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The importance of organic traffic


The difference of organic traffic, which are displayed on the home page in their order of publication, the position on search engines is one of the main sources of traffic creation on a website today (so-called organic traffic) whether it is always easily accessible, such as your presentation or contact information. organic traffic clicks on the modification link to modify this page or SEO. Planned and programmed work requires the ability to observe and test. People who specialize in SEO search engines and continuously improve their algorithms are difficult to track. Because search engines change algorithms within a certain period of time and can make changes in ranking criteria.

You own or are in charge of a website and you want to get organic traffic targeted according to your activity or increase the number of visitors in order to increase your reputation and thus the number of potential customers? The objective of the SEO services is to be found in the results of the prestigious first page of Google ( Top 10) on the keywords or expressions that we validated together at the beginning of the contract. The natural and strategic SEO is today the formidable weapon that your competitors use to make themselves a leader in your industry. For more info check out

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The acquisition of organic traffic is often considered the basis of an Inbound marketing strategy. In fact, the more visitors you have on your website, the more you will be able to convert some of them into leads, and the more you will be able to exploit them to turn them into customers. I spent some time explaining how we made direct organic traffic our primary source of site visits.… I noticed that we had also made good progress in our organic traffic.

SEO: establish your keyword list

Before you get lost in the battle, the most important thing to do is to put yourself in your client’s shoes. What exactly is he looking for? What queries will it use to search for similar products/services to yours? Each of the answers to these questions will reveal keywords on which you should position yourself. Then feel free to check out your direct competitors.

On which keywords did they position themselves?

And most importantly, does it allow them to generate a lot of organic traffic?

Once you have established your list of keywords, you will now need to assess whether each of them is worth looking at. To do this, use Google’s keyword planning tool to find the most interesting keywords, i.e. those with a fairly large search volume while being the least competitive possible (see our article on the SEO strategy of the long tail on this subject). It all depends here on the strategy you choose (and especially the resources made available to you) but keep in mind that you must, first of all, choose keywords for which you think you can position yourself high in search engines. So it is sometimes more interesting to be the big fish in the small pond than a small fish in the ocean.

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Build your website around these keywords

At this point, you have identified all the keywords that could bring you interesting organic traffic and for which you are willing to defeat the competition. Now you have to go to the second step: optimize your website for the selected keywords. If you don’t have a website yet, try to place your most relevant keywords in the URL. ; Think of each page of your website as being oriented around one or two keywords, and insert them judiciously into your titles, subtitles and page descriptions (be careful not to overdo it, over keyword stuffing-or keyword stuffing –is a practice sanctioned by Google. Never choose search engines over your readers.) ; For keywords that you think are really important for your company (those that distinguish you from your competitors for example or that are your core business), think of optimizing them around a dedicated landing page with specific content (for example a white paper).

Commit to a long-term strategy

Now that your website is optimized around your strategic keywords, you will have to beat the competition by making your company appear as high as possible in the Google results pages. To do this, it is important to generate Backlinks (links from external sites that are recognized by search engines to establish the relevance of your site): Create a company blog and write regular articles optimized around your keywords. Once again, don’t try to please the search engines too much, but focus instead on your target audience: write content that interests them and that makes them want to know more about your activities. By writing quality articles, you help to ensure more visibility of shares on social networks and engagement, which are all criteria taken into account by Google to solidify your SEO depending On the strategy that you want to deploy, there are other ways to build backlinks: guest blogging, registration of specialized directories, press releases, activity on community sites or other blogs, etc.

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A simple, safe and effective technique

You just need to Google dozens of articles detailing the miracle method to strengthen its SEO and generate more visits to its website. But sometimes the most boring and less risky techniques produce the best results. If you try to follow the method described above, you will observe month after month improvement in your organic traffic. It is a durable and reliable technique that we recommend to all our customers. Nevertheless, it requires significant investment, patience and perseverance. But remember that it is this effort that will differentiate you from your competitors and give you a head start over them.

