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Is China Really to Blame for Slowing iPhone Sales?


In January 2019, iPhone maker Apple made the surprise decision to cut its sales forecast. It caused the price of Apple shares to drop, and the company is believed to have lost billions of dollars as a result.

In a note to investors, Apple CEO Tim Cook said that slow iPhone sales and the revised sales forecast are because of a sales slump in China. “While we anticipated some challenges in key emerging markets, we did not foresee the magnitude of the economic deceleration, particularly in Greater China,” explained Cook.

The Chinese economy has been affected by trade relations with the United States and Apple also suspects that some Chinese consumers have shied away from buying an iPhone because Apple is an American brand.

China is a major region for companies like Apple. There are more than 800 million Internet users in the country, and 98% of them are on mobile, so there is a huge potential market. However, analysts and critics of Apple disagree that slow sales in China are the only reason why Apple has lowered its sales forecast, saying that there are more factors causing consumers to buy fewer phones from Apple.

Apple is Being Priced Out of the Chinese Market

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It is true that Chinese consumers are buying fewer smartphones than before. A study on Chinese consumer buying habits, published by (Tencent-backed) research firm Penguin Intelligence, surveyed 70,000 Chinese smartphone owners on their plans for buying a new smartphone. Of those surveyed, around half said that they would purchase a phone once every two years. However, just 16% of iPhone owners in 2017 said they would buy a new phone each year (down from 27.8% in 2016), compared to 23.5% of Android owners (down from 34.7% in 2016).

Apple is hardest hit by the decline in Chinese smartphone sales, and it has the least brand loyalty. One reason for this is that the Apple iPhone is a lot more expensive than homegrown, Chinese competitors. When the OnePlus 6 launched in China in 2018, its starting price was 3,199 Yuan (approximately $503), and its hardware specs of 6GB of RAM, an octa-core processor, and 20MP camera are more powerful than the iPhone XS Max specs of 4GB of RAM, hexa-core processor, and 12MP camera. However, iPhone XS Max launch prices in China began at $1,397 which is almost triple the price of the OnePlus 6. In China, the iPhone was also nearly $300 more expensive than in the United States, where the iPhone XS Max was launched at $1,099.

Refurbished Phones Are a More Affordable Alternative

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It’s not just China where pricing is causing a decline in iPhone sales. In Western regions, such as the United States, brand new Apple iPhones are losing out to more affordable alternatives. Apple is still very popular in the West, and consumers love the quality of the phones and how easy they are to use. However, not everyone can afford to buy a brand new iPhone which is why many have begun to look at refurbished phones.

Refurbished phones offer the same quality as a brand new phone and have been tested to confirm that they are in working order. Consumers can also buy refurbished iPhones in excellent cosmetic condition (refurbished grade A) which means it will look like new and the only difference is the price. There are big savings to be had on refurbished phones, and you can see this by looking at the cost of a refurbished iPhone X unlocked. Prices of a refurbished iPhone X start at around $700, with some unlocked models available for $669. This is more than $300 less than the $999 launch price from November 2017. Although the unlocked version of the iPhone X (not locked to a cell phone carrier) are more expensive than locked versions (locked to carriers like Verizon, Sprint, and AT&T), shoppers could still potentially save hundreds of dollars by buying refurbished than brand new from Apple.

Apple Fails to Find Success in Emerging Markets

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With the price of an iPhone causing sales to decline in major regions such as China and the United States, it’s little surprise that in emerging markets, which are more price sensitive, Apple is failing to find success. While there is some interest in premium handsets in emerging markets like India and the African continent, consumers have a different idea of premium pricing than what you may expect. To many in these regions, a premium smartphone is one that costs around $400. The iPhone, which may cost more than $1,000, is way above that.

Emerging markets provide a brilliant opportunity for Apple. Africa has one of the fastest-growing smartphone markets in the world, and over the past five years, the region’s annual mobile usage has increased by 65%. The average selling price of a smartphone in Africa is $150, so smartphones like the iPhone XS, which cost more than $1,500 in the region are unable to gain much traction.

There are lots of things that Apple could do to increase iPhone sales, such as offering more powerful specs and innovative features. However, it’s the price that may make the biggest difference as mobile markets all over the globe are in Apple iPhones, but at a much lower price.

How AI and Personalization Are Transforming B2B E-Commerce


You cannot deny the fact that digitalization is changing the B2B buying experience. As customers are now looking for a fast transaction, quick response from the sellers and want to get personalized pricing. As a result, the e-commerce business owners must update their game to stay in the game.

