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How to choose the best add-ons for Kodi

Kodi is software that allows you to access different kinds of content such as music and videos and store it so you can watch it again later. You can watch the stored content on any device you choose like TV, laptop, tablet, phone, etc. Like any other software, Kodi is improved and updated regularly, and there are a number of add-ons you can install to make your experience better.

Music, Videos and Games


When it comes to music, you don’t have to manually add songs to Kodi, but simply install following add-ons and enjoy. You can purchase Spotify and SoundCloud add-ons, browser through music that is available on these platforms, choose your favorite songs, create playlists and relax. The most popular platform in the world for sharing both music and videos is YouTube. Millions of people use YouTube every day and as you can imagine, there is a YouTube add-on for your Kodi which you can download from the software’s official repository. Another popular media server you can add to you Kodi is Plex. All you have to do is to put in all your media files to the central home server, and you will be able to access it from any device that has Plex installed in it. Additionally, you can turn your Kodi into the gaming machine by installing add-ons for Twitch and ROM Collection Browser. This way you will be able to create your own account, browser through available content or even play different ROM and standalone games.

Streaming Live Programs and Movies

Putting music, videos and games aside, most people usually use Kodi for watching movies and streaming live programs. Of course, there are a number of add-ons you can install and find the one that meets all your expectation. You can choose between TV Land, PBS Think TV or PopcornFlix. Using these add-ons, you can watch and store your favorite TV Shows or movies. You won’t be able to stream new blockbusters through these add-ons, but you can always revisit old classic movies. Additional addons for Kodi include Crackle, Charge!, sci-fi channel Comet, etc. Moreover, you can install TBD TV add-on that is oriented towards younger audience offering them Internet-based TV series, comedy, music, animation, and documentaries. If you enjoy BBC’s series, iPlayer WWW is now available on Kodi to stream BBC’s best program.

If you want to stream live television, you can install add-ons such as USTV Now that will bring you a number of American TV channels such as ABC, CBS, The CW, FOX and so on for free. However, if you want to expand the list of available channels through this platform you will have to pay. Another add-on that is available on Kodi’s website is TV Catch up that will bring you channels from all over the world like BBC channels, Russia Today, France245, etc.

Educational Kodi Add-ons

Kodi doesn’t need online offer add-ons for entertainment platforms but also some educational ones. When it comes to documentaries based on real events and story install Vice add-on. If you are interested in history documentaries, Kodi offers an add-on for Smithsonian channel. However, if you are a science geek, a number of astronomy movies and even live-streaming from Hubble telescope will be available to you through Space Telescope add-on.

This is a list of a small number of add-ons that are available for Kodi users. If you want to improve your Kodi experience, you can find a lot more add-ons on Kodi’s official website.

Reasons why you should invest in Cryptocurrency

Before taking a look at the reasons you should invest in cryptocurrency, lets first have a brief reminder of what they actually are. Today, cryptocurrencies are a worldwide phenomenon known to most people. While some people might not understand it to the full extent, most banks, companies, governments, and people know its importance.

A cryptocurrency is a digital asset that is designed to work as a way of exchange that uses cryptography in order to make secure transactions, control the creation of additional units, as well as verify the transfer of your asset. They use a decentralized control, as opposed to centralized digital currencies and central banking systems.

In 2017, Bitcoin burst into the scene and started growing in price at a very fast rate. Trading this currency has become a worldwide trend and the number of people deciding to invest in them has exceeded 500 million. However, you might ask yourself, should I invest in this currency? Here is a list of five reasons for considering:
  1. Your money will always stay yours – the important thing about the success of Bitcoin is the technological control it has. Thanks to innovation like these, electronic transfers can be made in a faster and safer way. Blockchain will encrypt the data, which will prevent access to if from all internal sources at every stage of the processing. The parts that contain the data are stored in a decentralized way, which basically means that the information cannot be deleted or copied. Think about what happens if your money is stored in a bank. That bank could claim bankruptcy and you will lose all your money. However, if you invest in cryptocurrencies, your money is yours forever.


