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Slip rings and their types

When we talk about and electrical or mechanical assembly, we can’t neglect the significance of its every single component or part. Each bit of the machine has its own one of a kind phenomenal centrality and reason. For example, for an automobile vehicle, it’s the engine, its braking system, and gear system; everything is proposed to play out a critical most job. Similarly, slip rings are used to play out a specific action or to fulfill some important task in the machinery. Now, what’s that important task we’re talking about? For which purpose slip rings are used? We’ll not make you wait; we are over to look at the cutoff of slip rings in detail so click here for more detail.

What are slip rings?

In an electromechanical device, to transmit electrical signals or voltage, we have to familiarize a set of wires. In some cases, there comes a situation in which the main assembly is rotatory. In these types of machines, just wires won’t be acceptable to make an affiliation. For rotatory accumulations, we need this part of devices to transmit electrical voltage.

So, the electromechanical gadget or device which exchanges electrical signals from the stationary part of the equipment to the turning part is known as a slip ring. We know it’s difficult to understand the working of this part of devices by just a definition. Don’t worry; we will reveal you each and everything about this part of devices.

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There are some electromechanical devices, in which a specific task must be performed by the rotation of an article. So we simply surrender transfer of electric voltage through a rotating part of the device. That is the spot we need slip rings.


A slip ring structure joins two key parts, static part and turning part. A static or stationary part is made of graphite or metallic brush and the rotating part is made of some conducting material. It is assembled in such a way, that the metallic brush contacts the outside segment transversely over of them. In this way, when the metal ring turns, the stationary part having a metallic brush allow the transmission of the electrical checks to that turning ring. However, the transmission of electric voltage happens from a static part to the rotating some bit of the contraption.


Slip rings are of different sorts depending upon its usage. There are following sorts of them:

Through Bore – These came up with a hole in the middle giving passage to pipes or wires.

Capsule – These are smaller in size and more moderate than other slip rings. They are best for immaterial size mechanical assemblies.

Pancake – The key ability is that pancake slip rings are platter and flat in the dimension. The stature of this kind is very much lesser than the general ones.

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Miniature Or Tiny Slip Rings – They are commonly humbler in size. These are used in minor rotatory devices i.e. CCTV system, etc.

Waterproof Slip Rings – When the machine is shown to the outside condition, by then these are perfect with the objective that the machine can discard electric shock.

High Voltage Or High Current Slip Rings – When transmission current is high in a contraption, by then this sort of slip rings are used. Current rating is routinely 10A to 500A in these types

Significant Uses of Slip rings

There are multiple uses of slip rings in different electromechanical devices. Some uses are underneath:

In Cranes and Stackers – This sort is used in cranes to stack heavyweight objects from one place to another. This kind of mechanical assembly is used in power plans too. In ports, these are used for stacking and unloading.

Heavy Motors – The machinery used in the process of mining also have this part of devices installed in them. These liberal motors are being used in injection molding and blow molding mechanical assembly as well.

Power Generation – One of its central uses is in the generators. These are used in wind turbine generators and arranged windmills for the generation of power.

Important Point you must audit while purchasing slip rings:

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There are a huge proportion of domains that need a review while securing them. Some of the points are running with:

Environmental temperature:  On the off chance that you’re hoping to work your machine in an outside condition, attempt to go for a slip ring which is water resistant. Unfortunately, most of the operators ignore this condition. Dependably show your temperature conditions to your dealer so that you may get the best slip ring as shown by your necessities.

Mining-related projects – In mining or some other mining-related assignments where there are chances of the impact of the contraption, we use different sort of this part of devices. So, you should demonstrate your dealer with respect to the probability of your operation.

Requirement Of RPM – In case your contraption operates on high RPM, by then go for this part of devices with high RPM. This will improve the most distant purpose of your machinery. Nowadays, most of the machines operate on low RPM, yet on exhibiting a slip ring of higher RPM, we’ve seen the expansion in the adequacy.


Keep seeing the probability of your contraption. Always does some research first by then go out for your device hunt with the objective that you may not get in a stunning position in the midst of the operational work? We’ve seen people who don’t concentrate on what they really need and they end up having drawbacks.

We’ve endeavor our best to clear up your mind regarding the concept of slip rings. Yet in the meantime, if you think we’ve missed out anything related to this part of electrical and mechanical devices, do let us know. If you have any question with respect to the affirmation of best slip ring according to your need, counsel us. We’d be happy to enable you to further process of choosing one for your device.