As time is passing, change has become a necessary part of any business. And if you are not keeping yourself updated with all the changes you are going to lag behind. In today’s world, AI is playing an essential role in the e-commerce business, and it has become extremely important. Here is how:

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How AI and personalization are transforming B2B e-commerce

Artificial Intelligence or AI is become necessary for B2B business because of its capabilities. AI Can easily understand the customers and help us to offer data drive and actionable insights to organisations. With the help of the AI, we will get the chance to learn about our customers and provide them more personalized services.

AI can help any business in a lot of ways. Like it can improve customer service, can help you meet customer demands, increase revenue and offer a cost saving solution. As well as it helps to stay ahead of your competitors and helps you to grow your business.

Even AI can help you in the sector of sales and Marketing. By using machine learning techniques, you will be able to understand how your customer behaves and how they take a decision. Also, by understanding all these details, you will be able to create a more personalized product or service along with personalized pricing. Of course, to understand the pricing recommendation, you will have to do a price optimization.

This way, you will not just offer your customers an enhanced service, but along with that, you will be able to grow your business while keeping the profit to yourself.

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Even, smart business out there is sending their customers about the latest prices and product details with the help of the customer. To understand about your pricing, you can use a price optimization software and offer your customers the best price in the market. This way, they get the chance to hold their customers and treat them.

By having the ability to understand the needs of a customer, you will be able to offer them better service. And indirectly it will help you to create loyalty and grow a list of satisfied customers who will return to you whenever they choose to make their next purchase.

In today’s time, digitalization has given the maximum power to the customers. And now there are quite a lot of options. On the other way, it did help the business owners too. But, business will only stay in the game if they choose to implement AI in their marketing strategies and offers their customers more personalized suggestions.

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Final Words

In the end, all I would like to mention that AI is changing the game completely. Gone are those days when you can rely on your existing customer base. But as the competition is growing and digitalization is entering into the game. It is required to think out of the box and take help from AI to offer personalized services to the customers.

How to organize social media contests and giveaways


We all know that everybody loves winning. The lottery and the amount of people who participate in it just prove this theory. It’s just in human nature to want to win something without any effort. Successful companies and brands realized this a long time ago and started utilizing a very interesting strategy that will both make people win stuff while and promote their business at the same time. Today we’re talking about online contests and giveaways, what they are and how you can use them to boost your recognition. Let’s start.

What are social media contests and giveaways?

In order to explain the benefits of using them, you first need to fully understand what they are. Social media contests and giveaways are basically something that you host in order to gain the desired recognition for your business while also making your fans or customers happy by giving them the chance to win something. Here’s why these marketing strategies are so effective and useful. When you host a giveaway, you have about five or six prizes for example, but you have more than a hundred people participating in the giveaway.

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What happens is, some hosts make their participants complete a few steps in order to be eligible for winning a prize. For example, the hosts usually require the participants to like and share their page as well as comment something in the comment section (usually a keyword that the host provides) in order to be in the giveaway. By doing this, a lot of their friends and family will also see what they shared and will most likely want to participate as well. From there, your page just keeps spreading and gaining publicity. When you end up giving away the prizes to your fans and followers, you will notice that the amount of publicity and exposure you gained from your contest is worth so much more than what you “lost” by giving away your products.

We all know how expensive marketing is nowadays and in order to gain the same amount of recognition via advertisements, you would’ve paid so much more. SEO Contest uWelcome2019 is an amazing service that you can use in order to simplify your process. The exposure gained from hosting such events is really huge due indirectly adding search engine optimization to your website. People might find your business or service by just searching for “Giveaways in my area” or “Online contests and giveaways”. It’s just an amazing way to promote.

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A really good example of how effective this strategy can be is Air Asia’s giveaway campaign. They posted a giveaway and the person who wins it can get into a plane with as many friends as they want and get a free trip to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. About thirteen thousand people entered the giveaway, and the post reached more than two million people on Facebook. This boosted Air Asia’s recognition by more than 35 percent. Such numbers cannot even be achieved via standard advertisements.

BITCOIN PROFIT – All you need to know


Bitcoin is a digitalized online currency that records transactions and taking care of them, producing new coins by calculating mathematical answers to problems, and it functions independently. Established in 2009, Bitcoin was mainly designed to ease and quicken online undertakings, and it has recently gained a lot of celebrity in the digital sector.

Bitcoin has a price, and this price keeps changing (mostly increasing) in the current capital market an with time it grows further. Initially, when Bitcoin was emerging, people bought them at lower prices and later, years later after the value of Bitcoin shot up, they now are millionaires if not billionaires. Bitcoin is a dominant, valuable form of currency in the future online platform. The value of Bitcoin keeps on increasing. Bitcoin is a very unique means of trading as it allows almost anyone to win, however, this is not to say that with bitcoin there are no risks. This is why there are strategies in place to help you calculate your risks when using bitcoin.