2. No government involved – Blockchain offers a new approach of asset handling, from now on, there will be no          “middlemen”, such as governments or banks. They have no control over the circulation of the digital assets  and           there is no way they can access the data related to the transactions done with Bitcoin. One of the main reasons             to invest in these currencies is probably the integrity and safety of virtual money.
  1. Blockchain has an important role – although it does allow anonymous transactions, Bitcoin is built on the concept of being transparent. What that means is that the details of the transactions are all stored in the Blockchain and it can be viewed when needed. This particular feature can be valuable when public transactions are done.


  1. Investment is simple as never before – today, every person that has Internet access can invest in Bitcoin. Here is what you will need, a plastic card to purchase cryptocurrencies online, you will need to create a cryptocurrency wallet, find a place to invest in cryptocurrency, create a purchase offer or find requests that are ready to answer, and as soon as you make a purchase and pay for the virtual money, the coins will be transferred into your wallet.


  1. The forecasts are promising – as a real or potential investor, you should focus on long-term profitability. If you analyze every shift in the cryptocurrencies, it will probably drive you crazy. Hence, you could panic and sell the money for a lower price that you actually purchased it for, resulting in a major loss. So, why should you invest in it? Cryptocurrency fluctuations are unavoidable. It happens all the time and that is why making short-term predictions is harder than making the long-term one. Bitcoin and other popular virtual currencies are likely to grow in the next 2-5 years. Hence, if you are looking for a long term investment with the chance of getting a serious profit, choose the long-term plan.

One of the factors which is important if you are even thinking about entering this market is to follow what’s going on. The market is ever-changing and following cryptocurrency news on a daily basis is crucial for you to make right decisions.

How to Maximize Your Compound Miter Saw Cuts for Woodworking

When you’re using a miter saw, there are numerous tips to make sure your cuts are perfect and clean, and continuously be accurate. So how do you do it? Well, that’s exactly what this guide is for. We’re going to give you a few tips on how to maximize your miter saw cuts so you can achieve a perfect cut every (or almost every) time.

Grade the Blade

When you’re buying a saw at MiterSawBuzz, they’re normally equipped with a regular 24-40 tooth blade that is normally suitable for things like cutting base woods and framing. Sometimes upgrading your place to a higher toothed blade can make the world of difference and make your cuts more precise and cleaner.

Always Follow Through

When you’re cutting, make sure you follow through with your cuts. Stop for a second at the bottom to get the most out of your cut and eliminate splintering. Then let the saw come to a complete stop at the bottom rather than “double cutting” by raising the saw blade after you’ve cut through your piece.

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Support More

By extending your saw table (make one or put your saw on a larger area), you minimize splintering and there is less of a chance for your wood to fall or tilt. By using a longer support table, you also ensure more safety for yourself and others around you when you have more security for your piece that you’re working with.

Don’t Fight the Cut

When you’re using a miter saw, tougher wood can cause more problems, like flexing of your blades, burning them up, burning the wood more, and can cause your cut to be harder. For harder types of wood, you can easily “ease” into the cut by using start and stops, this is similar to making a relief cut because it eliminates the amount of stress the wood can cause on your blade. And don’t ever fight with it. If you’re pushing too hard, you can damage the blade or yourself. It’s better to ease into it, but also make sure that your cut is going smooth. Let the saw do the cutting and not you.

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Backup When Necessary

You can easily back up your cuts by making sure that support by installing an auxiliary table and fence made of another material, which can help to give some added support. By using the added support, your wood has less chance to splinter when you are pulling the blade to exit the cup.


It’s not necessarily easy to achieve perfect cuts all the time, but with the tips listed above, it can be easier to get the job done right and maintain ultimate safety at the same time. Safety is the most important thing to think about any time you’re using a compound miter saw, even if you have to bevel your cut or use longer boards. If you’re using extremely longboards, even a sawhorse to prop an end on so you can eliminate the risk of the board tipping can help a ton and make the cutting safer and cleaner. And remember, the more teeth you have to chew through the wood, the better and more efficient your cut will be every time. If you are looking for the best woodworking software click here.