Instances when SEO could be shown the door with Website Content

Let’s admit this!

We go the extra mile when it comes to adding SEO tactics in the website content. Because we consider SEO the be-all and end-all of the online content world, as it helps you draw in significant organic traffic and conversions for your online store.  

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But the thing is: SEO is not suitable in all situations.

Here are those five occasions when SEO is not suitable for businesses:

#1. Introducing New Industry Jargons and Concepts

As it turns out, some content marketers want to be the first ones to introduce a new industry phrase before the world comes to know about it. Meaning, the phrase wouldn’t have significant search volume at this point.     

When businesses write about such trends the idea is to talk at length about their special highlights and how it will benefit the world at large. The SEO won’t be on the top of their mind when writing such content.

The best part: Even without adding SEO keywords you will be in the good books of Google because of quality content. And, more importantly, you will attract more inbound links, and will be in a good position to rank well as the keyword phrase gains momentum.

#2. Targeting Traffic via Different Channels

More than anything else, your website content needs to engage and satisfy people when they arrive at your online store via different channels such as:  

  • E-mail marketing
  • Social media
  • Shared links
  • Media relations
  • Paid media

If you are attracting most of the traffic via the above-mentioned search mediums, it doesn’t matter if you have used proper keywords or not in your site?  

So, take some time out and analyze from where you are attracting overall traffic and then nail down the KPIs and channels to drive traffic.

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#3. Low-volume Search Phrases aren’t Worthwhile

Low-volume search mainly comprises long-tail keywords.  And, they are useful only if they could generate high rankings and leads, and especially for companies that have longer sales cycles.  

But these low-volume search phrases are not always relevant or help you convert. To find out more about relevant SEO keywords for your business, you can check out  

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#4. Popular Keywords are too Competitive

You may want to rank higher in SERPs for “inventory management tool’ which according to Wordtracker is searched almost 49,500 times a month. Presently, your site ranks on the first page of Google for keywords that are searched 200 to 300 times a month.

So, building your SEO page strategy around this popular phrase “inventory management tool” is almost impossible?

If a keyword phrase is not within your reach, it’s better to opt for alternative keyword phrases.

Answer these questions when selecting a keyword alternative

  • Can the keyword alternative be made part of the headline?
  • Will it attract good traffic?
  • Will it be relevant for the site?  
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Wrapping Up

There’s no denying that you need to have SEO on top of mind while creating content for your website. But then, there are times when it’s better to put them in the back burner because eventually it’s traffic that matters. And if you are getting them through non-SEO ways, why not try them out.   

Over to you now? Where there instances when you have avoided SEO altogether?  

Should you buy an electric skateboard for your children


Riding an electric skateboard can be an interesting, fun, and enjoyable thing for your child or children. It can also help with getting them outside more and spending some time in the fresh air. But when you are looking for or considering to buy your child an electric skateboard, there are some things to consider before actually purchasing one, and some of these things include:

How experienced is your kid?

If your child is not yet fully familiar with electric skateboard or skateboards in general, you should probably opt for buying a standard single wheel drive board. These ones are the cheapest ones, as well as the ones that are the easiest to use. If you choose to buy this type of board, you can actually determine if your kid enjoys electric skateboarding. After they get a hang of it, you can consider buying them a more advanced model.

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However, if your child is already experienced skateboarder, you might want to think about buying a standard dual wheel board. They will offer higher speed, but keep in mind that they can accelerate faster as well. They can accelerate so fast, that there is a possibility of your child falling from the board. So, if it is the safety you are concerned about, you might want to avoid buying these types.

No matter how experienced your kid is, you will most certainly want a board that has good brakes. These boards come with electric brakes or mechanical ones, but most models have the electric brakes.

Where will your kid ride it?

Almost all boards will ride along smooth and straight roads. But, not all types can handle unpaved surfaces or hills. If your neighborhood is surrounded by steep hills and slopes, make sure that the board will have enough power to actually climb it. If your little one will be skateboarding on unpaved roads, you will want to buy a model that is made specifically for these kinds of roads. They often come with pneumatic wheels which will provide good traction and they can be ridden on both paved and unpaved surfaces.

How far and long will your kid be skateboarding?

