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YouTube Analytics tool for free: here is everything you need to know

YouTube is a huge platform. In fact, it’s the second largest search engine in the world, after Google, of course. Its relevance for businesses and influencers isn’t negligible. Many take the process of making the videos, editing them, finding the right gear, and researching the trends, very seriously. As a huge number of people are using YouTube, the competition is fierce. In order to stay relevant, you need a good product, high-quality content, and most of all, you need to stand out. It’s important to track your performance in order to be able to see if and what needs improvement.

You should track your YouTube channel traffic in order to see who is visiting, what are they looking for when they visit your channel, where do they come from, and similar.
Tracking the traffic from YouTube to your website is also of great importance as you can see how effective your YouTube videos are in getting people interested in what you’re offering. You can leave a link to your website in the description of a video or a card. By following all of this, you can get a good insight into how people interact with your channel and how effective the channel is.

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Traffic Sources page can give all of this useful info. The report will show you which source of traffic is the most significant one which will allow you to see what needs improving. offers insight into YouTube channels, real-time subscriber counts, estimated channel values, and more, all of which can show you what the people are most interested in.

Another thing you can, and should, do is discover how are people finding your YouTube channel. You can easily find out why they’ve come to your channel and where they’ve spent the most time.

Views are an important factor to track when owning a YouTube channel, but they alone aren’t a good enough indicator of your channel’s performance. YouTube doesn’t give that much significance to views alone as there are numerous different clickbait tactics that work to raise your view count. However, Watch Time doesn’t lie. Watch Time tells about the estimated time users have spent viewing your content.

The real-time report is of great significance as well. It gives you the estimated number of views from the last two days and the last hour. It can give you info about your entire channel or about specific videos.

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Demographics page will help you better understand your audience by showing you who comprises the majority of your audience in terms of age, gender, geography, and devices they’re using. By knowing your audience and their habits, you can adapt your content to suit their needs and expectations which will make you more appealing to them and will consequently lead more people to your channel.

Audience retention can also help you understand the users better and show you what is it that they like or dislike about your videos. The Audience retention page can show you the exact times in the videos that people have stopped watching.

How to Protect Your PC against Hackers

There are a lot of threats we face every day online and one of the biggest is hacking. This has not become a question if but when you will be hacked? The online world represents a vast market of information, available to anyone, so there is only a matter of interest when choosing the next person or company who is going to be hacked. Even if you don’t yet understand that your personal information, photographs, documents are exposed, you must take measures to protect them. You can isolate yourself from others and not use computers and other modern gadgets, but that is not a solution. We suggest a different approach which will inform you and prepare you for possible ransom-ware attacks.

In the past hackers were associated usually with politics and secret agencies, but today, you can find them in other spheres of life. While hacking is not necessarily bad, and hackers are hired to breach systems and point out flaws, here, we are talking about the other type of hacking – the illegal one. Ransom-ware is the classic example when a targeted company or a person PC has been hacked, and the personal information is locked. They will demand ransom for the availability of your data and threaten you with deleting or permanently closing your documents. Between the sea of options you can choose, the Zonealarm has proven its worth multiple times. But even with this alarm by your side, we have prepared a few tips to help you fight the problem before it occurs.

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The first thing to keep your computer safe is to update your OS and other software regularly. The vulnerable outdated programs are an invitation for the hackers to come in, you can choose automatic update if it is more comfortable to your liking. Another way to protect your PC from the hackers is by enabling Microsoft product updates so that the Office Suite is updated simultaneously.

Implement two-step verification to protect your online accounts. The benefit of a two-step verification login into a requested service is the unique code that is sent to a device you opt for. From Gmail to Facebook, you have a dozen examples where this extra layer of security has brought results. Choosing for a time-based security code is a popular and practical option, a one-time code will be displayed on your phone or PC for 60 seconds after it expires a new one is provided to your named device.

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Open Wi-Fi on your router represents a threat, avoid such a beginner’s mistake. The hackers can easily take your connection and download illegal files in a second away. Refreshing your equipment along with your password will guarantee the protection of your Wi-Fi.

