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The Art of SEO: 6 Proven Ways to Generate DoFollow Links for Steady Organic Growth

Dofollow backlinks pass along link juice for improved search engine rankings. Dofollow links lure all search engines while crawling to help identify and boost domain authority for your site. This article will dig down Dofollow backlinks, how you can create them and the benefits obtained from this enterprise. The Backbone Behind Do Follow Backlinks Backlinks

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Buy 360° Camera

Camera over DSLR The answer to why you should buy a 360-degree camera instead of an expensive video recording camera or a DSLR is that with a small 360-degree camera, you are able to capture your real life moment in a fully immersive, interactive way, allowing people to experience how it feels like to fly

How to save your phone after you’ve dropped it in water

We all love our smartphones, they’re one of the most important things in our pockets. We take them everywhere with us- to work, to shops, to the bathroom. It is quite normal for them to sometimes end up being dropped in water. Whether it’s a pool or the toilet, the way of bringing your gadget

vCard to Outlook: How To Transfer It Easily?

People use vCard format to transmit contact info in a standardized form. For example, on the phone or in the mail agent. The vCard (or calling card) is encrypted in a VCF format. This is an online standard for exchanging business cards. If you send an email with a .vcf file attachment it is sent

Pop-Up Smartphone Cameras: Could This Be The Future?

Whether we like it or not, our smartphone cameras have become a passionate part of our lives, especially now in the selfie generation. Social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat all encourage sharing images, providing users platforms to do so, which is why we have seen so much progress in the smartphone camera

Main differences between VPS and dedicated hosting

Why do I need Web Hosting? If you want to have a website, you need a web host. All of the web pages need to be stored somewhere and that is the job of a web server. In order to make the websites available to everyone everywhere, you need a web host. Technically, you can

Companies With The Best Customer Support


Nowadays, a valuable part of a company is its customer support. When you offer a product to the general public, you should expect feedback on your product. Sometimes, that feedback can be negative and people will complain or ask questions. It is specifically for this purpose why companies pride themselves on having excellent customer support.

Beginners Guide to ExpressVPN (Short Review)

ExpressVPN is a virtual private network service which provides a stable and feature-packed network with clients and documentation. The British Virgin Islands-based company Express VPN International Ltd. offers this service which can be used on a number of devices and operating systems. This service might seem expensive, but it’s only one of the few VPN

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