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Each electric skateboard has a specific distance range that will determine how far it can travel without the need to recharge it. If your child decides on skateboarding for a longer period of time, you will want to make sure that the board will take him to the destination, as well as back home since there might not be charging options along the way. Check here to find best electric skateboards under $300

Other things to considering

The size and weight also matter. When it comes to the weigh, of course, getting a lighter board is better. The children will have an easier time handling it and if they drain the battery, it will be easier for them to carry it home. When it comes to the size, the electric boards will be smaller for children when compared to the ones made for adults. Hence, getting a smaller one is a good start for your kid. If you want to read more about the size and weight, you can click here.

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Also, if you live in an area where there is a lot of rain or wet weather, you will want to get one that is water resistant. However, you should keep in mind that most manufacturers advise not to ride an electric skateboard during rain, even if they are water resistant. If you are planning on traveling with the board, make sure that its battery complies with the TSA restrictions. Some boards have batteries that are quite large to take on a plane.


These are some things that you should consider when thinking about buying an electric skateboard for your kid. After all, you will want them to be safe, but you probably also want them to have fun, enjoy the outdoors, and do some physical activity and with these boards, you get everything in one product.

Benefits of Using Paraphrasing Tool


When thinking of just how much work writing online one has when maintaining at least one web page you automatically want to have options which can speed up the process. Using paraphrasing services can save you a lot of time, but it is something that still needs to spread out among people. With the high demand for fresh, quality, new, and entertaining content online, people are searching for ways to boost their writing skills if they can, or to find suitable help.

Using a paraphrasing tool is something people tried for personal and the benefits of their company. But how can such a tool help you get better content, which is plagiarism-free?

It will save you money because the paraphrasing help is applicable and absolutely free. There is no need to hire content writers and you will get a similar quality of the articles. And that is just one click away. Rewriting the old text on your web page in new words with paraphrasing services makes it a fun task to do each time around.

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One of the most important benefits of this tool is that it will save you a lot of time. Whether you have a short period to write a challenging, demanding new article, it is not a problem. The mentioned service is online and running 24/7 for your personal comfort and pleasure. Accessible non-stop, highly practical, and straightforward to use, to shape your previous thoughts into new ideas. The paraphrasing tool is the future of online writing.

The fact that you will get your paper paraphrased within a very short time, is the biggest plus there is. For professional as well as personal documents, for academic papers as well as non-academic works done to the extent that you can give your final decision to publish is uniquely beneficial.  You will be able to compare your created article with the ones you consider to be top quality and recognize the authenticity and condition of yours each time you use the paraphrasing tool.

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You are probably wondering whether this is original content, don’t you? It is – you will get 100% original text without spelling errors, punctuation errors, and grammatical errors. Unnecessary words and sentences will be eliminated automatically, rephrasing the length of the sentences to produce stronger and meaningful sentences. For day to day usage in online writing, the paraphrasing tool has quickly become the number one friend to have when required.

We hope that with all of the above mentioned you will consider to existing assistant in your writing needs, and allow yourself freedom like never before in the topic at hand. Not only will it shorten your invested time and energy, but it will put your writing skills on another level.

The World of Online Tutoring


Learning has never been more fun, flexible, and interactive as in the 21st century, largely due to the advancement in technology. While students were limited to books and traditional teacher-student interaction before, we now have multitudes of diverse options. Watching lectures on tutorials on YouTube, tutoring through video chat, online student communities to do my homework (e.g. websites like, and also online courses and streamlined learning platforms like Duolingo. All in all, the online tutoring industry is estimated to expand rapidly at a rate of 13.68% from 2017 to 2021.

Technological advances are a huge driver for this, leading to creative systems for learning. Two specific developments have been especially crucial: video-calling apps such as Skype and artificial intelligence. Video-calling allows tutors to talk directly to students, almost as if they were in the same room, while artificial intelligence analyzes a student’s learning curve and constructs a personalized study plan. Alongside the rise of technology, more students and experts willing to teach are also jumping into the movement.

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The future doesn’t seem to be 100% online tutoring, though. What we’re foreseeing is online tutoring working side by side with traditional learning. Face-to-face contact is still important, but online tutoring can substantially supplement that, addressing skill gaps not tackled in the classroom and helping students review and prepare for exams.

Benefits of Online Tutoring

Online tutoring has many benefits that are experienced right away:

Personalized and Affordable

In a classroom, lessons aren’t tailored to the individual, but with online tutoring, students can learn at their own pace and devote more time to topics that they find difficult. This type of personalized learning is much more effective. It was only accessible before through in-person tutoring, which gave students a huge edge—as much as 98% better performance than their peers, in exchange for a hefty price per session.

