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Instagram: What’s the Technology Behind This Social Media Platform?

As we all know, it is a social networking and free photo-sharing mobile app which is best suited for smartphones. This mobile application will allow you to share, take, and edit short videos and pictures with the opportunity of using various filters to alter the looks of the photos and videos.

The developers of Instagram actually credit most of their accomplishment in picking the correct tools intelligently by following three core principles:

  1. Do not reinvent the wheel
  2. Keep it simple
  3. Go with solid and proven technologies if possible.

Nevertheless, a lot of people want to know the technology behind this social network, especially now people can buy followers. Yes, you can now buy it on Instagram, in fact, you can click here for amazing deals.

Either way, let’s go back to the main topic which is Instagram technology. Much like other social media platforms, IG also utilized a lot of technologies. Keep on reading and find out the technologies that make this social media platform successful.

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Technology Behind Instagram

  • Hosting/Operating System

It runs “Natty Narwhal (Ubuntu Linux version 11.04) on Amazon EC2. Though the developers found out that lower versions of Ubuntu had varieties of random freezing incidents on Amazon EC2, they are certain the Linux 11.04 has been firm.

  • Data Storage

The majority of Instagram’s data like tags, metadata, user, and photos are stored in PostgreSQL. In addition to that, their primary shard cluster consists of twelve quadruple extra-large memory illustrations as well as 12 replicas in a diverse area.

However, all of their PostgreSQL illustrations run in a replica set-up by means of Streaming Replication.

When it comes to taking frequent backups for their systems, Instagram utilizes EBS snapshotting.

And similar to other web services, it also utilizes Memcached for caching. In fact, they already have six Memcached instances.

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  • App Servers

The application servers are the ones that handle Instagram’s request. They run Django on Amazon High-CPU Extra-Big machinery.

Instagram, on the other hand, make use of Gunicorn as their WSGI server since it is less CPU-intensive and simpler to configure.

When it comes to running commands, deploying code, for instance, the developers utilize Fabric. In fact, it deploys code in just a matter of seconds.

  • Task Queue and Push Notifications

When Instagram users decide to share an image to either Facebook or Twitter, the task will be pushed to German, it’s a task queue method that is initially written at Danga.

Performing it asynchronously over the task backlog means that the photos and videos will be uploaded quickly. Instagram, have 200 workers written in Python overriding the task backlog at any given period.

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The developers also perform their feed fan-out in the task queue method so that posting will become responsible for new users.

With regards to performing push notifications, Instagram found out that SamuraisamPyapns is an effective solution. This open-source service has been solid and handles a lot of push notifications for them.


There you have it, the different technologies behind the successful Instagram. Hopefully, this content has given you a sneak peek of how this social media platform made and process data.

Five SEO Principles for Guaranteed Effectiveness 

SEO is an essential part of ensuring the success of any online business. As an online business owner, you should already know that. Consider the fact that people often discover and visit websites through search engines. That’s why other internet marketing strategies can’t compete with SEO for traffic generation.

In essence, SEO is a set of techniques used to make a website more visible to users of search engines. Many website owners fail in this aspect of internet marketing. Because of that, they end up spending more money on their web traffic generation efforts.

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Study the behavior of search engine users, and even observe your own behavior when performing a search. Like others, you likely only consider the first few results. People don’t notice websites that appear in the latter pages of search engine results. With that in mind, the goal of SEO is to get a website to rise up the rankings. Through SEO, your website could get listed on the first page of any relevant search. Here are a few principles you must keep in mind to achieve that goal:

  1. Treat each web page as separate from the whole website. Apply SEO techniques to every web page you have in order to maximize the results of your campaign. You want as many of your web pages to rank on the first page in relevant search results. That would mean your target market has a higher probability of finding your website. For example, is a website that shows valuable SEO techniques to get the help you get the best rankings.
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  1. Use appropriate keywords for each page. Also, mind the phrasing. For example, more people will search for the phrase “effective SEO” than “effectively optimizing for search engines.” To find out what the most searched keywords and key phrases are, use keyword research tools. The free one provided by Google Adwords has proven to be quite useful.
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  1. Use an appropriate title for each page and include a related keyword in each one. You don’t have to stop using creative names as titles for each web page on your site. You just have to make sure that the words you use are those that your target market actually uses on search engines. Use generic, keyword-rich titles while retaining some creativity. This will help you balance out the originality of your website and its visibility to search engine users.
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  1. Use keywords on title tags, meta keywords, and meta descriptions. Make sure these sections, especially the meta description, are appealing to searchers. Meta descriptions serve as summaries that appear in search engine results. Make sure yours are keyword-rich and well-written. That will impress search engine users enough to make them click through to your site.
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  1. Use keywords generously to maximize results. But, make sure that you don’t overuse them. Overuse of keywords is often referred to as “keyword stuffing.” Doing that will result in poor search engine rankings. Put an appropriate limit on your usage of keywords. Generally, any keyword should not appear more than once for every fifty words in a web page.
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These are only the basic principles required to achieve effective SEO. It is important that you master them before going any further in your internet marketing efforts. Review these basics often to achieve positive results for your online business website. Also, keep in mind that once you get to the first page of search results, you will still have to work hard to maintain that ranking. In SEO, complacency is the enemy. Only through constant diligence can you sustain your website’s success.

