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Top 5 Computer Viruses for Windows in 2021

Everyone who used PC for even once has heard of computer viruses and knows that viruses are not something good. In order to prevent computer viruses invading your PC, you should regularly check-up your computer`s health. Most of the times, virus invasions can be fixed by installing an antivirus program and scanning your files and system.

However, sometimes that is not going to be enough. In some cases, the result can be a total disaster. Then, your PC becomes unusable and you can only throw it away, and acquire another. Furthermore, these viruses can do even more damage by stealing your personal data. We are going to introduce you to the five most dangerous computer viruses as of 2021.

Computer Virus #1: Code Red

Code red is a computer virus that emerged in the early `00s. It was stumbled upon by eEye Digital Security employees. It was named after a drink called Code Red Mountain Drew that was consumed by two persons that discovered this virus. The modus operandi for this one is that it multiplies itself so much that eats all of the resources of the computer.

The virus itself is not leaving almost any trace on the hard disk, by running on the memory almost entirely. It has one of the most unforgettable symptoms. It is the message displayed behind the websites that are hacked by this virus. It shows a blank page with a sentence that says: “Hacked by Chinese”.

Computer Virus #2: .Adobe Ransomware

.Adobe Ransomware is a computer virus that is considered to be a spin-off of Dharma Ransomware, a data locker that appeared for the first time in late 2018. The virus enters the Windows Registry and launches and represses all the process in the whole of the operating system. It locks and encrypts files. Luckily, there is a solution to this virus, and you can find ransomware virus removal instructions on the internet.

This virus is targeting a lot of types of files and data:


  • Image Files
  • Video Files
  • Banking Credentials
  • Personal Data
  • Audio Files
  • Backup Files


Computer Virus #3: ILOVEYOU

Now, we are going to talk about a virus that is considered to be one of the most dangerous you can pick up while surfing on the internet. Its name is ILOVEYOU. As of today, this virus made serious damage to various systems all over the world. Recently, there was a research that had the task of finding out how much damage this virus caused. It was ten billion dollars. Yes, it was that high.

It is believed that around ten percent of all computers that are connected to the internet were infected by ILOVEYOU. There are two creators of this virus, two Filipino programmers, Onel de Guzman, and Reonel Ramones. Since there weren`t any laws against malware, the two of them were never charged for anything.

Computer Virus #4: Melissa

A virus named after an exotic dancer, Melissa, is probably one of the best-known computer viruses. It was created in 1999, by David Smith. Its first form was a Word document that was infected and put on a group called* UseNet. If a PC user clicks on it, the virus will enter his computer and start spreading through the computer.

Almost immediately, Melissa will mail itself to fifty contacts from the address book of the user, and by that, spread itself to other machines. The virus caused around 80 million dollars of damage. The creator, David Smith was arrested. He collaborated with the FBI in arresting other computer virus creators. Probably, the most famous was an arrest of the creator of Anna Kournikova virus.

Computer Virus #5: Zeus


Zeus is a computer virus that was identified in 2009. It is a trojan that attacks the operating system and performs numerous criminal acts, such as form grabbing and browser keylogging. Most of the machines that were infected by this one, were infected via phishing scams or drive-by downloads. Zeus attacked many computers of big banks and corporations, like Amazon, Cisco, etc.

There is no precise information about the damage it caused. Still, we have some information. In the United States, about 25% of all PC was infected by this virus, and the damage was around 1 million dollars. In eastern Europe, there was its operations resulted in 70 million dollars of damage. Around a hundred people were arrested in the process.

Top 8 Technology Trends and Jobs 2021 Will Bring

Technology is developing at staggering speeds, and it is only getting faster. This evolution enables faster change and progress. Careers in tech industry do not follow as fast, but they do evolve. IT professionals tend to recognize their new or expanded roles, as they constantly learn because they both want and need. Everyone should always stay in touch with the modern technology trends today. You need to set your eyes on the future and realize which skills you will need for jobs you want to do.Let us explore eight technology trends for the year 2021, as well as the jobs they will create.