Online tutoring retains the same powerful results, but it’s much more affordable and democratic. In addition, since there are so many experts available online, you can easily find a high-quality tutor that you click with.

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Flexible and Convenient

Families are busier than ever, and students are no different—face-to-face tutoring might be hard to squeeze into a schedule that’s already taken up by classes, extracurriculars, and social obligations.

On the other hand, online tutoring is very flexible. Students can do it from anywhere—even at home while wearing pajamas—and they can even decide when and what they want to study. Most, if not all, study materials are also saved digitally so that they can access these anytime from their phones or laptops.

Digital and Relaxed

The digital format of online tutoring makes it a good fit for today’s generation of students, who were already tinkering around with social media and Google since their childhood. They’re incredibly comfortable with using technology, so online tutoring is natural for them and easy to adapt to—there’s nothing unusual about it.

Because they go online a lot during their free time, online tutoring doesn’t feel stiff or formal, unlike when inside a classroom. Instead, the huge amount of control students have over their experience can make studying exciting and playful, reconnecting them with their innate curiosity and desire to learn.

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Learning at Its Best

Both individuals and schools are increasingly shifting towards online tutoring. Many topics discussed in the classroom can be learned with the help of technology, and people love the convenience, personalization, and more relaxed style of online tutoring. We can’t tell what advancements will happen to online tutoring as technology progresses, but what’s clear is students are learning much faster and making it a permanent part of their study routine.

The importance of organic traffic


The difference of organic traffic, which are displayed on the home page in their order of publication, the position on search engines is one of the main sources of traffic creation on a website today (so-called organic traffic) whether it is always easily accessible, such as your presentation or contact information. organic traffic clicks on the modification link to modify this page or SEO. Planned and programmed work requires the ability to observe and test. People who specialize in SEO search engines and continuously improve their algorithms are difficult to track. Because search engines change algorithms within a certain period of time and can make changes in ranking criteria.

You own or are in charge of a website and you want to get organic traffic targeted according to your activity or increase the number of visitors in order to increase your reputation and thus the number of potential customers? The objective of the SEO services is to be found in the results of the prestigious first page of Google ( Top 10) on the keywords or expressions that we validated together at the beginning of the contract. The natural and strategic SEO is today the formidable weapon that your competitors use to make themselves a leader in your industry. For more info check out

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The acquisition of organic traffic is often considered the basis of an Inbound marketing strategy. In fact, the more visitors you have on your website, the more you will be able to convert some of them into leads, and the more you will be able to exploit them to turn them into customers. I spent some time explaining how we made direct organic traffic our primary source of site visits.… I noticed that we had also made good progress in our organic traffic.

SEO: establish your keyword list

Before you get lost in the battle, the most important thing to do is to put yourself in your client’s shoes. What exactly is he looking for? What queries will it use to search for similar products/services to yours? Each of the answers to these questions will reveal keywords on which you should position yourself. Then feel free to check out your direct competitors.

On which keywords did they position themselves?

And most importantly, does it allow them to generate a lot of organic traffic?

Once you have established your list of keywords, you will now need to assess whether each of them is worth looking at. To do this, use Google’s keyword planning tool to find the most interesting keywords, i.e. those with a fairly large search volume while being the least competitive possible (see our article on the SEO strategy of the long tail on this subject). It all depends here on the strategy you choose (and especially the resources made available to you) but keep in mind that you must, first of all, choose keywords for which you think you can position yourself high in search engines. So it is sometimes more interesting to be the big fish in the small pond than a small fish in the ocean.

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Build your website around these keywords

At this point, you have identified all the keywords that could bring you interesting organic traffic and for which you are willing to defeat the competition. Now you have to go to the second step: optimize your website for the selected keywords. If you don’t have a website yet, try to place your most relevant keywords in the URL. ; Think of each page of your website as being oriented around one or two keywords, and insert them judiciously into your titles, subtitles and page descriptions (be careful not to overdo it, over keyword stuffing-or keyword stuffing –is a practice sanctioned by Google. Never choose search engines over your readers.) ; For keywords that you think are really important for your company (those that distinguish you from your competitors for example or that are your core business), think of optimizing them around a dedicated landing page with specific content (for example a white paper).