The introduction of a third-party software must be from a recognizable and trusted source. The famous ads that wink your way must be avoided! Most probably, you are a step away from looking at a fake alert designed with suspicious software.

We have the only scratched the surface of the topic but hope that you have understood the message. Better safe than sorry, and with these tips above, you can start now.

The Bright Side of Getting a Website Developed Using PHP

The internet is highly used for almost any job today, and that is why to grab visitors, customers and target audience in every domain, people are concentrating on building websites. Even a small shop in the neighborhood may have its website online to increase its business gradually. Such is the effect of success in e-commerce proven through the last three decades that the simplest of organizations and small-scale home-based businesses also do not undermine the use and existence of websites. In this scenario, more and more websites are getting developed. Thus, the pressure on developers is high, and the expectation of people who are getting their sites developed is also getting higher. To cope up with the modern demands of e-commerce, static websites are no more preferred. Developers have switched to the making of dynamic websites. The role of Personal Home Page programming has got prominent here in the making of dynamic websites. it helps in making dynamic sites easily.

The use of PHP is preferred

PHP (also called the PHP Hypertext Preprocessor) is a server-side scripting language and is used for the making of dynamic web pages. The dynamic webpages created with it can interact with their databases. Personal Home Page can be embedded within HTML, and it is an open source language which is widely used for web development. Here are discussed the top reason why web developers prefer this in making good dynamic websites.

Why PHP?

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When a website is developed using it, then in the server a scripting code is executed. This code returns HTML codes to the clients. In the process, the client never knows what its code was used, and without knowing the actual codes behind the HTML output they get, they view the webpages. A developer can process HTML files for all the PHP files by configuring the web server. The primary reason for using this, which might strike your mind that it is a free and open source is not all. There are many more reasons for using Personal Home Page.

Main reasons for preferring PHP for developing a dynamic website

Here are the main reasons web developers, as well as clients, prefer it as the site programing language:

  • Web developers have found that learning is one of the easiest tasks. The server-side scripting language offers a very easy learning curve, and any enthusiast can master it in a few days when compared to other scripting languages. The syntax of the Personal Home Page is very simple to grasp, and the special advantage is enjoyed by a programmer who knows C or Perl or both because the syntax is similar to these. 
  • it does not require you to write long codes. Instead of lengthy programming, a few lines of short, simple codes do the task. Therefore, work gets simpler and gets completed quicker. Editing also gets easier due to simplicity and minimal codes. 
  • Using this, no doubt minimizes the cost of website making, as because it is free of cost. Hence web developers can charge smaller bills for their services to the clients, and clients also prefer this.
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  • The scalability of this is being high in writing codes, and the language being reliable enough in case a lot of web pages needs to be edited or dealt with, it is actually a great choice. The performance of the website can be enhanced to a great extent wit PHO based programming. 
  • A lot of people use it. Therefore, the community of PHP users is practically huge. And this is why the support forums and discussion boards on PHP are a lot, and developers always get the support the needed whenever they feel stuck at any point. 
  • PHP is not dependent on browsing platforms and neither restricted. That is why PHP supports all major web browsing platforms like Mac, Windows, Linux, and UNIX. 
  • PHP is complaint with all important web servers. Name any, and it’s supported. Even personal web server and Netscape is also supported. 
  • The processing speed of a website developed by Personal Home Page is faster. This happens because PHP having a memory of its own shares much of the workload of the server thereby reducing the processing time and loading time. That is why working with PHP is speedy, and it can be enjoyed while working with e-commerce web apps and CRMs.
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  • With this, web apps and sites can be developed with great security. The security layer it offers as protection from vulnerabilities is reliable. 
  • Being tried and tested again and again through the last two decades, it is one of the most supportive, reliable, and proven good platforms for web development.

Websites developed using it can always be troubleshot for problems, and aided for enhancements without any problem.