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8. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence has undoubtedly already received great attention and continues to be a trend to watch. It more and more effects how we live, work and play, and yet it is only in the early stages of development. Other AI branches also appeared as well. AI are computer systems that mimic human intelligence. They perform tasks like recognizing images, patterns or speech, and they also make. AI can actually do these tasks much faster and more accurately than humans can.

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7. Machine Learning

Machine Learning is one of the newer branches of AI. Here, computers are programmed in a way to learn how to do something they are not programmed to do. This basically means that they learn more by discovering patterns and exploring data. There are supervised and unsupervised learning, while Machine Learning also has subsets that include neural networks, natural language processing (NLP), and deep learning. Each offers different opportunities for specializing in career fields that constantly grow and improve.

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6. Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Process Automation is another technology developed to automate jobs. Essentially, it is the use of software to automate business processes like processing transactions, interpreting applications, dealing with data, and replying to emails. RPA serves to automate repetitive tasks people used to do, to give them more time to do more important work. However, not just menial tasks are automated, as 45 percent of activities we do could potentially be automated, like the positions of financial managers, CEOs and doctors.

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5. Blockchain

Here, most people will think in relation to crypto currencies like Bitcoin. Blockchain however offers useful security in different ways. It is the data you can only add to, but not change in any other way.The fact that you cannot change it is why it is so secured.These are also consensus-driven so that nothing else can control the data. With blockchain, you do not need a third party to validate or even oversee any of your transactions.

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4. Edge Computing

Cloud computing is currently mainstream, with giants like Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure dominating the market today. Cloud computing and its adoption are still growing, with more and more businesses moving to their solutions. It is no longer an emerging technology, because Edge is. It is practically designed to bypass latency that cloud computing causes and get data to a data center for processing. In other words, it exists “on the edge,” or closer to where the computing needs to be. Edge can process time-sensitive data in very remote locations with little to no connection to one centralized location.

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3. Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR)

VR immerses the user in a virtual environment, while AR enhances the actual environment. VR has is at the moment mostly used for gaming and training. The popular Pokemon Go game is a great example of AR. Both have huge unexplored potential in education, training, entertainment, marketing, and perhaps even rehabilitation. They both could be used to train doctors, offer museum tours and experiences, enhance the theme parks and marketing, etc. The potential is next to limitless here.

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2. Cyber Security

Cyber security is around for a while, and is evolving just as any other technology. There are always new threats, so security has to keep up. The hackers want to access all sorts of data illegally, and they will not stop, but continue to develop their skills to bypass the toughest security measures. Most new technology comes with enhanced security, for example hardware authentication, cloud technology and deep learning. Data loss prevention and behavioral analytics are also great ways of security in the cyber world. As long as hackers are active, cyber security will evolve and develop to defend us against them.

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1. Internet of Things

Internet of Things (IoT) is the future. A lot of “things” are have WiFi connection, meaning that they could easily be connected to the Internet, as well as to each other. This is what IoT stands for. It enables cars, devices, home appliances, and everything else to be connected together and among themselves and exchange data over the Internet. Currently, we are in the beginning stages of IoT. The number of devices capable of this was 8.4 billion in 2017. It is actually expected for it to rise to a staggering 30 billion by the end of 2021. That is a lot of smart devices.

Apple iPhone 8 Plus Review – Still a King?

We are pretty sure everyone knows by now that the iPhone 8 Plus was a most sought after device from Apple back in 2017 and we can tell you that for the most part, this device was such an interesting phone at that time because it kind of signified the end and the beginning of a new generation. It was a huge leap forward for Apple and the upgrades were well received by the consumers. Apple went on to release the iPhone X in 2018 but the iPhone 8 still to this day has been a fan favourite. Let’s discuss why everyone loves it and if a refurbished iPhone 8 Plus is worth buying in 2021.