Commit to a long-term strategy

Now that your website is optimized around your strategic keywords, you will have to beat the competition by making your company appear as high as possible in the Google results pages. To do this, it is important to generate Backlinks (links from external sites that are recognized by search engines to establish the relevance of your site): Create a company blog and write regular articles optimized around your keywords. Once again, don’t try to please the search engines too much, but focus instead on your target audience: write content that interests them and that makes them want to know more about your activities. By writing quality articles, you help to ensure more visibility of shares on social networks and engagement, which are all criteria taken into account by Google to solidify your SEO depending On the strategy that you want to deploy, there are other ways to build backlinks: guest blogging, registration of specialized directories, press releases, activity on community sites or other blogs, etc.

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A simple, safe and effective technique

You just need to Google dozens of articles detailing the miracle method to strengthen its SEO and generate more visits to its website. But sometimes the most boring and less risky techniques produce the best results. If you try to follow the method described above, you will observe month after month improvement in your organic traffic. It is a durable and reliable technique that we recommend to all our customers. Nevertheless, it requires significant investment, patience and perseverance. But remember that it is this effort that will differentiate you from your competitors and give you a head start over them.

The Art of SEO: 6 Proven Ways to Generate DoFollow Links for Steady Organic Growth

Dofollow backlinks pass along link juice for improved search engine rankings. Dofollow links lure all search engines while crawling to help identify and boost domain authority for your site. This article will dig down Dofollow backlinks, how you can create them and the benefits obtained from this enterprise.

The Backbone Behind Do Follow Backlinks

Backlinks act as a website reference on another site at any location. They induce search engine crawlers to pinpoint your site while on another website with your link. Dofollow backlinks entice search engine bots to follow them and find your website. These links transfer the SEO benefits of the parent website to the hyperlinked one.

When crawlers hit Do Follow links, they head for your website and index the keywords. Simply put, it’s a signal communicated to search engine bots to visit this category of websites. In SEO parlance, DoFollow links send link juice. Links are emblematic of quality.


Do Follow Backlinks vs. Follow Backlinks

Search engines treat all links as “followable” if not tweaked to be no-follow manually or automatically. While dofollow backlinks give search engines the nod to transmit its page ranking influence to outbound links, nofollow ones do exactly the opposite. If you don’t want to pass along link juice, nofollow links answer your description.

Nofollow links have hidden potency to build awareness, economic value and put your brand on the map. They prevent linking sites from cannibalizing SEO from other sites.

Benefits of Do Follow Backlinks

With the escalating data arms race between search bots and SEO, DoFollow backlinks prop up your armory to win in a top-flight environment. They hand on link juice for search engine bots and people to follow you leading to higher page rank. Google detects Dofollow links and computer users linked to your page for ranking.

A dofollow link from a reputable website has better transformation potential with a preponderance of credibility from Google. High-quality links carve a gateway to your site, thus enhancing visibility and boosting traffic. Without DoFollow backlinks, you cannot gain organic traffic for indexed keywords. In the world of backlinks, quality is king. Quality flows from the authority of a website.

How to Build High-Quality DoFollow Backlinks

Guest Blogging

Given that site owners give DoFollow backlinks to those who bring something to the table, guest posts kick in. You can narrow down websites that offer guest post opportunities using Google. Your content must stand out to get a nod from administrators for publishing on authoritative websites.

The published content can include a DoFollow backlink to expose your site. Go for high authority and heavy traffic websites. This enhances domain authority and referral traffic from your post’s dofollow backlinks.

Powerful Broken Link Building Outreach

Broken link building is one of the most effective link-building tactics. It involves delving beneath your niche to identify stale resources and craft a version of fresh content. For instance, if the secondary website which had a backlink removes the linked page or changes URL, a 404 response pops up from that click. You need to liaise with webmasters to switch the broken link with your newly-created resource. Install extensions to find contact details for the website.

High PR DoFollow Blog Commenting Websites

Blog commenting refers to the social network created by the interaction of bloggers, their posts and readers. It provides a forum for exchanging notions, perspectives or opinion for a certain subject matter or blog post. Blog comments magnetize traffic and infuse a social element into the mix. You can weigh in on high PR dofollow blog commenting sites to create a strong link for your site or domain.

High-Quality Content

A website renowned for relevant, high-quality content paired with links from authoritative sites boasts a competitive edge. You can spy on your competitor’s content and outshine them with superior quality information.

Explore the sources of your competitor’s backlinks and drop a line to the webmaster who links that content seeking to replace a rival. If successful, you could get free DoFollow links.

Social Media DoFollow Backlinks

Traditional social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Google + let you share content without dofollow links. At the lower end of the spectrum, social media networks like Mamby allow you to disseminate content with dofollow links to promote the overall growth of your site. Mamby tailors content according to user demands making it easy to share personalized materials.

