon

This site in the Philippines is heaven for drivers and history lovers. Over 40 WWII battleships are located at the sea floor and when they sunk, some of them carried tanks and other military vehicles with them.

Img source:

7. Abandoned Quarry

This quarry may not be as exotic and popular as the Truk Lagoon, but a lot of debris can be found here. Located between England and Wales, this site has seen a lot of trucks deliberately sunk by the National Diving Academy to create some kind of a stage for divers to practice.

Img source:

6. Classic Cars

Back in the Philippines at the Truk Lagoon, there are a lot of things to be found. Besides ships tanks and war trucks, there is a classic vehicle which could have been a great collector car.

Img source:

5. Sunken Treasure

Dutch Springs in Pennsylvania is a great site if you are a beginner diver. Scuba diving is quite popular here and if you decide to uncover the mysteries under the water, you will find a 6×6 truck among other things.

Img source:

4. Vintage Fire Truck

This place also has a sunken vintage fire truck! You can take amazing images of this truck as this fellow shows. He appears to be driving it as well!

Img source:

3. Brakes

When you try to pull off your boat from your pickup it is important that the pickup is secured and motionless. This truck obviously wasn’t well secured.

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2. Down Below – a Jeep

The Andaman sea floor has a peculiar visitor – a Jeep. How this Jeep ended up here remains a mystery even today. Nevertheless, it is a great attraction for the divers.

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1. Coral Reef

Just off the coast of Vaersanbaii on the Island of Curacao in the Caribbean a military truck is located. Other than that, this is a place filled with coral reefs and the truck seems to like it here.


Get The Most Out Of Your Dubai Trip By Visiting This 10 Attractions

Dubai has become one of the main tourist destinations all around the world. This beautiful city situated in the Middle-East has become a tourist powerhouse from basically being a desert place 15 years ago. The speed of Dubai’s development is incredible, and it remains one of the highest-grossing cities across the globe.

If you are a tourist and you are planning to visit Dubai, first of all, we would suggest winter months as then it is not as crowded and the weather is somewhat milder. And believe us you should plan at least a whole week trip if not even more, as you won’t be able to do anything if you are there for just a few days. The diversity of Dubai is, and you will be able to experience the Middle-East culture to its fullest. Let’s see what are the attractions you simply have to visit once in Dubai!

The Top 10 Dubai Attractions
  1. When it comes to Dubai Tours, all have one thing in common, and that is a sure visit to the tallest building in the world – Burj Khalifa. It lies at the height of 829.8 meters, and if you go to the observation deck (124thfloor), you will be able to experience an amazing landscape view. The fast elevator will bring you off your feet, and a multimedia Dubai presentation is included in the experience as well. Last, but not least you will be enjoying the views on beautiful gardens and fountains that are at the bottom of this building. Don’t forget to buy a postcard and show off to your friends!


  1. Dubai Mall. One of the biggest malls in the whole world offering a huge cinema complex, gaming zone, tons of retail stores and food venues is sure to take your whole day. And especially if you are visiting in the winter, you will be lucky enough to enjoy the Dubai Shopping Festival (January and February)!
  1. Dubai Museum. This museum is actually an Al-Fahidi Fort that was built at the end of the 18th century with the goal of defending the Creek. Since then it was mostly a residence to the government, ruling family and a place of diplomatic meetings. There are two halls – right one includes weaponry and the left one historical musical instruments. You will enjoy the beautiful fort’s courtyard as well!


  1. The Bastakia. This part of Old Dubai was mainly where the Persian merchants lived during the 19th century, attracted by facts that there were no taxes in the Dubai Creek. Persian merchants were mostly selling pearls and textile products. You will be seeing a lot of coral and limestone building that have been excellently preserved as well as the common wind towers. An influence of Persian architecture can be greatly noticed, and if you visit the Majlis Gallery, you will have a chance of enjoying the historical collection of Arab furniture and art.
  1. The Dubai Creek. The all famous Dubai Creek carries a lot of historical significance, and it is positioned to separate the city into Bur Dubai on the south and Deira on the north. Your best choice is to befriend a trader and take a ride on one of the dhows. The cargo is loaded and unloaded during the whole day, mostly arriving from India, Kuwait and Iran.


  1. The northern part of Dubai is a remarkable place. Some of the most famous markets are situated here with – Gold Souk (largest gold bazaar across the globe), Spice Souk (includes all possible spices) and the fish market are one of the most interesting tourist attractions. And in Deira, you will feel the mix of many cultures that spread across the city.
  1. Burj Al-Arab. Once again, every guide from the Dubai Tours will lead you to the highest standing hotel (321 meters) of Burj Al-Arab. It gives a skyscraping view and is especially beautiful at night. Just for your information, a night in this one can cost $15000!


  1. Jumeirah Beach. It would be a shame that you go to Dubai and not enjoy the beautiful sandy beaches that it offers. Jumeirah Beach is one of the most famous ones, and it is accompanied by multiple hotels, apartment buildings, and beautiful date palms right by the coast.
  1. The Desert. When in Dubai you simply have to experience the beauties of the Arabian Desert and what better way than by taking a Dubai Desert Safari tour. You can enjoy the desert by renting a quad, bike or simply riding a camel. The barbecue will be one of the best you ever tried, and at the end of the day, you can enjoy yourself in some of the luxury desert spas.


  1. Dubai Opera. Last, but not least is the amazing Dubai Opera and a center of culture. It is both a theater, a hall, and a concert hall and the shape of it resembles a trading dhow. The schedule goes all year long, and if you are lucky enough to hit the season it will provide for a great experience!


Dubai is a beautiful and diverse city, and it would be a shame not to visit it at least once in your life. In our opinion, 7-10 days trip will be just right to experience Dubai to its fullest. Once there, remember our list and send us a postcard!