Price of a Refurbished iPhone 8

Price is one of the most important factors when thinking about buying a phone so, let’s get this out of the way. Apple doesn’t sell a new iPhone 8 nowadays but that doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to buy one in good condition. You can easily buy a refurbished iPhone 8 and for those of you who might be wondering if you should go for a refurbished device then yes, you should definitely consider going for a refurbished phone as they offer better value and work just like a new phone.

You can buy an iPhone 8 Plus 64gb from Phonebot for $499 AUD. It offers great value and considering all the features, it surely is a bargain at this price. The 256gb variant might cost you a bit more.


Starting off with the front, the iPhone 8 Plus has a 5.5-inch screen, it’s a Retina IPS LCD display and the resolution is 1080 x 1920 pixels with a PPI (Pixel Per Inch) of 326. It goes all the way up to 625 nits of brightness, which in our opinion is enough for day to day and outdoor usage. The screen is bright and the colour accuracy is excellent, Apple has done a phenomenal job with the display and the form factor is perfect even for people with small hands. Even according to 2021 standards, the screen is great for daily use. It also has IP67 water/dust certification and oleophobic coating on the front which makes it resistant to water and dust. It also has an Ion Strengthened glass which may protect the screen from cracking when accidentally dropped.

Overall, the screen is excellent especially for those who consume a lot of media or play games on their phones.



We have a dual-camera setup on the back, the iPhone 8 Plus has a 12MP wide and a 12MP telephoto lens. The base model of the 8 series, has a single camera on the back. In our testing, the cameras were able to take stunning shots effortlessly. On the iPhone 8 Plus you have optical image stabilization which is great and you have the ability to shoot 4k in 60FPS. iPhone 8 Plus’s camera is able to let in more light, making for better shots in low light and sharper images overall. Both low light and daylight shots have excellent colour contrast and details.

In our experience, you don’t need to tweak the setting too much to get a great shot. All you need to do is point and shoot, the phone will be the rest. The ability to shoot videos in 4k at 60FPS is impressive and we know some other phones also had this feature but Apple has perfected it, the videos are sharp, vibrant and smooth.

Software and Memory

It was launched with the iOS 11 but the iPhone 8 Plus can be upgraded to the latest iOS 14 so, you can enjoy all the latest features from Apple. This makes the phone future-proof and secure. Latest software updates are always welcome and thanks to the iOS 14, the phone feels smoother and snappier than ever.

The iPhone 8 Plus has 3gb of ram which is plenty for multitasking and thanks to Apple’s optimization, everything is smooth. The more the ram you have, the more applications you can have open and multitask. In our extensive testing, the iPhone 8 proved to be an excellent performer in all of our tests and we highly recommend it.



The iPhone 8 Plus is powered by Apple’s A11 Bionic processor and Apple has done a great job with the hardware and software optimization. It can handle any task you throw at it and is perfect for those who are looking for a phone on a budget. Even gaming performance is good, the iPhone 8 is able to run every game smoothly. You may not be able to run every game at the highest possible setting but that’s expected, it performed exceptionally well and marginally better than we expected.

Apple’s mobile chipsets have always performed better than the Android counterparts and this is the case here, the A11 Bionic processor still performs like a champ.


The iPhone 8 Plus has a smaller battery than the 7 Plus, with a capacity of 2691mAh. The battery life of a device is good and can easily last you a day if you are careful with it. It can be charged up to 50% in 30 mins with the 15W charger. It also supports Qi wireless charging so, any Qi certified wireless charger can charge it wirelessly which in our opinion is excellent.


It has Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac, dual-band and Bluetooth v5.0 with A2DP, which means good connectivity support in terms of browsing and you can easily share your data with friends and family.


A refurbished iPhone 8 will be the best option in terms of durability, battery, performance, and display. If you are looking for a phone in 2021, a refurbished iPhone 8 Plus should definitely be in your list. If you’re on a tight budget, go for a 64gb variant as it may cost less than the higher capacity ones. So, we hope this was helpful and made your decision regarding a refurbished iPhone 8 easier.

4 Things We Learned at Bauma Germany 2021

Bauma is an international construction machinery exhibition taking place in Munich, Germany. Never before in the 65-year long history has this exhibition seen the attendance and innovation that took place this year. The makers from 63 countries, as well as the unique venues and the audience, made this year earn its place in the books.

