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Firestrike Review: Instagram Growth Service You Need to Check Out

Firestrike review – Many Instagram growth tools out there depend on large amounts of data to help social media platforms do well. Let’s review Firestrike and take a look at how tools like it predict analytics and algorithms to provide your Instagram with great engagement.

Instagram growth tools have definitely benefited from predictive analytics, and there are now a large number of brands and companies that rely on Google Trends to predict future profits and focus on the right keywords that are going to bring the most success. Additionally, there are other applications that use different strategies to anticipate these types of analytics but are far less mainstream. This doesn’t mean that they’re not valuable, however.

Instagram marketing is relatively new to the scene of predictive analytics. More tools are being developed in this field, which can help big brands grow their presence on Instagram. These tools depend on advanced algorithms that study user behavior and pick it apart to make confident predictions, determining which direction you should take your marketing campaign.

Firestrike Review: Big Data and Instagram Growth Tools go Hand in Hand


Technology is a handy development. This is because it allows us to accomplish otherwise mundane and frustrating tasks with much greater efficiency, which can lead to a leap in progress over time, as well as faster growth. Ultimately, technology makes our lives easier, as well as allowing us to do a lot more than we previously thought was possible.

We already know that technology has helped us dominate the sky and the sea, as well as land on the moon and even connect one side of the world to the other through one primary web. As you can imagine, big groups of data have played an enormous role in all of these successes. There are many people out there that consider the internet to be one of the biggest and final frontiers that we have yet to harness completely. Social media in this way contains an exceptional amount of potential. However, if we want to succeed in this way, we need to have access to the correct tools.

It wasn’t long ago that I came across one of these impressive tools, called Firestrike. I believe that it will appeal to all users of social media platforms like Instagram because it’s one of the best growth services I’ve seen. This is primarily due to their advanced technology, which I will talk about in detail in the review below. Firestrike has been made possible with the huge recent progress made in big data. Hence this review.

Predictive Analysis Means You Can Work Smarter, Not Harder


You’ve probably heard this saying many times in your lifetime, if not more so in recent years. While it may be an overused cliché, there’s a lot of reality to it too. If you can find a method that is quicker and can be done with less effort but still produces the same results, then it should absolutely be pursued.

This kind of commentary brings us to Instagram growth services like Firestrike. Firestrike is an automated growth service that uses artificial intelligence to grow your Instagram. It does this by connecting with the right people, interacting with their content and communicating with them.

Firestrike is a service that’s ideal for anyone who is looking to gain more exposure for themselves or their brand on Instagram. You could be a brand, a business, an artist or even an influencer. The best part of it is that you hardly have to do anything, apart from setting it up initially and then checking in on the weekly reports to see what progress has been made.

What is a Learning Machine?


Using automation for your Instagram growth occurs when AI uses an algorithmic method to learn new things and ultimately become smarter. For a few of you, you might not like the sound of this. However, there’s nothing to worry about, because it’s a safe practice that can actually be quite interesting to watch.

AI that focuses on social media growth, in particular, applies the algorithms that it has learned as a way of improving how it does things for you. This means that it goes through the data that it has collected and uses it to refine its growth strategies, so it’s always improving. You could say that it seems to think just like how a human would if a human was learning something new and trying to get better at it.

Targeting Your Audience

Firestrike uses an advanced targeting feature that uses filters to give it an edge against its competition. You can even personalize the settings of your service so that the growth service is concentrating on the right people for your content. You can also ask it to only interact with content and posts within a certain range of data, whether this is in the form of a specific location or hashtags that you like.  

I would consider targeting to be the most essential part of automation. This is because generally speaking it takes longer to search Instagram for users that are more likely to follow you because they’re interested in your content than it does to just hit the follow or like button. The advantage of automation is that it can do all of these actions within a matter of seconds once your preferences have been set.

More Affordable than Doing it Manually


Take a moment to think about what it would be like if you hired somebody to manually do the work of an automated growth service. This would require them to work every minute of the day, without any breaks or even sleep. This means no sick days or holidays. This sounds pretty impossible to achieve – not to mention how much they would charge.

