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What is IT governance?


If you are an IT expert or if you work in a tech company, it is likely that you heard about the term IT governance. It is also a term that you might not fully understand. IT governance is an important and critical part of any organizations, and it is quite possible that you implement governance features without knowing you are doing so.

In this article, you will be able to read about what IT governance is, what role does it have in your organization, as well as why you might need to implement it.

What is IT Governance?


IT governance can be referred to as a formal framework that will ensure IT investments support your business goals and needs. Basically, the governance infrastructure is what will allow specific users to do specific things, while other users would be prohibited to use it. The concept of IT governance was a product of legislation and regulations that were first established in the late ‘90s to regulate the increasing usage of tech in businesses.

Should your company care about it?

There are a few companies and organizations with whom this concept is most likely to resonate:

1. Organizations and companies that are subjected to regulatory compliance

2. Companies or organizations that have business models and goals driven by optimization and efficiency

3. Organizations that gave demonstrated expert IT operations

What are the principles of IT governance?

Here is a list of the basic principle of IT governance:

1. The Risk Principle – controls and measures need to be adjusted to the levels of potential risk.

2. The Suitability Principle – the needs of a company to determine a strategy for the level and style of governance.

3. The Behavior Principle – the governance plan and solution will drive the organizational behavior

4. The Deployment Principle – the governance solution needs to be implemented

5. The Automation Principle – technology makes the governance solution empowering

How do you implement an IT governance strategy?


The easiest way to do so is to start with the frameworks that have been developed by leading experts and that are used by thousands of companies. Many frameworks will include guides for implementation in order to help companies. The most commonly used frameworks are:

1. COBIT – Published by ISACA, this is a comprehensive framework of practices, analytical tools, and models designed for governance and management of IT systems. It is widely used by companies to focus on mitigation and risk management.

2. ITIL – this framework focuses on IT service management. Its goal is to ensure that the IT service supports the most important processes of the company. It has five sets of management practices for design, service strategy, transition, service improvement, and operation.

3. COSO – it features is less IT-oriented models since it concentrates more on fraud deterrence and risk management.

How do you choose the framework?


According to the IT service provider ICS, most frameworks are made to help you choose how your IT department will function, what important metrics management it needs and what IT is giving back to the company from its investments. When considering which framework to use, think about your corporate culture. Does a specific framework seem like a good fit for your company? Does it resonate with stakeholders? That framework will be the best choice.


Hopefully, this article helped you understand what IT governance is, why it is important, and how you can implement it into your organization. Hence, do not waste any more time and start planning a strategy for your IT governance.

Server Shipping: 5 Mistakes To Avoid

No matter if you’re hiring a shipping company to move your servers across the state, or you’re planning on doing it by yourself, there are a couple of mistakes that you must avoid in order to ensure the safety of your equipment.

Server shipping and IT shipping solutions are in high demand these days as the use of servers and large IT equipment get more and more necessary. But whenever you’re planning on taking your servers from one part to another part of the country, there are a few factors that you must account for. Stuff such as safety should be your top priority, and other stuff such as speed and cost should also mingle within your mind. A lot of unprofessional shippers make up for the speed and cost at the expense of safety. Safety should be number one, so naturally, these are the shippers you should avoid at all times.


So with all that said, let’s get to know the most common 5 mistakes to avoid when server shipping.

1.  The company you shire should be the same one that takes care of the equipment

A lot of companies outsource work to other companies in order to avoid extra costs such as personnel and equipment necessary to do the job. In the server shipping business, a lot of companies tend to outsource the transportation part to transportation services. This is an instant red flag as servers and IT equipment is very expensive, so you would want the people you hire to be responsible if something happens to your belongings. If they outsource the work to other companies, who will get the blame? Why would you trust people who simply take your money, and dedicate a portion of it to pay other people to do what they’re paid to do?

2.  Never Settle for the Old “cent per pound” insurance coverage

Most transportation services and that goes the same for server shippers, tend to employ yee old $0.60 per pound insurance coverage. Your equipment such as servers and IT machinery costs far more than 60 cents per pound. Whenever you’re looking for the right server shippers, always make sure that you get 100% full value insurance in the case of something horribly wrong happening to your equipment.

3.  Never accept wooden pallets

According to Craters and Freighters Orange County, wooden pallets might be great for transportation of hard machinery, but they are terrible for protecting server equipment. Make sure that the server shippers always use cardboard boxes and double wall cardboard boxes at the very least. They are far more effective than wooden pallets, and they will cause less damage if the road is bumpy.