Various companies’ representatives attended the event. Through their sheer numbers, they demonstrated the growth of the construction industry in recent years. The most prominent of them was Caterpillar, which showcased over 20 new products!

Businesses like aftermarket caterpillar parts manufacturer (check out more at found attendance at the event to reflect the growth in international b2b construction and supportive industries.

As a result of the achievements, the sales on this event skyrocketed. Having attended it, we are here to share the knowledge we gained.

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It Is Growing in Importance

It is the time of digitalization, and many new companies and products are breaking into the market. Bauma makes a lot of difference here, as it allows the companies to show what they have to offer, as well as rising the demand. It represents the peak of success of many companies who find their way to the exhibition.

The overwhelming number of visitors, as well as those exhibiting their products, allows for the exchange of ideas and flow of information one couldn’t begin to imagine in the past. It is an excellent way to keep track of the newest trends as well, and it seems like it won’t stop growing any time soon.

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Sustainable Energy is Key

Besides digitalization, the main focus of this year’s festival was sustainable energy. As the world moves towards a more eco-friendly mindset, it is evident that industries are trying to follow suit. The demand for clean, sustainable machinery and electricity-powered vehicles is higher than ever.

The introduced products reflect this change, of course. To honor this, Bauma presented some of the manufacturers with their Innovation Award, thus further encouraging this trend.

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Politics and Industry Intertwined

Among the numerous visitors, many high-ranking politicians also found their way to Bauma. This fact indeed shows just how significant the event is, and not only for industrial development. It is a competitive time when every country is working on development. For that reason, such activities are of paramount importance for the heads of politics.

Political leaders from many countries, including several from Germany itself, took part and commented on the fair.

The Place to Be for Business

Besides being a vivid event with an extensive range of visitors and many tourist attractions and fascinating panels, it is a hotbed for business. As we mentioned, the number of purchases made at the fair itself was enormous. Any high-quality manufacturer will not have to fear a slow season after it.

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Plus, the networking you can do on the spot could be critical for your future development. In our opinion, being featured in this event could in the future, make or break a producer.

Final Thoughts

Such a fair might sound fascinating only to the industrial giants at first. However, this year’s event made us appreciate the higher importance it has. We observed digitalization and modernization, clean energy, sharing of ideas on a global level. Consequently, we can say that Bauma seems like an event that is yet to expand to its full potential.

How to Choose the Best TV Streaming Service – 2021 Guide 

People use different methods to make their free time entertaining. Some people would choose to go outside and spend time with other people. However, others would rather spend their free time inside of their house. Fortunately, the Internet technology gave us many opportunities that we can use.

Some of us would remain for the entire day in front of the computer or laptop. We often choose to spend time on social media chatting with other people, watching videos, etc. A certain group of people needs action and that group usually plays different genres of the game online. Yet, the purpose of free time is to completely isolate and relax from the world. Because of that, some people only want to watch different movies/tv-shows in peace.

It happens all the time that we change dozens of TV channels to find a quality movie. But, most of us do not find anything that would grab our attention. Well, the solution comes in the form of different TV streaming services. There you can find different types of movies or TV shows. Even better, if you do not like them, you can easily move to another one.

All these benefits attract people to subscribe to streaming services like Netflix, HBO Nordic, etc. The good thing is that you have a wide range of options when we talk about this subject. However, how to choose the best TV streaming service?

Each one seems like the perfect match when you enter their websites. But, different services offer different benefits and advantages. The right choice would be the service that meets all your requirements and expectations.

We do not know exactly which expectations you have. Because of that, it would be good to analyze TV streaming services one by one. Logically, we will talk about those that are the most popular ones among Internet users. After reading our article, you might want to check They also provide some useful tips that might make things easier. Making good conclusions is easier when you hear different opinions.

Enough talking; let’s find out certain tips together.

