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Best Anti-Theft Backpacks for Your Daily Needs

All of us had our things stolen from our backpack at least once in our life. And everybody knows that it is not a pleasant experience, especially if some valuables like a wallet or gadgets were included. Going through the whole process of recovering it usually comes out with low success rate.

As the old proverb says, it is better to prevent than later heal, meaning that investing in a well-secured backpack should save you of the possible troubles, according to research done by Global Backpackers. Now, how can you know if one really serves its purpose and is worth the money? First of all, you should decide about the size. Are you a traveler or you just need a handy backpack for regular daily use? How many compartments do you need and does it have an anti-theft pocket? And of course the more durable material it is made of, the better. Take a look at our top 5 list and you might get a better clue on the best ones offered:

1. Matein Travel Backpack

Matein really did an amazing job providing us with an all-around backpack, suitable for almost all needs. You have enough space to store your gadgets, books, valuables, everything in a separate place. That way you can effectively reach what you need, without grinding through the interior to find what you are looking for. The front compartment is very well organized, being just the right size for a textbook or a laptop.

Along with that, and maybe the most important feature is that it comes with an almost invisible anti-theft pocket that’s at the back. This one serves its purpose, definitely protecting you from any type of pickpocketing threat, and it is perfect for you to put your phone, keys, wallet or whatever you would.

It is apparently made to withstand tough conditions and weather, so hikers might especially like this one. With the reinforced straps it is nice and ergonomic on the back. Also, this backpack is pretty conventional as you can easily combine and transport it with your luggage.

The only con that we can notice is that the material is a bit rustic, and not that high-end, but the pros outweigh this by far!

2. Tigernu Business Laptop Backpack

While maybe not for hikers, as the hunt guides website claims, this one is an excellent solution for all the students or the self-employed people that need to carry their necessities around.

Same as the previous one, it is ergonomic and provides no pressure on your back, with the straps being easily adjustable. And there is space for everything. A laptop pocket, a notebook and a stationary one, whatever you want to put you have space for it. Believe it or not, there is also a special strap meant to hold your sunglasses. Now isn’t that a trick? It is made from nylon, being pretty resistant to tear and wear, and being eco-friendly, it is just the right combination.

Now the anti-theft pocket is a story for itself. It is basically a zipper built-in pocket at the back, being almost unnoticeable and perfect for a laptop to fit in.

A visible con is that the bottom and back might not be that stable, but still is a good choice!

3. Oscaurt Anti-theft Travel Backpack

This one is for those who really aim for the safety of their stuff at the first place. While it is maybe not the most conventional backpack out there, as you have to take it off your back to pick even the slightest thing out of it, its security is unbeatable.

Again, made from water-resistant and tear and wear proof materials, it is sure to last a long time, being easy to carry as well. The anti-theft pocket is in the form of an almost invisible zipper, that goes around the whole bag and ends at the back of your backpack. There is no way a pickpocket can go through this.

It also has a USB charger, to which you can connect your power bank and charge your phone while on the way.

The only visible con, once again, is the fact that you need to take the whole backpack off in order to take something out, but still really worth it!

4. Pacsafe Venturesafe 25L Gll

A traveling backpack that uses the best available tech in order to protect your valuables. It is pretty comfy and big, as you can put a lot of stuff, along with a 15-inch laptop and a 3l fluid bottle without a problem.

For the anti-theft protection, it uses an eXomesh Slashguard technology, basically covering the riskiest parts of the backpack with lightweight stainless steel, so there is no way it can be slashed through. Also, it includes RFID pocket, which stores your delicate information and secures that no one can steal it.

The con is the straps, that are not adjustable as it should be, but still a good backpack for travelers.

5. KAKA Backpack

For all those old school folks, this one might be the best for you. At a relatively low price, you get a lasting and water-resistant backpack, that has a 40liter capacity. With more than a few compartments, there is just enough space for you to put everything you need on a daily basis.

As of the protection, instead of going for zipper anti-theft pockets, the company went for the good old straps which take much longer to open making it more difficult for a pickpocket to be successful. It also comes with a 30-day money back guarantee.

Still, it is not made for rough use, so take care.

Whichever you pick it is a good choice, and for sure it will save you from a lot of troubles on the way!

Wildlife photography, and dealing with a high contrast photo

This form of photography deals with the documentation of various wildlife in their natural habitat. Besides photography skills, wildlife photographers need field skills. Some animals are difficult to approach, so knowledge of their behavior is necessary to predict their actions. Capturing some specimens may even require stalking skills.