Most commonly used passwords for Facebook

If you didn’t already know, Facebook is the second most searched thing on Google and the most popular social media website in the entire world. About half of the world population uses Facebook daily.

Some people use it for posting pictures, others for chatting and some even use it for dating. Regardless of the reason, Facebook has an insanely high number of users. Every once in a while, a person can find themselves in an unwanted situation where they lose or forget their Facebook password. I’m pretty sure we’ve all been there at least once and it’s definitely not a pleasant moment to be in. However, there’s no need to panic. There are quite a few ways on which you can recover or reset your password and in this article, we are covering all of them! So, if you’re one of those people that is currently panicking thinking that they’re locked out of their account forever, keep reading. We have the solution for you.

What to do if you lose your Facebook password

It’s better to stop it than heal it. It’s an old saying that applies in this situation as well. Making sure that you write down your password on a piece of paper or even in a note pad document on your computer will make sure that you never get locked out of your Facebook account in case you forget your password. However, if you haven’t done this already but you did forget your password, you should move into our next tip. Another tip for increasing the security of your account is to always create safe passwords that include capital letters, signs and numbers in order to ensure maximum security for your account. Some of the most common passwords for Facebook accounts are from people that don’t really take security seriously and later end up with their accounts compromised. Here are a few examples of the worst and most common passwords:

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123456 – “I can’t even be bothered to think of something more creative”

Password – “I either tried being funny or I simply did not understand the question”

12345678 – “I tried using the 123456 method but it said my password needs at least 8 characters”

Admin – “I watched too many low-budget hacker movies”

Qwerty – “My password is literally written on everyone’s keyboard”

We seriously advise you to avoid using these kinds of passwords and create your own unique, complicated and longer ones that include a variety of characters, signs and letters

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  • Using the Facebook Recover Password Service

When registering for a Facebook account you are asked to complete a form that including an e-mail address field in which you need to write down your personal e-mail address. One of the reasons why you are asked to do this is because in situations like this when you lose your password, the Facebook support staff will send you to reset permission or an entirely new password on your e-mail. However, some people even forget their e-mail addresses as well and are now left with just a few more options. Knowing how to hack Facebook online is also useful when it comes to recovering your own account. It should never be used to harm someone else’s though, just for recovering yours.

  • Using the mobile phone number or the two-factor authenticator

Most social media websites and platforms, including Facebook, will ask you to provide a mobile number when creating your account. This serves as an identity verifier, a rescuer when you lose your password and also a notifier if your account’s security is ever compromised. With that being said, if you have a phone number linked to your Facebook account, you can use it to get an SMS with a password reset code.

The 5 Advantages of Online Conveyancing


Conveyancing is a term that is used to transfer the ownership of one’s home to another, by dealing with the legal matters. It’s the job of the buyer’s solicitor to make sure that there are no legal obstacles with the new property. Furthermore, it’s the solicitor’s job to make sure that the legal process is safe, protects the buyer, and makes sure the entire process finishes smoothly.

Like most things, the Internet offers the possibility of solicitors practicing their trade without needing an office or operating locally.

Like most things, the prospect of operating online has its own advantages. In this article, we are going to be talking about the 5 main advantages of online conveyancing.

Online Conveyancing is More Affordable

Solicitors who practice traditionally will often charge you after the entire process is finished. On the other hand, solicitors operating online would give you a full quote even before the process has begun. In most cases, there are no hidden fees involved with online solicitors, and you pay much less for their services than for traditional conveyancing. This gives you the option of planning ahead by understanding how much it would cost you to employ such a service.

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It Allows You to Track the Case Itself

It’s not hard to understand that in the case of traditional conveyancing, you would have to call your solicitor at the end of the workday in order to inquire about the progress of the process itself. The case is different with online conveyancing as you can track the progress of the case online. My Key Conveyancing is one conveyancing service that allows its clients the luxury of tracking the entire case in real time all from the clutches of their smartphones of desktop computers, tablets, and such.