Binging Old TV Shows

It often happens that we do not have time to check different TV shows because of lack of time. In most cases, we usually delay to turn on the first episode. But, when the free time comes, we are ready to watch 10 episodes in a row. Well, if this is the problem that you have, Netflix might be the right choice.

As you probably know, Netflix is a veteran streaming service. Older generations probably remember that subscribing to this streaming service was quite different before. When you subscribe to it, it means that you ordered a DVD to your home address. Many years later, advanced technology allowed us to subscribe with a couple of clicks.

Anyway, the new seasons on this platform usually come at once. Yet, we usually watch all the entire season for one afternoon/night. After that, you will have to wait for months (sometimes even years) to get the next one. Because of that, it is considered that Netflix is a better choice for older TV shows. They are all released on this platform and you can check all the episodes at once.

The users have the option to choose between three different packages – basic, standard, and Premium. Logically, pick the one that would satisfy your needs completely. They are all affordable and spending money will pay off in the end.

Streaming Newer Movies

Well, some people simply want to follow the trend in this industry. More precisely, they are always looking for ways to check the newest movies. In most cases, movie enthusiasts and passionate lovers would pick this option. Well, that means that you need to find a platform that will give you that opportunity. The streaming service that would be great for you is Amazone Prime Video.

First of all, you will have to subscribe to Amazon Prime. You will have to pay 13 dollars per month. However, this rule does not count for everyone. If you are a student, the subscription will cost you $6.5 per month. Well, subscribing to that platform will give you access to Amazon’s streaming service. Here you can buy or rent the newest movies of all kinds. Watching them is completely free for every Prime user.

We do not want to say that each movie you find there is a blockbuster. However, we are sure that the catalog you see will be interesting to you.

Disney and Marvel Movies

Some people like to relax differently. Let’s say that you have kids at home. Logically you sometimes need an hour or two to completely relax. However, kids rarely understand that their parents are tired. Because of that, you need to find a way to make their time interesting. One of the ways to do that is to ensure tv streaming service that offers a lot of cartoons. Well, Disney Plus might be the right choice in that case. This platform offers all Disney production cartoons as well as the collection of Marvel movies.

Well, kids are not the only ones that like to watch cartoons. Some grownups are young at heart and they like watching this type of movie in their free time. If you are one of them, we are sure that you will be satisfied with the content that Disney Plus offers.

Keeping Up with Current Shows

We all like to watch current shows that make our time more entertaining. However, sometimes we do not even have to turn on the TV to check them. You can all find them in one place on some platforms such as Hulu. The episodes of current shows are uploaded to this platform daily. You get the chance not to miss a single episode of your favorite show.

Despite that, Hulu offers a Live TV option as well. Thanks to this package, the users get the option to watch episodes in real-time. Still, we need to mention that certain seasons of some shows might not be available. In that case, you might have to find them on some other platforms.


Once again, the main priority should be to meet your expectations. In that way, it is not possible to make a mistake. Of course, read a couple of guidelines more before picking one of the tv streaming services. Check the website that we attached above for more information.

Perfect Buying Guide For Wireless Routers

A wireless router is a device found in most homes today. Buying a wireless router can be challenging if we do not know the tech language’s intricate terms. Imagine your parents or grandparents browsing through e-commerce links to get a wireless router for their homes. They are bombarded with technical names and features that might leave them perplexed! The look on their faces reveals that a guide with things to consider before buying was the need of the hour! Let’s get going in that direction to layout all features to consider while getting a techy wi-fi to reach all corners of a home for seamless connectivity.