Best Instagram Growth Hacking Tricks

Instagram is one of the best social media platforms that allows its users to share images, videos, and other forms of media efficiently. Also known as IG or simply Insta, this platform was created by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger as check-in the platform. But, as it began to increase, they pivoted it to an image sharing platform.

The current owner of Instagram is Facebook LLC. There is no friends concept on Instagram. Instead, they use the traditional Follow/unfollow concept as Twitter. Users can follow each other to see the posts, stories and comments the other guy made. But, if you are a potential influencer in your niche, gaining followers is a hard milestone to achieve.

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There are many auto-follower tools mentioned by To obtain natural followers and increase your engagements with them, we have brought the Five best Instagram Growth Hacking Tricks and Tips that almost anyone with an Instagram account can implement to increase their follower count.

Best Instagram Growth Hacking Tricks

Here is the list of the best Instagram Growth hacking tricks that are implemented by significant influencers on Instagram. These tricks are legit and will help you in gaining all the followers naturally.

Use Hashtags

The number one trick that you can implement right now in your Instagram account is using hashtags and mixing them all over in your post. Hashtags will help you in reaching maximum eyes that have similar interest as yours. If they like your content, then, voila, you have gained some followers. Adding hashtags takes just one minute extra while uploading a post, but, its benefits are uncountable. If you are unable to generate followers then you can buy them from

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Tag and Keep tagging

Everyone knows how to tag a person, an object in an Instagram post. So, why not use it to gain some followers. Instagram allows an individual to tag a maximum of 20 people in a post. It is crucial to keep in mind that you are not spamming the post. Just keep it natural and tag relevant people or brands.

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Check For Your Comments

You implemented that hashtags and tagging method, what to do now? Check for your new audience’s comment on your posts. There is a chance that they have followed you already. But, if it is the other way round, then, all you have to do is reply to them and ask them for a follow. They are likely to accept the request as they have like your content much to comment on it.

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Engage With Your Followers

What to do with the followers you have got already? Engage them in your content and build a strong relationship with them. If you are an individual, you can go live and talk to your followers. If you are an artist, then you can ask someone from your follower list to collaborate with you. And, if you are a brand, then you can host any competition or a challenge that can get your followers to engage in your posts.

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Cross Promotion

Promoting others is an excellent way to gain some friends as well as followers. If you know some influencer in your niche, you can ask them for a collab and promote each other in your posts. This is known as cross-promotion.

Buzzoid Review | How I Used Buzzoid To Boost My Instagram Career


I decided to sit down and give my thoughts on an Instagram boosting service named Buzzoid. A typical Buzzoid review seems to focus on comparing them to more extensive and more generalized services and fail to focus on what makes this service such a boon to online entrepreneurs.

In an effort to provide an extensive collection of fair Buzzoid reviews online I’m going to lay out how I was able to use the service to boost my Instagram following and ROI significantly as well as how I think Buzzoid compares to other similar services.

How Buzzoid Works

Buzzoid allows you to harness the power of social media to boost your profile or business quickly and easily. With only a few quick clicks I was able to enhance significantly my likes and shares for every one of my Instagram posts. Easy to use and set up, so I don’t have to make a purchase for every post, I just upload more or less the way I usually do, and Buzzoid handles the rest! All without breaking any rules and terms of Instagram.

I was amazed at just how fast my numbers exploded and how much more traffic I was getting across all of my platforms just by boosting my Instagram. My business went from a hobby to making a livable income in under 6 weeks of boosting my traffic via Instagram.

People are just more interested in what you have to say when they see that hundreds and thousands of other people have taken the time to listen. Humans are pack animals in a lot of ways, and it is essential you learn how to effectively lead the pack as a content creator.