Know why your site needs a PHP based development

When you are talking to a website developer for making your website, then a lot of things has to be discussed including the use of the programming language. Although you may have the notion that marketing is one of the necessities of the future, the site must be developed after well-researched competitor analysis, yet there are many more things to be done too. And discussing the site development strategy and use of coding is a vital area of discussion. So that you may talk freely with the developer, and discuss all your concerns while being minimally hit with jargons, you must understand and see the positive side of getting the site developed using Personal Home Page learn more Visit


A site development demands the planning and discussion of a variety of things. Most of these are done while keeping in mind the future works of editing and enhancement, which may have to be done on the site. And a developer can always guide you well on the choice of the best scripting language while keeping these necessities in mind. If you get the site designed with this then later if you get things done by another developer, then the knowledge of Personal Home Page only would allow the professional to work resistance free on the site.

Technology Trends that are Changing the Face of the Beauty Sector


The beauty sector is not what it used to be. Like many other industries, technology is creating sweeping changes that are altering the way beauty brands operate. For one, L’Oreal decided that they now want to be the number one beauty tech company instead of the number one beauty firm in the world.

Women still have similar beauty concerns as they did several decades ago but technology has made today’s consumer much more demanding.

5 Tech Trends that are Shaping the Beauty Sector


Let’s take a look at how technology is changing beauty as we know it.

1.Augmented reality apps make buying new products easier

Advancements in image recognition and face tracking now give consumers the opportunity to try on a new shade of lipstick or eye shadow before they buy it. While apps will never be a substitute for trying a beauty product in real life, consumers are certainly using these apps more and more, which speaks to their popularity.

2. Artificial intelligence is personalising cosmetics


According to Academy Face and Body, consumers are demanding a more personalised experience when it comes to their hair and skin. Why spend hours trying to find the right shade of foundation or perfect face moisturiser when technology can do the job for you. Lancome is one brand that is using AI to provide their consumers with a more personalised experience. First, your facial skin tone is scanned, after which a proprietary algorithm is used to create the perfect shade of foundation for you.

3. Use 3D technology to create a brand new look

With the rising popularity of AR filters, many makeup brands are using 3D technology to help consumers try out completely different looks. 3D Technology is giving consumers the opportunity to be more playful without having to make any drastic changes. It also makes it easier for brands to increase product engagement rates.

4. Augmented reality is personalising skin care


It’s easier to treat specific skin concerns than ever before. Augmented reality has become one of the most popular ways to diagnose specific skin concerns, with the HiMirror being a prime example of how this technology is being used in the beauty sector. The mirror will scan your face for wrinkles, enlarged pores and check brightness levels before providing you with a rating and product recommendations.

5. Printed makeup will soon be a reality

Robots are fast replacing the need for human interaction or intervention in many spaces, including the beauty sector. For example, the Opté wand is a product that is capable of scanning your skin and applying small amounts of makeup to the areas that need it the most. The wand has a built-in camera, a microprocessor and a micro printer to get the job done. Imagine being able to download a makeup look that you really love and print it directly onto your face? This reality is not far off.

Technology is evolving at a rapid pace and the beauty sector is one industry that is taking full advantage of these exciting changes.


Huawei’s Response to U.S. Trade Sanctions

Huawei will go down in history as one of the major Chinese tech companies that felt the heat of the 2019 U.S-China trade war. Prior to 16th May when the U.S. Department of Commerce announced that it had added Huawei to the Entry List, Huawei was doing really well. As evident for this, its first-quarter revenue shot up 39 per cent year on year. The news turned tables for Huawei and is a clear signal of a heightening cold war between the two countries.

According to some officials in Europe, Huawei would carry on with their plan to build 5G-enabled networks. But the sanctions by the Trump administration might have great effect on Huawei. Soon after the announcement by the Department of Commerce, chipmakers such as Broadcom and Intel stopped supplying to Huawei. Google also suspended Huawei’s licenses for critical mobile applications like Google Play and Gmail.