It Allows You Full Transparency

The technological advancements in technology and the Internet have allowed for any information to be available online. Such is the case with online conveyancing as it allows buyers and sellers to inquire about past experiences in the field. With a little bit of searching, you can inquire about your solicitor’s past experiences, referrals, and reviews. The case is no different from a buyers perspective as you can inquire about the property online, read reviews about the property, and find all the necessary information that will aid you towards making the right call.

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Better Communication

Online conveyancing has made it possible for the solicitor and his client to stay in touch even after business hours. Since both people are on the same page, the process would be faster and easier if your solicitor can dedicate half an hour to talk about the progress of the process. Sometimes we cannot talk during business hours, and online conveyancing gives you the chance to talk with your solicitor after working hours.

Sending Documents is Easier

Like traditional conveyancing, online conveyancing requires documents to be sent, signed and received. Having the ability to send documents online is much easier if you’re employing an online solicitor. Since the entire process is done online, the same method can be used for the transfer of documents that need to be signed. This saves the solicitor time by not needing to drive to your location in order to deliver the documents. And it allows for your solicitor to finish the process faster.

Things To Look For When Buying A Computer

A computer is a device that allows me to type this article for you to read. Computers are used for a variety of reasons, but no matter why you need a computer, there are things that everyone should look for when buying one. It is a well-known fact that you do not buy a pre-built computer. Meaning, you don’t buy a computer that has been previously assembled. The best option for your budget is to always buy your own parts and assemble them yourself, or get someone else to do it. But the emphasis should be put on the former, meaning that you buy your own parts.

So what are the things that you should look for when buying a computer?

1.  The processor (CPU)

The first and most important part is the processor. There are two manufacturers you should turn your attention to when buying a processor. Intel and AMD are the biggest giants in the industry, so a good buy would be an Intel or AMD processor.

2.  Computer Memory (RAM)

RAM is extremely important it would seem nowadays. The more RAM memory, the faster your browsers, and applications will open. There was a time when 4 GB of RAM was enough, but nowadays anything below 8 GB can be considered very outdated. Always make sure that your budget can support you by buying at least 8 GB or 16 GB, which is the go-to standard.

3.  Monitor

Many people would not agree with this, however, a good monitor is very important especially if you’re going to be spending most of your time working on your PC. A good computer monitor should have an HDMI slot that goes straight into your graphics card, and the go-to screen resolution needs to be 1920×1080.

Before buying a new monitor, you should know how the monitor presents different color schemes. It is very important if you’re buying it for gaming or using for professional work such as graphics designing or video editing . You can check it on progeeksblog.

The 4k resolution 3840 x 2160 pixels or 4096 x 2160 pixels is also one of the latest technology you should be looking for as 4k is everywhere from YouTube to other streaming platforms including Netflix.

4.  Motherboard

A motherboard is a computer component that puts everything together and makes it all work. When choosing a motherboard, make sure to check if the motherboard is compatible with your RAM, processor, and graphics card.

5.  Graphics Card (GPU)

Graphics cards can eighter be built in into your CPU; however, those GPU’s are fairly weak and won’t be able to run anything. The go-to manufacturers for GPU’s are NVIDIA and AMD. GPU’s can cost anything from $50 to $1.000 or even more. GPU’s allow your computer better resolution, the ability to run games, the ability to render videos and 3D objects, and more.

6.  HDD and SSD

Memory is important and that’s why hard drives are also important. Hard drives are used to store information, and you should always have one to install your OS. Nowadays, there are new forms of hard drives called SSD or Solid State Drives. These are faster than HDD’s because they process information faster. Your operating system should always be stored on your SSD if you choose to buy one. They are more expensive than HDD’s but they compute faster.

There are always ways to get free storage and that’s by using cloud storage. From all the options available to you, Google provides 15 GB of free storage for $2 a month, and 1 TB for $10 a month. Mega provides 50 GB of FREE storage, Dropbox 2 GB, and MediaFire 10 GB.