4.  Know the limits of OEM packaging

Shippers tend to use OEM packaging as a very basic way of protecting equipment. As manufacturers tend to lose some of their equipment during shipping, OEM packaging provides good enough protection that will result in some damages, but the costs of replacing those damages are none existed compared to the prices they have to pay in order to fully protect their equipment. Make sure that the shippers fully understand what your wishes are, and pay extra if you must in order to ensure 100% safety during transportation.

5.  Never use foams

People are under the false impression that Styrofoam and other foals provide protection. They do not. And as a matter of fact, they provide very minimal shock and vibrant protection. They also tend to flake easily and these flakes can pass through openings in your equipment. This can lead to serious problems with your equipment that could prove very costly in the end.

Understanding When To Use A Dehumidifier


The question on when to use a dehumidifier is relatively important as some people still can’t fathom the right time to use the moisture removal device. On the basis of high humidity, according to, a dehumidifier comes into the context but one needs to understand his or her home environment in respect to the level of moisture present.  If you have been noticing the mugginess and smells like that of a wet home, that’s a sign of high humidity. Molds and mildew also thrive in moisture favorable surroundings. All these are symptoms that recall for a dehumidifier operation. But for you to ensure you are not embarking on unplanned moisture reduction, a proper step needs to be undertaken to checkmate the amount of fogginess present in your house.

What is humidity?

Different studies said it is the amount of vapor present in the air in a given time in relation to a particular environment. Narrowing down to relative humidity, we say is the percentage of moisture in the air compared to what the air can hold at that temperature. However, the scale of relative humidity that’s ideal for homes and human living is 40 to 60%. Although some studies went down starting from 30 instead of 40%. Nevertheless, when the level is below the aforementioned range, we say there is a low amount while its above 60% implies a high level. So the need to strike a balance becomes a problem because of climatic change and human activities that alter humidity level.

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Clearing Doubt Before Thinking Of Dehumidifier

However, to be sure of the level of moisture present in your house, would require you measuring the atmospheric vapor that’s present. To do this you to get a hygrometer to find out the current level. If there is a positive higher shift reaching up to 70% humid, level you’ll need no other advice than to reduce the moisture level.  This is where a need for a dehumidifier comes into play.

If you already have a unit you can simply take it to the location where you want the wetness to remove but if you don’t have, then purchase a budget-friendly unit with the right coverage size. One thing to note, dehumidifiers comes in different sizes and different area placement unit. There are units specifically designed for basements, living space, crawl space, etc. Getting the right area unit will definitely make you get a result quicker than picking a unit with the wrong place water extraction capacity. Many online blogs can direct you on how to shop for a dehumidifier. But for the meantime, here are few pointers that indicate you need to get rid of the menace from home.

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  • Home becoming too cold to stay in, causing irritation even at night feeling of wetness.
  • Sudden mold and mildew growing in your home.
  • Your wall sweating out moisture which is unusual.
  • The muddy smell from buildup moisture over time.
  • Discoloration on windows and doors.
  • Moisture always on your home grills each time you get in contact with it.

The above are red signs of too damp environment and shouldn’t be overlooked. If at all you were able to discover some of the signs, also look out for the source why your house is so moistened. Some of the causes of high dampness at home results from underground water, gutters or drainage close to house foundation and rainfall. Also overusing of air conditioning unit sometimes results in moisture settling down in your house. Identifying the root curse will help manage its reoccurrence of which you may not need a dehumidifier.  If the moisture level in your building is intolerance (that is on the high side), hence a dehumidifier should, however, turn on to get out the excessive amount.

Top Reasons To Outsource IT Support

Each company is put under a lot of pressure to go along with the latest technological changes in order to get the most out of their business. As technology keeps advancing, the use of computer hardware and software becomes more and more important for businesses, companies, and organizations.

While these changes can have a huge impact on any industry, it becomes key for the businesses in those industries to have proper IT infrastructure. In this article, we are going to discuss the top reasons to outsource IT support, so stick around as this article might prove useful to your business.

1. It Eliminates The Cost of New Staff

Instead of hiring an IT manager, who has an annual salary of around $60,000 – $70,000, companies tend to move towards the business model of outsourcing IT work. If we also add to the fact the ongoing training costs, the initial recruitment benefits, company benefits, etc, we can understand why businesses, companies, and organizations tend to favor this approach.

By outsourcing IT work to other companies, you are effectively eliminating every cost associated with hiring new staff for the job.

