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Commercial vs open source software

Every company or organization nowadays has to use some kind of software in order to finish certain tasks, operations, or run marketing campaigns. Computers really changed the way many businesses work, and the truth is that without proper IT support, you will be overrun by your competitors in the corporate world. Today we’re talking about… Keep Reading


How to Find the Host of a Company

Conducting preliminary reconnaissance is one of the most critical processes in penetration testing. Without it, it is impossible to move forward. In many cases, hosts and domain names of companies do not include the actual company name. Therefore finding this data can be hard and time-consuming. To get this data, pentesters utilize standard methods such… Keep Reading


Linear Actuators for Industrial Implementation

Linear motion systems have long ago become an integral part of the engineering and industrial sectors. Such systems are increasingly being used in need to achieve maximum accuracy of a linear movement for machines and assemblies. An integral part of the linear motion mechanisms is electric linear actuators. These are industrial electronic devices that transform… Keep Reading


How to Spy on Messages on Someone Else’s Phone?

Texting on mobile phones these days is a common activity among users. Everyone would love to do communication via text messages, especially when they are busy or they don’t have enough credit to make phone calls. Therefore, text messaging is one of the frequent and widely used activities on digital devices no time ever before.… Keep Reading


Breaking Down the Various Wearable Device Types for Sleep Tracking

In an era where people can measure almost anything by downloading a smartphone application or purchasing a wearable device, many are choosing to track their sleep each night. The data provided from various trackers gives people valuable insight that can help them improve the quality of their slumber. Below is a brief description of four… Keep Reading


Impact Drivers Vs Impact Wrenches

For a long time, there was only one major option to choose from in cordless drivers: the cordless drill. Then, we began seeing a massive innovation on the cordless drill: the cordless impact driver. Tool Tally reviews the best impact drivers, but here we are going to discuss the more intricate between these different types… Keep Reading


Get A Good Night Sleep With Sleeping Headphones

A lot of people find sleeping with their headphones to be more relaxing than without. As a matter of fact, scientific studies have been conducted on this new social norm and found that sleeping with headphones promotes the quality of sleep. Dozing off with your headphones on is more beneficial than you’d normally agree with.… Keep Reading


The Future of Printing That Will Change Your Life

It all began 5500 years ago with cylindrical seals made of stone or ceramics, used in ancient Mesopotamia. But today, we achieved a lot. Nowadays we use a modern technology marvel called the 3D printer. These printers dramatically accelerate production. It can be said that the printing process and printers have passed a long way.… Keep Reading


Step-by-step Guidance on Software Startup Creation

Legends of software startups amaze and inspire. These sparkling success stories often keep flashing from the pages of renowned and authoritative editions such as Forbes, Fast Company, and so on. Key concepts usually associated with software startup ideas are a great solution, a constructive business plan, and impressive revenue multiplied in the future. Indeed it… Keep Reading

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