7.  Operating System

Every computer, both desktop, and laptops need an operating system to work. From all the operating systems available for you, Windows is the most common one. Apple’s macOS is available only for their computers, but you can always go for the less used Linux operating software.



Best Smart Home Device Ideas on a Budget


Making your home smart is no longer a break-the-bank affair as the smart home industry matures. From Amazon Echo speakers to Alarm Relay residential monitoring, there are several budget-friendly options that don’t compromise on quality.

Top 6 Affordable Smart Home Device Suggestions

Whether you want to do the basics or are looking to add to an existing setup, there is something for you in this top 6 list.

1. Smart Speaker – Amazon Echo Dot (3rd generation) – $49.99


The 3rd generation model of the Amazon Echo Dot is a considerable improvement upon the previous model in terms of design and speaker quality. Indeed, the audio output is superior to its close competitor – the Google Home Mini. Using just your voice, you can control a wide range of devices (Alexa is compatible with more than 10,000 smart home devices). Features such as Whisper Mode, Shopping Lists, Flash Briefings and Alexa Calling make the Echo Dot all the more, a worthy budget buy.

2. Smart Color Changing Lighting – Lifx Mini Wifi Smart Bulb – Under $50


The Lifx Mini is sufficiently small to fit into the majority of fixtures to replace the conventional light bulb. The bulbs can be linked to virtually any smart-home ecosystem from Google Assistant and Alexa to Samsung Smart Things and Microsoft Cortana. The fact that the bulb doesn’t require a specific bridge device or dedicated hub is indeed a major cost advantage. The entry-level LIFX MINI White is just $23.51.

3. Smart Thermostat – Honeywell Wi-Fi Thermostat – $64


The Honeywell Wi-Fi thermostat is easy to install and program. Though a no-frills product in comparison to the Ecobee or Nest, it does its job of monitoring and managing the heating and cooling system. You can run the system using its touch screen or the Honeywell Total Connect comfort app with it connected to your domestic Wi-Fi network. The thermostat is compatible with a wide range of smart home systems which is a great perk for the price it is available at. One con worth mentioning though is that you need a C-wire.

4. Smart CleanerRoborock S5 Robotic Vacuum and Mop Cleaner – $546.99


Irrespective of whether you live in a large house or a studio apartment, the Roborock S5 delivers an amazing range of functionality for its low price. The cleaner utilizes a smart sensor navigation map to plan and execute the optimal route for cleaning around your home. Other noteworthy features are that it sweeps and mops in addition to just vacuuming, and its battery has a running time of 150 minutes. With its companion Mi Home App, you can save maps and do scheduled a cleaning. You can also set up a barrier and no-go-zones. The zoned clean-up feature enables you to position one or more boxes over the map and order the Roborock S5 to clean just those areas following which it returns to its dock.

5. Smart Plug – Kasa HS 107 (2-outlets) – $34.9


The HS 107 Kasa Smart Plug enables its user to control two devices individually or at the same time from anywhere with a single smart plug. Thus, it is suitable for controlling kitchen appliances, bedroom lamps, an iron, and so on. You can schedule the device to switch on or off if you’re not at home or even set a scene to manage many devices using just one button. Combining the smart plug with a smart home speaker such as Google Assistant or Alexa enables voice control.

6. Smart CookingAnova Culinary Sous Vide Precision Cooker Nano | Bluetooth | 750W – $98.99


The Anova Culinary Sous Vide Precision Cooker Nano with Bluetooth makes it possible to prepare a meal of restaurant quality at home and hands-free. All you have to do is attach the cooker to a pot, pour water and put in the food you wish to cook, in a glass jar or sealed bag. You just have to press a button to start cooking. The cooker’s timer and accurate temperature control enables you to relax for a while and leave the cooking to the smart device. To control the device from your Android or iPhone smart device, download the Anova app. The cooker’s Bluetooth connection makes it possible to control the device from an amazing maximum distance of 30 feet away.

So as you can see, you don’t need thousands of dollars to create your very own smart home. You can always upgrade to more advanced options in future as and when you feel the need.