According to while taking wildlife photos with basic equipment is possible, successful photography of some types of wildlife requires professional gadgets like underwater cameras for marine life, long focal length lenses for birds, and macro lenses for insects. A good wildlife image can also be made by simply being in the right place at the right time, but you should also follow some of the most common wildlife photography tips.


It was difficult to get a photo of wildlife in the early days of photography because of slow lenses and low sensitivity of photo media. Earlier pictures of animals were usually zoo animals, pets, or stuffed animals. For example, the lion cubs photo from Bristol zoo in 1854, as well as the photos of the last Quagga by Frank Hayes in 1864. Wildlife photography got better when faster emulsions and quicker shutters appeared in the 1880s. These advances lead to images such as the first shots of wild birds in action taken by Ottomar Anschutz, a German, in 1884. In July of 1906, National Geographic published its first wildlife photos by George Shiras III, an American from Pennsylvania. Some of these were taken with the first ever wire-tripped camera traps.

image source:


The Royal Photographic Society, the Photographic Society of America and the Fédération Internationale de l’Art Photographique are the three largest photography organizations in the world. They adopted a definition of nature and wildlife photography, in order to govern these competitions. Their presidents wrote a joint statement, which perfectly sums it up. The statement reads, “The development of a common definition for nature and wildlife photography will be an important step in helping photographers, many of whom enter competitions internationally, know what the rules are. It will also provide organizers with a very clear definition when they need to deal with the problem of ineligible images.”


Equipment for wildlife photography is very specialized. It uses different lenses and equipment than most of the other forms of photography. The lenses have a focal length between 150 and 600mm, and provide tighter images. Other specialized gear includes flash extenders, camera traps, and hides. The majority of wildlife is shot with a long telephoto lens. A wide-angle lens is also an option, offering striking images.

What is a High Contrast Image, and how to deal with one?

The high contrast image has an extreme exposure difference between the darkest and the brightest areas. Exposing for these images is tough, as exposing highlights results in clipping details in shadows, while exposing for shadows blows up the highlights.

The best examples of high contrast scenes are landscapes, an important part of wildlife photography. Amateur photographers try to expose the foreground, which results in the whitewashing of the sky and the loss of sky details. Naturally, if the sky is exposed, then the foreground is dark. So what is the best way to deal with this and create great photos?

1. Use Graduated ND Filters

Graduated ND filters are the favorite among landscape photographers. With these, you can use the dark section against the sky, getting a correctly exposed image.

image source:

2. Exposure Bracketing

This is one of the best techniques to deal with a high contrast image because you are able to take the same scene at multiple exposures by using the auto exposure feature of your cam. Later you can merge them in Photoshop. The camera takes three exposures by default, an overexposed image, an underexposed image, and a zero exposure image. These are then stitched together. Some cameras allow five or seven images.

3. Use In-camera HDR Mode

Some point and shoot and DSLR cameras come with the HDR mode. In this mode, the camera takes multiple pictures at multiple exposures and stitches them using the integrated software.

4. Fill in Flash Technique for Backlit Subjects

A backlit subject is another high contrast image situation. Portrait photographers tend to deal with these. If you expose the subject, the background blows up, while exposing for the background makes the subject dark. The best advice here is to fill in some light on the subject, but actually, expose the background. This will result in a great snap of a primary object and its surroundings!

In addition, you can use the fill-in flash technique. This ensures that the subject is well lit. Reflectors may also help to bounce and reflect light onto the subject.

image source:

5. Exposure Adjustment

You could also set the exposure somewhere in the middle. The brightest portion will become less bright, while the darkest one becomes less dark. To do this, you will need to shoot in RAW format.

The dynamic range of the camera sensor is much less in comparison to the human eye, which is the reason why it is not able to correctly expose a high contrast image. To take the best photo you can, you need to understand the dynamic range of the camera, which helps in finalizing what technique to use in a particular situation.

We hope our advice helps you in getting ready to take amazing nature photos and If you don’t have any camera, then it’s not a problem anymore. Black Friday is here and you should check out the best Black Friday deals on camera as well. Now go out there and make some art!

Symptoms Of Dirty Throttle Body

When your car’s engine gets a perfect combo of air and fuel, you do not need to worry, in that case, your engine works excellent, and you are getting the best performance from your machine. The dirty throttle body is something that can ruin all this since this is the part where fresh air from the filters goes to the engine. This large valve can get dirty easily and quickly, and you will notice a few things which are all symptoms of a dirty throttle body.