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2. It Eliminates The Costs of IT Infrastructure

Computer hardware and software are the two main ingredients of IT infrastructure. If your business doesn’t have an IT sector, you would be surprised at the costs associated with opening one. We talked about the costs of hiring new staff, but what about the cost of work equipment and workstations? On average, a solid work PC that will take care most of your IT needs comes at around $600 – $1,000.

If we add to the fact the cost of computer software, servers, websites, cloud storage, etc, the costs rank in the thousands. Instead of paying for all of this, why not have all of your IT needs outsourced? Outsourcing is proving to be an effective method of conducting business in the real world, and if you’re interested in finding the best company for your IT needs, click here.

3. Outsourcing Allows Entry to The Latest Technological Changes

Companies, businesses, and organizations must keep up with the latest technological advancements in order to stay competitive in their respective field. But acquiring these technologies can be rather expensive, so one brilliant way to stay on top of your market is to outsource your IT needs to a company that can implement these technologies into your business.

Consider hiring an IT consulting company to gain valuable access to a team of specialists who are more than capable of taking your business to the next level in your respective field.

4. Staff Productivity

It’s a well-known fact that someone in your company might have some IT knowledge. If a company doesn’t have a dedicated staff put on IT duty, chances are that they will have that guy do some of the IT work. This is far from productive as that person isn’t qualified to work in IT, despite having some knowledge.

Instead of having Mark from HR put on server monitoring, why not outsource work to a company that can dedicate real professionals on monitoring your servers? But not just that, most IT service providers have experienced people in all areas of IT such as cybersecurity, server management, front and backend web development, and more.

How Digital Marketing Shaped the World 


Marketing has been around for a long time in one shape or another. It hasn’t been through too many changes in the past, but as soon as the digital world came into play, marketing started evolving rapidly. In the past, people were using marketing on a very small scale, reaching a small number of people. With developments in technology, new opportunities arose and businesses were quick to use everything they could in their advantage. First came the radio and brought enormous changes. Then came television, then the Internet and people were no longer limited to a small circle of people – they could now reach millions.

Technology is still evolving, and rapidly if I might add. The world is your field. You can easily reach people from across the world. We’re now using services and buying products from countries all around the world and it’s all so easy and fast. As things are rapidly changing, businesses have to keep track of everything and adapt – it’s the Red Queen hypothesis that says “it takes all the running you can do to keep in the same place.” It’s typically used to describe how competition between different organisms and their coevolution functions, but it also applies to the marketing strategy as well. Competition is fierce and as they are changing their marketing strategy to follow up with the trends and changes in the digital world, you have to as well otherwise you’ll be outrun by the competition.

Experts at emphasize the importance of search engine optimization, website design, content optimization, and blogging as crucial factors of every digital marketing campaign.

As you’re now competing with the whole world instead of with local businesses, you have to be more innovative, more aggressive, nimbler, and fiercer than ever. Today, businesses must read the needs of the audience carefully. You have to recognize what it is they need and how your product or service can fulfill those needs. Why is your solution the best, what makes it stand out? You have to be clear about what it is exactly you’re offering and you have to make it look as appealing as possible. Users can now list through dozens of different options every day and you have to make them stop searching once they see your page.

Every business has to keep up with the strategies and algorithms as they are always changing. By knowing how the system works, you’ll know how to behave. You have to be flexible and adapt to the everchanging conditions in the digital world.

Cookies are another thing that changed online marketing. They are used to track the habits of users and collect data about their interests and needs. That information is then used to tailor promotions to their taste.

Fiercer competition isn’t the only thing digital world brought along. The number of potential buyers increased significantly as well, meaning there’s more opportunity for you than ever.
Digital boom brought along some benefits and some new difficulties for companies, but it’s all about how well you manage to turn everything in your advantage.

Clean spam comments

The number of comments increases the rate and hypothetically, it is good for an account in the time of algorithmic feed. Only spam comments with a job offer can spoil the whole impression about the account. Such comments are best deleted.

You can delete any comment on any publication. I do not recommend deleting the negative. Correctly processed negative comment sells like 4-5 good reviews.

Automatically control comments

If you got fake accounts that are spamming with you on your account, or you don’t allow them to use bad language in your account, you can set up automatic checking of comments on specific words.

When you need to up your engagement, you can check iigers for Instagram services. They are a reliable service that offers exactly what they say they do. Services from real profiles!

Remove or hide tags on photos

Sometimes you need to remove some of the photos from the “photos with you”, this is especially true for large brands, which are constantly tagged in the photos.