Where Huawei’s Woes Started


The business quagmire Huawei is currently facing resulted from inclusion in the Entity List. This is a list of companies that the US government considers a threat to US national security. Any US company that wishes to export products to an enlisted firm must obtain a license from the Department of Commerce through the Bureau of Industry and Security. The license review policy is normally “presumption of denial” which means applications for licenses are more likely to be rejected. It is clear that the US government can decide whether or not a company will work with US companies.

Huawei Loses Access to Key Inputs


Huawei’s leadership in the global technology space places it at the eye of the storm that the US-China trade war has created. The tech giant has been working with a wide range of US suppliers. In 2018, Huawei spent $11 billion to buy products from top US corporations including Intel, Qualcomm, and Micron. According to Bloomberg, chipmakers Intel, Qualcomm, Xilinx and Broadcom have already notified their employees that they will stop supplying to Huawei until further notice.

Is it Time for a new Android for Huawei?


With Goggle’s suspension of Huawei’s Android license, how will future Huawei devices access popular Google services? Using Android OS doesn’t give a device automatic access to Google services and apps. How will a future Huawei user access daily-use apps like YouTube and Gmail? These are some of the questions Huawei must ask itself as it finds ways to survive this storm.

Huawei Saved for the Rainy Day


Details have emerged that the Chinese tech giant has been making preparations for the unexpected, which already happened. For almost a year, the company has been stockpiling key components sourced from US corporations. It will hopefully use the stock to manage the current scenario even as it hopes the trade tangles between the two countries will be resolved in a business-friendly way.

In addition, Huawei has also made several initiatives to develop its own chipsets (Intel and Qualcomm alternatives) for use in its networking products as well as smartphones. In March, Huawei confirmed that it has developed operating systems for smartphones and computers. The company planned to use these systems in case those supplied by US firms are not available.

Launching of the New Budget Honor Smartphone


Huawei has responded to the immediate tests with resilience. The company launched the Honor 20 series in London on May 21. It released the Honor 2o and the Honor 20 Pro. This came just 10 days ahead of the planned unveiling of the same product in Shanghai on May 31.

The tests Huawei is going through shows how pervasive the company’s goods and technology are across the globe. The restrictions by the US will definitely have far-reaching impacts not only on Huawei but also the global economy. One cannot avoid thinking: Will the U.S trade sanction on Huawei last?

A former Department of Commerce official compared a Huawei reprieve with the lifted trade ban on ZTE in July. The U.S had banned ZTE from buying American-made components but called off the ban to prevent systems from crashing. The ban wreaked havoc at many wireless carriers in South Asia and Europe. The Commerce Department reached an agreement with ZTE which included a $1 billion fine and $400 million in escrow. Traders working with Admiral Markets reported that Huawei has been one of the best shares to buy for tech investors. It’s intriguing to see how its case will end.


Call Tracking Service: How Does It Benefit Your Business?


Call tracking service is one of the oldest forms of marketing management tools that have been used for decades. It’s effectiveness in helping both small and established businesses monitor and determine their marketing focus is a proven fact.

So, how can your business benefit from a call tracking service? How do you save your business thousands of dollars and valuable time?

First off, does a call tracking service work?

It’s been proven it does. As many as 29% of inbound calls can result in a conversion.

More importantly, though, it can ease your service delivery, and provide value for your money.

We bet your business has a phone number or two listed somewhere, whether it’s on your website or a blog. But of course, you don’t just want it to be out there somewhere. You want those much-needed business leads.

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However, what if someone calls you outside your business hours? Or you miss picking one on a holiday? A call tracking service such as Callgear, ensures your business knows about your potential clients.

How Does It Benefit Your Business?

Apart from accountability, as a business, you are interested in the quality of your calls. These, after all, are calls that actually lead to sales. Through a call tracking service, you can know what your calls are about, making it easier for your business to track leads.

Here are the different reasons you will love a good call tracking software.