Buzzoid gives you the choice of services that range from being able to purchase shares, views, and likes. They have been around since the inception of Instagram and their experience with the platform and offering these services really shows.

Buying Buzzoid Instagram Followers

Buzzoid is perhaps the best way to purchase new followers because you do so securely and in a way that does not risk your account, but they also offer subscription packages that allow you to attract engaged and interested followers that are more likely to click through and interact with your page on a long term basis.

This gives you the tools to both build Social Proof (more on that later) and to grow your initial and core audience quickly. It takes away the guesswork and wasted long hours that plague so many trying to crack the social media code.

If you add up all the work hours I’ve saved from having to go through and find and attract followers by hand – I’d argue Buzzoid has not only saved me money but offered me one of the better ROI rates of any service my business has used so far.

Having followers attracts followers, and followers in a specific niche are exceptionally easy to convert if managed well.

This is how I chose to build my key core audience that helps my content get promoted as well as my products purchased. There is no other way to build an effective and theoretically lucrative audience as fast. This is perfect for influencers who focus on a specific niche of activities or locations. Buzzoid has made all this easier than ever.

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The Power of Social Proof

Anyone who has been to marketing or business school will recognize this term. It is a style of getting customers to buy your product by showing them how many other people just like them also enjoy their product. Think about a fast food commercial and how they always show happy smiling families enjoying the food, this works much the same way.

The more people who like something, the more people will be attracted to that item or person. This is how Popstars snowball the way they do into intense fame. It is all over the place and is manipulated by giant corporations in nearly every aspect of life. The reason is, it is super effective in convincing people that something is worthwhile.

Buying Buzzoid Instagram Likes

Buying Instagram likes has much the same effect as purchasing followers but can have a more targeted effect. This is what I was able to utilize for specific posts I really thought would speak to my target audience the best.

While followers will boost your likes eventually, you will need to make sure your posts have the value added (in likes) that work to justify your large follower base. You have to push that snowball up the hill before it can roll down so to speak.

Boosting key posts while you increase your follower count is the optimal method for quickly building a successful Instagram profile.

Other Services

Buzzoid currently only focuses on specific Instagram boosts, and this has allowed them to stay focus and perfect what they do. Since the inception of Instagram TV views have become another important social value metric. Buzzoid now also allows you to purchase boosts to your overall Instagram post and page views.

Weighing the Pros and Cons of Buzzoid and Other Services

I have only used a handful of other services, because Buzzoid has been able to supplant all others, at least in the realm of Instagram. And since this is a review specifically of Instagram it is going to be a bit biased, but I still feel this can be of great value to other prospective influencers out there.


  • Great Value for their $/follower count ratios
  • Instagram Specialists*
  • Offer multiple tiers of subscriber quality
  • Technical Support team


  • Instagram specialists – they only have the one platform
  • General level followers are of a typical mediocre quality

My Bottom Line

Buzzoid is my preferred service for the quick and cost-effective follower and like boosts. Their subscriber packages have also been a real game changer for where my business has been able to reach today. I can’t recommend them enough for aspiring online entrepreneurs and creators.

Things that every electrician needs

Every profession has equipment and tools that are necessary in order to carry out the work. In this text, we are going to talk about a specific line of work and tools that every electrician needs and uses. Apprentice electrician may get tools when they enroll in a course, but eventually, upon successfully finishing a course, every electrician wants his own tools.

The essential piece of equipment that an electrician need is a multimeter. This device measures multiple electrical properties such as voltage, current, resistance, etc. there are two types of multimeters available – analog and digital one. Modern multimeter devices include special features such as Bluetooth connectivity, work lights, and thermal imaging camera. Both analog and digital devices have their advantages and disadvantages, but they can both do a good job, so when it comes to picking one of them, the choice is all yours.

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Another tool of crucial importance that every electrician must possess is the voltage tester. It is of imperative importance to know if a wire is alive i.e. whether or not the electricity is flowing through it. So, basically, this is a small tool that guarantees your safety, since, as you know, there could be some dangerous consequences if one starts working on alive wire or device. Some multimeters possess a feature to measure voltage, but it is always a good thing to own this tool separately from the multimeters because it is really handy. Moreover, you can buy a non-contact voltage tester that can detect electricity even without touching a wire.

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Furthermore, another convenient tool that is extremely useful is a circuit finder. Since it is not easy to find circuit directory, that’s when circuit finder comes in handy. All one has to do is to place this device into the outlet and it will detect where the matching directory is.