Bitcoin has attributes that allow it to operate like money and make it a vital payment means. That is, it is nearly easy to move Bitcoin to other people or businesses, even for international activities. However, other forms of Bitcoin make it less enticing for everyday activity, including security issues and elusive.

In order to keep its validity and value in the economy, Bitcoin has its strategies, to make sure that the future of bitcoin remains afloat. These strategies are mainly based on supply and demand which simply means when the supply is above demand then the bitcoin rate grows too. The same case when demand and supply are equal then the value of Bitcoin also never changes. Below are the reasons why one should choose bitcoin profit over any other form;

1. Secure

With bitcoin, most online platforms will never ask you about your details other than your preferred username and address. This is so because bitcoin operates solely from banks and any governmental institutions.

2. Fastens transactions

The use of bitcoin ensures there are fewer intermediaries like the bank or government to withhold the withdrawal of your cash as long as the online stores authorize it. Fast to make deposits and first to make withdraws.

3. Privacy

With Bitcoin, sellers don’t need a lot of your private details hence keeping you safe from hackers an scammers. People want to stay private and to know that their details are secure an safe. That’s why many people chose Bitcoin.

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4. Low Changeable Fees

Apart from maintaining your details secure, Bitcoin transactions fee is very minimal as compared to other forms. They charge almost nothing hence saving your money. Most people tend to use this Bitcoin in online shops for this reason.

5. Promotions

The most important of using Bitcoin in online trade is it comes with a lot of promotions an bonuses. Once you make a specific first deposit, you get a said bonus and the promotion increases with an increase in sediment.

6. Anytime Anywhere

Bitcoin has no boundaries, one can trade using bitcoin anytime everywhere because it is always on all day any day throughout the year.

Guide To Buying Shark Vacuum


Shark ninja is one of the top rated vacuum brands. It was founded in 2003 and is a subsidiary of Euro-Pro Corporation, Omega Sewmac Inc. They have developed new cleaning technology and incorporated them into their units.

Leading by Innovation and reforming houseware technology they became one of the most shouted houseware brands.

If you are looking to buy the best shark vacuum, then you might want to check these points. Shark is a leading name in upright vacuums, taking the cordless and robot worlds by storm.

Always buy online


Yes, you can walk into Walmart or Target and pick your favorite shark vacuum, but then you will have to register them offline all by yourself. Which is why try to buy them from trusted online sources such as Amazon. When you buy it through Amazon, the product comes registered and has a manual which will help you in understand the unit better.

Fix Your Budget


When you are buying a vacuum cleaner from top brand such as Shark, there is no limit the amount you can spend on the product. However, the search for the unit will become much easier when you have fixed a budget for your vacuum purchases. This way you will avoid overspending and will be able to focus more on features and comparisons.

A budget of max $300 is a good cap under which you will be able to buy most of the best selling shark vacuums.

Shark Navigator or Shark Rotator


These two units are one of the best selling vacuums on Amazon. All the units in this 2 series have an astonishing 5-star rating and huge positive feedback. Which often confuse buyers and put them in a dilemma.

Both series are highly rated, and you should not hesitate before buying any unit in these two shark vacuum series. They differ in design and the construction of dust bag.

Look For HEPA Filter Shark Vacuums


HEPA stands for High-efficiency particulate air and vacuums equipped with such filters are better and have high cleaning efficiency. Most of the SharkNinja vacuums are equipped with HEPA filter which removes most of the larger dust, hair, and minor particles.


There are two types of brush roll you will find in shark vacuums. The standard brush roll is widely used for cleaning a carpet. If your house flooring is covered with carpet, then pick a vacuum with a standard brush roll.

The gentle brush roll is used for cleaning hardwood floors. However, most Navigator and Rotator series shark vacuums have the option to switch between these two brush rolls to efficiently clean carpet as well as hardwood floors.

Also, look for the feature to turn off the brush roll. So matter where you are moving the nozzle of your vacuum cleaner, you can easily switch or turn ON/Off the brush rolls.

Pick Vacuums That Have Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology


Such technology helps in trapping 99% of dust and allergens in your house that prevent unwanted sneezing and air-borne diseases. It is better to buy a unit which has both Anti-Allergen technology and HEPA filters. Combined they can be helpful in removing dust from around your carpet, couches, and hard floors.

Advanced Navigation


Navigating your vacuum on the house floor or carpet is an important part of the entire cleaning process. Most of the shark vacuum cleaners come with advanced swivel steering with LED headlights. Which is helpful in covering a wide area with less movability. LED light help you look under the Sofa and hidden corners. Their units will provide excellent control for maneuvering around furniture for better cleaning.