The points to consider while purchasing:

  • Area of coverage: While getting wi-fi, it is best to choose a router that will serve all needs of the family. The connectivity should reach most rooms of a house. There might be issues as to few rooms not receiving strong signals even for one gadget. The best wi-fi router in the market should contain at least three antennas to cover from front to the backyard. Few routers might work efficiently even outside the home up to a distance of 300 feet outdoors. Use devices with range-boosting antennas to get reliable wi-fi. Physical obstructions may be a cause for concern; thus, for home usage, we have to focus on placing the router in a location from where its signal will reach all corners and rooms. If for a house purpose, routers can be placed at the first floor’s ceiling to get signal between both floors equally. Thus, the ability to position routers should be considered while purchasing.
  • Number of devices that can connect: Though the range of coverage is of utmost importance, next comes the number of devices. We have members of the family at all nooks and corners of our house using different gadgets simultaneously. Every household is facing problems with enough devices not being supported. Few routers may be bought for the specific purposes of gaming, FTP, etc. In this case, the connectivity of the number of devices may reduce. It is best to understand our needs before looking at the specs of a router. Most routers, when for commercial use showcase, support at least 250 devices. This might be tall talk and mostly not feasible. Let’s focus on getting a router that can support at least 25 devices at home.
  • Dual-band or more: Single-band routers can be kept in exhibits in a museum since they are a thing of the past. These days all routers come with at least dual-band or more. To explain in layman’s terms, if it is dual-band, the router gives away the signal using two frequencies. Thus, we can use it between two modes like fast and faster. There are routers with tri-band even for the fastest signal transmission. The primary frequency in old types is 2.4 GHz. This is particularly difficult for homes or apartments where everybody is on the same bandwidth. The dual-band or tri-band uses 5GHz that gives faster internet while compared to old ones. While watching high-quality video content or playing heavy games, it is best to use dual or tri bands for a seamless experience. Otherwise, glitches will irritate users to an extent where they stop using your selected Wi-fi.
  • Stay updated, get apps enabled router: We used routers in the olden days (though not very long ago!) by connecting to a web browser. These days smartphones rule our entire house. So, why not get a router that is compatible with apps and has the comfort of fiddling with routers from your location? Alexa and Google assistants have become our friends rather than real friends! How about routers that can be controlled with them too? Charming, right?! There are certain options when you shop online, which give the smart option too. For this, there are customized apps from manufacturers that must be downloaded from app stores. Being an avid app user need not be the criteria, if you have a smartphone and have used basic apps like Uber, Garage control, etc. will suffice. Do not hesitate to shell out extra dollars for this feature, as this gives comfort in controlling your location seamlessly.
  • Home or commercial use: The basic factor while looking to buy a wireless router online is the place of use. Are you buying for your business or household purpose? After you have answered this question, things do not change much, yet we have to look at features from different perspectives. For commercial use, the budget will widen. For use in offices or restaurants, daily traffic might increase, so should security. The business routers are on the upper hand with specifications as they have higher RAMs, faster GPUs, and a better operating system compared to routers for home use. Thus, commercial routers are designed to cater to provide internet traffic all day long. If at all you have decided to buy a business class router to support your home’s needs only, it might be worth the money invested. The chances of discarding the routers will diminish, and it will stay for long with a stronger internal design. Use best security settings while using routers like WPA2-AES and refrain from using WEP, WPA, TKIP. Connectivity with both home and commercial routers have increased multifold in these modern times to prevent intrusive connections.

Many more features are to be looked at while getting the best one. However, it is sufficient to look at the options mentioned above as a benchmark to purchase the best wireless router online. Do not forget to look at all specs on their websites before purchasing. Though returns may be available, it might delay your lovely experience from enjoying excellent internet connectivity, be it in your home or business places. Also, make sure to pay attention to price while purchasing since different brands with the same features may have varying costs. Why give more for the same set of components and design? Last but never least, act smart and get a wireless one that everyone will follow suit!

For more information Visit:

Enjoy Your Old Video Tapes by Digitizing Them Today! – 2021 Guide

Some things can rightfully keep you in the past – like old videotapes that you cherish. The VHS videos are incredibly delicate, and you are lucky if they survived this far. Think of the movies or songs you enjoyed in your childhood or youth, your kids’ first milestones caught on record, your late parents’ or grandparents’ voice on the answering machine.

Time offers us many incidences to cherish and celebrate in life. If such precious data is still held on outdated devices like VHS, it is time to transfer the content to digital devices to preserve them for future generations.