When you think about it from this perspective, automation looks pretty appealing. It’s like hiring someone who can work non-stop for next to nothing.

Firestrike is also incredibly affordable when it comes to pricing, just like many other Instagram growth services out there. You can get going with Firestrike from only $15 a week, or $39 a month. They even have a supercharged plan for $99 that works at ten times the rate of their regular service, so if you’re someone who is serious about building your Instagram, this kind of price is worth it.  

Final Thoughts


Instagram branding strategies have been hugely impacted by technological growth in predictive analytics, and it’s benefiting everyone who’s on there. This type of engagement is changing the future of Instagram in a number of ways, and it certainly makes executing your engagement a lot easier on your end.

If you’re looking for a streamlined, efficient and affordable way to grow your Instagram, check out Firestrike. They’re a testament to the advantages that automated Instagram growth brings to the table.

7 Web Layout Myths You Should Bust Right Now

If you have seen the web evolve, then you might be familiar with what the web looked like when it was first launched. Take the trip down the memory lane and visualize what web pages looked like three decades ago. If you can not remember it, just Google what different websites looked like 20 years ago and you will be surprised by the results. Back in the day, there was nothing like web layout. Every web page has a single column of text filling the space from one side to another.

Fast forward to today, we now have all the bells and whistles attached to websites. The web has evolved significantly over the last couple of decades. One thing that stayed constant is myths. There are many web layout myths that are still prevalent in web design circles. If you want to know what these myths are then you are at the right place. In this article, we will bust those myths, so you don’t believe in them anymore.

1. Use Rectangles Only

If you break down a web page to its components, you will see that everything on the web page is a box. The tools web designers use to try to keep it that way. Thankfully, this is not true anymore as we now have tools that let you cut those rectangular boxes to any shape you want. Now, you can fit your content into a diamond shape or fit it into a triangle. You can draw a diagonal across a rectangle and cut it into two different triangles. Designers can even float a photo that has been cut into a circle and then make the text flow and fit into that circular shape. CSS Shapes adds a new dimension by letting designers play around with different shapes and content in a more creative way. The possibilities are endless.

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2. Everything Should Float

You might have seen web pages with lots and lots of different bars floating beside one another. From the navigation bar, sidebar, hero bar and a bar for the header, the list goes on and on. The problem with such a web layout is that the moment you try to resize the viewport and apply different media queries, all these bars start to rearrange themselves, giving your web page a cluttered look. If you want to create a minimalistic web layout with lots of white spaces, you should ditch this floating philosophy.

Moreover, these floating bars force you to create content of the same aspect ratio and length, which makes life very difficult. CSS Grid tries to resolve this issue by adding rows. By using rows, you can arrange different website elements both horizontally and vertically.

3. Use Simple Navigation

I have come across dozens of articles on web design that tells you to use simple navigation. There is no doubt that simple navigation works well in most cases but not every time. Let me explain it with an example. Let’s say you want to create an e-commerce website that could give some tough competition to the likes of Amazon and eBay. You might be selling millions of products in thousands of different categories. Can you choose simple navigation for such a large project? No, right. Yes, your website might not look great and might even look a bit cluttered but it will function and function well. That is why Miami web Design Company chooses navigation based on project needs.

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4. We Have No Control over The Fold

There is a common misconception amongst web designers that they don’t have any control over the bottom edge of the screen where it cuts itself from the layout. That is no longer true any more thanks to the viewport. Now, you can place different website elements in position to the viewport. Designers can also resize according to the need, which was not possible a few decades ago. Using Viewport and Flexbox side by side, you can enjoy more control over the fold and every other part of your web page.

5. Responsive Web Design Minimizes Room For Customization

If you have been working in the web design industry for the past two decades, you might be familiar with the ordeal you have to go through when the responsive web design first burst on to the scene. Every web designer has to learn what responsive web design is and master all the tools to launch their website quickly on the new standard. Despite all the efforts, there are many web designers who still believe that responsive web design limits their options, which is not the case. If that is what you believe, then you should change your tools, which is limiting what you can do with responsive web design instead of blaming responsive web design. By using CSS efficiently along with CSS grid, web designers can create anything they want.