It is the most common issue with the engine in the newer models because it is considered to be a critical part of any machine. In the article below you can read about the most common symptoms of the dirty throttle body.

Rough Idling


Rough idling is the most usual symptom of the dirty throttle body. If your valve is clean, you are at of 500-1000 RPM, but if the RPM moves fast and your car jiggle you have a dirty valve 100%. In this case, you should immediately go to the garage and get this fixed.

Low Mileage and Acceleration

When you have a dirty throttle body, your car is using more fuel and you mpg figure drops. Do not ignore that, clean that valve before it is too late.

Dirty Housing

Another sign that there is an issue is the extra dirt inside the housing. If your car starts working overtime, you must know that dirt affected the balance of fuel and air in your engine.

Carbon Deposit

Carbon deposit can make a mess inside the walls of the valve because they can create a rough surface, and change the ideal ratio of the mix of air and fuel.

Electrical Problem

Electrical problems are the most usual issues of new and modern vehicles because many things in cars is controled by computers. All kinds of connectivity’s issues can cause bad interactions with sensors. This can cause several problems and the dirt in the throttle body is one of them.

Vacuum Leaks

Your throttle body is ready for cleaning if your vacuum leaks. This means you have throttle body pressure problems. If your RPM is very high or very low, you must know that your vacuum leaks.

The Best Home Solution


The solution to this problem is so easy and quick that you can do that in your house; you just need to have a bottle of WD-40.

When you remove the air pipe from the throttle body spray WD-40 for 1 minute and then wait for 15 minutes. It is important to press the accelerator because it will open the valve of the throttle body.

After 15 minutes, start the engine of your car and slowly increase the RPM to 3000. After a few minutes, you must see the white smoke if you did everything by the instructions.

Your problem Is Still Here

If you do not know for sure if your throttle body is dirty, you need to contact a qualified and experienced mechanic. The mechanic will scan your car’s computer system and find all the fault codes.

You will save loads of money if you don’t ignore the symptoms of the dirty throttle body and remember every car check at the mechanic’s need to involve the air induction service and fuel injection flush. These actions will clean out all the dirt in your engine.

Top 4 VPN Services

VPNs have become very important and useful nowadays. They are essential when you need help with access to your website if it gets blocked, but also when you want to encrypt your data or are in need of hiding your location. VPNs were invented for the use of employees in organizations that needed to be connected with the computer that was far away from them. What this tool does is it generates a virtual cable through which a server and a computer are connected, and that virtual cables takes care of any data that goes through it and encrypts it. This guarantees that the information and data are safe and no one can access it.

There are plenty of VPN services out there, and it can be hard to pick one out. The factors you should consider are speed, security, price, the location of the VPN provider, ease of use and so on. Now we will discuss the best VPN services out there:

1. PureVPN – This service has 2,000 servers, 300,000 IP addresses and 180 server locations with the country of origin being Hong Kong. A big plus of this VPN service is that it has a 30-day refund policy and also supports bitcoin payments. Their pricing is average with being not too expensive but not too cheap. It is $10.95 per month or $35.88 if you get a yearly subscription. It is also special because it is the first one to add the GDPR fully.

2. NordVPN – With more than 5,000 servers, 5,000 Ip addresses and 61 server location this Panama VPN service has a 5/5 rating. Because of the fact that this company has 6 simultaneous connections when other companies offer 5 or less it is in the lead. If you get a monthly subscription, it will cost you $11.95 which is more than other companies, but it is worth it. The yearly plan is the best way to get your money’s worth since it pans out to $6.99 per month or $83.88 in total. Or if you are ready to settle for a 3-year plan, then it would come up to only $2.99 per month!

3. CyberGhost – 115 server locations, 2,800 IP addresses and over 3,000 servers all over the world. Founded in 2011 this company has a pretty good Linux support, routers that support VPN and offers the Kodi media player solution. They support P2P and BitTorrent in most countries and have a switch for a connection kill. As for the price, it is $11.99 per month, $4.99 per month for a 6-month plan, and $2.75 per month for an 18-month plan. It might be a bit pricey, but it is worth it. It gets a few other bonus points for not logging connection data, custom app protection, and IPV5 support.

4. ExpressVPN – It has over 30,000 IP addresses, 2,500 servers, 145 server locations and it comes from the British Virgin Islands. With a 30-day refund policy and amazing protocol support, this one is a great choice for a VPN service. There are an additional SSTP and L2TP/IPSec support available to some of the users. You can get a special deal of 3 months for free if you get the yearly plan.