The Art of SEO: 6 Proven Ways to Generate DoFollow Links for Steady Organic Growth

Dofollow backlinks pass along link juice for improved search engine rankings. Dofollow links lure all search engines while crawling to help identify and boost domain authority for your site. This article will dig down Dofollow backlinks, how you can create them and the benefits obtained from this enterprise.

The Backbone Behind Do Follow Backlinks

Backlinks act as a website reference on another site at any location. They induce search engine crawlers to pinpoint your site while on another website with your link. Dofollow backlinks entice search engine bots to follow them and find your website. These links transfer the SEO benefits of the parent website to the hyperlinked one.

When crawlers hit Do Follow links, they head for your website and index the keywords. Simply put, it’s a signal communicated to search engine bots to visit this category of websites. In SEO parlance, DoFollow links send link juice. Links are emblematic of quality.


Do Follow Backlinks vs. Follow Backlinks

Search engines treat all links as “followable” if not tweaked to be no-follow manually or automatically. While dofollow backlinks give search engines the nod to transmit its page ranking influence to outbound links, nofollow ones do exactly the opposite. If you don’t want to pass along link juice, nofollow links answer your description.

Nofollow links have hidden potency to build awareness, economic value and put your brand on the map. They prevent linking sites from cannibalizing SEO from other sites.

Benefits of Do Follow Backlinks

With the escalating data arms race between search bots and SEO, DoFollow backlinks prop up your armory to win in a top-flight environment. They hand on link juice for search engine bots and people to follow you leading to higher page rank. Google detects Dofollow links and computer users linked to your page for ranking.

A dofollow link from a reputable website has better transformation potential with a preponderance of credibility from Google. High-quality links carve a gateway to your site, thus enhancing visibility and boosting traffic. Without DoFollow backlinks, you cannot gain organic traffic for indexed keywords. In the world of backlinks, quality is king. Quality flows from the authority of a website.

How to Build High-Quality DoFollow Backlinks

Guest Blogging

Given that site owners give DoFollow backlinks to those who bring something to the table, guest posts kick in. You can narrow down websites that offer guest post opportunities using Google. Your content must stand out to get a nod from administrators for publishing on authoritative websites.

The published content can include a DoFollow backlink to expose your site. Go for high authority and heavy traffic websites. This enhances domain authority and referral traffic from your post’s dofollow backlinks.

Powerful Broken Link Building Outreach

Broken link building is one of the most effective link-building tactics. It involves delving beneath your niche to identify stale resources and craft a version of fresh content. For instance, if the secondary website which had a backlink removes the linked page or changes URL, a 404 response pops up from that click. You need to liaise with webmasters to switch the broken link with your newly-created resource. Install extensions to find contact details for the website.

High PR DoFollow Blog Commenting Websites

Blog commenting refers to the social network created by the interaction of bloggers, their posts and readers. It provides a forum for exchanging notions, perspectives or opinion for a certain subject matter or blog post. Blog comments magnetize traffic and infuse a social element into the mix. You can weigh in on high PR dofollow blog commenting sites to create a strong link for your site or domain.

High-Quality Content

A website renowned for relevant, high-quality content paired with links from authoritative sites boasts a competitive edge. You can spy on your competitor’s content and outshine them with superior quality information.

Explore the sources of your competitor’s backlinks and drop a line to the webmaster who links that content seeking to replace a rival. If successful, you could get free DoFollow links.

Social Media DoFollow Backlinks

Traditional social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Google + let you share content without dofollow links. At the lower end of the spectrum, social media networks like Mamby allow you to disseminate content with dofollow links to promote the overall growth of your site. Mamby tailors content according to user demands making it easy to share personalized materials.

Forum Commenting

Drive traffic by being proactive on forums taking on most-sought after topics for imparting or sharing ideas. If you craft high-quality content, look for trending topics and comment on that website. Integrate a resource box with your site’s name and spark DoFollow backlinks to your destination.

Summing Up

In all, DoFollow backlinks will harness page rankings from an authoritative website and bring in a steady flow of organic traffic. Before creating backlinks, examine the domain and page authority using mozbar extensions. Maintain a professional demeanor to get the approval of webmasters. Join the bandwagon of influential websites like Forbes and deliver high quality content. For those who want to follow shortcuts, you can get DoFollow backlinks from sources such as Fiverr. But it’s a risky venture.