6. Using a Layout Framework is a Must

With so many web design and website layout framework, web designers tend to think that using a framework makes their lives easier. Believe it or not, it is the other way around. The latest grid syntax of CSS makes it much easier to write code than using a framework. It is highly recommended that you write your CSS instead of trying to get your hands on the latest and greatest web framework out there.

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7. Minimalism Works Well Every Time

If you have been following the latest web design trends lately, you might have noticed this trend make its way on to every web design trends list. Many sites were quick to jump on this trend and others followed suit and suddenly the web starts to look cleaner and less cluttered. Similar to simple navigation, the minimalistic design might work in most cases, but it is not the ideal choice for every web design project.

For instance, if you are creating a website for a business who wants its users to pay attention to multiple website elements, a minimalistic design might not be a good option in such a scenario. Only take the minimalistic design approach when you are sure that it is the right fit for the project; otherwise, avoid it.

Which web design myth do you still believe in? Feel free to share it with us in the comments section below.

Cybersecurity: Are we there yet?

A good old-fashioned bank robbery isn’t very popular nowadays. The bad guys don’t even need guns. They commit crimes from home with the help of the computer. Welcome to the world of technology where everything can get hacked.

Thirty years ago people were not thinking of cybersecurity. There were no wireless computers, mobile banking apps, Facebook, the cryptocurrency market, etc. An interesting fact is that the first virus, named Brain, was released a few years after International business machines corporation had introduced the first personal computer. The virus was written by two brothers from Pakistan. At that time, people from the United States and the United Kingdom were so shocked that their computers had a virus that they were calling directly to Pakistan demanding to disinfect their machines.


Nowadays users have different kinds of antivirus software. No one keeps track of the number of computer viruses. The world would be a great place if a random Internet virus was the only cybersecurity problem. At this point, there are a lot of cyber dangers such as crypto jacking, data breaches, and ransomware attacks. Hackers can steal users’ passwords and go through personal information including photos, emails, chats on WhatsApp, and bank details. More than that, they can attack the government, hack Tesla cars and home automation system. There is no safe place.


Even large corporations such as Google, Facebook, FedEx, Amazon or Wikipedia experience cyber attacks. Despite the amount of financial and human resources, they still can’t fully protect themselves. For instance, Sony’s PlayStation Network was attacked in 2011. The company was going through hell – the team of hackers stole the personal data of 77 million users. The list of data included customers’ names, passwords, credit cards numbers, and expiration dates. Needless to say, the users’ bank accounts had been illegally used. To appease disappointed customers the company paid compensation of 15 million dollars in total. Plus, they were in charge of refunding money that was stolen from all their customers. The experts call it the world’s largest cyber attack. Another important fact is that it was possible to avoid this incident. Sony decided to ignore a well-known network vulnerability and paid the price for it.


Hackers can also be different. Not everyone will go to attack government or political parties. Some hackers target celebrities and their Instagram profiles by using a flaw in the Instagram security system. In 2016, Selena Gomez’s Instagram was hacked. Unknown posted nude photos of Justin Bieber from her profile. The American singer had 125 million followers at that time.


Everyone can become a victim of a cyber attack. History shows that the consequences can be terrible. That’s why it is so important to spread the message about cybersecurity and what to do in order to avoid getting hacked. Hackers are evolving at the same speed as technology, so users should become more careful both online and offline. No one knows what can be worse – showing your nude pictures to the millions of people or pay off 15 million dollar debt.

If you want to learn more about cybersecurity and how to protect yourself, check out the infographic below, according to ServerMania:

All you need to know about air conditioning


During the summer, our air conditioners are our best friends. On those hot and sunny days, nothing can help us relax more than some fresh, cool air. Having an air conditioner is pretty much mandatory these days, as summers can sometimes be crazy hot.

Since everyone owns at least one air conditioner in their home, we decided to write an article that will explain some things about them, so if you are ready to learn some more about AC’s, keep reading.

All you need to know about air conditioners


There are a few things that you need to know about your air conditioner, especially if you are the kind of person who wants to fix the problems by himself, in case they occur sometimes.