5. Octane VPN is a solid virtual private network service provider that offers power and speed. You can use the service as frequently as you want.
This provider really stands out among others by offering access to servers based in over 40+ countries and 80 cities. If you’re curious about the details, has a well-written review. Worth to mention that their software works with all major security protocols. However, there is one drawback, they don’t offer a free trial.

Electric Bikes Bring Health Benefits or Just For Lazy People?

In the Tour de France competition, having a small electric motor installed on your bike is cheating. For the rest of the world, it may help make cycling more practical and enjoyable, according to a new study. Everyone knows that exercising is necessary and good for us. Physically active are much less likely to suffer from heart diseases, cancer, strokes, diabetes, and depression, than those who are sedentary. They will also have much fewer disabilities at old age and are at a lower risk of dying prematurely. Although everyone is familiar with this, not a lot of people actually exercise. They have excuses like the lack of time, or not being fit enough to do it.

Here is where electric bicycles could help. The motors switch your pedaling as you need it, some even pedaling for you. This, for example, makes climbing hills very easy. This could even reduce the need for cars, avoiding daily traffic jams. Surely, depending on your requirements you can choose the best electric bike and use it to commute and stay fit.

There is, however, no scientific evidence that they actually benefit our health. There aren’t many of them around either, and people haven’t even seen them, let alone drove them.

The European Journal of Applied Physiology published a new study, an experiment that the researchers at the University of Colorado, Boulder, examined what would happen if they presented a group of out-of-shape people with zippy electric bikes, who would drive them to work each day. They used the bikes which only assist the rider, not do all the work for them.

image source:

They tested if this is at all a meaningful workout for them. They also aimed to see if the bikes were fundamentally safe, as they allow riders to reach speeds of more than 20 mph. The Boulder city government funded a part of the study that could show how the future transportation could be a lot greener. Additional resources came from local bike shops.

A group of 20 volunteers had their body composition, aerobic fitness, blood sugar and pressure, and cholesterol levels checked. Each of them received an electric bicycle, a heart rate monitor, a GPS device, and instructions. They were asked to wear the monitors and ride their bikes to work and back at least three times a week for the next month. This would mean 40 minutes at least on a bicycle per day. They could choose the speeds and difficulty levels themselves.

After a month, the volunteers came back to the lab for another checkup. All of them accomplished what was asked of them, some even rode 50% more, often with intensity. Heart rate monitors showed they were getting moderate workouts.

There were no accidents or injuries. James Peterman, a student at U.C. Boulder leading the study, said: “We found that participants rode at a reasonable average speed of about 12 miles per hour.”

image source:

All of them were healthier and fit. They significantly improved aerobic fitness, have better blood sugar control, aimed to lowered body fat and become more active. They said they had fun, and generally enjoyed themselves. “It’s exercise that is fun,” said William Byrnes, the senior author of the study and director of the Applied Exercise Science Laboratory at the university.

He uses an electric bike to and from the university, while many of the participants bought one for themselves.

These bikes are however unlikely a solution for everyone pressed for time or hesitant to exercise, because they are pricey, with figures being in the thousands of dollars.

They offer less of a workout than standard bikes. An accomplished bike racer, Mr. Peterman, says that motorized bicycles are unlikely to become popular with well-trained athletes, or cyclists.

For those who are still not being active, the good news is that there is something to help you pedal after all. Although pricey, it is at least some form of exercise and is better than just sitting around and complaining.

Top 80-Inch TVs You Can Buy In 2018

Sometimes you just need a quiet night in when you can watch your favorite movie or your TV show. And if you want that same atmosphere like in the movie theaters, then you will need a large-sized TV. The best solution is definitely an 80-inch TV because it’s a perfect size. These devices have a really clear image, and the colors are even more stunning than in movie theaters. We picked some of the best 80-inch TVs for you.

Samsung QN82Q6 Flat 82″ QLED 4K UHD 6 Series Smart TV

This TV is a piece of art, it is very stylish, and it looks like artwork when you hang it on the wall. It has a large QLED 4K UHD 82-inch display, which can provide more than a billion shades of color. The Ambient Mode will turn your TV into a picture when you are not using it. You can display your favorite photos or even play background music. You don’t need to worry about ruining your interior design, because it has an overall stylish and classy look. It is also a Smart TV, so you can use many features, like YouTube, your favorite streams, Netflix, and many more.

image source:

Samsung Electronics UN82MU8000 82-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV

Another TV from the Samsung family, but this one is relatively affordable. It supports an Ultra HD resolution, which provides excellent picture quality. This TV has a Clean Cable Solution, so you don’t need to torture yourself with tangled cables anymore. It also has a very useful feature, and that’s the One Connects mini, where you can access all of the ports and connections without going to the back of your TV everytime you need to plug in something. The picture is clear, and there are no blurring or loss of clarity. Some of the other cool features are integrated WiFi and that it can be voice controlled.