1. Ability to measure the effectiveness of web content

Tracking caller activity on your website will tell you how much time the caller took on your website, what they were most likely doing a why they placed the call. You can get insights on how your web content converts visitors into leads.

2. Accurately optimize marketing campaign

Only when you can account for every conversion in the product lifecycle can you accurately optimize your marketing for what works.

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3. Provides knowledge of what your clients need.

Every business struggles with this question. How well do you know your customers or clients? With a call tracking service call can be recorded, classified and sorted according duration of the call, reason for the call, are where the calls are coming from and age of the people calling.

4. It’s Easy to Key Information with Just a click.

With a call tracking service, you get all the information you need. Know about your goods and services, about your management, and about future trends.

As a business, you want to know who is calling to place orders, who’s making a complaint what complaint it is, who is putting up suggestions and so on. You also want to know how are your staff responding to these calls, are they professional when answering those calls, are they turning them into actual customers or you are actually losing customers because of your staff.

Having that information will be valuable in helping you know which areas your staff need improvement, how to measure performance and motivate your employees or whether or not you actually need staffing.

5. Helps in product development.

Product development takes time and resources to accomplish. It a process that many companies go through by trial and error. For small organizations with no financial muscle, the risks can be too many. With a good call tracking service for your business though,  you get to know your customers more.

Different customers call for various reasons; some of that reason could be suggestions on which product they are interested in. You can, therefore, develop a product that you are sure your customers will buy.

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6. Contributes to Market Research

Knowing which demography you serve is important. However, knowing which other demography you are missing out on is important too. Why? Because every business wants to grow. With a call tracking service customised to your needs, you can track every demography and know how best you can satisfy them.

You are thus able to create a competitive age among your competitors strategically.

7. Better service delivery

Your service provider is capable of providing you with information on how your employees are answering calls; you can then review and make necessary adjustments and improvement, enabling you to excel in customer delivery.

8. Ability to measure full customer lifecycle

Customers now will engage with businesses on desktops, mobile phones, over the phone and in person at any point in the customer lifecycle. Marketers will need to measure and attribute every one of these points of engagement. Call tracking plays a critical role in helping marketers understand the complete path their customers take to make a purchase.

With a reliable call tracking service, your business can experience value and realize the full potential of your marketing strategies.

5 Cool Tech Gadgets for Women

While going with anything that’s pink is one option, women tend to like gadgets that are functional and straightforward.

Here is an excellent selection of gadgets that are fun and useful.

1) Leica Sofort Instant Camera

Instant cameras are coming back into style, and a lot of people are relieved to once again be able to hold pictures in their hands rather than every photograph being digital. The Leica Sofort Instant Camera is great for this purpose and comes in a few different colors, including mint, orange, white, and now black.

It is straightforward to use this camera, just let inspiration come to you, then frame it and capture it. The operation of the Leica Sofort Instant Camera is simple, and there are manual settings to give you a helping hand. Although the camera can automatically take great pictures there is also the option to control exposure compensation, flash, and distance yourself if you choose.

2) Oura Ring Sleep and Activity Tracker


Oura is a smart ring designed to track your sleep quality. It works by keeping track of your temperature at night every minute. By doing these on a regular basis, the Oura Ring can determine your temperature baseline and also any times your body temperature might vary.

It can even measure blood volume through the finger’s palmar arteries. Not only does the Oura Ring keep track of you when you’re asleep, but it also monitors you when you’re up and moving. It can detect when you’re active and for how long. If you are serious about improving your sleep quality, we also recommend checking out the other sleep monitors in the market.

The ring uses the information it collects 24/7 in order to create a baseline of information. You can then look at this data and use it to improve on yourself. It can help your performance and your sleep in this way. Visit here for more information on sleep trackers.

3) Livia

This is a truly great gadget for women, especially those who are afflicted with painful menstrual cramps. Not all women will have this problem, but it can be very debilitating for those who do. Livia is a wearable device that works by blocking cramps with external pulses that stimulate nerves so you can get pain relief without dru*s.