For example, having dirty, unchanged filters, can kill the efficiency of your AC, so making sure that you install one every couple of months will be a smart decision when it comes to maintaining your AC up to its fullest potential and functionality.

Next, cleaning the ducts will also be pretty important. This is how to find and fix leaks in your air conditioning system. You can find and identify the leak by using the good old “smoke trick”. This is probably the most old school way of identifying the air conditioning problem, but it works perfectly, so people are still sticking to it. If you are unfamiliar about what this term means, we’ll explain it right now.


The smoke trick can be done just like this. Light up incense and hold it where your unit and the window frame meet. If you are using a central AC, you can hold the stick near the place where the duct connections are. If the smoke from the incense happens to be blowing around, it means you’ve got a leakage. For Ductwork, you can use the foil tape to seal all the small gaps, and you can use duct mastic for the larger ones. If you are using a window AC unit, you can simply stuff foam between the device and the frame of the window, and you can even tape it if needed.


The person who installed your AC probably will put you on the yearly cleaning schedule that needs to go beyond just cleaning the filters. You need to schedule this checkup before the summer seasons start when you will mostly be using your AC. You don’t want your cooling unit to give up in the middle of the warmest days, so make sure that you regularly check if everything is working the way it should.


A very useful tip that not many people know about is that you actually should not have all of your doors and windows closed while your AC is working up to its maximum potential. Everyone seems to fully “seal” the house while their system is cooling, but this is a mistake. You are reducing the maximum potential of the AC by completely eliminating all of the airflows in the house. Instead, if you want some privacy, but still allowing your AC to work the way it should, leave the curtains on or simply open the window just a little bit opened. In the very end, it’s crucial to have a good and reliable extension cord for your system. Such cords can be found on sites like

What to know when buying HDD

Computers are pretty much mandatory nowadays, and almost all the tasks we do for work or something similar, go through them. Which means, we need to have a solid system either at our office or at home.

The thing about computers is that they are advancing maybe at the fastest pace out of all other types of technologies and gadgets. Therefore, it is sometimes hard to catch up and be in touch with all the new releases of components and various PC parts.

In a PC system, all of the components are equally important. Starting from the motherboard, moving up to the CPU and the GPU, all the way to the power supply. The PC is like the human body, you remove one part, and it can’t perform the way it should. You remove something more important, and it won’t be starting up at all.

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Today, we are discussing Hard Drives, or HDD’s if you’d like. There are numerous choices that you need to make when purchasing one, so we decided to write this article that will explain some of them and hopefully make your decisions easier. Without further ado, let’s begin.

What to know when buying an HDD

There are two types of memories in your computer system. The RAM, which erases every time your PC shuts down, and there is the permanent memory which is your Hard Drive or SSD (Solid State Drive). Like we already said, today we are discussing HDD’s, so we’ll stick to that only.

Today’s hard disks are pretty cheap, and this is because SSD’s started getting a lot of attention from PC lovers. But, because HDD’s got cheaper some at under $250, they also started getting a lot of attention, weird right? So, now people are weighing in the pros and cons of HDD’s and SSD’s and deciding what to buy for their system. While we are at weighting cons, you should check differences between WD Black vs. Blue vs. Purple vs. Red, for those of you who are more tech-savvy, this will come in handy.

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Alright, so when you are purchasing an HDD, there are a few things you need to pay attention to. Nothing too complicated, but you should still know what you’re getting for your well-earned money. A hard disk drive will have a certain number of RPM or rotates per minute. The higher this is, the faster your HDD will be. Next, you need to see the actual transfer speed, this will usually be displayed immediately, anywhere in the product description, or on the packaging itself. The ones with higher transfer speeds will be more expensive.

Then, what is really important, is the noise that HDD’s make. Beware that unlike SSD’s, the Hard Disk Drivers are a bit of older technology, and therefore they make some noise while working, especially when they are under heavy load. So, You need to read some reviews on the hard disk that you want to buy and see what the previous users have to say about it. It might say “Silent” on the packaging but sound like a jet plane when you install it in your PC. So, if you want to enjoy your silence while working, definitely consider finding one that is producing less noise.