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Buy 360° Camera

Camera over DSLR

The answer to why you should buy a 360-degree camera instead of an expensive video recording camera or a DSLR is that with a small 360-degree camera, you are able to capture your real life moment in a fully immersive, interactive way, allowing people to experience how it feels like to fly a jet, sky diving, exploring the depths of the ocean or to shoot a video in football match.

A 360-degree camera is able to capture stunning photographs and videos but besides this, what else can you use it for? And why are these cameras worth spending money on? Here are the top reasons why you should buy a portable 360-degree camera for yourself.
  1. Cost
  2. Convenience
  3. Easy-to-use
  4. Wide Selection
  5. Multiple uses

Different Cost for Different Brands

Some cameras are way too expensive like Nokia’s OZO that costs around $60,000.  But there are other options for those with less money to spend.

One thing to know is that you cannot find a perfect 360-degree camera for under $100. But think of what you’ll be getting when you’re in search to buy a camera! Spending a little bit extra on the best quality piece of equipment is a way to go so you can get a camera that captures almost real-life footage in the clearest ways possible.

However, you can find a variety of 360-degree cameras for less than $1,000 that have the capability of shooting amazing videos and high-resolution photographs.

In a race of best 360-degree cameras, LG’s 360 Camera has quality reviews about its photo and video quality and costs less than $200. Another camera, the 360Fly cost $400 and is able to capture incredible 360-degree footage in one convenient, wireless little ball.

Compact and Portable

In 2019, most 360-degree cameras are compact, easy to use (one click to go), wireless and very easy to carry around. All these features make them the perfect hassle-free tool to have in your arsenal.

In comparison to big DSLR cameras that require storage & protection for lenses, flash, microphones, tripods, and all other gear, a small 360-degree camera just like the Ricoh Theta S are optimal for quick shooting and videography because they are only about 5 inches tall. It has a wide 360 lens, so you don’t have to move your camera around. You don’t even have to worry about setting up all things just like DSLRs, these Nano 360 degree cameras are just one click to go. Take them anywhere you want to and start filming awesome photography.

360 Degree Cameras Looks Complex But Really Easy to Use

Becoming expert over DSLR and all of its features and add-on can be a bit of pain in the butt if you are not pro. Even shooting with your mobile becomes harder as you cannot keep it stable all the way through your footage.

Most of the 360-degree cameras are relatively simple to set up and start capturing HD, real-life video in one go. Some of them have one to two buttons and that’s it for capturing HD footage! While technology is getting advanced day by day, we can expect new cameras that will be simple and easy to figure it out by every user at its own.

Installation of these 360-degree cameras is simple: Simple steps to follow & no headaches involved!

Multiple Brands with Multiple Models in Competitive Market

Only 5 years ago, there was a limited choice for good-quality 360-degree cameras but now there’s a huge variety to browse and pick from!

Almost every 360-degree camera in the online market has its own unique specialty and does something different from the next one. So it’s all on you to do some research and to find out the best option available in cheap price so check out for more information.

Be Creative with your 360 Degree Camera

The best part about these cameras is the feature of direct sharing to social platforms. You have plenty of choices, from Facebook and YouTube live streaming to other sites like Flickr or Ricoh’s own website if you buy the Theta S.

You don’t need to use the 360-degree camera just for capturing incredible footage and photography; You can use them as a security camera with motion detector too.  Below are creative options to be used in daily life with the help of these 360 Degree cameras apart from a video recording.

  1. PTZ control
  2. High-quality voice recording along with a video.
  3. Motion tracking
  4. Inferred Night vision for night time footage.
  5. Compatible with IOS & Android
  6. Cloud service storage available
  7. Alarm mode available
  8. Auto human detection

How to save your phone after you’ve dropped it in water

We all love our smartphones, they’re one of the most important things in our pockets. We take them everywhere with us- to work, to shops, to the bathroom. It is quite normal for them to sometimes end up being dropped in water. Whether it’s a pool or the toilet, the way of bringing your gadget back to life is pretty much the same. You shouldn’t keep soaking your phone, but if it does happen, there’s no reason to say goodbye to it so soon.