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There are several types of pliers electricians use such as side cutting pliers, diagonal cutting pliers, and long nose pliers. All these types of pliers are used for cutting wires, but side cutting pliers are also designed to pull, twits and bend wires. Long nose pliers are especially useful for reaching out to small and tight spaces. In addition, wire strippers are an essential part of every electrician’s toolbox because they are specifically designed for stripping off the protective insulation of wires. Clearly, firstly you have to use a voltage tester to check if the wire is alive.

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Let’s talk about some additional, smaller pieces of the tool. First of all, an electrician needs a fish tape that is used for pushing and pulling wires through a conduit with a leader. Electricians also use fish sticks or glow sticks. Moreover, every electrician has to have a measuring tape in his toolbox, a level to make sure that their product is balanced, a claw hammer for extracting nails, and a torch to light up the place where they work. In addition, an electrician needs a knife for different purposes and also rubber grommets that are used to cover sharp edges of a metal hole where the wire has to go through. If you want to learn more about different uses of rubber grommets, click here.

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Even tough screwdriver and nut drivers may not seem like tools that electricians need, nowadays, these tools have become a part of every electrician’s toolbox. Manufacturers have designed screwdrivers and nut drivers specifically for people who are in this line of work.

The last thing an electrician need is a place to store all his tools and that is, of course, a toolbox. These days, there are lots of different kinds of tool boxes one can choose from, but they all have few things in common. They are all waterproof and have a ton of space for every piece of equipment. A heavy duty tool bag with a shoulder strap similar to these is an alternative, as they make carrying a large amount of tool much easier.”

Once you have bought all your tools, you have to maintain them very well if you want them to last for years to come. Clean them regularly, store them correctly and make sure that your toolbox is always dry.

4 Problems Facing Users of Cloud-Based Software and Apps

Using the latest technology is something most business owners view as a priority. Failing to use the latest tech tools on the market can lead to your company losing its competitive edge.

The cloud-based software as a service (SaaS) industry generated nearly $33 billion last year. While using cloud-based software can be beneficial, there are a number of precautions that need to be taken. Jumping into this type of technology with both feet can lead to lots of mistakes occurring.

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The following are some of the most common problems users of cloud-based software and apps need to be aware of.

Keeping Your Data Secure in the Cloud

With all of the different cloud server companies on the market, choosing the right one can be difficult. As you start to research the various providers on the market, one of the main things you need to pay attention to is the level of security they offer.

Since you will be putting sensitive data on your cloud-based network and software, you need to make sure it is secure. Each year, thousands of businesses are affected by data hacks. These hacks generally occur due to a lack of security.

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Investing money into things like network monitoring and state-of-the-art virus scan software is essential. These tools will help you detect threats and get rid of them in a hurry.

Assessing Your Real-Time Monitoring Requirements

Does your business deal in the selling of goods to the general public? If so, finding cloud-based tools to help you manage your inventory is vital. The key to having success with these types of programs is getting real-time monitoring tools in place.

If your inventory is not being updated each time a sell is being made, it is only a matter of time before disaster strikes. The last thing you want is for customers to order an item that is not in stock. This type of error can result in you losing customers and being unable to grow your business. Seeking out the help and assistance of an IT professional is a great way to figure out which real-time monitoring solutions are the right fit for your needs.

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Adequately Managing Cloud Spending

If you are like most business owners, minimizing monthly operating costs is something you are passionate about. While saving money is important, you need to avoid cutting corners on your cloud-computing to save money. There are a number of ways you can reduce the costs associated with using this technology.

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A recent study shows that businesses are wasting nearly 30 percent of the money they spend on cloud computing. The best way to ensure the money you are spending on the cloud is worth it is by doing some research. By reading the DNSstuff reviews, you can easily choose the right cloud-based solutions for your business.

Finding a Way to Manage Multi-Cloud Environments

Did you realize that most businesses are using multiple cloud-based environments to adequately manage their clients’ needs? When managing more than one cloud-based environment, you will need to put together a knowledgeable IT team.

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In some instances, it is best to outsource this work to an IT provider. If you are going to outsource this important work to a third-party, it is vital that you properly vet a company before hiring them. Making sure the IT provider in question has a great deal of experience in the world of cloud computing is a good idea.

Embrace Technology Instead of Running From It

Some business owners get so used to doing things a certain way that they shy away from change. The right cloud-computing solutions can make your business more productive, which is why embracing this technology is so important.