This device is FDA and CD approved and all natural. It has been proven to work in several studies, and there are many testimonials to back it up. Rather than taking half an hour or more to kick in as pills do, Livia starts working immediately with the touch of a button.

4) UFO Mini Smart Mask

If you enjoy face mask, the UFO Mini Smart Mask is an excellent addition to your arsenal of beauty care products and tech gadgets. This mask uses T-Sonic™ pulsations as well as your reactions to heat to administer the perfect UFO Activated Mask.

The heat not only helps to infuse the ingredients more effectively into the skin, but it also helps you to relax. T-Sonic™ technology is another important way that the mask helps your skin absorb the ingredients in the mask. This all makes for healthier and more radiant skin.

You will be able to enjoy the same luxury you would at a spa photo facial treatment, as the UFO mini uses the very same blue and green LED light wavelengths.

5) Echo Dot (3rd Gen)

The Echo Dot features an improved speaker and a new fabric design. This device allows you to control your music with your voice. Enjoy song streaming from Sirius XM, Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, and more.

Of course, the Echo Dot is also equipped with Alexa, which is a great resource for asking questions, checking the weather, controlling other devices, and much more. Alexa can also create events on your calendar and add items to lists. With the Echo Dot, you can even make calls and messages hands-free.

The Echo Dot is simple to set up, just plug it in, download the app and connect to the Internet, then ask Alexa anything you want.

Law Enforcement and Technology – the pros and cons

As technology continues to develop almost daily, law enforcement agencies are looking for ways to keep up with it. The agencies are investing money into the best and latest technologies in order to better protect and serve their officers and people in their communities. Of course, battling criminal activity has its own pros and cons. It is important for both the community and police officer to be aware of the technology that is being used and their rights. In this article, you will be able to see the most common advantages, as well as the disadvantages when it comes to implementing technology into law enforcement.

The Pros of Tech in Law Enforcement

1. An additional layer of protection for police officers and the community

Body cameras have been a perfect addition for most law enforcement agencies across the globe. While there are some disadvantages of this technology that police officers need to be aware of, the cameras did already prove to be useful in various cases. This tech helped the public see and understand how police officers respond to certain threats. Another perk that policemen use every day is GPS systems. They allow them to monitor and track which can be quite helpful if a policeman is in a situation where she or he cannot be reached or is unable to call for help.

2. Help with identifying and finding criminals

Facial recognition algorithms are giving policemen a new tool for identifying suspects in criminal cases. According to the experts from William Ives Consulting, these algorithms can be used in two ways. Any photo, video, or sketch can be compared to the database of known criminals. DMV’s database can be used in the same way.

All in all, technology in law enforcement did create a lot of benefits that are allowing different departments to solve crimes, identify criminal suspects, and track the suspects down. However, there are some disadvantages of implementing technology within the law enforcement and it is important to be aware of the cons

The Cons of Tech in Law Enforcement

Basically, everything has a downside to it, and here are some cons of technology in law enforcement agencies:

1. More distractions for police officers

You might have noticed that in a police car there might be some technology in the seat next to them, or perhaps at the backseat. Within almost every car, there is a laptop that has a built-in dispatch system. While this is helpful in most situations when a call comes through the laptop, the police officer might be driving and the calls might distract them. Hence, there is a higher possibility of an accident happening.

2. Privacy concern for citizens and police officers

Another con that might not be considered when implementing tech into the workforce is exposure. Body cams do offer a wide range of benefits, such as honesty and accountability, but they can also be seen as a threat. One concern that got attention is that the personal privacy invasion of body cams. In some states, governments implemented for a 24/7 camera roll, which can be quite concerning for the officers. Police officers will still talk to their family or friends, take lunch breaks, talk to their colleagues, and go to the bathroom. Having a camera on at all times could document all personal conversations and actions which can be quite tiresome for officers.


As you can see, there are various pros and cons in implementing technology into law enforcement agencies. However, there are more benefits to tech than there are disadvantages. Technology can make the police officers and the people within their community safer.

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