Top 5 earbuds currently on the market

Earbuds are in everyone’s pocket. So many of us depend on them, whether when we’re leaving the house, or watching a movie at home and trying not to bother people around us. They’ve become such an important part of our lives that it’s difficult to imagine what it would be like without them. Unlike over-ear headphones, earbuds are much smaller, easier to pack and fit into every pocket. That’s why so many of us are often in the hunt for the best possible earphones for the best possible price. Hopefully, this list can get you closer to the best ones for you.

1More Triple Driver In-Ear Headphone

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These are around $100 and the quality doesn’t fit the price – they definitely sound more expensive than they are. They are made of aluminum and have a nice rose gold color. While the rubber cable might feel a bit cheaper, you’ll come to realize that it doesn’t matter and that they’re working perfectly. For this price, 1More Triple Driver In-Ear headphones are one of the best. Headphonatics can give you more of the similar guides and lists to some of the best earphones on the market. They regularly post audio technology news as well as reviews.

Sensitivity: 99dB at 1KHz
Frequency response: 20- 40,000Hz
Impedance: 32 ohms

Jabra Elite Active 65t

Img source:

These are more expensive than the previous ones, around $190 but they also justify the price. First of all, they are completely wireless. They have around 15 hours of battery life and give you access to Google assistant and Alexa. The price is more than reasonable for the quality of sound you’re getting. They’re perfect for running as they fit really well in your ear. They have around four-star review based on 2,198 Amazon customer reviews.

RHA MA390 Wireless

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Unlike Jabra Elite Active 65t, these aren’t entirely wireless as they have a cable that goes around your neck. They feature great build quality, terrific sound, and the price is affordable at around $70. These are easily one of the best neckbuds currently on the market in this price range. One advantage they have over entirely wireless earbuds is longer battery life, but are a bit less comfortable during a run.

Sensitivity: 100dB
Frequency response: 16- 22,000Hz
Battery life: 8 hours

Bose QuietControl 30

Img source: YouTube

These earphones have a neckband design and are truly comfortable. The sound is fairly good considering the price which is around $299. Also, they have noise cancellation which is always handy. You can control the level of noise cancellation and choose when you want to be more involved in what’s going on around you, or you can isolate yourself completely. The microphone’s noise-rejecting system helps you get clearer calls without the surrounding noise bothering you. All in all, these are great for their price and are highly recommended.

Bluetooth range: 33 ft (10 m)
Battery charging time: Less than 3 hours

Battery life: Up to 10 hours per full charge

TaoTronics TT-EP01 Active Noise Canceling Headphones

Img source:

The active noise cancellation and a premium alloy construction make these earbuds feel much more expensive than they actually are. They come at a price of around $46 which is pretty cheap for this type of earbuds. They have a microphone and come with three different sizes of earbuds. The sound could be better but consider the price, you’ll probably be satisfied.

Battery life: 15 hours

Main Benefits of Using Clean Energy Solutions 

During the last few decades, we’ve been hearing a lot about renewable energy and clean energy. It is not only advisable but necessary for all of us to decrease our environmental footprint. Human impact on the environment is becoming deeper and more extensive each year and we need to start changing that. Wind turbines and solar panels are gaining popularity rapidly and have become a relatively common sight. What many have been asking themselves ever since renewable energy as a concept was introduced, is how does it affect our health, our economy, and the environment? Many have been researching the impact of renewable energy technologies for years, and here are just some of the main conclusions summed up. Energy Boom stated, ” As an example, nationwide the combined savings achieved due to energy efficiency programs during 2016 alone could power 20 million US households. Switching to renewables also makes economic sense given that these energy sources can help stabilize energy prices and avoid the fluctuations that characterize coal and natural gas markets, which are often affected by the changing geopolitical situation.”


Less CO2 is being released in the atmosphere

Less CO2 means less global warming. Human activity is filling the atmosphere with numerous gases that have detrimental effects on human health and represent a serious threat to all other living organisms. The gases are acting like a layer trapping heat on the Earth, not letting it disperse. That’s why the global temperature is always rising and will eventually become deadly. Already we can see the impact of global warming and it’s not at all negligible. If you wish to learn more about the benefits of clean energy, take a look at Clean Energy Ideas. They cover not only renewable energy but the topics of climate change and recycling as well.