The rice or the repair shop?

If your phone ended up in the water, take it out as fast as possible. It seems like a pretty intuitive thing to do, doesn’t it? The longer it stays in the water, the more likely the water is to ruin it. However, once you get it out, do not try to turn it on and check if it’s working, as that may cause further damage to the phone. If it’s still on once you got it out of the water, make sure to turn it off fast. You should take out your battery (yeah, this is not something you’re going to be able to do with newer smartphones), your SIM card and the memory card.

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Repair shops like are where you can take your phone if you want your battery removed safely. Phone repair shops have seen numerous cases of phones being dropped in water for sure, so it’s quite possible that they will be experienced enough to give you best advice for your phone model and your situation. In case you’re super worried about your phone, you can take it to them, but keep in mind that by the time you get there, your phone will already have suffered some damage.

So, prior to taking your phone to the professionals, fill a bowl with rice and drop your phone in there. You can now either take it to the repair shop or just leave it to dry for around 48 hours. After that, you can take it out and check if there’s any rice left in some of the sockets and ports. You can take out the residue with tweezers, switch your phone on, and keep your fingers crossed! If it works, back up your data in case it, for some reason, stops working in the future. Or you drop it in the water again.

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Silica bags

You know those little silica bags that you get with anything you buy? These are put there in order to suck up water and prevent the moisture from damaging the product. It can help you with your wet phone as well. Simply put your phone in the bowl or a bag filled with silica packets and leave your phone in there for two or three days. This solution might even be superior to the rice method as rice can sometimes leave starch inside your phone and muck it up.

No blow drying!

Don’t try to dry your phone using a blow dryer. The heat from the drier could damage it further, and it could send the water deeper in the phone, damaging the components that would in other case stay dry. Also, once your phone is out of the water, do not shake it, tap it, and don’t try to plug it in to charge it. You can gently dab it with a clean towel in order to remove the water from the phone.

vCard to Outlook: How To Transfer It Easily?

People use vCard format to transmit contact info in a standardized form. For example, on the phone or in the mail agent. The vCard (or calling card) is encrypted in a VCF format. This is an online standard for exchanging business cards. If you send an email with a .vcf file attachment it is sent along with the message. MS Outlook understands vCard and can easily add them.

Why use vCard to Outlook Transfer software?

Before transferring data from a vCard file to Outlook on a PC with OS Windows, you change the format from VCF to CSV. It means that you import them into Windows and export them to a CSV format afterward. Having more than 50 people in your contact-book, this process will take time, since you will have to press the “OK” button for every contact that you wish to transfer into the CSV format. Unfortunately, it is impossible to click the “OK” button once and at the same time import all contacts. Therefore, many people are looking for the software, which could do it quickly by one click. For example, the vCard to Outlook Transfer tool will easily cope with this task, saving your time for more important things. Follow and import vCard to Outlook without any problems.

What will you get with vCard to Outlook Transfer?

A user-friendly and quick tool will easily transform into Outlook PST file necessary vCard contacts. Find the *.vcf files in the folder, and the program does the rest. The tool deals with a huge amount of information in a short time. It is fast, automatic and effortless. Download the trial version to ensure that the tool works in a proper way. Decide on your needs in order to choose the necessary license for you. There are 4 options available: Home, Business, Site and Technical Licenses.

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vCard to Outlook Transfer features:

  • Simple user-friendly interface;
  • A quick and simple transformation of vCard contact files;
  • Transmitting files into Outlook profile;
  • 100% compatibility with all popular additions of MS Outlook for Windows;
  • Fully compliant with all major Windows and its versions, including 64-bit ones.

Could I import vCard files by myself?

You can probably do it. Most people use helping tools in order to cope with a huge amount of data. To transmit several vfc files to Outlook you can follow the simple instructions below:

To save vCard files received in attachments to emails, put them one by one to the contact list of MS Outlook.