Sharp 80-inch Aquos Quattron Smart LED 3D HDTV

This TV has a Quattron Color technology which gives you a realistic picture and The Super Bright Intelligent contrast engine adds 2 million subpixels to the existing 6 million pixels, which guarantees you perfect clarity and contrast. But the picture is not the only great thing about this device, it also has an excellent sound. There are many great features that come with this TV, it has a built-in WiFi, an advanced gaming mode, and even a split screen function, which means you can browse the internet while watching TV. The only thing this TV doesn’t have is 4K, but that shouldn’t be a problem because the picture is still perfect.

image source:

Sony XBR85X900F 85-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV

If you want to see the real colors and experience something different you should buy this TV. The pixels are controlled in real time by the TV’s X1 Extreme processor, which gives you a mind-blowing experience. You will see details that you’ve never seen before. It is 4K HDR, and it supports all HDR modes. You get a voice remote, which will come in handy when you want to change the channel or pick a movie to watch. It has a built-in Google Assistant, which can help you find what to watch or listen.

Samsung Electronics QN88Q9FAMFXZA 88-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV

If you are not on a budget and you are ready to spend a lot of money, then this is the right choice. It has an 88-inch LED-backlit LCD display, and it’s an HDR UHD QLED TV with smart features. This device is ideal for watching your favorite movies or shows and even playing games. It has the Elite Black+ and Infinite Array feature which improve the contrast of the picture. Another amazing feature is Motion Rate 240 Hz technology which helps enhance fast-moving images, and that means that you are going to enjoy more than ever, watching sports games and action movies. Like the other Samsung TV mentioned on the list, it looks stunning wherever you place it.

Samsung UN85JU7100 85-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV

We showed you a super expensive TV, and now we are going to show you a much more affordable version from the same brand. If you are on a budget and don’t have a large sum of money to spend on a TV, then we recommend you this large screen device. It provides an amazing picture quality and has very accurate colors. Despite its price, the design is really beautiful and it will look good with your interior. It has a Smart TV operating system, and it’s very easy to use. It has some cool features like HBO GO, a PlayStation Now service, and a MultiLink Screen.

image source:

LG Electronics 77-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart OLED TV

This TV isn’t an 80-inch TV, but if you don’t care about the 3 inches, we definitely recommend it. One of the best features it has is the Artificial Intelligence Al ThinQ. The viewing experience is excellent with this 4K OLED. It has built-in Google Assistant, and you can control it with your voice. The best thing is the sound, it has a Dolby Atmos audio technology that provides top quality. You can believe us that the sound is immersive because this technology is used in modern movie theaters.

Sony 77-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart BRAVIA OLED TV

We are going to end this list with another TV that is slightly smaller than 80-inch TVs. But you know that those few inches don’t mean that the TV is not good. This device will give you the perfect colors, details, and clarity. This is an Android Smart TV, and it has many cool apps like Pandora, Netflix, Sling TV and many more that you can download from Google Play store. It can be controlled with Alexa voice control, and make your using experience easier. Its design is eye-catching, and you will enjoy by just looking at it.

5 Plasma Lighters for Your Pleasure

It is wonderful when you decide to light up a nice and cozy fire, but now you can do it in style, you need to change the way you light it up. New technology gadgets are around the corner, but plasma lighters can already be found in stores! These are eco-friendly devices that don’t use gas or harsh chemicals. All plasma lighters come with the batteries that can be recharged with a USB port in just a few hours.

Types of Plasma Lighters

Before we review some of the best plasma lighters, it is important to make a distinction between two types of these gadgets. These are:

  • Plasma Lighters with Single Arc
  • Plasma Lighters with Double Arc

The single-arc lighters feature only two electrodes, and one arc is formed when they are activated. The benefit of these is the fact that their battery is usually more durable. On the other hand, double-arc lighters come with four electrodes and an “X” is formed when you use them.

And now let’s check out some of the coolest plasma lighters that you can purchase. Find the one which suits your needs. Whether you are the type that wants to own the latest tech gadgets or just looking for an inexpensive and functional lighter, you can find it here.