Many resources claim to teach the audience how to digitize your old videos today, and many people fall into the temptation. Do not! Memories carried over the years are too precious to risk losing. Trust an expert like the ones found here to digitize your old videotapes in formats like 8mm video cassette tapes, VHS-C, VHS, MicroMV, MiniDV, or MiniDVD, and ensure you enjoy them for longer.

Common Mistakes Experts will Save You from when Digitizing Old Video Tapes

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Burn your content straight to DVDs: Archival DVDs are a good option, but are delicate and eventually may become obsolete. Many computers today do not include an optical drive in which to view DVDs. One must consider other options, such as converting to digital files, as a more current way to preserve and share their family videos.

Wrong format choice: There is a wide array of video formats to use when converting old videos into digital ones. Experts understand that the wrong format choice will not only compromise the quality of the video but also limit flexibility on the devices you can use to play the content.

Lack of backup: In this digital era, backing up is vital. There are several ways and platforms to back up your old digitized videos. Engaging a professional will ensure that all your content has appropriate backup. Experts will also advise on the best way and option to choose as your backup. With options like DVD, Blu-rays, flash disks, e-Cloud, among others, it is common to pick what is at hand or have tried before. The right agency will advise on the most favorable methods and platforms you can use to backup.

Keeping them to yourself: Sharing is a fundamental principle taught from pre-school. It applies to the digital world as well. Professionals will produce content that is easy to share on various platforms. Take your family and close friends back in time, with memories they would cherish forever.

Not trying out the digitized video: Many people who take the DIY route forget to do this crucial step – test the digitized videos on most of your gadgets.

Why do you Need to Digitize Old Video Tapes?

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VHS and other old tapes get will degrade over time.

Like many other things, the old tapes have a limited shelf life. The content they contain is too valuable to lose, though. Most of them have survived for over two decades, and it is risky to keep them any longer. The thought that those precious memories held on tapes will one day be unplayable is devastating and should get you to digitize your old videos now.

A reliable service provider will help you transfer your old videos like your parents’ wedding, your childhood birthdays, children’s recitals and plays, and others in the best way. This will ensure that you preserve precious memories and allow many other generations to enjoy them.

With sophisticated equipment and proven expertise, you do not have to worry about low-quality output or generation loss. The content will also last for many years with no threats of degradation.

Production and editing

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Technology advancements have thrown us into the digital era, and almost everything has changed. Digitized videos can now be creatively edited to your taste and liking. You can now have some background music, a new digital scrapbook, or birthday slideshow for your children. Besides family events, you can even have a commercial for your business.

The good news is that such services are affordable, and you do not have to pay outrageous fees for production. All you need is to shop for a reputable business that will meet your needs.

Enjoy your old video content on digital platforms.

Old devices have paved the way for more sophisticated gadgets, and remaining in the past might cost you. Digitizing the old tapes allows you to play them from USB, DVD, and Blu-rays, among others. You can also play them in a wide array of gadgets like phones, computers, tablets, modern TVs, and others.

Videos like a birthday for loved ones, childhood milestones, first steps, or first day in school, or other precious family videos can also be played at in events like weddings. These presentations turn any event into a very memorable and emotive occasion.

Family members can enjoy childhood memories and videos when digitized, as you can share with different people as often as possible regardless of the distance. With vibrant social media platforms, one can share huge files with family members and friends on various platforms.

One can also copy a storage device like a DVD or USB flash disk and share it with the relevant parties.


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Now, there are easier ways to carry around vast volumes of data or content as new gadgets are getting smaller, thanks to technology. Today, 35mm slides can seamlessly fit one thumb drive. More tapes require more storage space. Engaging an expert to help you digitize your old videos will save you remarkable space by saving content on digital platforms.


Being able to watch your family videotapes is uncommon today and the format is obsolete. VCRs are no longer being produced and are very difficult to find, plus attaching the old technology to the latest TVs may be troublesome. Holding precious data on such devices is a considerable risk. Call an expert for videotape transfer service, which is ideal for preserving your old videotapes to MP4 digital files or DVDs.

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