The Power of Local SEO


Local Search Engine Optimization has become more and more important for local businesses and owners to grow their search results in their local area. Local SEO is becoming more and more important in the digital marketing world. As the world of search engine optimization continues to evolve, the use of local searches can greatly benefit business owners and companies that are looking to offer their product in their local area. This is especially the case for local business owners who specialize in offering a product, or service, in around their local area. It’s a great ROI for business owners and many take advantage of it.

But why should you use local SEO?

As people travel more and more, they need solid SERP results in order to get the desired product or service from their area. While Google has optimized its search results to make local SEO more competitive, It makes it easier for local business owners to operate more on a local scale, rather than a global. As not every business owner looks towards the global market, the use of local SEO is important for such businesses.

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By using simple mathematics we can safely say that if 300 people from your local area search for your product, you can get a higher ROI then if 5000 people search for your product on a global scale. That’s if you don’t offer your product on a global scale. From this, we can safely say that those 5000 buyers are only theoretical buyers, unlike the 300 who want to buy your product.

How local SEO can help your public profile?

People appreciate a lending hand, especially if that hand if provided by you and your business. By hiring professionals to do your local SEO, such as Local SEO Group, your business will be greatly appreciated around your local area. Because you will offer something in around your local area, your public, and local profile will increase. You will be regarded as the town’s savior or the town’s expert who will be welcomed in your local community.

With local SEO, your business’s website will be available to your local area search engines and available to everyone. People that are searching for your product and service will have higher chances of stumbling to yours with the help of local SEO. Local SEO can also be used for articles that are related to your local area.

Your local community will be thankful for you providing information about stuff in around your local area of living.

Take advantage, because someone else will

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Your business might specialize in something that provides some kind of service or product to a number of people in around your area. It’s important to take advantage of local SEO because if you don’t, your competitor will. In the world of SEO and digital marketing, it’s about who’s sitting on top. If you’re not first, someone else will be. It’s very important to utilize local SEO in order to be the number one searched result in your area. Failing to do so will result in missing out on the benefits.

You can advertise on a local scale

You can use local SEO and PPC ads to further boost your chances of being the number one searched result. Google AdWords is an excellent way to promote your business and product.

The Advantages Of Paying Bills Via A Mobile App


Bills. It seems like Benjamin Franklin forgot those when he said only death and taxes are inevitable. The end of the month comes and it is time to get things straight and pay off your bills. Now, nothing about the process is fun but it has to be done – and if you knew how to manage your budget effectively it shouldn’t be a problem to pay the bills immediately and get rid of further stress. Some people even decide to go for instant loans when the end of the month comes, but we recommend that you implement habit changes and long-term strategy that will allow you to save money on time and instead of forming a debt-related behavior.

Now, even if you have enough money to pay off your bills the process of writing those checks can get pretty boring and time demanding. Luckily, the technological revolution allows for a more effective bill handling as well. How, you might ask? Well, with the use of mobile payment system. Apart from the SMS and NFC Payment, numerous mobile apps have been developed with the same goal – to allow an average user to get everything settled in a matter of a few minutes.

How Does It Work

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It is as simple as connecting your debit or credit card to a mobile payment app. The Doxo bill-paying app is a great example of how a well-developed app, that is easy to use and navigate, can change what would normally be a boring routine of paying bills.

The Benefits Of A Mobile Bill Payment App

1. Well, first and foremost, it is convenient. Instead of having to go to the office and pay your bills by a credit card or cash, you will be able to do that from the comfort of your home or wherever you are currently at. In a matter of a few clicks, you will settle the bills and stay stress-free for the next 30 days.

2. Along with that, such a payment way is more secure than a traditional way for a few reasons. First and foremost, there is no risk of losing cash and credit card while you are on your way to the office. On the other hand, the app itself is very well encrypted and secured which means that the risk of a hacker entering the program code and stealing your personal information I of close to none. Why? Because instead of a real number of your credit card, the app gives you a random token, so even if a hacker manages to break through the system chances are he will not find anything other than useless information.

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3. Not to forget, using a mobile bill payment app is probably the fastest way to get done with an inevitable task such as bill paying. It will take no more than a few minutes for you to type in the password, relevant amount and recipient and send out the payment. Compare that to at least a few hours that you would spend doing it the traditional way.

4. And last but not least, one of the biggest benefits of such an app is that you can pay at any given moment. What does this mean? Well you aren’t limited by the work hours of a certain office – instead even if it is 1 AM and you finally managed to settle down and check out the bills, you will still be able to get it done; on the other hand, if you were paying the bills the traditional way, you would have to wait for the next day and an open office.


You are tired and stressed about the upcoming bill statement – we get you; no one enjoys the process of paying bills, and going through all the unnecessary formalities. And that is why a mobile bill paying app is there to save the day – in a matter of a few minutes you will clear of everything and get moving on!

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