The Bolt


The Bolt is thought to be one of the best plasma lighters currently on the market. Considering that it has a single arc, it is great for starting campfires. It looks high-tech, but it also has the retro feel to it. The arc is small but quite hot, and you want to be careful not to hold your finger anywhere near the electrodes.

The Nova

Lighting up a warm fire when you are outside and when the weather is windy will no longer be an issue. With The Nova, a double-arc device, you will no longer have to cover your lighter with your hand to protect it from the wind. This gadget is quite powerful and to make things better – it is inexpensive.


Another dual-arc lighter that we need to mention is IT’S LIT. With it, you will be able to light bowls, water pipes, candles, incense and so much more. It is more powerful than some other lighters, and it has the windproof technology. Thanks to its shape, it is quite easy to hold in hand.

Arc Lighter X BULL

This one can be a perfect present for your spouse or a friend. It contains four electrodes, and it has wider arcs than the other lighters. One press of a button will ignite it, and the sleek, elegant design makes it perfect for special occasions.

Ralix Electronic Lighter


Last but not least, we have to mention this single-arc unit with simple and quick charge. This lighter is safe to use, and it doesn’t use any gas or fluid. It is quite handy to use around the house or to carry it with you.

These are only some popular examples, and all you have to do is pick your favorite plasma lighter and enjoy it!

LED Grow Lights Technology In Commercial Greenhouses

Commercial greenhouse technology is very important for plant production throughout the year in certain regions. Especially in countries where cold and little sunlight is reached, it is possible to make an artificial environment for plants and to make production throughout the year.

In order to produce high-efficiency production in greenhouses, it is critical that some conditions should be optimum. In a greenhouse, temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide, light and plant feeding should be in good conditions. Because plants need the right environment condition to perform their life cycles correctly. For this reason, greenhouses are the most suitable places to create this desired environment. For more information on how to build the greenhouse, visit sintaductrodder.

Especially in cold countries, the sun rays arriving greenhouses in winter are decreasing considerably. In addition, the plastic or glass covers of greenhouses prevent more light energy arriving from the sun. Light energy is very important for the healthy completion of the plants’ photosynthesis cycle. As many greenhouses in the world cannot complete the lack of light, the expected amount of production is not reached. For this reason, greenhouse lighting has begun to gain momentum in recent years.

Traditional Lighting in Greenhouses: HPS-MH

Many of the greenhouses around the world are illuminated by traditional methods. HPS (High-pressure Sodium) and MH (Metal Halide) lamps are used in these lighting systems. However, these systems are no longer popular, because the energy use of these systems is very high. They also turn most of the energy into heat energy, not light energy. Since HPS and MH systems use more energy than LED systems, installation costs are quite high and their lifetime is quite short. Therefore, annual maintenance costs are high because of a short lifespan.

HPS and MH lamps contain spectrum values that plants cannot use efficiently according to LED lamps. This leads to inefficient consumption of energy used. At the same time, the dimmable and spectrum control of conventional lamps eliminates the possibility of efficient lighting.

  • Advantages

* Low cost

* Easy supply

  • Disadvantages

* High installation costs

* High energy consumption

* No spectrum control

* No dimmable

* Falsification

* Short-lifespan

* High maintenance costs

New Lighting Technology in Greenhouses: LED Grow Lights

LED technology is not only used in greenhouse lighting but also in many other areas. Because LED technology can use the energy in the best way. For this reason, LED lighting technology has started to replace traditional lamps in greenhouses.

LED Grow Lights are very important to use in the greenhouse because the greenhouse owners who produce plants have to cope with the energy prices. Therefore, the use of high-efficiency products is very important. LED technology can convert most of the electric energy into light, not heat, these aspects are superior to HPS / MH lamps. In addition, they do not contain the spectrum values that the plants cannot use efficiently such as the traditional lamps, and LED technology can make light output at desired wavelength value. On top of that, LED systems can be dimmed, and spectrum control is possible with software technology.

As a result, the lighting strategy that is critical in plant lighting can be made infinitely with LED technology. This offers high-efficiency lighting for greenhouse owners.

– Advantages

* Low energy use

* Long lifespan technology

* Lowest maintenance costs

* Spectrum and dimming control can be done

* Low installation cost

– Disadvantages

* High cost

As a result, LED Greenhouse Lighting Technology will replace the traditional lighting systems in the future. This change is very important both for high energy savings and for an efficient production process.