Renewable energy sources produce a very small amount or none at all, of those emissions. CO2 is considered the main greenhouse gas, but there are others that contribute to global warming as well.

Solar panels can significantly reduce your energy bills

As you already know, electricity is not at all cheap and the prices are not going to fall. By installing solar panels, you’re installing a source of clean energy for your home. This will help you reduce your electric bills a lot. It’s no surprise that as the prices of electricity go up, more and more people will decide to install solar panels. Even though the installation of solar panels can be expensive, it will pay off as you will reduce the amount you have to pay to your local utility company.

Using solar panels will also help us reduce fossil fuel consumption. As we switch to renewable energy, we reduce the need for burning reserves of fossil fuel such as coal, oil, and gas. For more information visit Action Solar.


More jobs are being made

Many people work in renewable energy jobs. There are around 10 million of them around the world to be exact, of which around 3 million found jobs concerning solar power, 1.5 million hydropower, and 1.2 million wind power. These are not small numbers. The truth is that renewable energy has the potential to open many more jobs in the future. Meanwhile, the US coal industry employees around 76,000 which is a lot less than the number of people employed in museums, breweries, or travel agencies.

The benefits of renewable energy on the economy, health, and environment are not at all negligible and should be understood and taken into serious consideration. How long can we keep ignoring the facts?

Top 8 tips for improving the performance of your Android smartphone

The performance of your smartphone will start to decrease after you use it for some time, the same as other desktop or mobile operating systems. Mobile operating systems are supposed to be faster and lighter in order to keep up with your needs. If you have noticed that your smartphone performance is not been working as it did before and has started to be slower, it is time for some housekeeping. Here are the top 10 tips on how to improve the performance of your phone:

1. Know your device well

One of the most important things is that you should learn the capabilities and drawbacks of your smartphone. Do not overburden it with apps that you are no longer using, since they will hinder the capability of your smartphone.


2. Update your Android

If you have not already updated your phone to the latest version, it is time to do so.  According to KuotaReguler, there are various improvements that Google brings to every new release of the Android operating system, improvements such as stability, higher performance, better connectivity, and speed.

3. Remove the apps that you are no longer using

Every app that you add to your phone will take storage space and will also run some background processes. The more space is occupied, the slower your phone will be. If you have apps that you no longer use, delete them and keep the apps that you use daily.

4. Disable unnecessary apps

A performance assistant has been added to the Android ICS in order to help the user disable apps that they do not need. Disabling apps is different from uninstalling them since you will not be removing the app from your phone, but you will simply be stopping its processes. You will be able to re-enable them if you need them. This is especially useful for built-in apps that cannot be uninstalled.


5. Update your apps

Apps installed from the Google Play store should be updated regularly. Try to install them as soon as they become available in the store since developers fix bugs and add features in the new versions. Apps that are updated are better and faster, and it will not cause your phone to lag or to stop working.

6. Use a high-speed memory card

Phones that do not have a lot of internal space can get a big boost from a high-capacity memory card. However, it does not only add additional storage space to the phone, but it also adds speed. You will be able to choose between 2GB to 32 GB of storage space that supports high speed read & write operations. Always choose memory cards of Class 6 or 10 for your phone, if you are looking for ways to boost your phones operations.

7. Keep fewer widgets

Widgets are not applications and they are always active in the background, unlike apps that become active when you activate them. While some users might use widgets to track the weather and important dates, some use widgets like extended control, which gives them access to important settings, such as switching Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or their GPS on or off. However, keep in mind that having a lot of active widgets can cause your device to perform slower.


8. Avoid adding live wallpapers

Different phones, come with different live wallpapers, however, you should know that they will need more CPU cycles in order to work, and this will cause your battery to drain faster. Every time you turn on your screen, you will also turn on the wallpaper.


By following these tips, you will be able to boost your device’s performance and be able to enjoy the time you spend on your phone, instead of being stressed out when it does not want to turn on the application that you wanted.

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