  1. Select a business card in the message body, and add it to the MS Outlook Contacts with one click.
  2. A new window will appear displaying contact information.
  3. Click Save and close in the contact window.
  4. Every vCard file in the message has to pass the same procedure.

If you have no time to do routine work – trust us. Save your time with reliable software.

Pop-Up Smartphone Cameras: Could This Be The Future?

Whether we like it or not, our smartphone cameras have become a passionate part of our lives, especially now in the selfie generation. Social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat all encourage sharing images, providing users platforms to do so, which is why we have seen so much progress in the smartphone camera technology department over the years.

As the smartphone and its functionalities revolutionize over time, so have we as users. We no longer have to wait until after the news has finished seeing what the weather is going to be like.

We no longer have to wait for Match of the Day to see the highlights of a football game and more importantly we no longer have to keep peeking out of the window waiting for our delivery because we can trace the driver’s movements, and it’s all thanks to these beautiful, slender, sleek, glossy devices we are all so attached to.

From the image below it is possible to see the penetration of smartphones throughout the world and the number of users geographically. The darker more dense areas indicate a higher number of the population. Therefore, more smartphone users compared to regions in lighter colors.

source: Bankmycell

Although all this tech is terrific and it gives us incredible new capabilities of looking like animals thanks to Snapchat filters, it all does come at a cost. One of those costs is the amount of privacy we are offered. More often than not we never read the small print when accepting the terms and conditions of apps that we download. Due to this reason, some apps that we think wouldn’t need access to our front facing cameras actually do access it. Which is why pop-up camera phones might just be the future.

Majority of the phones on the market today have the camera inbuilt into the screen or at the back of the phones with no covers like to ones we see on Apple iPhones and Samsung Galaxys. This means they are exposed to whatever they are pointing at. However, with pop-up camera phones, this would not be possible as the camera would be hidden until it is needed which means when not in use it would be tucked away.

The Vivo Nex is one of these phones that could revolutionise smartphone designs. It has an 8-megapixel camera that pop-up from the top of the phone. Not only does this make it secure against privacy invaders but it also means there’s no notch on the top of the phone giving users 91% more screen compared to what’s currently available on the market. The design is done so well that the phone looks excellent even when the camera is popped up.

Vivo has pushed the boat out further and got rid of the speaker grill that most phones have and have turned the phone screen into a speaker itself by placing speakers behind it. This again gives users more of a display screen and balances the wave of sound equally rather than it just coming out of one side of the phone.

Image Source: Vivo

Another Phone that also offers a pop-up camera is the Oppo Find X. According to SmartphoneChecker, on the Oppo, the entire top portion of the phone motorises up to reveal a 25-megapixel rear and 16-megapixel front-facing camera.

The camera pops up when a camera app is activated. Once you close the camera app, the whole top portion of the phone disappears leaving a phone with a large part of the screen just like the Vivo. The Oppo looks quite similar to the Samsung Galaxy range with its curved edges and offers an OLED display.

Image Source: Oppo

Both of these phones offer technology that is comparable and maybe even better to the mass market in comparison to what is currently available on the market today, the fact that this type of technology exists and is working successfully creates another opportunity for tech giants to adapt and dominate the smartphone market.

If and when we begin to see pop-up cameras appear on more devices by more manufactures it will be interesting to see what apps will activate the camera pop-up even when the app does not need the camera to carry out its sole function.

Main differences between VPS and dedicated hosting

Why do I need Web Hosting?


If you want to have a website, you need a web host. All of the web pages need to be stored somewhere and that is the job of a web server. In order to make the websites available to everyone everywhere, you need a web host. Technically, you can serve pages from your PC but that is highly impractical as the internet connection is probably going to be less powerful than you need it to be in order to serve multiple users at the same time. Web hosting companies help you with that issue by offering you a powerful web server that can store the pages and serve them to many users at the same time. That is, in all likelihood, something you can’t do on your own and so, today web hosting companies are a necessity.

