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LED Grow Lights Technology In Commercial Greenhouses

Commercial greenhouse technology is very important for plant production throughout the year in certain regions. Especially in countries where cold and little sunlight is reached, it is possible to make an artificial environment for plants and to make production throughout the year.

In order to produce high-efficiency production in greenhouses, it is critical that some conditions should be optimum. In a greenhouse, temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide, light and plant feeding should be in good conditions. Because plants need the right environment condition to perform their life cycles correctly. For this reason, greenhouses are the most suitable places to create this desired environment. For more information on how to build the greenhouse, visit sintaductrodder.

Especially in cold countries, the sun rays arriving greenhouses in winter are decreasing considerably. In addition, the plastic or glass covers of greenhouses prevent more light energy arriving from the sun. Light energy is very important for the healthy completion of the plants’ photosynthesis cycle. As many greenhouses in the world cannot complete the lack of light, the expected amount of production is not reached. For this reason, greenhouse lighting has begun to gain momentum in recent years.

Traditional Lighting in Greenhouses: HPS-MH

Many of the greenhouses around the world are illuminated by traditional methods. HPS (High-pressure Sodium) and MH (Metal Halide) lamps are used in these lighting systems. However, these systems are no longer popular, because the energy use of these systems is very high. They also turn most of the energy into heat energy, not light energy. Since HPS and MH systems use more energy than LED systems, installation costs are quite high and their lifetime is quite short. Therefore, annual maintenance costs are high because of a short lifespan.

HPS and MH lamps contain spectrum values that plants cannot use efficiently according to LED lamps. This leads to inefficient consumption of energy used. At the same time, the dimmable and spectrum control of conventional lamps eliminates the possibility of efficient lighting.

  • Advantages

* Low cost

* Easy supply

  • Disadvantages

* High installation costs

* High energy consumption

* No spectrum control

* No dimmable

* Falsification

* Short-lifespan

* High maintenance costs

New Lighting Technology in Greenhouses: LED Grow Lights

LED technology is not only used in greenhouse lighting but also in many other areas. Because LED technology can use the energy in the best way. For this reason, LED lighting technology has started to replace traditional lamps in greenhouses.

LED Grow Lights are very important to use in the greenhouse because the greenhouse owners who produce plants have to cope with the energy prices. Therefore, the use of high-efficiency products is very important. LED technology can convert most of the electric energy into light, not heat, these aspects are superior to HPS / MH lamps. In addition, they do not contain the spectrum values that the plants cannot use efficiently such as the traditional lamps, and LED technology can make light output at desired wavelength value. On top of that, LED systems can be dimmed, and spectrum control is possible with software technology.

As a result, the lighting strategy that is critical in plant lighting can be made infinitely with LED technology. This offers high-efficiency lighting for greenhouse owners.

– Advantages

* Low energy use

* Long lifespan technology

* Lowest maintenance costs

* Spectrum and dimming control can be done

* Low installation cost

– Disadvantages

* High cost

As a result, LED Greenhouse Lighting Technology will replace the traditional lighting systems in the future. This change is very important both for high energy savings and for an efficient production process.

How To Save Money With VPN

Nowadays, most of our traveling needs, including airline tickets, hotels, and even car rentals, are done via the Internet. It is convenient, easy, and fast, not to mention it saves us the hustle of actually calling or going somewhere. It is also supposed to be cheaper, but that is not always the case.

When we are shopping for airline tickets, we rarely buy them on the first visit to the airlines’ site. But each subsequent time we visit it, the price goes up a little. These sites use cookies to track our visits and every time we log in, they increase the amount of money you need to give. This is done deliberately to pressure us into buying the ticket, creating an illusion that if we don’t, the next time we come the price will be even higher or even worse, that the entire flight will be booked.

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Luckily, not all services use these underhand tactics. That doesn’t mean that their prices don’t fluctuate, they just do it for different reasons. Buying an airline ticket form the United States can be considerably more expensive than doing it from, say, Canada or France. The sites use our IP address to determine our location and adjust the price accordingly.

The price difference depends mostly on the exchange rates, but it can be substantial enough to warrant measures taken to use it in your favor. One of the ways you can save money with VPN is choosing an IP address of a country that has lower prices than your current location. This will require some experimenting, as the rules behind these price fluctuations aren’t always clear and the only way to be sure is to try several servers, effectively changing your country of origin, and manually compare the figures.

If you are unsure how VPN works, there are plenty of handy guides readily available on the Internet that will get you up to speed in no time.

Airline tickets aren’t the only things on which you can save money with VPN. Car rentals also have noticeable price fluctuations that can be exploited. We will use the EuropCar site to demonstrate just how much. The prices for the same model are $166 if your IP address is from Japan, $144 for the UK one and finally, the USA IP will get you an offer of $100 for the same time duration.

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VPN can also allow you to access various sites that are regionally locked, like Netflix or Hulu, granting you the possibility to watch your favorite shows without the hustle of torrenting them. They can help even with torrenting, hiding your address from the authorities.

In order to make VPN work to your advantage, there are several rules that you should follow. Make sure that you always clear your browser cache and cookies before connecting to VPN. Browse around and check the prices, then disconnect. Clear the cookies again and connect to a different country server and compare the prices. Rinse and repeat as many times as you wish, until you are satisfied and you get the best price on the market.

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