How to Hire a Proper Dedicated Software Development Team from Ukraine?


What is a dedicated team? In simple words, it’s a group of people that act out as a part of your existing team. They extend your team and add the required expertise and experience. Selecting a new team is a tough process, but we’re here to guide you through the steps of making a choice.

According to Diceus outsource development company, dedicated team upsides comprise a good location, a good price for work and a high level of expertise. Here are four major reasons for choosing Ukraine as an outsourcing destination:

  • Ukraine takes first place in the outsourcing market in Eastern Europe (Outsourcing Journal)
  • It takes #1 place in the volume of outsourcing services according to CEE (CEEOA)
  • It’s one of the top 20 offshore destinations in EMEA (Gartner)
  • One of the top 25 IT service vendors (PwC)

5 Steps to Hiring a Reliable Dedicated Team from Ukraine

Hiring a reliable remote team doesn’t take so much time as if you were doing it for the in-house positions. You can rely on an outsourcing partner that will guarantee a high level of expertise of every player.

Step #1. Define the goals and the budget

A team should help you with reaching your business goals. When you know what kind of tasks or problems a new project should solve, you will be able to fulfill them within a fixed period of time. In most of the cases, you will have long-term cooperation that will also require having milestones to assess the progress.

There should be a defined number of experts that know how to use different stacks and technologies. You will pay salaries and the fee – this will be your budget for the project. You may have a fixed sum for any unexpected situations if something goes wrong. We recommend selecting a group of people that offer you a fixed sum for the project rather than the one that offers hourly fees.


Step #2. Get in touch with the top companies

The next step is choosing the best companies and get in touch with them to find out what they can offer to you. You will evaluate how much time they spend on giving you an answer, what kind of offers they will provide and the cost. It’s good to have a video call to have a live conversation and discuss the goals and tasks that a new project should solve.

It’s good to have one list of questions to ask and compare the answers at the end. You may ask the companies to describe their models of cooperation and how they see the work of a team. It’s good to ask what they do when someone gets ill or has a vacation, or anything else.

Step #3. Check portfolio and the expertise

This stage is a bit tricky as you should always check if the company has worked on the project from the portfolio. It’s not always possible to test the product yourself, but you can always ask questions and get in touch with the companies that ordered that project.

A portfolio may contain a list of solved problems – how many people there were in a team, what they did and what results they received. Another variant may be listing the companies that ordered services of a remote team in the past. You can contact them and ask if the information is true to life.


Step #4. Check feedback and reviews

Checking feedback and reviews may also be tricky as a lot of them are fake ones. How can you make sure that they are true to life? The first thing to check is the style of the reviews and where they are placed. If it’s a website like Quora, you may trust them and consider to be real.

It’s good to check the social profiles of the team players and how they participate in any open-source projects. If they do, you can see their achievements and what kind of technology they are best at. And there’s one more thing about checking the team members – you need to make sure that they are real people and it’s good to have a video call with each of them.

Step #5. Make a legal agreement

This is the final step where you put all the agreements, tasks and deadlines on paper. You make up a deal that an outsourcing vendor provides specific services. Here you will have a dedicated team that will work as a part of your existing team. An outsourcing vendor is an intermediary between you and they will ask for a fee for solving administrative tasks. You may pay hourly fees or have a monthly salary for each member of a dedicated team.

You should prevent any loss of money from your side, and there should be clear rules where you will note down what you will do if the staff fail. You shouldn’t be worried too much about this at the beginning of your cooperation but you will remain calm when you know that you will not lose time or money in cases of problems.



Hiring a proper dedicated team doesn’t differ from hiring an in-house one. The difference is in the intermediary – it’s an outsourcing partner that makes the process go faster. You get all the talents in one group ready to complete your tasks. And you will reach your goals together.

There’s a need to choose a location to be comfortable with the local culture, language and time zone. We consider Ukraine to be a perfect variant. The next steps will comprise choosing reliable vendors that have enough expertise and experience to provide you outsourcing services. A legal agreement will prevent any problems if they ever come out.

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