VPS vs dedicated hosting


There are a lot of things to take into consideration when looking at web hosting companies. As some of the more important factors, singles out fast and stable networks, high-quality hardware, and 24/7 monitoring.  Thinking about what web hosting includes, this all makes a lot of sense. Another thing you should think about is whether you should opt for a VPS or dedicated hosting.


By choosing VPS, or a Virtual Private Server hosting, you’re agreeing to share the server’s resources with few other websites and if you are interested you can find out top picks here. This is not to be confused with shared hosting where you’re sharing the resources with a lot more websites. Unlike VPS, dedicated hosting means that one entire physical server is dedicated just for you. The resources are always available to you with VPS hosting, but they are shared among few other websites meaning that sometimes, it’s not going to be shared equally and that it’s not always guaranteed for your use.

Dedicated hosting gives you complete control over the server and the CPU. You can have up to eight CPU cores for your use, and the performance isn’t threatened in any way as you’re not sharing resources with other websites.

What should I choose?


Many websites switch to VPS once they’ve outgrown shared hosting. It is a great solution as you don’t need to think about the maintenance of the server and its security. Those are some things your web hosting company needs to worry about. On the other hand, dedicated servers require you to cover the costs of maintenance making the VPS a cheaper option. VPS comes with technical support and represents an ideal solution for many websites as it’s much better than shared hosting, but still much cheaper than dedicated hosting. By using VPS, you can increase or decrease the resources you’re using depending on your needs. So, in order to know which option is best for you, you need to consider your future plans, the growth of the business, your strategies, business goals, and similar. If you’re foreseeing a big growth for your business in the future, then switching to VPS, or even dedicated hosting, from shared hosting is a good idea.

Companies With The Best Customer Support


Nowadays, a valuable part of a company is its customer support. When you offer a product to the general public, you should expect feedback on your product. Sometimes, that feedback can be negative and people will complain or ask questions. It is specifically for this purpose why companies pride themselves on having excellent customer support.

But who are the companies that have the best? In this article, we are going to take a look at the companies with the best customer support.

1. Apple

Apple, being one of the leading brands in the world of smartphones, desktop PC’s, etc, has millions of customers worldwide. These customers visit retail stores on a daily bases, so normally you would expect questions to be asked. Well, the employees not only make sure that you get the best possible assistance, but they also strive on delivering an excellent experience, exceptional customer support, and selling their product at last. This is because most Apple employees are trained to engage with people and help in any way possible. They offer a helping hand whenever you need to ask why your iPhone won’t turn on, and they do it by offering innovative solutions. Apple employees are trained to listen, offer a solution, and resolve an issue.

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2.    Google

According to, Google is best known for providing its services to everyone, and they also provide support via phone in more than 40 languages! In the past, Google received a lot of criticism from its customers for having poor customer support. But nowadays, Google is leading the way in how a company should treat its customer. With a phone call, Skype calls, and even chat, Google offers the best possible customer support whenever you need it, wherever you need it.

Img source:

3.    Rackspace

Rackspace is a leader in Internet hosting providers, but it is a leader in customer relations. Rackspace offers its product to everyone who wishes to purchase a web hosting package, and they are widely renowned for having the best customer support possible. One Reddit user has even said that he managed to set up his website without even clicking anything. Their customer support is so dedicated that they used their private numbers to take customer calls during a complete system failure that took out the servers and the phone system as well. Rackspace is a leader in web hosting and an example of how a hosting provider’s customer support should act.

Img source:

4.    Amazon

You can’t be the leader in online retailing without having excellent customer support. What’s more interesting, Amazon searches for new and innovative ways on how to improve their customer support. With loyalty programs, voice-activated purchasing software, and even excellent return policies, Amazon always searches for new ways on how to improve the relations between the company and the customers.

Img source:

5.    Netflix

The leader in the streaming industry, Netflix uses some serious data and analytics to give you the most personalized and most accurate TV show recommendations to you.  Netflix prides on providing the best entertainment to its customers, and they do that by monitoring what you watch. They later throw the best TV shows that are similar to what you’re watching to keep you more entertained. What’s even more interesting is that Netflix has some of the best customer support that is easily reachable through phone, chat, and even video call.

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