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Software Review for IOtransfer 3, An iPhone/Ipad Manager

IOTransfer 3 is currently in version, released on March 19, 2019. The app was developed by IOTransfer Studio as shareware. It supports Windows 10, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 7.

Imagined as a simple iPhone/iPad/iPod file transfer and management tool, IOTransfer also doubles as a video downloader and converter, and a quite powerful one at that. With just one click, you can easily transfer your files, including music, photos, contacts, and videos from your Apple device to your computer. You can find additional possibilities under the Manage tab, like importing, exporting, and deleting other content, like as iBooks, podcasts, voice memos, and apps. This makes it a perfect substitution for iTunes.  

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IOTransfer also supports video download from various sources directly to your iPhone/iPad/iPod and PC and allows you to enjoy them offline. The download feature is optimized for the best possible quality of downloaded content. It will also help you keep your iOS device free from unwanted junk files and free up your cache through its improved Clean function.

The new version features Air-trans option, allowing you to transfer files wirelessly through your local network. It doesn’t matter what device you are transferring to, as long as it is on the same network, you can get it done. The feature uses WiFi Direct technology. Another feature added to the new version is Converter, so you can convert your downloaded videos painlessly. The feature supports many audio and video file formats, ensuring its usability. According to IOTransfer, you don’t have to worry about which file format your device supports, since you can easily convert your files between them. All of these features are packed behind a new user interface, which is much easier to use.

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Additional features include New iCloud Photos Manager, allowing you to access your files on iCloud and manage them without the need to be connected to a PC. You can now sort your videos and photos into several new categories, like Selfies, Panoramas, Bursts, Screenshots, Videos, Animated, and others. Improved video interface allows you to easily rename your video files. With new IOTransfer, you can even delete factory iOS apps you don’t use to free up more space on your device. You can now preview HEIC photos by converting them to JPG format on PC. In order to improve operations, Manage screen now loads previews faster than before, cutting down on wait time, together with numerous other UI improvements, ensuring easier use of the app. The new IOTransfer features enhanced Contact, allowing you to merge contacts with the same name, reducing the cluster in your address book. It is now much easier to install additional Apple components you may need. Finally, the new IOTransfer supports 17 languages and has many of the bugs from the previous version fixed.


Top reasons to add a phone tracking application on your smartphone

There is no doubt that smartphones became our life companions in this modern lifestyle. We tend to use them for many different things and needs during our day. We used our smartphones for entertainment, for solving simple math problems, doing google searches on various topics, posting pictures of us and our friends on social media, and texting our loved ones.

However, it’s also not a secret that smartphones are pretty valuable, especially the newer versions. Some can cost more than a thousand bucks, and some even more. With that being said, we can all agree that smartphones are often a target of theft.

In this article, we are going to discuss phone tracking applications and the benefits of using them, so if you want to learn more, feel free to read until the end.

What are phone tracking apps?

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Just like we mentioned earlier, we tend to use our smartphones as our everyday companions and usually we store a lot of sensitive data on them. Such as private photos of ourselves, numbers of friends and family, text messages that contain our plans for the day, week or even a month and even paying services such as the PayPal or Payoneer apps.

All of this is sensitive data and information that can be abused if they tend to fall into the wrong hands. That’s why we need to do everything we can in order to prevent losing our phones. But first, let’s take a look at phone tracking apps and see how they are related to this cause. says that applications are used to track the location of your smartphone at any times, but they come especially handy if your phone gets stolen or lost. Although we need to do everything we can in order to avoid getting to that situation, it can happen to anyone of us, and this is where phone tracking apps help a lot.

If our smartphone gets lost or stolen, if we had previously set up a phone tracking app, we will be able to locate it immediately and hopefully recover it. If not, your sensitive data can be abused if someone with bad intentions lays their hands on the device. That is why we highly encourage you to install a phone tracking application and guarantee the safety of your mobile phone and personal privacy as well.

Other security measures

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Even if you have a phone tracking application installed, if someone is able to access your phone before you can recover it, your privacy is still at danger. That’s why we highly advise you to set up all the security measures and layers that will prevent someone from accessing sensitive data. Such measures would be adding a PIN, Pattern or a strong Password combination. If you have a newer device, fingerprint ID or a Face-Unlock would also do the job.

Also, always try to use two-factor authenticators and authorizations for applications that contain sensitive data such as credit card information and other things of that nature. Remember that safety always comes first and we need to give our best to ensure it.

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