Go to “Photo with me” → select unwanted photo → click on the label → “Remove label” you remove the label from the photo, if you move the slider, the photo will not be displayed in “Photo with me” but the label will remain.

Video with different scenes

You can create real sketches and meaningful videos, using only the “video camera” application inside Instagram. It’s not as professional as a videographer and making a video in six months, but quickly.

Hold down the shooting button to film the desired scene. You can continue to shoot further.

Silent video

By default, the video on Instagram is broadcasted without sound. If you filmed in a natural environment, where there was a lot of noise, it is better to turn off the sound.

Before you publish the video, hold down the sound key.

Change the video filter

Click on “filter” key in filter selection mode, and select the appropriate cover for the video.

Selection of hashtags

While there is a myth that hashtags help promote a brand, any tools for searching and selecting hashtags will be relevant. When searching for Instagram, enter one hashtag, and Instagram will suggest others with which this hashtag is often used.

Built-in Boomerang

Boomerang is an application that helps create looped gifs. In a recent Instagram update, the developers have built a boomerang in the story. Now you can remove Boomerang from your phone, and use Instagram.

Stories for the chosen ones

Post Instagram stories to your favorites. Click on the arrow next, and select those to show the story to.

Hide stories from favorites

You can not only show stories to selected accounts but also hide them from other prying eyes. To do this, go to your account settings and in the settings of the stories, choose those people who do not need to see these stories.

Additional colors in stories

Select text or brush. A palette appears at the bottom of the screen. Holding one of the colors opens the expanded palette panel.

Any number of stickers and text on Instagram stories

Press the sticker or text key. Insert, increase the size, change the position, and press again on the sticker or text. So you can build a variety of wonderful designs.

Tags in Instagram stories

The coolest update of stories, these are links to active accounts in Instagram Stories. You can make a sequence of slides and put a call to action on the final slide and indicate the target account.

Just start to enter the target account name, with @

Save stories in the gallery

If you use boomerangs, then stickers, then brushes, you can get a cool story that you want to save to your phone.

Skip boring and uninteresting stories

If you find someone posted 25 photos of the same, feel free to skip. Double-clicking on the Story to skip one from the account, and swipe will take you to the next story.

Write better captions

  • History is made only by people who break the rules.
  • When you find yourself, life changes.
  • Whenever you feel lonely, you need to spend even more time on your own.
  • You can only judge me if you are perfect.
  • Leave some sparkles wherever you go.
  • Life always seems better when you laugh.
  • The world begins with a smile.
  • I think it is time to start rejoicing again.
  • I am not perfect. I have never been to them, and I will never be to them.
  • Stop trying to fix me, because I am not broken.
  • My success is simply postponed for the future.
  • All I need to be happy is six months of vacation … Twice a year.
  • I like being a dreamer and a night thinker.
  • Nothing will happen until you stop trying.
  • Your speed does not matter as long as you continue to move forward.
  • There should be no shortcuts if you decide to break away!
  • To enjoy a beautiful rainbow, you must first enjoy the rain.
  • Today I am very excited!
  • You just need to be a little crazy, because a little madness is very similar to heaven.
  • Just make sure you are always in love with your life.
  • Just keep smiling – it confuses people.
  • No one can fail as long as they like their lives.
  • Always follow your hopes, and do not pay attention to your fears.
  • Sometimes the best revenge is to smile and move on.
  • Smile now, because tomorrow may be worse.
  • Love and life will always find a way to love you.
  • This is just proof that I can be a better egoist than you.
  • Life is not a matter of achieving every goal, it is a celebration of every moment.
  • You cannot just live life. It should be celebrated.
  • Dance as if no one sees, love, like you never loved before. Otherwise, you never know what it means to live for real.

Tips For Finding The Best IT Support Company In Washington


Having a solid IT infrastructure is key for any business. Nowadays, businesses, companies, and organizations, rely on IT. Your organization is as good as your IT. From various workstations to databases and servers, websites and cybersecurity, having a solid IT infrastructure will only benefit you in the long run.

You shouldn’t put up with unreliable systems, constant downtime of websites, server issues, and poor cybersecurity. Getting a proper IT infrastructure should be your top priority, and we’re going to tell you how to find the best IT support company based in Washington to do it for you.