Forum Commenting

Drive traffic by being proactive on forums taking on most-sought after topics for imparting or sharing ideas. If you craft high-quality content, look for trending topics and comment on that website. Integrate a resource box with your site’s name and spark DoFollow backlinks to your destination.

Summing Up

In all, DoFollow backlinks will harness page rankings from an authoritative website and bring in a steady flow of organic traffic. Before creating backlinks, examine the domain and page authority using mozbar extensions. Maintain a professional demeanor to get the approval of webmasters. Join the bandwagon of influential websites like Forbes and deliver high quality content. For those who want to follow shortcuts, you can get DoFollow backlinks from sources such as Fiverr. But it’s a risky venture.

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Buy 360° Camera

Camera over DSLR

The answer to why you should buy a 360-degree camera instead of an expensive video recording camera or a DSLR is that with a small 360-degree camera, you are able to capture your real life moment in a fully immersive, interactive way, allowing people to experience how it feels like to fly a jet, sky diving, exploring the depths of the ocean or to shoot a video in football match.

A 360-degree camera is able to capture stunning photographs and videos but besides this, what else can you use it for? And why are these cameras worth spending money on? Here are the top reasons why you should buy a portable 360-degree camera for yourself.
  1. Cost
  2. Convenience
  3. Easy-to-use
  4. Wide Selection
  5. Multiple uses

Different Cost for Different Brands

Some cameras are way too expensive like Nokia’s OZO that costs around $60,000.  But there are other options for those with less money to spend.

One thing to know is that you cannot find a perfect 360-degree camera for under $100. But think of what you’ll be getting when you’re in search to buy a camera! Spending a little bit extra on the best quality piece of equipment is a way to go so you can get a camera that captures almost real-life footage in the clearest ways possible.

However, you can find a variety of 360-degree cameras for less than $1,000 that have the capability of shooting amazing videos and high-resolution photographs.

In a race of best 360-degree cameras, LG’s 360 Camera has quality reviews about its photo and video quality and costs less than $200. Another camera, the 360Fly cost $400 and is able to capture incredible 360-degree footage in one convenient, wireless little ball.

Compact and Portable

In 2019, most 360-degree cameras are compact, easy to use (one click to go), wireless and very easy to carry around. All these features make them the perfect hassle-free tool to have in your arsenal.

In comparison to big DSLR cameras that require storage & protection for lenses, flash, microphones, tripods, and all other gear, a small 360-degree camera just like the Ricoh Theta S are optimal for quick shooting and videography because they are only about 5 inches tall. It has a wide 360 lens, so you don’t have to move your camera around. You don’t even have to worry about setting up all things just like DSLRs, these Nano 360 degree cameras are just one click to go. Take them anywhere you want to and start filming awesome photography.

360 Degree Cameras Looks Complex But Really Easy to Use

Becoming expert over DSLR and all of its features and add-on can be a bit of pain in the butt if you are not pro. Even shooting with your mobile becomes harder as you cannot keep it stable all the way through your footage.

Most of the 360-degree cameras are relatively simple to set up and start capturing HD, real-life video in one go. Some of them have one to two buttons and that’s it for capturing HD footage! While technology is getting advanced day by day, we can expect new cameras that will be simple and easy to figure it out by every user at its own.

Installation of these 360-degree cameras is simple: Simple steps to follow & no headaches involved!

Multiple Brands with Multiple Models in Competitive Market

Only 5 years ago, there was a limited choice for good-quality 360-degree cameras but now there’s a huge variety to browse and pick from!

Almost every 360-degree camera in the online market has its own unique specialty and does something different from the next one. So it’s all on you to do some research and to find out the best option available in cheap price so check out for more information.

Be Creative with your 360 Degree Camera

The best part about these cameras is the feature of direct sharing to social platforms. You have plenty of choices, from Facebook and YouTube live streaming to other sites like Flickr or Ricoh’s own website if you buy the Theta S.

You don’t need to use the 360-degree camera just for capturing incredible footage and photography; You can use them as a security camera with motion detector too.  Below are creative options to be used in daily life with the help of these 360 Degree cameras apart from a video recording.

  1. PTZ control
  2. High-quality voice recording along with a video.
  3. Motion tracking
  4. Inferred Night vision for night time footage.
  5. Compatible with IOS & Android
  6. Cloud service storage available
  7. Alarm mode available
  8. Auto human detection
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