Choose Proactive rather than Reactive

Water is wet, the sky is blue, and digital systems will fail at some point. These are the things that are definitely certain in life. What does it mean to be reactive? It means responding to your systems failing, rather than taking the necessary steps to prevent the failure in the first place. No matter what the problem, whether is a data breach, or a server malfunction, or a bug fix, the role of reactive companies is to fix the problem.

On the other hand, a proactive IT support company will make sure that those failings never happen. Proactive support companies focus on reducing the eventualities of the systems failing as much as possible. These companies monitor your IT infrastructure at all times, and they wait for the eventuality, but they have everything ready in place to react as soon as possible when a problem emerges.

Choose Layered Cybersecurity

According to Suretec IT, cybersecurity for your business is just as important as the security for your home. While many people use cameras and locks to secure their homes from thieves, the same safety precautions should be used to protect your business from hackers and malicious attacks.

Cybersecurity is an important aspect in today’s world that every business should pay close attention to. When choosing the best IT support company, make sure that they have a proper understanding of layered cybersecurity. Having several defense lines in your IT infrastructure can be the difference maker in preventing data breaches, malware attacks, and phishing attempts.


Can They Backup Your Data?

While cyber attacks are dangerous and proper measures should be taken to prevent them, having a backup of your data in the case of fire, floods, or even earthquakes is even more important. Natural disasters can occur at any moment, while fires and other hazards can also damage your systems beyond repair. That’s why the best candidate should perform backups on a weekly bases at least.

Backups are very important as dangers such as these can occur at any moment. If your company has loads of data coming in, then the optimal candidate will know how to backup all of your data to prevent any loss. This will allow you to have a fast recovery plan that will get you up and running in no time, in the case of any of these disasters occurring.

Tackling issues such as these can be a hard task for a company that doesn’t have the proper experience in IT infrastructure. That’s why more and more business, companies, and organizations, employ IT support companies to take care of all of their IT needs.

The More You Know: Why You Should Avoid Relying on Cloud Storage as a Backup Strategy

Collecting sensitive information is something most modern businesses do on a daily basis. Finding ways to adequately protect this information should be one of your main concerns as a business owner. Many newcomers to the world of backups and disaster recovery have a number of misconceptions.

One of the most common misconceptions business owners have about backing up their data is that an online cloud storage solution is all they need. Often times, this mistake can lead to lots of problems should a business network crash or get hacked. Nearly 58 percent of the small businesses in the United States are not prepared for data loss.

Instead of letting misconceptions and mistakes cause large scale disasters, you need to learn the truth about how to protect your data.

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The Problem With Using Cloud Storage as a Backup Solution

For most businesses, having access to important data allows them to get their work done in a timely and efficient manner. Without this data, the productivity levels you enjoy will decline rapidly.

The biggest issue that comes with using cloud storage as a backup solution is the fact that most providers don’t automatically back up your data. The only thing these providers are truly concerned with is keeping their infrastructure functional and updated.

If you are confronted with a situation where you lose data via your cloud storage solution, the provider will commonly advise you to invest in actual online backup solutions (find out more at Rather than waiting until disaster strikes to get online backup solutions in place, you need to be proactive about backing up your data properly.

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Syncing is Not the Same As Backing Up Your Data

Some business owners use cloud storage solutions like Dropbox or Google Drive to store sensitive files and data. These same individuals mistakenly think that just because the data or files they have synced in these cloud storage solutions are safe and protected. The reality is that these files could be there today and gone tomorrow.

Companies that offer cloud storage to the general public are in no way responsible for what happens to the data and files on their servers. The responsibility for keeping these files safe and accessible lies with you, the user. This same principle applies to businesses who have tons of data stored on a software as a service solution.

The only way to ensure the data you view as valuable is kept safe and accessible is by investing in an actual backup solution. Working with a service that provides affordable and comprehensive cloud data storage solutions is vital when trying to avoid disastrous situations.

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Dealing With the Malicious Deletion Issue

Allowing employees and IT administrators to access large volumes of sensitive data is fairly commonplace in the world of small business. One of the biggest issues you face when allowing anyone and everyone in your company to access sensitive data is malicious deletion.

If an employee is disgruntled from getting fired or laid off, what is going to stop them from deleting tons of data on their way out? The best way to protect your company and your data from malicious deletion is by investing in an online backup solution. The money you invest in this type of comprehensive backup will be worth it considering the problems it can help you avoid.

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Getting Advice From IT Professionals

With all of the cloud backup solutions on the market, choosing the right one can be challenging. Getting advice from a reputable and experienced IT professional can help you narrow down the selection of cloud-based backup solutions with ease.

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